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A 35 year old African American male. He has a Bachelor of Arts in history as well as a M.Th and is a very scholarly, kind, and idealistic individual. He was recruited by one of his religion professors to join the Ancient Order of the Aeon Rites given that Thomas had all of the qualities the AOAR wizards were seeking. He had always had an interest in esotericism and spirituality and after spending a few weeks with the order, he learned of their magical workings and interest in many occult and hermetic ideas. He happily agreed to joined the faction and quickly rose up the lower degrees. He is fiercely devoted to the Aeon Rites and believes they are the best and only key to magic that will save the world from its current disorder. He is a kind, scholarly, but stern individual and tends to have little humor or patience for nonsense.

Magic Style

Cerinthus' magic is by no means boring to view and are immensely elaborate affairs. "High Ritual" is an understatement for him and his magic. Everything must be performed and done according to the Aeon Rites. A wand must be so long, geometric shape made during the right time, the correct planet at the right position, everything must be precise or the ritual fails. But when his magic activates, it is subtle but powerful and radiates an aura of enlightenment, hope, and light.

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Mortal.png "My fellow humans are lost and blinded by the modern world and its false truths. But there is a path to the truth if only we showed them!"

Mage.png "They are obsessed with inferior rituals and magic. They do not realize that the most purest form of magic can be found in the rites. If they can be made to see that, the world will enter a new and perfect age!"

Orderofhermes.png "They share similar views surrounding magic and the hermetic principals. Their failure however is in their egoism and the belief that they can become Gods on the same level as I AM; what foolishness!"

Celestialchorus.png "Their faith in I AM is similar to my own and I admire them for it. They however seem to believe that our sacred gospel is just one of many paths to the Golden Age, which is false!"

Mage2.png "These other 'Tradition' magicians are far too diverse and strange to me. They all claim to know the truth, but their rituals and methods are uncouth compared to the rites."

Technocracy.png "Their devotion to order and perfection is admirable and their claim to want to save humanity. They however are led astray by their belief that magic and the mystical arts are false and that anyone who practices them must be 'corrected'; what nonsense!"


Vampire.png "Horrid beings of the night. I heard they are cursed by I AM, but whatever the case may be, they will receive redemption in the end."

Werewolf.png "They are primitive creatures of pure rage and nature. However, as long as one stays away from them, they can be safely ignored."

Changeling.png "I have heard they still exist and some of my fellow brothers and sisters have summoned a few before supposedly."

Wraith.png "Poor souls, but in time they will find peace and redemption."

Demon.png "Wretched beings that betrayed I AM in the beginning. But even they will be reconciled with him in the end."

Hunter.png "I am not a witch! My magic is God-given! Not everyone who uses magic is evil you know!"

Bygone.png "I have heard stories of powerful magicians summoning these beings forth. I am certain I will be able to as well someday."

Mummy.png "I have heard rumors, but nothing substantial."

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Katja Langfuchs A student at the university and quite friendly.

Raise Occasional sparring partner.

Bobbi A fellow scholar and kindred spirit in a way.

Nathaniel Gregory An associate with interest in metaphysics. There is something more to him.

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Falcon Square

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Race: Mortal+

Full Name: Thomas Bartholomew

Occult Name: Cerinthus

Date of Birth: December 1 1985

Numina: Sorcery

Age: 35

Height: 5' 9"

Essence: Pattern

Resonance: Illuminating

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RP Hooks
- Cerinthus is often seen as a guest speaker at the local University. He lectures on topics concerning History, Philosophy, and Religion.

- Some of the local social workers and employees at the city's shelters and soup kitchens speak highly of him.

- Cerinthus is unaware, but vampires may find something about him very...alluring.

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