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Guivre: A Fine Primogen. If only he weren't quite so mad. Lucky he has me to help, then!

Amelie: A Happy Harpy and a Harried Herald in a Hot Haute Hat!

Nino: He smells and spits and spouts his spite. Spectacular.

Belina: Brujah Bully Babe. Bangarang.

Adeline: Lovely redheaded girl, loved my "Grandmother." Her blood runs hot... drink slowly and enjoy.

Llewellyn: A generous Ravnos. I can't wait to find the knife in my back, they have such nice ones!

Paige: Every step of this waltz is more interesting than the last. I do hope I live to see the end of it.

Opal: Sweet child, clinging dearly to what remains of life, but even now I can see the spiderwebs spreading over your beautiful porcelain skin. Listen to your voices, girl. Remember... madness is a gift, just a taste could never be enough.

Vegard: He fits the Ventrue like a foot fits a glove. I've offered him Malkav's gifts... sadly, he declines.

Solara: Hot and ready to dance... ready for more, too.

Angela: She is what I might have been, if I had been born in this time. And just one look at her and I knew... I am definitely a narcissist.

Conn: His bar has been loved in a way few buildings have. A brickophile? More to learn, but others always warn me off.

Torgue: Another Caitiff, I think, and a thinblood besides. I nearly drank his blood. Didn't, though. Thought about it, but didn't. Our current arrangement should be sufficient.

Aubrey: Downright hospitable for a necrophiliac. If my corpse were quieter, I think she'd quite fancy me.

Tex: Hmmm, I miss his type. Once my rights are established, I could use one of him, or a dozen. SOMEONE has to carry the palanquin, after all.

Naomi: Such a sweet girl, my Black Pearl. Her mirror is fully broken, and she deserves her place in my Trophy case.

Jolene: Such a lovely Rose, and lovely taste as well. I think that she and I will be able to do things together, assuming the Jyhad stays out of the way.

Inka: Fascinating. Simply fascinating.

Diane: A fine friend for my Pearl to play with.