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Chula Vista
The Chula Vista Free State is a democratic Anarch domain claiming the entire city of Chula Vista. Officially formed with a ratified constitution in 2021, it had been previously home to several Anarchs at various points. Tonight it exists as a semi-structured domain, with a Baron and other figures elected once every three months, but with most authority left to direct democracy. A far cry from disorganized chaos, the small domain contains a mixture of Neonates, Ancilla, and Elders all given equal votes.
  • Rainbow Rose (VIP Lounge)
  • Izulu (Clubroom - Type 'HH' in Bar)
San Ysidro
Some of the Anarchs have relocated even further south - watching the movements of the Sabbat just over the border.
Some of the Anarchs have relocated to the small Nevada town south of Vegas to enjoy the protection of the other, Independent clans such as the Giovanni
  • The Biograph: Underground Movie House. +hangouts/jump Biograph
  • The Nightowl A Trendy Bar. +hangouts/jump Nightowl
Del Mar
Del Mar Beach San Diego.jpg
Not what some would consider an obvious choice for the Anarchs to settle but it's north of the territory claimed by the Camarilla, fairly affluent, and mostly untouched.