2019.05.07 Blod's Awakening

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People get involved in Blod's Awakening
IC Date May 7th 2019
IC Time 9:00 ECT
Players Anyu Roger Blodskadi Ulwin Tae-il Bieta
Location Witches Brew basement
Prp/Tp One shot
Spheres Mage, Sorcerer/Psychic, Demon, Mortal
Theme Song A theme song for the log

Blodskadi Ulwin is laying on the couch covered with a blanket, the lighting in the room is kinda dark, the lights flickering sometimes, like they might give out. The room seems neatly picked up as usual. Except for the area around Blod, there are drops of dried blood on the floor directly underneath his hands, his hands are also covered in it as fresh blood wells up underneath the nails to drip slowly on to the floor. Pieces of stone are on him or around him with pitch black or pure white fur. He looks skinny, almost corpse like with dead, hollow, glazed over eyes that stare off into a corner. He moves slowly if at all, the air is thick here, so are the shadows. Not a single sound sturs here, as if the room awaits in suspense for what might happen.

Writing reality out to disk. Please wait... Reality saved. Thank you for your patience.

Anyu knows that Blod was downstairs, not feeling well, so she comes down holding a tray with some food, some soup and tea. She'll walk quietly, as best she can in those heels of hers, and approaches the couch where he is resting. Setting her tray down, she'll turn to look at him and see if he's awake and pause, looking alarmed as she sees him in this state. Slowly, she'll move to kneel near him and says softly, "Blod... Blod, can you hear me?" She'll even reach out gently to touch his shoulder, she's not sure what is going on, but now she's even mroe worried, especially with this blood.

Let's be honest: Roger's interest in Blod is purely academic, and he's mostly here to hang out with Anyu. He comes downstairs when she checks on him and peers at the body with a lifted brow. "That ain't good," he murmurs quietly. "I don't know much about this whole business, but the human body ain't supposed to do half of what his is doing for any length of time." You paged Anyu with '(hehe, spirit sight) For you the scene is different, the spirit world is flickering, litterally around Blod, the Statue holding the monster is rather destroyed looking, it looks like one final push from the beast might topple it and it would be free, Its eyes shine brightly tonight as it works feverishly in trying to escape. Oddly enough, one half of the room seems brighter and more colorful, the other side is dark, but still lit, like faint moon light. Reality is obviously warping around him is happening in waves at a dramatic pace, almost constant now.'

Bieta and Kasia have both been upstairs in the shop talking with Ezekiel. Taking Anyu literally about being being allowed to wear whatever they wanted including bathrobes and pajamas, Beita had shown up in a white bathrobe with an ankle length white nightgown underneath it and white bunny sliipers and Kasia had shown up wearing unicorn printed pajamas, a baby blue bathrobe and pink bunny slippers. They were upstairs right now eating their pastires and drinking their spicy hot chocolate. Bieta does walk up to the register when Mia is not busy and asks the barrista about where Blod has been the last few days.

Anyu pages: So I've been confused, there's a snake AND a monster? Anyu pages: what's the snake one Anyu pages: or is the snake not here right now Blodskadi Ulwin looks towards Anyu and Roger slowly after a 4 second long blink "I...I don't know if I'm going to make it." he says softly as he looks down, ashamed "I wish I could do more...I'm sorry for being a burden, if you want...you can have my jacket. Its the only thing I have worth having." he says very slowly and softly, not moving anything but his head to look over at Anyu and Roger, even then he stares between them, eyes to tired to move to actually look at them. The light flickers slightly for a second longer then normal, showing a set of eyes and a wide, broad smile above Blods head. As the light flickers back, its gone. Blod slowly lifts a hand and drops something in Roger's direction, it slowly rolls off more or less in his direction. Long distance to Anyu: Blodskadi Ulwin ), not there right now, and are you even sure that the two or not one in the same? RP Room 5 Down the stairs, in the basement is a wide open space. The floor has a beautiful set of stained, very expensive wood flooring installed. Obviously a lot of expense was used to create this welcoming space in the basement. Pillows are everywhere on the floor in a large circle, and in the circle are multiple candles set at specific points. Against a wall is a long table with a beautiful draping covering and supplies for pagan workings, including bowls, candles, herbs, an athame, and other accoutrements. Further in the back of the basement, several couches set up with a large coffee table in the middle. There are soft, comfortable blankets, pillows and other cozy things everywhere for people to just hang out and chat and simply relax. Along a corner wall there is a little mini-bar with a fridge behind it and multitudes of glasses and drinks set up behind it. Right next to the mini-bar, towards the back of the shop is a large oak door that has a stylized engraving of 'WB' within a circle in the center of it. Contents: Anyu Roger Bieta Obvious Exits: Lobby <LO> [Help Me!] Marcelo snickers. +clearstat conscience, consicence cleared. YEP! That's what happens with paths... You paged Roger with '(you already know this, but I'll repeat just for the sake of review) He's a bomb about to go off, and its going to happen soon.' You paged Anyu with 'When he talks, it almost echos through the spirit world, the thing above his head is the snake, and it dosn't say anything besides for watch as it floats back to the statue, going into the monster, like an eel entering water. It gives an animal like grin as another piece falls off. Its beginning to pull its-self out a little bit, its head and arms visible as it begins to wiggle its chest out slowly and surely.' You paged Bieta with '(since this is an Rp room!) The moon light is bright tonight, un-naturally so, so bright its like sunbeams through a window and things with in shadows move, all heading towards the basement.' <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Perception + Awareness vs 6 for 1 successes. 1 3 4 4 +7 9 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Roger frowns and remarks, "Whatever's going down, it's going down soon." The giant man continues to speak quietly. "Don't get too close. I think he's about to get messy, and it could be dangerous." Roger takes a step back and leaves a hand on Anyu's shoulder, ready to jerk her back if he judges necessary. He glances down to see what's rolled his way out of curiosity that Blod dropped. Anyu's blue eyes widen as she looks beyond Blod, above him and she'll lean back on her heels from where she's kneeling. "I think... you're almost there, Blod. Just... hold out okay? Try and... hold out." She does NOT sound sure at all, and her eyes seem to follow something that isn't there as she stares, still looking incredibly worried though. Not looking away from Blod, she'll reply to Roger and says softly, "I have no idea how to help... Val said I can't help and I shouldn't help, that this was for him and him alone. All I can do is try to make him feel as comfortable as I can..." Then back to Blod, she'll sigh, "You keep your jacket, you're going to be fine. Would you like some tea?"

