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Born in Ireland into a war torn sept given one choice in his life over there to fight, so that is what he did. Forming his war pack at 25 years old, fighting a good fight till a event ripped it all from him. Now in Prospect to prove himself, to earn his last honor back.

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Ashlie -You are dead to me, but not by my choice.

Acacia- You are like not a soul in the world.

Brooke- True friend helping me earn my place, for this I honor you Rhya.

Sae - Broken down car is now fixed, thank you.

Thana - Charity that I'm going to work with, website, donation.

Journey - Wise man helping me on my path.

Erin - Help me get this thing, to work or not work. Either way an adventure.

Paul Robert - I have enjoyed my new friendship with these two men, kind, wise, friendly. Better host could never be found.

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Jack ORourke

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Glass Walker Theruge

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Notable Stats
Computer 5

Technology 5

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RP Hooks
Tech firm: Runs a freelance tech firm.

Werewolf: New in town seeking his place.

Ireland: Was striped of his rank, banished from his sept. But it is all very odd and doesn't feel right.

Divorced: His ex is town, he is trying to avoid her like the plague.

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