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An enigma wrapped in a foul-mouthed mystery

What /is/ known about Thracie, or 'Anima Trix' as she's styled herself among the fae?

If you're family, you're *family*. But it also means there are higher expectations.
She hates the color orange.
One gets the sense she spent a lot of time on the streets as a kid.

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Changeling.pngChangeling: Some good fuckers, some bad fuckers. Just like everyone.

Commoner.pngCommoner: Ain't nothing wrong with these fuckers.
Eshu.pngEshu: These fuckers never shut up.
Boggan.pngBoggan: Sloppy fuckers.
Knocker.pngNocker: Most inventive fuckers ever.
Pooka.pngPooka: Frivolous fuckers.
Redcap.pngRedcap: And you all thought we're the evil fuckers?
Satyr.pngSatyr: Fuck em. I mean that literally.
Sidhe.pngSidhe: Too fuckin pretty for their own good.
SidheAutumn.pngAutumn Sidhe: At least these fuckers stuck it out.
Slaugh.pngSluagh: Ugh. What. The. Fuck.
Troll.pngTroll: Really tall fuckers

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Thracie Demirci

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Race: Changeling
Full name: Thracie Demirci
Fae Name: Anima Trix
Date of Birth: NOYB
Occupation: Gaming Platform Design
Unseelie Legacy: Pandora
Seelie Legacy: Wayfarer
Kith: Nocker
Court: Unseelie
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 5'5


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RP Hooks
Gaming Platform:

The O-Bomb - a gaming platform of her own design that took off in sales and made her one rich bitch. Sadly, it glows orange (hence the name) and she fucking hates that orange.

Thracie loves to tinker with just about anything. Firearms are a passion of course, but there is a surprising amount of technology she's willing to toy with to try and improve. Just, beware that it will probably glow orange too. That fucking color.

  • Crafting (Firearms, Tech, Chimerical Alchemy)
  • Computers, Computer Programming
  • Infusion

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Played By: Katee Stackoff