2018.06.28: Princes of Escondido - Goblin Hunting

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Princes of Escondido - Goblin Hunting
Representatives come to pay ‘Prince’ Goblin a visit over the taxes.
IC Date Thurs Jun 28th, 2018
IC Time 17:00:00 2018, PDT (Full Moon)
Players ST: Ilias, Baldassaro, Carys, Guivre, Heathen, Martha, Mikael, Oleksiy, Sharpe, Silvana
Location Trail south of "The Spoke" truck stop
Prp/Tp Princes of Escondido
Spheres Vampire
Theme Song MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzvYTebWwg0&index=3&list=PLkolWyUf2-G4bE07uEAsqsWN4VP0PtN8b

RECAP: The player's characters have managed to broker a deal with Lodi, one of the Anarch Lieutenants for a meeting with "Prince Goblin". They were given a week to prepare and decide how they wanted to go about this. The terms of the meeting were as follows: (2) Representatives from each interested party (Prospect, Tijuana and Escondido) are to be allowed. Taxing will continue as planned until Prince Goblin declares otherwise. The expectation is this will be discussed and they will come to an arrangement.

SET 1 -

Exit 39 off the Prospect Freeway cuts north and circles around to an out of the way gas station which has been non-operational for the better part of a decade. At the end of the off-ramp is a T-intersection for Manchester Avenue, a right turn leads beneath the freeway overpass, and further towards the coast. A left turn leads North of Prospect and along the San Elijo Lagoon area. Out in the clearing, one can make out the recently repaired red luminescent sign, reading "The Spoke" from Manchester Avenue.

Precautions have obviously been taken by the placement and setting of this area. What is left of the lagoon itself is to the East and North of the bar. The dike trail leads south and connects to what serves as a make-shift parking lot for the bar. The half-dozen camp fires that burn around the area, faintly illuminate the dozens upon dozens of motorcycles, supped up muscle cars, and the line of big-rig trucks on the far side. Music plays over car and truck radio systems through-out the area, broadcasting simultaneously over what is probably a private channel.

The occasional vulture might be seen in the night air, circling overhead as though waiting for fresh signs of death below. Engines roar now and again, and the sounds of combat are occasionally heard as confrontations break out now and then, and they are settled with a good fist-fight.

Silvana arrives this time in an actual jeep and not on her bike like she has been. She has her hair up on a pony-tail and doesn't look like she is alone in her vehicle. She has extra weapons and some toys in her car under cover of course. She pulls in and looks to her companion "Well we are here"

JD's method of travel is not apparent. He just seems to appear walking down the road towards the bar. His bare feet not seeming to mind the rocks and debris that litter about this deserted section of civilization. His hands are in his pockets and he approaches the bar as if he owned the place. A slight smile creases his lips as he stops before entering the building to inspect the facade."

Heathen continues to make use of one of the armored escalades, letting Mikael drive while he watches the roads. Going full 'Keeper' tonight, with full black tux and shiney shades. (Best to go over the top on the looks.)

Quietly, a black sleek motorcycle has come along the freeway, zipping along, having no issues making the way here. The driver gets to a space with an easy egress, and parks the bike. Getting off, Carys takes off her helmet and puts it away. Her hair tumbles around her, in the flaming red wavy curls of hers. She checks behind her for her weapons of choice she has almost always strapped to her back anymore, then rolls her neck, and does some unneeded stretching. Dressed in leather, she stuffs her gloved hands in her pockets, and proceeds toward where this meeting may be happening. She spies others arriving, looking to see just who is showing up from the other groups.

Oleksiy also arrives on foot. He could be just a random wanderer walking up along no specific trail or path. He doesn't seem to mind that he is approaching from around the lagoon side of things, he doesn’t appear to be hurrying, or anything but taking a moonlight stroll.

Baldassaro looks from where he sits, looking over the scene of the living and the dead, should they be lingering in such a place. Once he is satisfied, he steps from the vehicle cane in hand. Pure ivory maybe, shod in dull metal in the shape of a human leg bone, a bit stretched perhaps.

Martha comes by car, she has put up protections on herself, as made herself better for a couple of hours. She does not get out or park at the Spoke just finds a place to watch the area and wait in case she is needed and pulls out her Binoculars laying them in her lap. She does get on her phone to see who all is here, and who is meeting the Goblin King tonight.

A blacked out panel van makes its way down the road to where Sharpe had parked last week, though in a much finer car then. Now though the van looks like it should really have "Free Candy" scrawled along the side in shoddy spray paint. Sharpe and some of his crew were in the van. Sharpe was dressed in his finest suit as usual, though he had body armor on underneath. Right now though he was busy tapping away at his tablet while poking at a few pill shaped items.

Mikael drives Heathen to the Spoke, unsure if they will allow him inside to take notes so unless contacted he will find a place to park the Escalade within easy access to Sharpe's vehicle. He has prepared a few things as well, and has weapons & communication devices inside the vehicle as well as on him.

