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Pick and choose, and then press edit to use the source code and put your own data in!

As used in Kelira's page.
As used in Zahru's page.
As used in Klem's page.
Be sure after adding initial template to go in and change Template:YOURNAMEHERE FIRST!!! Erase 'Test' and put in your character's name. Then go and do your sections.
As used in Belle's page.
As used in Felix's page.
This template is intended to be highly flexible, so it can be as simple as the template example or can be adjusted by use of wiki code and css (using the {{#css:}} format) to get about as complicated as the wiki's built-in restrictions will allow. See also Template:StatBox for a Stats section, and Template:GarouBox for an Overview section designed for werewolves (but also usable by some other types).

How To Make Your Page

STEP 1: Make a wiki account and confirm your e-mail address.

STEP 2: Log into the MUSH and open a +request stating what your wiki account name is and asking to be given edit privileges. +request Wiki Access=Could you please give edit permissions to my wiki account, MyAccountName. Thank you!

STEP 3: Type your character name into the search box. It will pop up a search page if you do not have a page started, and ask you to "Create the page (your character name) on this wiki!". Click on your red link character name to open your blank page. If you don't see "Create the page", then you probably still need to confirm your e-mail address.

STEP 3B: If a page comes up for your character name, and it isn't yours, you can either use a different name (such as 'Name Surname' instead of just 'Name') or ask staff to please move the old page, which they generally do quite quickly.

STEP 4: In a separate web page, open the template you prefer.

STEP 5: Click the EDIT tab on your page. If you're using Template 1, Template 2, or Template 3, click the EDIT tab on that page too; for Loki's or Felix's templates, don't.

STEP 6: Copy information from template to your page. And do not forget to press 'save page' frequently!!

STEP 7: There may be template additions on the bottom of the 'edit' page of the template. Make sure you copy/paste that information into your page as well!

For various other templates, including for logs, see the Category: Protected Templates.