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"You know, I guess they're right... be careful what you wish for, because you just may end up getting it. Adventure. Danger. Questing. It's all fun and games when it's behind the safety of a computer, but the tutorial levels aren't forever... and the real game begins the moment you realize, you're playing for keeps, now."
-- Kaeldra, League of Legends World Championship, 2017

"I got to thinking, and yeah, that's dangerous, I know.. Remember back in high school, the science teacher saying that the universe is a closed-loop system, and energy is never lost, just transferred? Yeah, okay, I think I finally get that. It means dreams never die, they're just reborn elsewhere. Science or faith, it doesn't matter... you can't kill an idea."
-- Kaeldra, to her mentor

"What do you mean, why do I dress up? Because I can. Why wouldn't I? It makes me happy. Do I need another reason?"
-- Kaeldra, to "why are you dressed like that"

"A long time ago, someone said to me that I had everything one could ever hope for. I had my love, the one who completed my soul. I dwelt in alabaster and marble halls of gold and crystal, noble blood singing through my veins, in a world of dreams. I had the love of my people... and in one instant, I failed them all. Once the page of a book is turned, the chapter closed, you can never go back. It does not mean my heart does not long for that which I cannot have. I am deeply sorry, for now you bear the burden of my destiny and my sorrow both. I find now that I am Awake in you, the slumber of death gone... I have something I did not have before. Hope. Dare to dream, Kaeldra, for dreams cannot die, and nothing is impossible."
-- Kaeldra's Avatar, to her

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RP Hooks

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Shiny Things

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Kaeldra Campbell

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Name: Kaeldra Campbell

Birthdate: September 17th, 1997.

Apparent Age: 21-ish

Occupation: Student, Cosplayer, Model

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Naturally? See above.

Eyes: Depends on contact lenses! Those are contacts, right?

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Kith: Sidhe, Seelie

Fera Tribe: Ceilican (Bastet), Gaian

Tradition: Dreamspeakers

Resonance: Creative, Dreamlike

Essence: Questing

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Noteworthy Stats

Pure Breed 5

Spirit Heritage 5

Appearance 5

Honored Birthright, Sidhe

Surreal Beauty

Title 2


Chimerical Magnet

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Played By: Nicole Marie Jean