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Hi! I'm me.

Who the fuck are you?

Oh. Yes, the carpet matches the drapes (when I have carpet anyhow- which is pretty much never).

I work. I take care of a kid and do the mom-shit. I do the whole ruin-others'-lives thing too.

Busy woman over here.

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Ali and her daughter Carson- Met at a coffee joint. She works as a ME. Dead people all the time. And she can communicate with them too. Like me! Daughter seems super smart, and reads well above level.

Bronwyn - She is hilarious. Wears pantyhose to bed... ON HER HEAD! Can't have spiders laying eggs in your ears after all.

Carver - Hey fuckface. You, I like. We can go poke dead birds with sticks or something sometime.

Chandler - Peds Oncologist- totally pretty, smart and damn woman. Totally have a girl-crush on this one.

Dwayne + ^- [Dead] Everything you ever did was for me. I will always love you for that. Thank you. [1]

Eilonwy - *wiggles her fingers* Another Mage chick. *peer*

Gar - He's from the bayou. Going into physical therapy. Ex military. Wigglefinger type. He was my... midwife- er husband? er? Paint me?

Gwydion - He is pretty cute. Didn't really talk to him though.

Isabel - She wants to get her hands on me. No really. She is a massage therapist.

Iskander + ^- The Ruiner. Cruel Sadist. Fuck you. No one would ever come with help for you, care for you, have love for you. You haven't broken me. I am going to end you for what you did to my family.

Juliette - Jules. She is my my friend in high places. She is a girlie girl. Beautiful and smells so pretty.

Kai- My neighbor. Good to drink beer with outside... dontcha kill my pet raccoon or I'll burn your trailer down. Muahahahahah

Kaleb + -My best friend. My protector. My lover. My mate. I love having him in my corner. Can't go back and change things, we can only move forward together. I'm game to give this a go if you are. So, 10? 11? 20? I love you. Let us not mess this up. [2]

Kong - Interesting guy. Cash, jade, blood or favors!

Nick +- My Ex. 10 years with you. 10 years you were my rock, my protector, my mentor, my first love. That's a long time to be with anyone and get left with no note, no voicemail... nothing. Fuck you.

Raccoon My HERO! My newest BFF. I shall name her Moxie and cuddle her and pet her and feed her chicken!

Skye - A waitress at a strip joint? Whatever floats your boat, dude. It's all good! However, you aren't my type. Sorry, hon.

Stevie - Bitch. She crosses me again, I will fuck her up.

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Played By: Rose Leslie

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Name: Xavia A. McVea

Age: 30-ish

Occupation: Assistant Forensic Pathologist(ME Assistant is the title on her badge for work)/Momma/Will-Worker/Garou-Tamer

Schooling: Tulane University all the way! On her way to getting a PhD (playa haters degree? Oh, helllllz yeah! Or.. an actual doctorate

Tradition: Dreamspeaker *wiggles her fingers* Magic, Bitch!

Significant Other: Kaleb kinda? Are we still a thing? Not too sure at the moment.

Dwayne and her had a thing, but he is dead now, soooooo yeah.

Child: Xander Ian (Born May 8, 2016 [Mother's Day Baby])

Xanderbaby.jpg Baby pic o' Xander

Xandertoddler.jpg Toddler pic o' Xander

Child: Kegan Arthur (Born June 20th 2017 [Summer Solstice Baby])

Kbaby.jpg Littlest son. <3

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RP Hooks
Did you wake up dead (not undead) today? If you answered yes, I could be the buddy for you.

Medical field? No way! Me too!

On my way to being a Doctor and shit. Dr. X? Fuckin' right!

I am magggggical. Like unicorns and rainbows and shit!

Like making fun of people in the park? Let's point and laugh together!

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