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RP Hooks

A Pretty Known Face

  • Niobe Turner is part of THE Turner family. A family known for being on the upper crust of society with old money that links back to oil and is now turning toward natural renewable energy. (Fame 4)
  • Niobe is also known for her social media accounts - yes, she is an 'influencer.' #RealTalk and #GirlOnFire trend quite often. She highlights beauty, fashion, has done her part in showing the lifestyle of the rich and famous to people out there. Occasionally there is even a humanitarian piece.
  • Like to party? So does Niobe! Some speculate that it is part of her image for her social media accounts, others think that she is a real party girl. She typically keeps her partying to the rich and fabulous, but there have been rumors...

To The Dreaming

  • Rumor has it that she has a legitimate claim to the Barony of Starlit Caverns from a past life that upper members of House Fiona have acknowledged. The problem is THIS GUY was just granted it from Count Belan. Rally behind the true heir! Or at least get in on that Sidhe drama.
  • Niobe, or Scythia ni Fiona (unlike many Sidhe she is comfortable with both), is one of those that have embraced the Changeling Way. She has been around a very long time, and more than that, she remembers her past lives quite well (remembrance 5). Want to have a past life connection? Let's work something out!

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Niobe Turner

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Race: Changeling
Full name: Niobe Bianca Turner
Birthday: December 31
Occupation: Social Media Influencer
Unseelie Legacy: Cerenaic
Seelie Legacy: Paladin
Kith: Autumn Sidhe
House: Fiona
Court: Unseelie
Apparent Age: 21
Height: 5'8"


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Just How It is 
Sigrid - Everybody Knows
Never Again 
Rachel Platten - Fight Song
Darling Luke 
ZAYN, Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever
It's My Time 
Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful
Let It Burn 
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire
Real Talk 
Dermot Kennedy - Power Over Me
Exquisite Taste 
Julia Michaels - Heaven
Let's Play 
Ursine Vulpine - Wicked Game
Little Lioness 
LORDE - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
The Eternal Dance 
Fleurie - Hurts Like Hell
Beth Crowley- Empire

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Played By: Alecia Beth Moore aka Pink