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Shiv Voodoo Baby

Full Name: Shiv Voodoo Baby
Rite-Name: The-Art-of-Darkness-and-Orphan-Tears
Birthdate: August 15, 1890
Apparent Age: Late thirties.

Race: Ratkin
Breed: Homid
Aspect: Knife-Skulker


Meat Cleaver – Madchild
The Art of Darkness - The Stupendium
Laughs Converging - Falconshield

Listen to the words long written down...


When the man comes around...

Under the sign of the rat... – Shiv is a Ratkin---brother to all rodents, the terrible Night Spirits who hide them and cousin to all that follow Rat. His first change happened in the trenches of the Great War, and there he was baptized by the bite of his brothers and left to die by the men he called comrades when he grew too sick to fight any longer.
Art of Darkness. – Shiv is related to the trench-rat night spirits who dwell in the umbra, and learned his dark calling from them. They were born of the spirits that stuck to the people entrenched in the mud---dissenters trying to hide, soldiers crawling through the mud with knives in their mouths - ready to kill, and those dying alone.
No (more) tears... – Shiv is a Knife-Skulker, and by virtue of his aspect, a killer. By virtue of his age, he is a prodigious one and by virtue of his temperament he is very, very thorough. He has a reputation for playing the long game, in that sometimes he will take on contracts, and fulfill them decades later. Technically, in these instances he believes himself to have held up his end of the bargain, and reacts poorly to those who try to renege on agreements. No job is too dirty...just sign here.
Immortal. – Shiv was born in 1890, and though his name and the particulars of his identity have disappeared in the mists of time, he remembers the great war in vivid, unfortunate detail---especially the part where he was dragged off into the umbra after his first change by a terrible swarm of rats and night spirits. He has whiled away the ages by fulfilling his duty to Rat and to the people, and bides his time, waiting for the Age of the Rat to begin.


The Usual Suspects

The Rat Pack

Clary - "Don't get caught."
Cliff - "Slave of the blade, servant of the nest, brother to the family."


Allies of Convenience



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