You paged Bieta with 'Some sort of enormous energy, older then you, ancient even, is coming from the basement.' You paged Roger with 'Its a ball obviously, a stone one, on it says 'Angel, protect', it seems carved...but with what tools? Its almost Runic in the way its chisiled in.'

Bieta cuts off her conversation with Mia short as her eyes watch long unnatural shadows stretch and scurry across the wall only to slip through the cracks around and under the door leading to the kitchen and office. Bieta touches the tips of her fingers and rubs them together where she stands staring at that door. Kasia looks at her mother and says, "Ma ma?" Bieta says, "go ahead and sit back down Kasia," Bieta says. Kasia stays in her seat but continues to watch her mother from her seat at their table. Bieta walks over to the door, opens it and steps into the hallway leading down into the kitchen. The unnaturally bright moonbeams stretch like fingers down the hallway offsetting any ambient light and the long sinous shadows from before seem to squirm, dance and stretch their way down the hallway past the kitchen and down the stairway and under and around the basement door. Bieta follows them and places her hand onto the knob and she begins to turn it. Slow to open the door, Bieta looks into the basement. Roger pages: I'm going to Forge 1 the ball to try and understand its function: "The Fallen gains an innate understanding of an object and its intended function simply by running its hands over it or working its moving parts." Difficulty ranges from 5 (a hammer) to 8 (a car) to 10 (a computer) depending on the complexity of the item. What's the diff for the ball? Blodskadi Ulwin dosn't blink as blood begins to pool at his eyes and then starts to runn down his cheeks, like he's crying tears of blood "Its ok, I'm not thirsty anymore, you don't need to help anymore...I've done lots of bad, bad things. I shouldn't of lived this long anyway." he says with a smile, like one gives before saying good bye. He begins to raise a shaky hand towards Anyu, his hands have very sharp nails, almost claw like with unusually thick hair, black or white in color as he tries to lay it on her shoulder "Its ok, I won't be a burden for much longer....I'm sorry I couldn't help you, or bieta, or Roger, for you helped me." he says, his breathing pace dropping slowly. You paged Roger with 'That would be a diff 4 good sir' <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Roger rolls Perception + Crafts vs 4 for 6 successes. 2 3 +4 +5 +5 +7 +10 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Sent to: Roger, Blodskadi, and Ulwin You paged Anyu with 'The thing is now on to its hips, shadows begin to gather strangely with light, Things are breaking apart and fragmenting with in the spirit world as shadow and light combine, warping of reality around Blod is now a constant wave, like barriers are thinning.' You paged Roger with 'This ball, seems to be support of a statue, also used to contain hidden objects sometimes, commonly used by the norse sometimes to deliver messages, but they normally use owl dropping to disguise it unless its of religious or spiritual importance. Commonly has runes carved into it.'

You paged Bieta with 'You see shadows gather around Blod, before shattering under light, causing fragments of shadow and light to float through the air, its just starting, but if it keeps up, who knows the toll on reality.' Roger pages: Can I open it to search for a hidden object?

You paged Roger with 'Of course, can I have a perception+crafts roll for that? lets make it 6.' <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Roger rolls Perception + Crafts vs 6 for 4 successes. 1 2 5 +6 +8 +8 +9 9 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Sent to: Roger, Blodskadi, and Ulwin

You paged Roger with 'You'll see a small object, it looks like two runes seperated, one is made of moon rock, the other is of magma rock. The runes are different, with a passage written in runes on the top with a picture of the moon floating in the sky together with the sun. Casting nightime on one side with daytime on the other side.' You paged Aerik with '3 people.'