As you all begin to approach, there is some movement from the parking area and some whistling starts taking place and a few calls out. The Anarchs form a column, gesturing to allow the representatives to enter towards the center of their arena parking area once more. The familiar face and temperament of Bastion comes forward at nearly seven feet tall, and equally as wide. The man's battle axe flourished around brutally as he calls out towards the group, "Line up cocksuckers.. two each. State who the fuck you are, and who you represent. Escorts, cockholds, chaperones and personal fluffers can fuck off."


Martha sighs at some text and moves her car closer then gets out to head over to Join Heathen, with a sigh. She does not look happy about it either.

JD steps forward a slight smile still on his face, "I be JD an I be here reprasent'n me own self. If'n yer boss did'n want me here he shood'a left me an mine alone."

Heathen heads toward the door when he sees JD coming, giving the rugged man a grin as he heads toward the door, giving the man at the door a grin. "Heath Taylor, Camarilla."

Baldassaro walks with Silvana by his side, walks through the column glancing over those surrounding them, living and dead. Approaching the giant loudmouth, "Baldo and Silvana, from Escondido." he states simply.

Oleksiy isnt nearing the front of the building, he is just walking along the lagoon, if he is stopped, he will talk to the people who stop him.. if not, he will simply continue to walk along the water.

Silvana stepping forward with Baldo as they get settled "Sil and Baldo." she pauses as Baldo introduces them. She looks at him a moment before she smiles

Sharpe shifts his weight in his seat, tapping away at the tablet he's brought with him. He rolls his eyes at the sound of the voice outside of the van

Martha looks them all over, as she joins Heathen, "Mattie, Camarilla." with a look over them all, and a bit of a wry smile to the ones checking people for the meeting.

Mikael glances at his phone, and then back out the less tinted window of the front of the Escalade, nodding his head.

Carys walks up, and flips her hair back. "I am Carys, here to represent Tijuana." She just stares ahead at them, no nonsense from her.

Bastion nods towards Heathen and Martha, "Prospects, go on." He thumbs back towards the bar, then looks towards Baldo and Silvana, "Escondidos, go on." The thumbs back towards the door once more. Then he looks towards Carys, solo - and JD. Perhaps he's kinda simple, and they put him on this detail cause he specializes in counting to 6, and only to 6. He points towards the two and says, "Tijiuanas, go on." And thumbs back. Then he points towards the other vehicles and what seems to remain and growls out, "Get the rest of this trash out of here." for which a group of Anarch bikers start moving towards the parked vehicles to push them back to the street (Couple 100 feet back and away from the building)

One of the vultures overhead starts to circle around Oleksiy, eyeing him intently out there all alone near the lagoon.

JD smiles and starts walking towards the meeting.

Baldassaro heads towards the inside with Sil, ignoring what is left outside. Stepping inside, he takes a brief moment to acclimate himself with a quick scan over the room he steps into.

Heathen looks toward JD as he steps inside, and another look toward the guy at the door. "Strange. You know, 6 is the number of Creation. 6 days and all."

Carys strides inside towards the door. She doesn't care about these others, she is just there to represent those that asked her to. Being an Anarch has its perks sometimes.

Mikael doesn't need to be pushed. He nods to the approaching bikers through the windshield. He is one lone skinny ghoul. The Escalade's engine starts up, and backs up about a hundred feet.

Sharpe motions for his driver to back away from the place "No worries, the distance won't bother us lads."

Silvana steps in with Baldo staying to his side as she looks at the room as they walk in.. Mainly looking to see how many men are in here, how they are dressed, and weapons as well as how many exits are present.

Martha heads in with Heathen with a shrug, her car is well not on the lot. There is a look to the others and then a smile for no reason at all on her face, "6 you say well superstitions abound."

Set 2 - Into the Lockbox

(For Those Inside)

Passing a few nicer bikes on the way through the door, and into The Spoke - the first assaults of biker bar scent and atmosphere are immediately apparent. The place is worn, the tables old, the chairs battered and the pool tables have seen better days. The north wall has been adorned with a new massive VR machine, which is about the highest tech thing in the place - featuring the new Jurassic World game, which seems popular one particular fat dude and the blood doll sitting on his lap while he plays it.

A few games of pool are going on, as well as an active bar with a few bodies slumped over the bar like tapped kegs, being poured into mugs and handed out to those thirsty - unconscious and unable to do much else than serve their masters. Other recognizable figures in here include Serin and Midnight sitting in chairs, one of Midnight's high-heeled boots grinding against Serin's crotch while she picks at her nails with a butterfly knife. Serin is drinking from a blood mug, and watching the door as the group comes inside. The other very noticeable individual in here, is a nasty green spikey-eared dude sitting in the middle of the room and socializing with the others. He introduced himself as Prince Goblin at the bike-fest, and when the 'guests' come through the door, he looks up and grins with a hiss of scissors fangs, "Surprise, so-fucking surprise.. welcome.. come, sit." he gestures clawed hands towards too-few chairs for all six of you, as if he wanted to see who would sit and who wouldn't. The rest of the room stops what they're doing and turns to watch as the group comes inside.

