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The Beauty

Full Name:
App. Age:

May 6th
Early 20's
Nightwish - I want my tears back [1]

The Beast


Pooka (Bat)

RP Hooks

Entertainer - Originally, Velvet was a theater student living on the east coast, however the fateful event that led to their Chrysalis awakened their real self. Now they're known by their REAL name. Velvet is a drag performer, cabaret, comedy and emcee'ing is part of their skills, as well as more classical theater. The Drag Queen persona they exhibit as part of their performances is very much an aspect of their changeling soul. Usually fun-loving, generous and playful, it does have the capacity for vainglorious and aggressive behavior.
Furor Poeticus - Bequeathed to Velvet when the venerable Sidhe LaWolfe retired from public life, The Furor Poeticus is the perfect place to go for Cabaret, Drag Shows, dinner parties (schedulable) as well as actor classes/tutoring, and small stage productions, if people wish to try to arrange them there. Velvet tries to be a good host and curator and can generally be negotiated with to help with struggling performers and productions. The more use the establishment is for dreamers, the better. As the establishment is rather spacious, it may also be useful to newly chrysalised fae or dreamers who show promise as shelter.
Pooka - Velvet is a Pooka. Don't worry, he's had all his shots! However--pookas lie. Not always maliciously, of course--it IS possible to trust a Pooka, but believing everything that leaves their lips is another story. That said, they DO enjoy being mischievous and their sense of humor can be a bit dark, but they're not mean. Unless of course you get their bad side. As Pooka are wont to do, they can be found looking for trouble here and there, or creating it.
Hobbies - Velvet enjoys reading, watching movies and getting better at cooking. When there is nothing doing, they take walks, wander about. In addition to checking out junkshops and botiques for curiosities or good deals, they also like to visit ranges for target practice here and there, as it pays to be prepared.