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Perception + Awareness vs 6 for 4 successes. 4 5 +6 +7 +9 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

You paged Bieta with 'Energy is immense here, staggering, what are you searching for particularly? You might be able to distinguish something of some importance with that roll.' Roger pages: Are the runes legible, or is it a Norse script I wouldn't be familiar with?

Bieta pages: what type of avatar is coming out? I am inferring Primordial. You paged Roger with 'This is an honest question, What do you think? Do you think you can? Or can't read it? If you don't know which, then give me a straight up wits dif 7 roll. Not trying to joke or screw with you.'

Aerik pages: sorry bro. if you just started like two hours earlier I could have totally been there Roger pages: If I read Angel, Protect, and its in the same script (I'd guess Enochian, but it may well be a magic script that translates itself?) I'd think I could then by extension. Anyu's big blue eyes are starting to well up with tears of her own. She's getting to the point where whatever she is seeing is starting to seriously affect her. "You'll be fine..", she says helplessly while trying to desperately look as if she really believes that. She's scared and she doesn't know how to help him so she will reach out to try and take that clawed hand. At least he won't be alone, because Anyu has obviously determined she will be here. "It's just... you're going through a change. It'll be okay... just.. believe, or, I don't know.. can you see it? The beast? It's almost out of the statue.. can you see it?" Aerik pages: happy to come. but I am driving so I won't be able to post a whole lot Roger bends down to pick up a stone ball, looking at it curiously before he starts shifting and turning it about. The ball opens and he removes a pair of what look to be runestones. Peculiar, that. The stones he holds in one hand and sets the halves of the sphere container aside, lips pursed in thought as he takes a second look at the runestones.

You paged Bieta with 'You see a 9ft tall beast, it looks to be a mix between a werewolf, bear, and cat. Its coming out of a statue and its to its hips currently, another push and it will be out completely. Its ears are a foot long cat ears. One eye holds the sun, the other the moon, its paws are big as a human's chest with claws as long as blades. Its fur sticks out like tendrils, its either pitch white or black. Its hard to tell.'

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Perception + Awareness vs 6 for 3 successes. 2 3 3 +6 +6 +7 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Anyu rolls Perception + Awareness + 2 vs 9 for 1 successes. 2 2 3 3 3 6 7 7 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

GAME: You inform Aerik of your wish to meet that player at your current location. Be advised that moving from the current position voids the +meet.

You paged Roger with 'Alrighty then, as you think you can, you see the runes warp into something you can read, slowly, Its very simple passage "Percieve what you belief." is what it says.'

GAME: Aerik accepted your request to meet. Aerik has arrived.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Anyu rolls 1 vs 10 for 0 successes. 3 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

Writing reality out to disk. Please wait... Reality saved. Thank you for your patience. You paged (Anyu, Roger) with 'Just waiting for Bieta here I believe.' From afar, to (Blodskadi Ulwin, Roger): Anyu noddles. "No biggie :)" You paged Bieta with 'Your turn if you weren't aware :) *thumbs up*'

Those tripping shadows stretch out with long trendril like fingers towards Blod only to shatter into a million pieces under the light and float through the air. Bieta's eyes grow wide as she sees a nine foot tall beast with the animalistic features of the wolf, the bear and the cat breaking its way out of a statue. In one eye is the sun and in the other eye is the moon. Paws the size of Roger's chest have unsheathed claws the size of blades and Bieta's gaze quickly shifts from Anyu to Roger, saying, "I need your help...he will be like a beacon...to others like me...and certain hunters. Anyu, I can stop others from seeing into this room for a short time but someone needs to go get Eloise, now...if only to hide him." Bieta takes the bag off her shoulder and she takes the three D sidewalk chalks out of her bag. Clearing a spot, she begins to draw an anamorphic image of the inside of the room upon the floor as though she were making a reflection of the room for anyone to see who stood on the edge of her circular drawing.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Dexterity + Crafts vs 6 for 4 successes. 2 2 3 +6 +7 +7 +9 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

Bieta has reconnected. Huh? (Type "help" for help.) Blodskadi Ulwin is still smiling sadly as his eyes eventually make it to Anyu "See what? I...can't see anymore...I'm so scared, I don't wanna die yet...but its ok, thank you Anyu, see you....Just....one....more...breath." he says before laying back down as he breaths out. He doesn't breath in and looks towards the ceiling, his face locked in that position as he stops moving completely, as still as a statue. The lights begin to pick up in flickering.

