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Clary Credence Clearwater

Full Name: Claritin Credence Clearwater
Rite-Name: Fucks-the-Wound
Birthdate: May 15, 2000
Apparent Age: Late teens.
Occupation: Terrorist.

Race: Ratkin
Breed: Homid
Aspect: Twitcher


Dirty Souls - Five Knives
All the Good Girls go to Hell – Billie Eilish
Blood in the Cut - K.Flay
Fire - Barns Courtney
Play With Fire - Sam Tinnesz
Rattatat - Five Knives

I love to watch these castles burn...

Clary looks like the sort of person who would be perfectly happy to live in a bin at the Salvation Army. She looks like she hoards cigarettes but isn't sure what they're for. She looks like she jumps off of roofs in an insane attempt to catch birds flying by. She looks like the kind of thing you might find under your porch. She definitely looks like she would punch a raccoon in the face.


These golden ashes turn to dirt...

The rats in the walls... – Clary is one of the rat changers---one of the children of Rat whose very presence outside of the umbra suggests that the end-times are coming. She might not be rodent-born, but she's certainly very ratty due to circumstances of her upbringing.
T-t-t-twitch. – It's in the name---Clary is a little twitchy. She's intense, and glassy-eyed and a little too convinced that people are definitely out to get her. Clary likes to cause a commotion, and has a tendency to get out of it with no repercussions. It's a talent.
We didn't start the fire... – Clary likes fire maybe just a little too much. It's notable, but she would argue that she doesn't have a problem. She's just opened her eyes to the glory of the Wyld, man.
Frickin' Klepto. – Clary is what they call (in the business) a pack rat. She has a compulsion to take things, but also a compulsion to leave something behind whenever she takes another thing. A thing for a thing, so it's fair and square.
Definitely (not) crazy... – Clary gets very upset when she thinks that people are treating her like she's crazy. She can tolerate it for a while, but she's very, very liable to blow up if the treatment keeps on happening.


The (Un)usual Suspects

The Raaaaat Pack

Cliff - "Big brother, den-mother."




Shiv - "Don't know what to do no more."


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