2019.01.15 Hypnagogia: Hostage

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Hypnagogia: Hostage
Mike reveals to Bieta that Kasia is actually being held as a hostage by Tradition Master Mages
IC Date Jan. 15, 2019
IC Time 21:15 p.m.-01:00 a.m.
Players Bieta ST, Mike
Location Log Lodge-Living Area
Spheres Mage

Log Lodge - Living Area(#10336RAM) The interior of this spacious open concept lodge is built of cedar logs, with rustic features throughout. There are a few things that stand out about this place. Tree trunks run up through the construction of the house like pillars before spreading their slender branches flush up against the roof above. A slender tree trunk hooks back and forth, following the line of the stairway, which leads to the upstairs hallway before its limbs interweave themselves with the others up above.

A stonework facade along one wall contains a large wood burning fire place, which provides some light and spreads warmth throughout the whole living area when a fire is lit on colder nights. Either votive and pillar candles spread throughout the area or electric lamps and recessed lights provide illumination. On either side of the stonework facade are picture windows, which allow for moonlight to spill into the room, washing the trees in silver and giving them the feel of a magical forest, as long as the moon is not new.

Bieta puts another log on the fire before she sits down on the sofa in the living area. She picks up a glass of wodka and drinks as she stares into the flames and listens to the fire crackle.

Mike comes down the steps quietly. Moving over towards the kitchen, he pauses, spotting Bieta there by the fire. Glancing towards the kitchen, he turns and walks over closer to her. "You look like you can use some company.. mind if I join you?"

"Go ahead," Bieta says in a soft voice while her eyes continue to stare at the fire. Her eyes blink when a log breaks and sends a cascade of ash to the bottom of the fireplace. "Mike, you told me that Amethyst placed Kasia in the care of a master mage. To what tradition does this master mage belong?"

Mike nods and sits down next to her, that tablet he has set aside for the moment. He muses as he watches the flames like Bieta does. "Specifically, Bieta, it's a group of master mages. But Amethyst never told me specifics of them. Only that she's super safe and there's no way the Techno will ever touch her in their care. That she's cared for and protected."

"A group of master mages? Could you please find out for me to what traditions these master mages belong? Being her mother, I would like to know something about the people who are taking care of my daughter," Bieta says. She sets her glass down on a coaster nearby.

Mike nods slightly and pulls his watch up, tapping something out on it. After a few moments, he'd double tap, then shrugs a little. "I've sent a request, Bieta. I'll try to learn what I can and that was the start.. I'll see what I can get. ok?"

Bieta nods. "If I can go certain places without the threat of being taken as long as I remain in those places, then I do not understand why I can not see my daughter in one of those places," Bieta says. "If they could see me here, then the Technocracy would have already come and gotten me by now."

Mike sighs softly. "Because Bieta.. If the Technocracy decides to crack my ward? They will. We both know that. The only thing we have going for us here is that I'm actively watching it. Always. So there will be no surprise. We can flee." He shakes his head slightly. "That becomes exponentially tougher with a sleeper. I can't make a space safe enough. They can. They are holding her hostage. Until the issue with your library is resolved, they won't let her be used to leverage you."

"They are holding her hostage? Wait a minute! You told me they were caring for her. What if the issue with my library can not be resolved!" Bieta gets to her feet and looks at Mike. "I want to see my daughter!"

Mike frowns up at Bieta, then sighs. "Bieta, calm down. There's no possible way I can do that now anyways. Outside of that, if you look at it objectively? Yes. They are. I will have to contact people to try to find out what I can." He looks down with a sigh. "Amethyst has gone offline. So I'll have to contact others."

Bieta shakes her head and says, "What does that mean, Amethyst has gone offline? She has a phone. She has other ways you can reach her besides the internet. Mike, this is my little girl." Bieta grabs up her glass and heads into the kitchen with it.

Mike gets up to follow after Bieta. He sighs softly and shakes his head. "She has a phone. Maybe. She's not getting text. I had a link to her network, Bieta. It's gone. She's pulled out and vanished. I don't know what happened." He frowns, grabbing his tablet to tap out something on it. "There.. I'm putting out feelers for who to talk to. I will get answers Bieta.. I did before, I can now."

Mike frowns, then shakes his head. "While yes.. They aren't letting her out of protection until they know she's safe from the Technos.. no.. she's not being harmed or anything, Bieta. That's the difference. She's not being programmed, hmm?" He sighs softly. "I'm doing what I can Bieta.. I've grown. I've learned.. I've had an epiphany to get stronger.. I'm still only.. well.. relatively speaking.. one guy.."

Bieta shakes her head and looks at Mike, saying, "What do you mean when you say you have had an epiphany to get stronger?"

Mike frowns a moment, thoughtfully. He points at the stairs. "Ok. So you know how I'm up there and down here, all at the same time? It's called Co-location. It only happens when you have a really really good understanding of Space. I.. while I was at the holiday party, I got sucked out of my body. My Avatar tested me.. forced me to deal with my fear of crowding.." He shakes his head a little. "Still hate that part.. But.. it.. gave me strength. Power."

Bieta nods and says, "Alright. So, something like that has to happen in order for me to become a stronger mage?"

Mike nods lightly. "Yes. It will have to. That's the only way you grow. The seeking turns into an Epiphany when you succeed. This lets you.. focus more. understand more of the power.." He motions a little to his tablet. "I'm actually pretty close to having as a baseline, the ability to manipulate all the spheres, Bieta. But.. I can manipulate information.. space.. the best."

Bieta wraps her arms around herself and nods. She says, "Can you force a seeking to happen?"

Mike frowns, then shakes his head slowly. "Not.. that I know of. I don't know that much about it, Bieta. The other night.. when you collapsed? That.. that was a seeking. Your Avatar met you? That's it.. So.. you'll have to show growth. Your Avatar will pull you again."

Bieta shakes her head and says, "If that was her, then I did not succeed. I could not give her whatever she wanted and I can not afford unrealistic expectations right now when my life and safety are at stake...Kasia's life and safety are at stake...and you are only one person, Mike. I can not expect you to continue to do everything on your own." Bieta presses her hands together in front of her and touches them to her lips.

Mike steps closer to Bieta, reaching up to take her hands. He shakes his head a little and smiles faintly. "I'm actually four. But that's a conversation for another time. Kasia is safe. It's just you.. and me.. So.. let's focus. We have to get help for the raid.. and see what we can see. Right?"

Bieta lets Mike take her hands and she nods. "It just seems to be taking so long for you to find the help you need to do this raid."

Mike winces, then sighs. "Yes well.. A lot of the problem there Bieta is that it's the Technocracy. For all my top of the line technical capability? They have whole divisions dedicated to it. I'm fighting an uphill battle there. It's going to be soon. I'll just have to see how far it can reach."