Blodskadi Ulwin As the lights flicker, a tremendous crack is heard, like stone breaking and it echos throughout the room.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Arete vs 3 for 2 successes. 2 +4 +5 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

Tae-il pages: Room for one more? You paged Anyu with 'So, soon as the breath leaves Blod, the beast comes out with a crack. It looks towards Blod as it begins to walk towards him. Mouth wide, the fragments of light and shadow begin to form into seperate sides, thousands of voices begin to speak, all saying different things, all in different pitches, different volumes, the only thing in common is that they are either praising the sun, or the moon. Then it all vanishes into a puff of smoke, all you see is a timer, it looks to be a count down, it starts at 5 and it flips to 4, then 3. As it flips, things begin to reappear...it seems though its going to coming bursting forth.' You paged Tae-il with 'Of course, didn't think you would make it.' GAME: You inform Tae-il of your wish to meet that player at your current location. Be advised that moving from the current position voids the +meet. GAME: Tae-il accepted your request to meet. Tae-il has arrived.

Roger arches a brow at Blod and crosses his arms, keeping the runestones clenched in hand. "You ain't dying kid. You believe you're dying and making it so. Or maybe you believe you deserve to die. Whatever. It's stupid," he asserts. "Live because you intend to live, and fuck all who thinks you deserve to. Perceive what you believe," he states, adding emphasis to the words. Anyu doesn't appear to hear much, she's so focussed on Blod at this point in time that she's hyperfocussed. On her knees still next to the couch where Blod is laying, she'll hold his hand still and when he breathes his last, she'll release a few tears. She has no idea what is going on, all she knows is that he's -dead- right now, and so she will cry for her friend. Although, when she sees something else, she'll look up at it, still looking worried as she stares. At this point, she has nothing to say, she just looks incredibly distraught. You paged Bieta with 'Everything sucks into Blod and begins to pulse like a heartbeat, the barrier between worlds begins to thin a little bit, the physical effects happening and its going to happen quickly ( no need to roll, you made alot of succuesses so far, your good for now).' Bieta pages: keep in mind that the ban is in place so lets not get too crazy. You paged Roger with 'You notice the energy scatter wildly, everywhere, it goes into everything. Then it sits there, sucking energy from its surrondings, It seems not really slowed, but disrupted by what Bieta is doing.' You paged Bieta with 'No worries, your spell is working.' Bieta has partially disconnected. Bieta pages: there are some week points in that ban (the level 1 spheres for entropy and time are mostly the ability to sense) and there is no ban on spirit at all because Bieta doesn't have that sphere. You paged Bieta with '>' Huh? (Type "help" for help.) Tae-il has partially disconnected. You paged Bieta with 'Whoops, what I ment to say was *evil smily face*'

Bieta pages: Yeah, Bieta just wants to make it as difficult as possible for the technos to see Blod go 'pop goes the weasel'. You paged Bieta with '*thumbs up*' You paged Tae-il with 'Enter how ever you want here man. The backstory is that the front of the store is probably abnormally empty and that Blods been sick for abit.' Bieta has partially disconnected. From afar, Tae-il will wait a round

Blodskadi Ulwin still lays there as an eye ball falls out with a sickening squich, the other joining it before the light flickers dramatically at this point. Fragments of light and darkness appear and begin to gather, begining to form a mosaic, dividing the room slowly in half. One side will be covered in sunlight, the other in darkness with bits of the light moving to create a moon slowly and stars, and bits of the darkness moving into the light side to create shadows. There dosn't seem to be any lash of destructive magic yet, seemingly contained with for now. The fragments move slowly in their job, voices begin to pick up from across the room in multipe different pitches, starting softly as the intesity of loudness begins to rise. You paged Anyu with 'The timer ticks down to one, a knight armed in priest clothing and knightly armor, adorned and interwoven with plants offers you a hand, it glows raidently, looking exactly like a statue, on the other side, on the side of darkness. A beautiful women offers you a hand, dressed in a white silk dress with hair black as night, stars litter it and she stares at you with cold blue eyes. They both stare before saying "Which do you pick?" they ask in unison.' You paged Roger with 'The voices around soften a little as two stand out, one is beast like, monsterous "Are you sure that wasn't ment for you?" it says as Blod fragments into being alive, just unconcious as a great beast pulls his eye balls out slowly, he looks asleep. Another pops up, so sweet that its nausiating "Or is this what you simply wish to belief? What is true, you have the answer in your hands. Is it wise to give it?" it says with a girlish giggle as the image fragments back into what was described earlier, The runes in the box glow softly.' Anyu pages: To -me-?? You paged Anyu with 'Yep.' You paged Anyu with 'Oh! And can I have a perception+alertness check?' Anyu pages: diff 6? You paged Anyu with '*nods*' <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Anyu rolls Perception + Alertness vs 6 for 3 successes. 1 5 +6 +7 +8 10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Roger pages: Using Demonic Awareness to get the 'feel' of the supernatural forces at work. Essentially it'd be what emotional resonance they give off, etc. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Roger rolls Perception + Awareness vs 7 for 0 successes. 1 2 2 4 4 10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

