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Karmen Kahn
rp hooks
  • Kinfolk: Always up for some Kinfolk and Garou RP!
  • Mechanic: If you want it fixed - I'm your girl!
  • LBGTQAI+: I'm always keen to get involved!
  • Aldos - He's my boss. I hope I'm doing things right!
  • Bergin - Owns an amazing scrapyard. I like this guy, but he seems a little... touchy.
  • Bronwyn - This is the weirdest person I have met in, like, forever?
  • Bryan - This guy. He's so cute. Adorable! But not to be underestimated...
  • Calvin - Great mechanic. Ass I could bounce a nickel off!
  • Giselle - Kind, considerate, and amazingly good with her... dogs...
  • Khol - He's possibly like my long lost ninth cousin, fifty times removed. And a good, good man. I'm honoured to be the same blood.
  • Jake - His forge is almost as amazing as he is! And he gave me a cookie!
  • Jaycob - This person is a superb artist. I am definitely getting him to paint me!
  • Johanna - She has been so kind to me, and so considerate. I am so lucky I met her!
  • Journey - He seems nice, and I am sure we can talk mechanics for hours but... still. Kinda creeps me out at times...
  • Killigrew - Spike! Awesome hair! She's maybe the best friend I ever found!
  • Mealla - She's as sweet as her confections!
  • Minna - Damn, she rocks my world! My tiny, terrifying, girl-crush!
  • Tabi - I like this lady. She's just downright NICE!
  • Taika - Lovely man. Generous. And his sister is awesome. She's sooooooo snarky!

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Name Pahkarmenavista Kahn
Occupation Prosthetic Limb Designer
Height 5 ft 6 ins
Weight 150 lbs
Race Homid Kinfolk
Tribe Stargazers
Nature Thrill-Seeker
Demeanor Jester
Appearance ****
Mechanic ****
Fame * Illegal Street Racing
Pure Breed **
Ability Aptitude Mechanic
Crack Driver
Gnosis Merit
Good Old Boy
Played By: Anupama Parameswaran