Goblin.jpg Serin.jpg Midnight.jpg

(For Those Outside)

Some of the truck's engines turn on, and the group outside start maneuvering around as though they are on alert or patrol for anyone trying to sneak in or signs of trouble. There's a lot present, easily 50-75 individuals around here all told. They won't let anyone else get close it appears.

Heathen takes a seat, comfortable in the environment, even as he makes a mental note to skin anyone that damages it.

Silvana will be the one that stays standing as she lets Baldo take a seat as she stands near him and gives the Prince a smile as she very politely nods to him obviously she has manners.

Baldassaro will take a seat if no one else beats him to a chair. Not that he is rushing to get one. It is what it is either way. Crossing one leg over the other to casually await the Goblin's words.

Martha smiles as Heathen takes a seat and moves her self to behind him and does the light drape over him move. She seems all in all calm and content where she is behind Heathen.

Carys walks forward and takes the last seat. One for each city represented seems fitting.

JD moves over to the side of the chairs and a step closer to the "goblin". His hands are still in his pockets and a slight grin remains on his lips. He remains silent just looking at the creature seeming unimpressed with the display."

For anyone watching the visitor's vehicles Mikael doesn't seem concerned about the group outside moving around, unless they come to close to the Escalade. Then he will look up from the old gameboy he seems to be playing, and watch them carefully until they move on. Then go back to his game. He appears to be merely a servant waiting on his master.

"You're all doing much better than the last city. Those stupid shits tried ambushing me. Amazing how fucking rude people can be." Prince Goblin motions his clawed hand and offers, "Though I do not see any gifts.. did no one bring gifts?" The green-skinned nasty creature turns to look over towards Midnight and Serin sitting nearby and says, "When did we stop bringing gifts?.. this world is really going to shit." He sits back in his chair and spreads his legs - lifting his arms up to drape over the back and grins toothily at you all, particularly the three seated. "So, are you the most important, or the most expendable?.. or perhaps the most important, is the most expendable. Either way, I presume you're here cause you want me to stop taxing you. Am I right?"

Meanwhile outside, a group of bikers speed off around the building towards the back. The rest seem to be doing just fine, conducting their rounds and keeping the place secure. Shipments are still coming in occasionally - trucks bring in goods, they get unloaded and reloaded into other trucks and then take off once more.

Sharpe has settled back in his van and was watching something on his tablet. He'll lift his eyes to look over to the parking lot and building briefly before paying attention to the tablet

Heathen takes the shades off and hands them to Martha, leaning back and enjoying himself. "The Abyss comes for us all some day. In the end, expendable is just how close we walk to it. I think most of us are here due to various degrees of curiosity and consternation."

Silvana looks down at Baldo as the Prince speaks of gifts and smiles though she doesn't comment as she puts her hand on Baldon's shoulder.

Baldassaro casually shakes his head to the Goblin's question, "Don't care. Do what you will. You will regardless."

Martha nods not saying a thing from where she is at Heathen's back like some ornament to him. She looks about openly with real curiosity about the place and for now just listens.

JD remains silently standing where he has been. He is looking to this "goblin" the slight smile still on his lips.

Looking at the smart answers from the others, Carys looks back at this 'Prince' Goblin, and says, "I'm here to get to the bottom of this. Let's talk." She isn't going to go into much details yet.

Prince Goblin takes a moment to look between them all. A glance from Heathen at his cryptic words, to Baldo at his short response. Finally he looks over towards Carys about to say something when one of the Anarchs leans over to whisper to him. Prince Goblin grins toothily and says, "Get rid of him.. and if he continues to be a problem, feed in to the gators."

He turns to look towards Carys once more, and nods, seeming to like the direct tone. "Alright, let's talk. What do you want? You all asked for this meeting." he reminds as he looks back around, and then adds, "I'm perfectly fucking content taxing your cities and calling it a night. But I am also a reasonable man, so we can negotiate."

Guivre shows up late and finds a place to hang out with the those from his group that didn't go inside.

Carys has a smirk on her face. She states, "I think we all want to know why the fuck you think you can tax our cities and get the fuck away with it? Obviously, no one likes it and will not tolerate it any longer. Let's start there. Who gives you the fucking right to do this? And why should we allow it to continue at all?"

Baldassaro looks about to hear what the others will say, allowing their interests to be addressed first.

Martha says, “So what does it take to move you on?" as she looks at Goblin with a tilt of her head, "Just curious you know. I not heard of you all before now?”

JD remains as he was just looking to the "goblin" silently.

Silvana is also going to stay quiet like Baldo and just listen letting the other two basically say what everyone might be thinking.

Sharpe's brow lifts up a bit and he taps away at his tablet, opening up another screen

Prince Goblin grins at Carys and leans over onto one arm of the chair, crossing his arms over his visually frail-appearing chest and that leather jacket of his. "I like you. Taxing you is easy. You city in your pretty cities, behind your fancy walls, growing plump and lazy - ripe for the picking. Your leaders hide, deep inside, and it's always the same. The strong come out to defend, to fight - that's what he wants."