You paged Anyu with 'So, the voices, you've heard them before...but they sound the same when they speak in unison, like one being...the lady sounds like the snake, the knight sounds like the beast, but just barely, it could be just your imagination, in fact, is any of this real? Or is this just a perception of how you view reality and you can't handle the fact your breaking from the loss of a friend?' There's a lot of strange things going on, but as Blod's -eyeballs- fall out, Anyu will let out a squeak of terror, for more than one reason. Her shining blue eyes widen and she'll search around the room, tears still falling as she looks up suddenly, at a specific place, and then to another, the other side, that specific place. "Me?", she'll ask aloud, looking confused for a moment, but then she'll look to the first one, the one with the plants, and she'll reach out in that direction, to take the hand she sees. Yep, she's now sharing in delusions, insanity is fun! Roger listens to... something, his head tilting as he hears it, and then the giant snorts. "I already know my impact on Creation," he states firmly. "I'm the last guy who needs a philosophical wake up call. It's the kid who's gotta figure out what's what." Roger asserts that with simple confidence to the air and takes the runestones in his hand over to Anyu, handing them over to her. "Keep 'em close to the kid and maybe he'll figure this out," the bruiser states flatly. "He needs to figure out that he's the one pulling the strings here. The stones read 'Perceive what you believe,'" he offers helpfully. Or who knows, maybe he's helping Anyu out more than Blod. Either way's a win, as far as he's concerned. He scans the room, eyes narrowing. From afar, Roger's going to actively attempt to pierce illusions in the area. Spending a wp point for an auto-succ. Usual diff is 7 unless a power of a specific level is in use. You paged Roger with 'Go for it, dif 7.' <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Roger rolls Perception + Awareness vs 7 for 2 successes. 3 5 5 6 +8 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Sent to: Roger, Blodskadi, and Ulwin Roger pages: Ok, 3 total. Roger loses one Willpower Tae-il opens the door to the top of the stairs.

Standing up from her finished anamorphic three dimensional drawing of the room on the floor and the subsequent working she did with it, Bieta winces at the rising torrent of voices and sound that seem to assault her ears and she starts to the scan the areas from where the voices seem to originate. Bieta hears both Anyu and Roger make comments like they were in conversation with someone else with whom they could at least speak if not see inside the room. Bieta moves over towards Anyu, careful not to step on the remains of Blod's eyes, hix empty sockets presenting themselves as gaping holes in his head. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Perception + Awareness vs 6 for 3 successes. 2 2 4 +8 +10 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> You paged Roger with 'Nice, so, everything you see is currently happening, Except. Blod is litterally regrowing in side of dead Blod. The sun and the moon are actually both eyes that belong to one monsterous face, the face is grim set as it watches.' You paged Bieta with 'Shits happening, thats about it for now.' Bieta pages: well, duh. I was hoping Bieta would hear something said to her that made sense to her though to which she could respond.

Blodskadi Ulwin is still dead while the sun and the moon continue to gather until they're whole, soon as they're whole. The landscape between the two melt into something different. On the sunside is a forest with great beasts, moutains that walk, and beings of molten fire that work at forges, on the moon side is a dark forest, blood soaks the tree's as things fight each other in a constant battle, the ones that fall are dragged to a River where they're dipped in and re-amerge whole. While they weild weapons that are so sharp they seem to cut through the wind its-self as it howls in pain and torment. Writing reality out to disk. Please wait... Reality saved. Thank you for your patience. You paged Bieta with 'You need to make a WP check then to not be stunned in madness for around. Secretly please.' You paged Bieta with 'The voices whisper things that shouldn't be heard, Madness over flows reason with in the words of tainted knowledge.' Tae-il just.. stops... when he gets inside the room and he looks around.. VERY slowly, taking in every single detail from up there. What the shit Bieta pages: versus what diff?

You paged Bieta with 'diff 6 (my bad!)'

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Willpower + 5 vs 6 for 4 successes. 1 1 1 3 4 4 5 5 +7 +7 +8 +8 8 8 10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Sent to: Bieta, Blodskadi, and Ulwin You paged Tae-il with 'So, sun with a land of life and creation on one side, the other is a moon with a land of death and war. Voices fill your head as you enter, forcing you to choose a side.' Aerik has connected. You paged Bieta with 'Nice! You resist and ignore the gibbering madness, you hear voices say 'One in the same' 'We are one' 'WIth in the light, there will always be dark'.' You paged Roger with 'What you see is true before you, the face seems protective of the now regrowing Blod.'

