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Lance Keller
Vanquisher of Evil, Defender of Hope, Legendary Traveler

Lance rolled into town sometime in the first half of 2019. Though the answers he gives tend to be less than entirely straightforward, it seems he lived in Orange County before this, and came down to Prospect for its more relaxed vibe. He doesn't have any obvious source of income, and seems to mostly bum around the city without any particular motivation. He does surf frequently, however.

Lance is tall, lanky, and young enough that he still might fill out a bit over the next few years. He looks old enough to vote - barely - but still young enough to get carded at bars. He also evidently spends plenty of time in the sun, judging from the tan he sports and the increasingly bleached ends of his mop of otherwise brown curls. His eyes are green, rimmed by lashes long enough to give him a bit of a pretty boy look, and he's usually clean shaven. He's got an easy smile, and teeth straight enough to speak to an adolescence spent in braces.

His clothes are almost invariably casual, and usually consist of jeans, Chuck Taylors, and a tee or hoodie, depending on the weather. He also typically sports a braided leather cuff on his left wrist.

RP Hooks

Surfing: While not as dedicated as some, Lance is a bit of a surf bum (emphasis on "bum").
Orange County: Do you come from the strange, exotic land just north of Prospect County? Maybe you met him.
Covey-Fychell College: Lance attends school here, though God only knows if he's actually learning anything.


Balance: I still think we should have gone through his pockets.
Ethan: Why, he's not scary at all.
Felicite: Taste the rainbow. And the currant bun.
Thoreau: I think I shall not ever see a thing as lovely as a tree. Wait, is that how that goes?
Velvet: My, what big ears you have.
Wick: So, like, is it cannibalism if he eats goat cheese?

True* Lance Facts

• Lance once single-handedly fought off a ship of hostile pirates using only his wits, a knife, and a length of string.
• Lance is a world renowned lover, having wooed nobles from all seven continents. Yes, even Antarctica.
• Lance has battled many dragons, and to date has rescued three maidens fair, two handsome princes, and a cat.
• Sidhe across the world have marveled at Lance's beauty and grace when he dances.
• Lance turns into a peacock when the moon is full.
• Lance is scrupulously honest.
* Truth value may vary.