Joni Bones

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Joni Bones


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Punk Rocker – Previously the lead guitarist and vocals of the now disbanded Flesh Pond.

Freerunner – Between gigs, Joni is often found exploring the cityscape one rooftop at a time.

Criminal Record – Tresspassing, vagrancy, public intoxication and criminal mischief. "Guy's been places."


Beckett – Fellow packmate and mentor figure.

Booboo Stewart 02 webres.jpg Joni bones FC3.jpg Joni bones FC4.jpg
Joni bones FC.png
Name Joni Bones
Deed Name Chills-The-Desert
Concept Rockerboy
Demeanor Sensualist
Height 5' 9"
Build Athletic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Apparent Age Mid Twenties
Face Claim Booboo Stewart
Breed Homid
Rank Cliath
Tribe Wendigo
Auspice Galliard
Pack The Eternal Spring
Glory Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png
Honor Dot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png
Wisdom Dot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png