Tae-il pages: light, of course. Anyu pages: Anyu reached for the one with greeneries hand by the way Anyu pages: the knight Anyu pages: she hates the snake :P You paged Anyu with 'The being pulls you into the land of light as the lady misses your hand in a last ditch effort to bring you over. He holds you protectivly "Look, this is truely the world, before man, before you, before thought, when I ruled the land." it says, suddenly smaller with in a vast primal world as you go through it like the wind its-self as you travel The domain of light with in minutes, seeing dwarves mining at moutains that walk, Fire elementals forge bodies of bronze to live with in magma castles of molten rock, as Tree's as tall as skyscrapes are grown and begin to walk like treants, as animals grow from babies to dire wolves, werewolves, and other terrific beings.' You paged Tae-il with 'Right, as you decide a being takes your hand, a priest in knight armor glowing like the sun. "Look, this is truely the world, before man, before you, before thought, when I ruled the land." it says, suddenly smaller with in a vast primal world as you go through it like the wind its-self as you travel The domain of light with in minutes, seeing dwarves mining at moutains that walk, Fire elementals forge bodies of bronze to live with in magma castles of molten rock, as Tree's as tall as skyscrapes are grown and begin to walk like treants, as animals grow from babies to dire wolves, werewolves, and other terrific beings. Roger purses his lips and looks towards the body of Blod, the shining sun and moon vision, and folds his arms while in thought. "He's gonna be ok," the bruiser says quietly to Anyu, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Probably." And probably's the best odds he's going to give it as he glances about, remaining alert and waiting despite the general visual chaos presented.

Bieta looks down at Blod's still form with eyes that look older than her own normally do and she says, "Nothing is the twin of everything and Death is the twin the sleep. Blod, it is time to wake up and be born again...like the seed dying to become the plant. Tell your heart to beat again and breathe." Bieta's voice sounds somewhat different than usual.

GAME: Roger has received an XP nomination for Acting Anyu will rise as if she's pulled upright and she'll step to the side. She's not even looking at Blod anymore, she's looking in the distance with wonder on her expression. It's pretty obvious she's been completely pulled into whatever this is, because she'll stare in wonder at everything around her. "Wow, that's amazing..", she'll whisper. Roger's hand, unless he really grips her, is slipped out of as she's pulled up and away.

You paged Tae-il with 'I do have a question for you, what does your character currently belief? Would he belief something like this would happen? Or something else.'

Tae-il pages: No, not really. I mean, he's a HUMAN. He isn't a super. His reaction to threat is to shoot to kill until it goes away. I'm trying to find a way OUT of that. You paged Tae-il with 'Then make a perception check, just pure perception. If your character dosn't belief, this is important.' Blodskadi Ulwin when Bieta speaks and when Anyu is given the runes, one of them floats towards the sun while the other hits the ground. The sun shatters into fragments as the moon side begins to take over, slowing moving across as the fragments of the sun dimension scatter slowly, like they're in space across the room. You paged Roger with 'The face grins as the rune hits his sun eye and shatters, its eye closing as it stares at you brightly and Bieta.' You paged Anyu with 'Your world shatters, and you begin to fall, endlessly through space, slowly until the moon world latching on and your with the lady. She smiles "There can't be any light, with out darkness. Is this a world of your choice?" she asks as she makes a motion to her world, before making a wave and the sun world appears...the two worlds strangely familiar. "Or is this the world that you choose? Or would it be both?" she asks, the sweetness gone from her voice.' You paged Bieta with 'The illusion drops for you, the sun and the moon are eyes of the beast you saw before, it simply closed the sun eye, it grins at you as the moon rune hits the floor. You see Blod regrowing with in dead Blod as the voices disappear entirely, the images remain with in the side, like another world.' <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Tae-il rolls Perception vs 6 for 2 successes. 3 5 +6 +8 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> From afar, Tae-il is actually a SLEEPER You paged Tae-il with 'For you then, the world warps until your simply standing somewhere in the room. You notice that things are off a little bit, but it looks like the real world, some things in the air move, like heat waves as people seem in a daze. You do hear a voice "Open your eyes...see the truth, take a chance, change." it says. The voice sounds like him, but not before he's left with this imperfect reality of heat waves, a Blod looking asleep, but its hard to tell cause he's so wavy, and people acting weirdly.' Roger witnesses the chaos impassively, eyes continuing to scan the curious face, Blod's body, and Anyu as well. If she's up floating? Yeah, he's going to stay nearby to catch the poor girl, but surprisingly he isn't interfering... merely observing for the moment. Anyu pages: So physically what really happens to me Anyu pages: it's hard to imagine falling and then caught You paged Tae-il with 'This should be a more accurate version of what you see. As this would fit more within your perspective...but is this really your perspective, or something you simply want to belief to be?' You paged Anyu with 'You would drop suddenly before being caught (probably by Roger). As your standing, sitting, or being held, what ever fits your reality, as the lady talks to you.'

Tae-il sighs quietly as he steps down. "What the fuck is going on here?" It's a simple question. He looks straight at Blod and doesn't seem to be affected by much of anything else in this room. "What happened to Blod?"