"You'll tolerate it, because you don't have a choice. Its numbers, and leverage. You're in Anarch California - here the roast is ruled by the mightiest, not the oldest. You want me to stop taxing your city, you fight for it. Can pick any one of my lieutenants, beat them.. one on one.. and I stop taxing your city." Prince Goblin turns to look towards Martha and offers, "We move one when we find a new Prince worthy to join us." The Goblin nods and says, "Admit they were squeezed by Anarchs?.. no, you're all far too prideful to admit something like that."

Sharpe continues to switch tabs and cycle information as he taps away continually at that tablet of his

Heathen ahhhhs.. looking around the room... "With all these numbers around you, none of your own strike you as worthy of being called.. Prince?"

Silvana raises and actual brow and looks at Baldo then looks towards the so called Lieutenants for a moment before she looks towards the others then gives a little shrug.

Baldassaro's jaw begins to droop leaving his mouth slightly agape as he listens. Dull eyes look upon the Goblin as he speaks. Licking his lips as he regains composure, "I just want your dead. Corpses, souls, what is left behind. Taxation would be appropriate if that is acceptable. The material is insignificant to me. But death is a commodity worth trading."

Carys takes in an unnecessary breath, and eyes the others 'Princes' around. A look to Heathen with an eyebrow raised. She shakes her head, and asks her own question. "Prospect may be like what you describe, but my interests are FAR from that. They are willing to fight, which is why I am here. If all it takes is a fight, then bring it. But I got to ask... why the fuck does anyone want to join your little 'gang'? What sort of perks do you get besides obviously passing around that crazy chick around up there for your gang to bang?" A look to Baldassaro of uncertain disgust before she shudders a bit and looks back to Goblin.

JD finally moves his head around to look to Carys. He pauses on her for a moment seeming to size her up before his gaze slowly turns back to look at goblin.

Martha smiles and Waves at Baldassaro and Silvana after the death comment. Then she looks to Goblin, "And if they they beat one of your lieutenants, the taxing stops, but you stay until you find a new prince, is there a catch to all this I am missing for the winner of the fight, or a price for losing unmentioned other than being dead and then going to, well?" a jerk of her head to Silvana and Baldassaro.

Heathen looks over at the Giovanni delegation with a bit of a smirk. "Sorry, my Soul is accounted for on another ledger. Darkness claims it's own."

Prince Goblin chuckles at Heathen's words and shrugs, "Perhaps, perhaps not. Doubtful, but it is possible. They would have to win just as one of you would to become my Champion in the games to come." He looks over towards Baldassaro and grins feral, "Corpse-dealer.. you scower the fields when we depart if that is what you wish. We will negotiate terms for Escondido in trade." He turns then to look towards Carys and JD, and he asks, "Tijiuana wishes to fight to end the taxation. Very well, so which of you will be battling then?" obviously blood being an easy conversation for the Prince Goblin.

Prince Goblin turns to look towards Martha, "I need a candidate for the games to come.. I tax until someone strong enough proves they can stop me. They become my Champion against the other Princes. If my Champion ascends, I ascend. To be one of The Princes, is a great deal of influence in California. The winner of the Games joins us on our next Siege, and gets to meet the Prince of Princes personally."

Silvana smiles and just gives her head a little shake as she continues to liste, she has been surprisingly very quiet in all of this.

JD shakes his head and chuckles, "I ain't here fer noone but me. If you want me an mine ta stay outta yer affairs then yoos is gunna stop take'n me shipments. If yoos ain't agree'n ta that then we's'll be back. An when we comes we's'll leave all a ya ash in tha field." he looks around and corrects himself, "I mean frum whut I see's they's'll be corpses fer tha Giovanni." he smiles, "Since ya likes games I's'll give ya one oth'r choice. If'n yoos wants ta fight me I's'll take ya one on one." he pauses and looks goblin in the eyes, "Those be yer choices. Coose wisely."

Baldassaro taps his odd cane upon the floor once with a nod in response to the Goblin's reply. He salutes JD's offer of fresh corpses with a raise of his cane.

Carys looks to JD, since they seem to be an unlikely pair. She cackles at his words, wondering just what he has up his sleeve. "Go for it. I'll clean up whatever afterwards if needed." Not one to turn down a battle, but more than willing to let someone volunteer.

Heathen leans forward, giving JD a wide grin, knowing where he's putting his money.

Silvana looks over to JD and gives him a smile.

Oleksiy continues to walk quietly now, and slowly, with no particular hurry.

Martha tilts her head and just grins and nods, then shakes her head with trying hard not to laugh at something. Then in an amused tone, "So what if we win and do not want to be your champion?"

The Goblin Prince turns his head to look towards JD and grins cruelly, "I was like you once.. an island, in these wars. I thought it made me more powerful, independent, strong.. " he laughs and chokes, as a pustule bursts in the inside of his mouth, and his lips and tongue coat with a purplish-green ooze which covers his fangs as he continues to talk. The smell permeates horrifically in the room, "When The Princes came, it did not matter. It never does. Everyone is taxed. Everyone fights. Everyone dies." - He points a clawed finger and JD and says, "You'll be taxed like everyone else, until you beat one of my lieutenants. Beat one of them, and you'll earn the right to challenge me junkyard dog. Until then, you sit.. roll over, lick your balls or something."

