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In the dream factory that was Golden Age Hollywood, there was a young girl who took to the bright lights as if born to them. She could sing, she could dance, she could act, the powers that be took great interest in her career, expecting to see her accomplish great things.

In the glorified Brothel that was 1930's Los Angeles, my family sold me in return for money and fortune. Of course, it made me famous, so I hardly complained. I was a good little dancing monkey, and the people I helped make richer wanted to keep that going.

As she started emerging from child roles to be a leading lady, however, she started to fall into bad habits. Worried about her well being, her benefactors contributed as they could to her care, hoping for a turn around, even if it was a sad story they'd seen before.

Right around the time it became okay to film me in bed with someone, I started living life on purpose. I smoked, drank, partied, and did things based on whether or not I wanted to do them, rather than what my agent's thought. They'd ridden this rollercoaster, so had me committed.

That was, it turned out, the worst thing to do. Known as Alice Reed, she never returned to the screen, and slowly vanished from the memories of all but the most fanatical followers. But while she was Dead, she was not gone.

I met my sire in the psycho ward. He gave me the Gift and took me away from the Toreadors who would have controlled me in a prank. That sure made them mad, and so instead of coming to my own in Hollywood, I fled to the rat holes of Europe where they couldn't chase us.

Now, that's all just water under the bridge, and I have returned to the West Coast to claim some semblance of the life folks were stealing from me since my parents during my childhood. We can have fun, we can play, just enjoy the gleaming lights... and perhaps beware the seedy underbelly. Unless you like that sort of thing.

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Assamite "Such a long setup to end with just a silly pun."
Brujah "Yes, yes, a VERY impassioned speech. Rave reviews, Oscar talk, etc. Now sit down until we need something punched."
Gangrel "Darling, I never work with animals or children, and they are both."
Malkavian "What can I say? We tell the BEST jokes. Some call us Jesters, I prefer Vaudevillians."
Nosferatu "They see through what is without much like we see through what is within. Make sure pranks against them are worth it!"
Toreador "I regret the unlife I would have led if they had embraced me. I do not regret the movies I would have had to make to earn it, however."
Tremere "Their powers are great, to be sure, but they all depend on a sound mind. Just a bit of bait, and their beast will rise like any other."
Ventrue "Every jester needs a king to caper for. One does worry at how little they seem to understand, however."
Lasombra "No more than Ventrue in a goth phase with a shadow fetish. That said, no wonder Vegard fell in love."
Tzimisce "Change your masks as much as you like, you're still either in a drama or a comedy."
Followersofset "Hahaha, very funny. Oh wait, you mean you WEREN'T joking? Even funnier still!"
Giovanni "Just once, I wish one would look at Paige and tell her that she'll never take them alive, see? You KNOW that would make Vegard laugh."
Ravnos "Their jokes would be so much funnier if they weren't always telegraphing the punchline."
Caitiff "True Free Agents at a time when freedom is precious. Look how far they've come."
Vampire "Just a great, big, happy family. With teeth!"
werewolf "Quite pleasant, once you get past the whole "will kill you on sight with no provocation" thing."
Changeling "Once served a great purpose, but replaced long ago by celluloid. Leave it to the professionals, children."
Wraith "Like us, they revel in their madness, rather than trying to hide from it. Poke them, and watch the pretty colors."
Mortal "One always needs an audience. Pity about the Masquerade."

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Guivre: A Fine Primogen. If only he weren't quite so mad. Lucky he has me to help, then!

Amelie: A Happy Harpy and a Harried Herald in a Hot Haute Hat!

Nino: He smells and spits and spouts his spite. Spectacular.

Belina: Brujah Bully Babe. Bangarang.

Adeline: Lovely redheaded girl, loved my "Grandmother." Her blood runs hot... drink slowly and enjoy.

Llewellyn: A generous Ravnos. I can't wait to find the knife in my back, they have such nice ones!

Paige: Every step of this waltz is more interesting than the last. I do hope I live to see the end of it.

Opal: Sweet child, clinging dearly to what remains of life, but even now I can see the spiderwebs spreading over your beautiful porcelain skin. Listen to your voices, girl. Remember... madness is a gift, just a taste could never be enough.

Vegard: He fits the Ventrue like a foot fits a glove. I've offered him Malkav's gifts... sadly, he declines.

Solara: Hot and ready to dance... ready for more, too.

Angela: She is what I might have been, if I had been born in this time. And just one look at her and I knew... I am definitely a narcissist.

Conn: His bar has been loved in a way few buildings have. A brickophile? More to learn, but others always warn me off.

Torgue: Another Caitiff, I think, and a thinblood besides. I nearly drank his blood. Didn't, though. Thought about it, but didn't. Our current arrangement should be sufficient.

Aubrey: Downright hospitable for a necrophiliac. If my corpse were quieter, I think she'd quite fancy me.

Tex: Hmmm, I miss his type. Once my rights are established, I could use one of him, or a dozen. SOMEONE has to carry the palanquin, after all.

Naomi: Such a sweet girl, my Black Pearl. Her mirror is fully broken, and she deserves her place in my Trophy case.

Jolene: Such a lovely Rose, and lovely taste as well. I think that she and I will be able to do things together, assuming the Jyhad stays out of the way.

Inka: Fascinating. Simply fascinating.

Diane: A fine friend for my Pearl to play with.

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Name: Myrtle Alice Reed

Played By: Lana Turner

Sphere: Vampire

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Age: Well aren't you rude to ask?

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Nature: Trickster

Appearance: ****



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RP Hooks
"You look JUST like..." Myrtle is currently masquerading (heh) as her own Granddaughter, an expert in the star Alice Reed's legacy. Hollywood Golden Age Fetishists might occasionally recognize her for this, and seek out conversation.

Court-Life- Myrtle is still a newcomer to the Prospect Praxis but has established a reputation of not staying quiet, and speaking her mind, even at the risk of irritating the Imperator, living into her role as a jester (or Vaudevillian) of the court. This will win some friends, and earn some enemies.

Joy of the Hunt- Myrtle relishes the opportunity to hunt a new mortal, and taste their sweet vitae for the first time. She tends to add some Malkavian flavor as well, leaving her victims lost in their own emotions.

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Lana Turner as "Myrtle" Lana Turner as "Myrtle"

Lana Turner as "Myrtle" Lana Turner as "Myrtle"

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