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'Tis all a trial...

Mage2.png: The closest to allies we are ever like to have.

Sorcerer.png: Come. Follow. I have much to teach. Eyes half-lidded do no good.

Vampire.png: Slay and bury, first by the head. Then will they cease. Dust to dust.

Garou.png: Wolves most dire. To be feared and respected. Honor their land, lest fang and claw be your end.

Wraith.png: Those yet linger that unfulfilled have died. Let me be your guide, biotáille

Mortal.png: Blind. Ignorant. Controlled. What a fucking mess they've made.

Changeling.png: Aos sí. What they do in this day and age? I haven't a clue.

Brothers. Sisters. I hold yer' mem'ries close.

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Evonnia: Yer' all I've got. You an' Xiu. Comin' t' see that real well now.

Xiu: Yer' a blessin'. Some day, I'll truly call ye' 'sister.'

Latona: A wondrous guide were ye' indeed.

Johnathan: Tailor? Aye. But well in knowin' be he what weaves th' cloth.

June Reynolds: You are no-one, an' I do not trust you. Earn it.

Dawson: An 'old-fashioned man'. Feck you an' that feckin' harvest mead, makin' me cry.

Caressa: Mistake me not for one who cares to learn of ways which reject the old. But if you care to learn...

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Ciar O'broin

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Merits/Flaws of note:

Cloak of Seasons

Spirit Sight

Primal Marks (Flaw): I am she, she is me. Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, has chosen a vessel in me. See my eyes, bright as lightning.

See my hair, black as pitch.

See my prowess and know that I am she.



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RP Hooks
Dark Ages: She's updated her wardrobe, but she has the vibe. Those that know it will know it.

Anachronistic: She is not from here. She doesn't wish to be from here. But she's doing her best.

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