He turns to look back towards the others then, to Martha, "Then I tax others until I find a Champion, and you are except. That's your choice. But I will find a Champion for the Games."

JD shrugs, "If'n kill'n one'a them gives me a fight wit yoos. I accept." he turns and a low growls begins, "Which one?"

Baldassaro is content to listen to the testosterone get thrown about the room knowing death will follow, all he needs to do is be patient.

Mikael shifts in the Escalade, a concerned expression on his face for a moment before he recovers, and goes back to appearing to play the game, fingers tapping, tapping, tapping on it, eyes concentrating.

Prince Goblin turns to look back towards Heathen and Martha and says, "Tijuana, Escondido, and this Independent have spoken and made their decisions. What about you two?.. intend to fight for what is yours, or kneel and be taxed until someone stronger fights for you?"

Heathen looks over at the VR machine for a moment. "I just want my toy back. We have a grand opening to attend. How much would that cost?" He doesn't seem to be overly enthusiastic about playing the game by the rules laid out.

Guivre is outside pacing some distance from any of the vehicles. He is also muttering to himself and making a spectacle as he argues with the air.

Silvana looks towards JD and then towards Heathen before she comments to Baldo "I wish I would have brought some popcorn"

Martha shrugs, "I do not need anything back you have." with shrug.

Carys continues to cackle. "Figures. I doubt they know how to fight, and will just roll over and take it up the ass."

Baldassaro follows the talk with dull eyes, "It should prove entertaining for sure." replying to Sil.

Prince Goblin chuckles at the responses and nods his head, "How fitting. The Independent willing to fight for every scrap.. the corpse-dealers content to clean the battlefield after the others.. and the Ivory Tower bends knee and does nothing." he slaps his knees and cackle-laughs, which splatters a bit of that puss around as he starts to stand up. He points a clawed finger towards the VR machine and says, "Worth what.. about $150K, limited edition from what I hear. You can have it back for $300K. I'll even throw in a week off from taxation for good business. Keep your shipments coming down HWY 5."

Goblin looks around and gestures, "I have four lieutenants you can pick from.. Bastion you met coming in.." he points towards the couple sitting nearby and says, "Midnight and Serin there." and then he flicks his clawed thumb and says, "Lodi outside with the trucks. Pick your poison."

JD steps up and points to Bastion, "I's'll take that one."

Heathen looks over at JD a moment , giving the grizzled old Kindred a grin. "I expect it clean and in good repair. My people will be here to pick it up at dawn with half, the other half once it's up and running. And please, no curses or anything. Dealing with the people that clean that up is.. troublesome. For everyone."

Carys stands up from her chair and narrows her eyes a bit. Looking at the others, she knows who she will pick. "I'll take that bitch over there." She gives a chin jut towards Midnight. She cracks her knuckles as she stretches out her hands in her fingerless gloves. "So who is going first? The hillbilly seems itching to fight."

Martha moves to watch and listen to all about them as the fighting is about to start.

Baldassaro lets his gaze drifts from one opponent to the other. Hillbilly to biker, and back again. Woman to woman, and back again. There is a sparkle of interest seen in his living eye.

Mikael notices Guivre, and his eyes widen. Then he swiftly glances around the area to see if anyone is noticing the Malkavian, especially as things are heating up inside.

Silvana smiles as she leans against Baldo and looks at him and shakes her head before she crosses her arms as she gets ready to watch the fight.

Prince Goblin nods towards JD, "So be it.." He motions a clawed finger and says, "Prep the cage.. no one interferes, either side." One of the anarchs goes outside. Bastion on the other hand, lifts up to his full height and nods his head, "Let's dance old man, I'm going to crush your starved bones to dust." and he turns to start walking outside. The big man flourishes his battleaxe once more, reaching out a hand and shoving one of the ghouls out of his way and into the wall as he heads out.

Meanwhile outside, some of the cars and SUVs have pulled together to form a large circle in the center of the parking area, and torches are being setup and lit all around it. Others gathering in for what seems to be some spectator games or something.

Prince Goblin grins at the call out of Midnight, who languidly gets up and bares her fangs in a grin, "I'm going to enjoy ripping that nasty-ass weave right off your head, bitch." She tosses her bike keys towards Serin and asks him to hold them for her. Prince Goblin says, "The independent first.. then you will have your chance." he says to Carys. He appears to be leading everyone outside now.

Oleksiy has had plenty of time to wander off. and swing back around, to walk in again, this time via the front.. he will notice the combat circle, and will simply seek to walk over and watch the events from a short distance away, if the guards allow it.

Baldassaro stands with the gathering seeming to relocate, "Shall we?" he says to Sil with a gesture to follow the event. "Hopefully neither will ash."

Silvana takes Baldo's arm and nods "Of course" she walks besides him as she looks around still taking note of things in the room.

