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Great. My superpower is to violently hallucinate unhelpful, horrific, cryptic nonsense while having a seizure. Thanks. Thanks a lot, crazy Jesus voices.

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HuntertheReckoning.png : Me, I guess. It's clear I'm in no matter what, so I might as well do right by it. But I've got my doubts. If we're the good guys, why's everyone so goddamn scared of us...?

Vampire.png : The stories were...mostly true, I guess. There's politics, clans - honestly, I know enough that they'd probably be pretty unhappy about it. Still human. Just...troubled.

Camarilla.png : They're like the mob, or uh, not? That's another group apparently? They still do mob politics. Whatever the case may be they don't stand for wholesale murder so I can live with em skulking.

Sabbat.png : They act more like how you'd expect bloodthirsty monsters to. There was a serial killer in town a year back that was probably one of them, and apparently that's par for the course. That's a fight I'm not looking forward to if it comes...but I don't think I have much choice.

Mage.png : Oh great, people can bend reality by essentially throwing a tantrum at it. In my experience, much, much more dangerous than Vampires. It's all too easy to fuck up bigger when you think you've got all the answers.

Nephandi.png : ...The worst monster I've ever seen was a beautiful, human woman. Who saw people as things to gather and play with and- change. I don't know how much of it was for her aims and how much of it was for fun - I don't think it matters, either. I think I'll carry that night in me always, no matter how badly I want to burn it out.

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Mikaela: Doesn't really look like the kind of person who'd give me the time of day, but she's ended up my first real friend here. If she thinks that teasing is cute, though, she's got another thing coming.

Ellery: He doesn't really seem like he knows what he's doing, but who am I to judge? At any rate, he's a good guy, and I hope I can give him a hand.

Lyra: I owe you my life, probably. At the very least, my sanity...who knows what would've happened if you hadn't found me bumbling around like an idiot. I guess that's why what happens to you matters so much to me...and why I'm so worried, after the Hell we survived together.

Ashera: For now, my teacher. She's already done an insane amount for me for basically nothing in return. Meeting someone else in my situation did me a world of good in the head...

Kaeldra: Went from fast friend to sparring buddy. She might 'get me' more than anyone I know, honestly, and I never woulda called that.

Valentina: A grim specter hanging over Mikaela's shoulder.

Arcadia: A Shadowrun hacker who walked out of the rulebook. Might be the worst person at keeping secrets that I've ever met.

River: Don't have a clear impression, but she seems to do good work for the right reasons. Could use a lot more shame, in my personal opinion. You can't let your guard down for a second.

Deidre: Rad cut surfer girl. Pretty profound.

Anyu: Pretty much the modern Elvira.

Serqet: I trust you in ways I don't know that I could trust anyone else.

Ciar: Well, when you think about her circumstances, she's actually pretty mellow, all things considered...

Evonnia: Like her 'sister,' not sure how much sinister is posturing or archaism. I like her, but I'm not sure I trust her on a level beyond 'contact.' She's uh. Good at throwing me off.

Lori: Next door neighbor. Forward, to say the least. But I think I can learn something from how unabashedly she lives her life.

Emma: She's got some sort of business going on, though I don't know how aware of it she is. Either way, she's good people, so I hope she stays outta trouble. (Like I'm one to talk.)

Verlaine: I do think her heart's in the right place. Sorry, though - Sharing our power makes me more nervous around you, not less. I'll try not to be offended by you calling me an agent of God.

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Full Name: June Reynolds

Age: 18

Occupation: Student, UC Prospect

hunter.net username: Gawain44

Demeanor: Loner

Creed: Redeemer

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RP Hooks
UC Prospect: He goes, though he's not too happy about it. He might be the short guy sitting behind you who always seems tired.

Streetwise: Everywhere he's lived, he's had experience delving into the less savory parts of town. While he's surprisingly straight-edge himself, he's no stranger to the underworld...

Hunter: A rookie, and a rare breed at that. He's got a knack for turning up where he's not meant to...

Trouble Magnet: Whether your problems are supernatural or not, dangle them in front of June and he'll probably step right in to help, complaining all the while.

Trauma: He's been through something awful, and he's not great at hiding it.

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