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Chula Vista is half an hour and change down the I-5 bordering the Forest from Prospect.
Sub Urban
Prospect is PACKED. With a local population getting closer and closer to 1.5 million people within its borders, Chula Vista is less than a sixth of that with its 270k+ (1/3 to 50% more) citizens. Chula Vista's a massive suburb, and half the city is upper middle class/upper class housing with high end facilities like golf courses and country clubs. It has a strong entertainment sector, there's a yacht club, etc. But of course, being as big as it is, there's also a massive area of relative poverty right next to all the fancy places. Primarily on the west side of town, there's an absurd amount of mobile home parks, especially for a city like CV. All those fancy restaurants and the like need poor workers. And relative deprivation means lots of crime and class conflict.
Chula Vista is ripe for developers who are looking for the next best space to open a business. There are also several parks around. The bay's right there, as well as a large amount of natural preserves around the bay. There's a massive lake to the east, and sparsely populated foothills with the occasional rich person's compound relatively close to the city.


Main Street

There are several major attractions in the area, including sources of live entertainment. The Sleep Train Amphitheater and Aquatica Prospect make up some of the most noteworthy.

  • (+Hangouts/jump Chula Vista brings you here)

The Lakes

A few country clubs are about, catering to the nearby residents. A large Olympic Training Center is located in the southern reaches of the area, right next to the Lower Otay Lake to the east.

  • Otay Lake
  • Otay Open Space Preserve
  • Lady of the Lakes (Upscale Celtic Pub)

The Ranch

Several community centers and other similar resources fill the area. Numerous retail shops can also be found throughout the area.

  • Item


This is the cultural center of the city, home to historic neighborhoods and landmarks, as well as community centers and events.

  • Rainbow Rose (LGBTQ+ nightclub)
  • Chula Vista Children's Hospital: (Linked)
  • Public Library: (planned)
  • Trailer Park: (Planned)


Many high-end stores, resorts, and restaurants have recently been built here but the main attraction is the large marina and harbor rests in the center of the area, filled almost entirely by the yachts of the upper class.

  • Bayside Park (Public Greenway)
  • Izulu (Atmospheric Bar)

Location : 32 Minutes south of Prospect
Towns : Chula Vista
Population : Real World: 270,000 (Likely 1/3 to 50% more in the World of Darkness)
Geography : Coastal

Chula Vista (Spanish for "Beautiful View") is the second largest city in the Prospect metropolitan area, the seventh largest city in Southern California, the fourteenth largest city in the state of California, and the 76th-largest city in the United States.

Located about halfway — 14.5 miles (23.33 km) — between the two downtown of Prospect, and 7.5 mi (12.07 km) from Tijuana in the South Bay. The city is at the center of one of the richest economic and culturally diverse zones in the United States. Chula Vista is so named because of its scenic location between the Prospect Bay and coastal mountain foothills.


  • This section of CoH's grid is recently built and consists of a few sections of the main hub of the suburb. It's completely open for shops of any kind. If you're interested in having a crack at less crowded streets to link your projects to feel free to come check it out.
  • Anarchs-disk.png
    This city is claimed as the Anarch domain of the Chula Vista Free State, and is home to several Anarchs and Anarch-controlled hangouts.
  • Emeralddale-icon.png
    This city is also connected with the Fae holding of Emerald Dale and could be used as a real world anchor for those people who want to connect to and claim areas within its domain.




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