Heathen rises to head out and watch JD tear up the one, and .. coin toss on the other.

JD rolls his shoulders back and puffs out his chest as Bastion threatens him. He starts walking towards the indicated fight area slowly.

Martha nods, and head on to the fight area with the rest of them, and look about at more of the people, and vehicles. Then shrugs as well looks like they will get a show.

Carys does not stop her glare that is set on Midnight as she moves to head outside. She isn't going to take her eyes off her until their fight is over. She is going to study her until that time, while seeing what comes next.

JD says to Bastion, "Whut wus that? I did'n hear's ya?" he then slowly starts to spasm over as he begins to change into a Grizzly bear."

Watching the vehicles move around, Mikael straightens up completely in the Escalade, his eyes going to the door, his fingers tightening on the wheel in front of him.

Prince Goblin ends up coming out to take a seat on a high chair to watch the events. A pair of vultures land on either side of the back of the chair and he grins feral at the sight of the interactions between JD and Bastion, clawed fingers stroking the end of the chair's arm. A motion of his hand is made, inviting the 'others' who were encouraged back to the road to let them come in and watch as well now - now that dealings have been concluded.

Midnight is adjusting her barbed wire whip, and lashing it around as she gets ready to be up next for the next fight. Serin leans against the wall, watching from the bar. Bastion though, he was heading out loud and proud, but something about JD spooks him a bit and that is weird for him. He snarls and instead of his normal shit-talking, he grunts, "Let's just do this." and he gets into the 'cage' to fight now.

Grizzly Bear transforms into a large grizzly bear. Grizzly Bear stretches and slowly approaches the cage. He yawns and then begins to mount the entrance and saunter over to where he is to begin"

Guivre walks in when their host invites them and he goes to look for an out of the way perch. He makes sure not to openly socialize with any of the other Camarilla.

Baldassaro finds himself and SIl a good vantage point to watch the ensuing violence. "Interesting how willing folks rush into the arms of death." he comments to Sil, "All for pride and the material things of mortals. Very intriguing."

Silvana nodding her head to Baldo "It is very interesting" she takes a breath watching JD and Bastion with a thoughtful expression.

Heathen moves toward the Giovanni couple. There aren't exactly a lot of friendlies out here, and non hostile will have to do, nodding toward the escalade Mikael is in. "And people say I have suicidal tendencies."

At Goblin's motioning, Mikael looks to Heathen in concentration for several moments before he slips the make-shifted device into his pocket and starts to get out of the vehicle. He gives a return nod to Heathen before he carefully moves around the fight area to the other man.

The bear goes from sluggish to lightning fast in the blink of an eye. If one can follow the blur they can see the bear leap and entangle Bastion in a bear hug.

Baldassaro glances to Heathen with dull eyes, then looks back to the fight as the bear grabs his victim. "Reminds me of the Russian bear wrestlers from nights long ago. When the Circus was the show to see."

Bastion seems about ready to do some serious damage with his battleaxe, flourishing it around and about ready to charge - when he is quite toppled over by the Grizzly Bear and bear hugged. Dropping his axe in the process, and completely unprepared to be - well.. hugged! He grits his teeth, and snarls as he tries to get free from this ridiculous maneuver.

Silvana looks towards Heathen and gives him a smile before she looks at Baldo "Can't say I ever got to watch that"

Martha moves about looking, watching taking in the people as much as the fight. She is quiet when she finally gets to HEathen and the Giovanni.

Sharpe shifts his weight again as he gets comfortable in his chair in the van. He watches the fight on his tablet, because he doesn't do Pay-per-view and streams that shit like a dirty pirate

The Grizzly still has Bastion in a hug. His head rears back and his maw opens wide. He then snaps forward sort of at an angle. His jaws close around his neck and crunch down. When the fight goes out of him the bear releases him with his paws but not the bite. He then rears back and shakes Bastion back and forth by the neck like a rag doll.

Bastion growls with irritation at being HUGGED to death! He can't even talk shit like he'd normally. So he struggles as best he can, flexing his muscles and determined to break free and rain hell on this Gangrel. Though when the bite comes down on him, it's over before he even has the chance to fight back. Back into the death state, the body flails around uselessly in the bear's teeth. Defeated. Prince Goblin grins at the sight of his lieutenant defeated and nods his head, "A good fight.. short, but.. valid none the less." He gives a thumbs up with a clawed finger, like this was Rome or something.

Baldassaro looks expectant as the bear takes a huge bite out of the loud mouth and shakes the giant around. An actual smile appears on his face. One more for the trunk it would appear.

The bear drops the meat sack and prods it with a claw to be sure he is dead. He then begins to change back into his hillbilly form. He looks to goblin and smiles, the blood still running in his beard. He then turns to his victim and reaching in his back pocket he pulls out an old rusty pair of pliers and pries the eye teeth out of Bastions corpse. After pocketing them he grabs a foot and drags him over to deposit him in front of Baldo, "As promised." JD transforms back into a middle aged Hillbilly.