Before Bieta's eyes, the illusion dissolves and the sun and the moon become the eyes of the beast she saw before her at the start. The beast has simply closed the eye which held the sun and it grins at Bieta, exposing its maw of teeth, as the moon rune hits the floor. Bieta shifts her gaze to Blod's still form and sees another version of Blod growing within his dead form as the voices disappear entirely for her. The images created by the beast remain like the view into another world. Bieta reaches into her purse and finds a compact. After opening it, she approaches the beast in order to show him the mirror. Bieta is dressed in a white bathrobe worn over an ankle length white nightgown wearing white bunny slippers and appears to be trying to get a huge beast which is part wolf, part bear and part cat to look at the mirror in her compact which she holds in her hand. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Charisma + Animal Ken vs 6 for 3 successes. 2 5 +6 +6 +8 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Anyu suddenly falls for some reason and her hands reach up to the sky as if she's falling a long, long time. She'll probably fall right into Roger's arms, or if he's being mean, to the floor. She's still in this strange reality and then turns her head to look over at nothing again and stares at her. "Both?", she'll ask, "it sounds like there is no choice, one can't exist without the other.... and why are you asking me, shouldn't you ask HIM?", she'll ask the air.

Blodskadi Ulwin Soon as Anyu and Bieta ask their questions, the world seems to warp like in a vaccum, then getting shot out with everything back to normal, the sun and moon gone, the runes, the stone, simply gone, the only thing left is a corpse of Blod with some strange sack over his chest thats pulsing and is about the size of a person (everyone body see's this).

Roger catches Anyu because of course he does. Dawwww. He looks to the sack and grimaces, remarking, "That is seriously disgusting. Someone... cut that open and get Blod outta Blod." Yeah, that makes sense. He remains somewhat repulsed and looks to Anyu. "Gimme a heads up if you're gonna go through a changing like this. Suffering fuck, what the hell happened to Creation while I was away," he wonders aloud, shaking his head.

Bieta looks at Roger with somewhat older looking eyes than how they normally appear when he makes his comment about creation. The radiant moonlight in the room catches what seems to be streaks of silver in Bieta's hair as well. Bieta turns her attention back to the beast and continues to hold the mirror of her compact so the beast can see himself. She says, "As disgusting as that may seem to you...it may not be what it first looks like. If you help a butterfly out of its coccoon, then you cripple it and it will never fly...it will die instead."

Tae-il just.... looks.. confused? He slowly blinks, trying to make heads or tails of all this and he just.. can't. His mind, while open in a lot of ways, just won't accept much of any of this, really. So he just stands there.

Anyu looks like she's coming down from some amazing high and then looks up at Roger. "Is it over?", she'll ask with the look of someone who just got hit by a train or something similar. She doesn't move, just sorta lays there in Roger's arms because she's a LOT shell-shocked. This is way beyond her and as much as Anyu tries to be there for others, and be 'wise', she has no idea about all this.

Writing reality out to disk. Please wait... Reality saved. Thank you for your patience.

Bieta looks at Roger with somewhat older looking eyes than how they normally appear when he makes his comment about creation. The radiant moonlight in the room catches what seems to be streaks of silver in Bieta's hair as well. She says, "As disgusting as that may seem to you...it may not be what it first looks like. If you help a butterfly out of its coccoon, then you cripple it and it will never fly...it will die instead." Bieta moves over to Blod's body and begins to examine the sack on Blod's corpse which seems to contain a reproduction of Blod within. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Intelligence + Medicine vs 6 for 6 successes. 3 4 +7 +7 +7 +9 +9 +9 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> You paged Bieta with 'There's defiantly something in there all right, and alive, the sack might burst by its-self soon, what ever's in there is beginning to move.'

Bieta pages: On a more serious note, is there any danger of blod suffocating/drowning in there if Bieta does not open that sack? You paged Bieta with 'Possibly, yes.'

You paged (Roger, Anyu, Bieta) with 'All magical and spiritual things disappear, like they were never there, the only thing can be felt from the sack in a very dull fashion.'

Bieta pages: what do you mean by that? Was my ban counter spelled? [Public] Bishop says, "I'm just saying that Leeku and lightsabers do not mix" You paged Bieta with 'No, its simply that what ever magic essence that Blod was doing is gone. Apologise for confusion.'

Roger holds Anyu, giving her hair a light pet as he watches Blod... umm... attempt to hatch. He looks away, still rather disgusted, and sets Anyu down to her feet while remaining close and supportive. "Man, I hope he cleans up what's left of him," he remarks with a grimace. "That shit is gross." Yeah, corpse disposal. There's something to invest in.

Giving Roger a soft 'Thanks' as he sets her on her feet again, Anyu will look around again and -finally- see the body sack and stares. She'll look over at Bieta and then asks quickly, "Is this normal!??" Of course, whatever is normal for one mage isn't normal for the other. Anyu doesn't -quite- know this though, and she just looks worried. "I didn't think being reborn was going to be so..... literal.", she'll say and then looks over at Tae, "Tae, Tae.... you ok?" anyu does -not- approach the sack-man, because, yeah, well no.

