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Page categories

Individual PCs and NPCs

Pages for individual PCs and NPCs should include one of the following:

  • [[Category:PCs]] if they are or ever were a PC
  • [[Category:NPCs]] if they are and always have been a NPC

and one of the following:

  • [[Category:Potential PCs]] if they have never been approved
  • [[Category:Active PCs]] if they are currently approved
  • [[Category:Inactive PCs]] if they were unapproved for being 6+ months idle
  • [[Category:Retired PCs]] if they voluntarily retired
  • [[Category:Dead PCs]] if they were PKed

Including other categories for race, faction, etc. is allowed but optional.

  • You are allowed to put false information here, especially [[Category:Mortals]] for PCs that are not actually plain vanilla mortals.

IC businesses

Pages for IC businesses should include [[Category:Business]].

Groups of PCs

Pages for groups of PCs should include [[Category:PC Groups]].

RP logs

Pages for RP logs should include [[Category:Logs]] and their name should start with YYYY-MM-DD (based on the IC date). See Category:Logs for more info.

Blanking content

Please do not blank pages or remove the 'should include' categories entirely. Other players may still want to view them for historical reference.

  • Instead, replace categories and/or edit content to indicate that they are no longer active.
  • If your PC is named 'John' and there's already a page 'John' for a non-active PC named John Doe, then:
    • That page should be renamed to 'John Doe'.
    • All relevant transclusions and inbound links ("What links here" on the left) should be fixed to match.
    • If you aren't 100 percent sure what all that means and how to do it correctly, then submit a +request instead.
  • Exception: If it was abandoned before ever being completed/approved, then it's probably OK to blank.

Please do not replace [[Category:Active PCs]] if '+isapproved <name>' says they are still approved.

  • Sometimes this will give misleading results because someone is temporarily renamed.
  • You may want to occasionally double-check that your own pages are still correctly categorized.


  • Using a RL actor/actress, model, etc. as your PB (Played By) is common and allowed. Active PCs should add theirs to the Played-Bys page.
  • Don't upload a picture that someone is OOCly trying to sell. This has gotten the entire wiki temporarily blacklisted in the past.
  • Don't display NSFW (Not Safe for Work) pictures on your main character page, instead put them on a separate page with a clear NSFW warning. If someone ignores the warning and then gets offended, that's their problem.
  • Similarly, don't display an excessive number of pictures (especially with large file sizes) on your main character page, as that would slow down the wiki across the board. Instead, put them on a separate page with a clear image-gallery warning.