Carys takes out her sword from the sheath on her back. She takes off one of her gloves, and spits into it... blood into it. She is watching Midnight with her cute barbed wire whip, and she is adding a fresh shine to her sword in anticipation of their battle.

Heathen smirks at the bloody man. "Knew I should have put a bet on you for less than thirty seconds." and he looks over at Carys a moment an her actions, and looks toward Mikael. Baldassaro has a look of glee with the corpse dropped at his feet, kneeling down to run an adoring hand across the face of the shriveled husk left for him. "I can't wait to watch his death from his own eyes."

Mikael's eyes widen as he watched the very short battle, finally getting to see what he had only heard of concerning JD. He gives the man a respectful nod of his head when he transforms back into a man. He turns to say something to Heathen, then follows his eyes to Carys. He glances back to Heathen for a moment, a slight nod of his head then.

Guivre hoots and cheers when the bear wins, he is still sitting by himself with a big stupid grin on his face as he watches the event... he is dressed in the same duster and beanie ensemble from the other night. It sorta smells like a dumpster still...

Midnight applauds at the death of Bastion and handling, "Ohh.. I like that.. that was hot." She winks at JD as she struts her way up into the ring. She turns to look back towards Carys and extends her hand and a single finger to beckon her into the cage, "Come play with me.. I'm so bored." she lets the words drawl out of her lips, as her tongue lashes over the tips of her fangs and she gets into the ring. The barbed whip coils around her feet and lashes around like it was a snake or something.

Silvana looks at Baldo then at the body "I hope you don't plan to put that in my car" she crosses her arms then looks at JD "you got a little something on your beard there"

Carys finishes shining up her sword - every part of it, the hilt too because why the fuck not? She puts her glove back on, and enters inside with a smirk on her face. "Oh look, you have a cute play toy. You into rhythmic gymnastics? Let me guess? You like to dance to Justin Bieber?" Her sword is in her hand and she is ready as she enters the ring.

Martha seems to be more thoughtful as she pays more attention to the reactions of the crowd and those she came with then well the fight. All about the fight area get looked over with care as she watches quietly from near Heathen.

Heathen looks at Sil a moment. "I keep body bags under the passenger seat, in case of early morning emergencies. Need one?"

JD nods to Baldo and then walks over to Mikael, "Wood ya do me a favor?" he points to a tree not too far away near the road, "Bahind that thar tree be a gallon jug. If'n yoos'll git it fer me I's'd be thankful."

Mikael gives a deep nod of his head to JD, glancing to Heath before he states, "Oui, Monsieur." He moves through the crowd then, heading to the tree to get the requested jug.

Silvana smiles at Heathen "Thank you, I have some too, though he didn't warn me that we be having guest in the car" she wrinkles her nose

Not having any of this bitch, and been looking forward to this fight, Carys raises her sword and takes a moment to size up the situation inside the ring. Finally, her sword moves quickly, and slices decidedly into Midnight. Carys is sure to drag it slowly away from her, allowing whatever was on the sword to sink in. She takes a step to let that damage take effect, while she readies for her next attack.

Baldassaro lifts the corpse wrapping an arm tightly around the giant, holding its arm around his neck to watch the next fight. "And here I thought no one would go home with me...and here you are. A lovely night for bloodshed." wooing the deceased.

Midnight giggles when she's stabbed with the sword, even moans like she's addicted to the excruciating pain it caused her, in some orgasmic and disgusting way. Though even her love for pain wasn't enough to overcome how much that just fucking hurt. She staggers backwards, perhaps not used to a combatant that is faster than her. Her free hand lifts up, and she clenches her fist with a hiss, "Bad Dolly." As darkness consumes the entire ring, the tenebrous cloud settling over them both.

Heathen is really.. not impressed with the gang banger lackeys, watching Baldy with his new date. "You're looking forward to whenever these guys get what they want and leave the rest of these fruitflies here to rot, aren't you? It'll be like trying to clean ticks out of a Saint Bernard's fur for the rest of us when the main body rolls on."

Silvana looks at Baldo and nudges him "Ah come on can't you wait till i am not around for othat?" she tsks him and sighs a little bit. She looks to Heathen "Oh don't excite him with such thoughts will you please"

JD smiles wide to Mikael as he takes the jug, "Thanks." he gives him a wink before turning to watch the fight as he refills his blood.

As requested, Mikael pauses by the Escalade on the way back to the ring, attempting to also catch views of the ring as well. He reaches into the back of the vehicle, pulling out a body bag, just as a familiar sight to him settles over the ring. He mouths the word Lasombra...' to himself as he starts back toward the group by the ring. He hands the bag to Heathen, the jug to JD, and his eyes go to the ring.

Martha hmms and is humming her her self some little tune as she watches things with some mild curiosity. "Be careful of the meat puppets."

After sating his thirst JD picks the chunck of flesh from his beard and offers it to Silvana with a wink.

Baldassaro grins, "Why not? They have shown they will do what they do. If unwanted scraps are all that is left, I will enjoy those scraps." he says this as he looks longingly into what would be eyes of the giant. "And enjoy, I shall." licking the corpse's cheek.