Bieta looks over at Tae-il and says, "Officer Tae-il, please...now is not the time for guns...could you please go and get Blod's gladstone bag in case we need his surgery tools?" Bieta looks over at Anyu and says, "Blod is probably...primordial...I do not have time to explain right now...just...I need you to believe me when I tell you that things will be alright." <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Bieta rolls Charisma + Leadership vs 6 for -1 successes. -1 3 4 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============-------------> Blodskadi Ulwin sack continues to move until a hand pops through a fluid spills on to the floor, a clear looking fluid as the rest of the sack rips and he comes tumbling out before hacking up more clear gel like fluid, and continuing to do so as it drips or oozes off of him. ang?" [Public] Bishop says, "I don't want you, just your powers." Tae-il glances up at Bieta and then down at the gun that is still at his hip. "The fuck are you talking about, Bieta?" He shakes his head and has no idea what a gladstone bag is, so he stays right where he is. He does reach out a little for Anyu. "I'm fine. Come here. It'll be okay."

Roger sighs and gives a faint shrug to Tae-il. "I ain't gonna say that shit's... normal. But it's gonna be alright, all things considered. Nobody stayed dead, I guess, so that's a win," he says, avoiding looking at the sack of flesh. He goes over towards the stone sphere and puts it back together, as that's something he can do to keep busy.

Anyu looks up at Roger and then back to the sack where it rips. She will take a step towards Tae though as he says 'come here' although her eyes are focussed on the sack, waiting. "Look, he's almost.... hatched?" When he tumbles out, she'll jump slightly and then step forward to go help him. "Look he's out!", she'll say excitedly. It's weird, but, hey, he's a baby! She'll grab a blanket from the couch and move to put it around him if she can.

Once Blod is free of his strange prison and Anyu moves to wrap him in a blanket, Bieta is now standing there in her white bathrobe, stained with some of Blod's strange afterbirth. The white long sleeved nightgown with ruffles at the sleeves and a ruffled hem she wears under the robe and the white bunny slippers do nothing to add to any image of authority that she might want to cultivate here. Her eyes seem to have returned to their usual youthful appearance and the streaks of silver are gone too. Bieta looks over to Anyu and says, "Is there a bathroom where Blod can get a shower to clean up?" Looking at everyone present she says, "I am going to need to make a really odd request off all of you here and that is to say nothing to anyone about what you have seen here tonight."

Blodskadi Ulwin coughs some more before actually taking a breath...he looks different, His nails are pointed, claw like almost, and he's a little hairer, it goes out, tendril like. His hair is darker to, he looks...animalistic in a way, primal one could say. He still looks human, but yet an animial like in aspects. He lifts his head up, his right eye is completely black with stars floating within the darkness, his pupil a full moon, his left eye glows brightly like the sun before he puts his head down to hack more stuff off before saying, his voice deeper "Why am I naked?" he asks, his voice almost a growl which he flinches in shock, looking around at his own voice as he goes to sit down and looking at himself in complete confusion.

Roger gives a flat expression to Bieta and remarks, "I would be hard pressed to fucking describe what I've seen, let alone give a complete recounting that's in danger of revealing critical secrets about those involved." The bruiser snorts with amusement at the question Blod asks and remarks, "Yeah. You being naked. THAT'S the weird thing going on here."

Tae-il snorts slightly at Bieta and shakes his head That may or may not be an answer. He motions in Blod's general direction. "Now what? Dude can never going into public again. Ever. I don't know the word. Shade? Yeah, he has none." Writing reality out to disk. Please wait... Reality saved. Thank you for your patience. Anyu sighs and then looks at Blod, "I think... you're done changing, you need to get cleaned up. Think you can make it upstairs? I'll make sure Mia closes the shop down." She'll hop up and nods to Roger in agreement, "I would say nothing, ever.." Then, she'll move to the stairs to go close the shop down.

Bieta looks at Tae-il and says, "Tae-il, you may not understand what you just saw but there are those who hunt people like Blod." Bieta's eyes got to Anyu and then return back to Tae-il, "I have crossed paths with one such hunter...and I have seen that hunter in this shop once already. Please...I am asking you not to say anything." Bieta looks at the remains on the couch and says, "Anyu, can I use some of your blankets to wrap up these remains?"

Anyu has voted for you. Anyu has voted for you.

"I'm not stupid, Bieta." STILL not an answer, but probably close enough. "I'm going to take Anyu upstairs. You got this, Bieta?"

Bieta looks at Tae'il and says, "I never said you were stupid, Tae'il. Yes, I think I have this." Bieta's brow furrows at Tae'il. She turns her attention to Blod. Bieta pages: the answer to that is yes... Blodskadi Ulwin after looking at himself he stands up shakily, his feet changed slightly as he falls over before going to stand up again and this time collapses on the couch as he wraps himself in a blanket, his sun eye calming down until its just a bright looking eye. The moon eye still shines brightly though before turning to his own corpse and closing his eyes "So fucked up..." he says and shakesh is head before hurling more clear gel on the floor "Oh god, so fucked up." he says again.