Silvana looks at JD as he offers the piece of flesh to her and she slowly raises a brow as she looks at him "Are you looking for me to beat you, get that away from me" She then nudges Baldo "Get a room sheesh, can't take you anywhere"

Martha moves to Silvana, then takes her arm with a smile. Then leans in like she is whispering sweet nothings to Silvana.

Sees the shroud of darkness fall, and just cackles. "Is that all you got, Little Miss Whore Barbie? Heh. As if that will stop me." She will find her, and as she swings her sword again, she hits Midnight again, and she goes down. And hard. As the shroud of darkness lifts as Midnight dies, Carys stands over her. "Guess Ken will need a new Barbie. Buh-Bye!" She takes up her sword and swings it down in one fast stroke, and lops the head off of her. Kicking the head away, and stepping on the body as she walks out of the ring, she signals to Baldo, "She's all yours!" Then looks to Goblin, "Looks like your Lieutenants were not all that." She smirks at him and cackles.

Mikael tries to not grimace as he watches the Giovanni, but his face does pale a bit. His eyes shift back to the ring then, to Carys. He murmurs to Heathen then, "Shall I get another bag?"

As Midnight brings down the darkness, her laughter of madness had just begun - what plans she had in the dark with the red head. Though when the sword finds her again, she simply can't keep going and whimpers finally and falls to the ground.

Prince Goblin rises when he sees the darkness fade, a faint twitch to his expression when he sees the result. Though he nods his head all the same, "You have proven yourself Tijuana, I shall lift the tax on your city." Then he turns to look towards JD and asks, "Are you still wishing to fight me?" the wicked Goblin asks. (Answer to this implies consent to Risk Escalation: 3)

As Carys steps close JD extends the half consumed pot bellied earthenware gallon jug, "Refill?"

Carys grins, "Thanks. Nice job, by the way." She takes the jug and drinks it down.

Silvana looks at Martha with a raised brow as she takes her arm and whispers to her. She gives a faint nod to Martha as she pats her arm lightly before looking at Baldo "I should have brought the van, a little heads up would have been nice" as another body is probably about to join the first.

Baldassaro's excitement is just overflowing. "A threesome. It has been so long." leaning the giant against Sil, "Hold him for me." heading over towards the cage to claim the discarded, picking up the head first, tucking it under his arm so he can hoist up the body over his shoulder.

JD nods with a smile to Carys, "Yep." he then turns to goblin, "Yoos bet yer ass." a grin spreads across his lips.

Martha nods and kisses her softly on the cheek and slips away as the giant if laid against Silvana. "That is a nice one really, and well seems things are interesting on the wild side."

Prince Goblin nods at that and motions his clawed hands outwards, "A Champion has risen, a challenge made. We shall set the stage, five to days from now, with one of the other Princes present to witness. I will send out the invitation, and we will set a proper stage for the battle." He points a claw towards JD and says, "Your challenge is accepted. Defeat me, and you may take my crown. If I defeat you, I take all that is yours."

Martha comes up to JD and Carys, "Be careful winning could be losing in a way." then she moves to join her people and head on out.

JD shakes his head, "I ain't think'n yoos unnerstand. I played yer game ta fight ya. I tol ya how it wus. Ya fight me now er I's'll be back an'll leave this lil band jest dust. yer choice. But yoos ain't tha superior one here'r. Ya poke'd tha wrong bear."

Mikael nods to Heathen, then steps closer him, and whispers something before his attention moves to Goblin and JD.

Guivre chuckles nervously in his corner seat, muttering to himself and fiddling with a piece of plastic as his attention flits between that and the fight.

Silvana is kissed by Martha and then a dead body is left leaning against her. She is the worst Giovanni by the look on her face she does not look excited at all about this when the challenge from JD goes to the Prince she blinks looking towards him.

Baldassaro struggles a bit as he holds both corpses on each side of him. Gravedigger and his adoring entourage. Arms of each corpse wrapped around him, somehow holding on. "You're going to have to help carry the rest." he says to Sil as it appears this may not be over.

Heathen drops a hand down, flexing his fingers and watching for the response, for the first time tonight, dropping the devil may care facade.. "Silvana, why don't you and Mikael load your new friend into your car." he suggests.

Prince Goblin chuckles and starts to descend the steps downwards once again. As his vultures take flight, and he chuckles "I disagree.. I think I poked precisely the bear I was looking for." He seems amused and motions his clawed hand, "See you tomorrow then, little bear." and he hops down a hatch hole in the top of one of the semi-trucks, out of sight.

JD looks around, "If'n anyone be up fer sum fun. Jest let me know."

Carys nods. "I'll be here. If need be, I'll avenge you, mister. But I think you got this."

Heathen gives JD a wink. "Gimme a ring, if I can make it, I'll be here."

Silvana sighs as she helps Baldo with the bodies into her car. She definitely needs to bring different cars when she travels with that man.

Mikael listens to the various talk, and notes where the Goblin had disappeared to ~ which of the trucks/trailers it was. He nods to those leaving, and remains quiet as he stands by Heathen.