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Bone Flowers: My direct opposite. Cold and unfeeling where I am warm and lively. I don't understand why you chose to be cold but I respect your path on the Road Back.

Devil-Tigers: My fellow Yang siblings on a much darker path. You choose to punish when you should be exalting life.

Resplendent Cranes: A bunch of up tight bureaucrats. The say that my way on the Road Back is decadent and vile. You should live life instead of clinging to laws.

Thousand Whispers: You live life after life. One day you are a pimp and the next you are a whore. One day you are an abuser then you are the abused. Living one life to it's fullest is a better way to find Enlightenment than living thousands of half lives.

Kindred: Unenlightened barbarians that cling to ways that will only make them more miserable as they age. I am cordial and polite to you out of duty. Perhaps some of you aren't what my mentors painted you as.

Toreador: My introduction to the Second Breath was caused by one of your clan. Your clan claims to be close to humanity. You make Thrashing Dragons look polite with your degeneracy and decadence.

Shifters: The Sunset People, as the Hengyokai call them, are unknown to me. They probably exist in the city somewhere.

Hsien (Changelings): Heard rumors that there's Hsien roaming around Prospect. Wonder if they like sake here in the West.

Wraiths: You are the the exact opposite of Yang. You live in the Yin Realms and are the purview of the Bone Flowers. Will we ever meet?

Demons: You mean like... Lucifer and the Rebellion? You must be drunk!

Tradition Mages: The Lightning People are dangerous. Cocaine makes me feel like lighting. Coincidence?

Technocracy: The Stone People... Are they called that because they are always stoned?

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Io - One of the disgusting Toreador that isn't as disgusting as others. She clings to humanity when she should realize she is cut off from the Maya, no matter how much she doesn't want to be.

Madeline - The Kin-jin Primogen of the Clan of Degenerates. Prim and proper without the wisdom of the Mandarins. Another who clings to their humanity...

Vegard - The Kin-jin Imperator. He's the pinnacle of why the Westerners are called Barbarians. He may be progressive among the Kin-jin but he rules out of selfishness and greed, not wisdom.

Silvana - One of the clan called Giovanni. She claims she is an outsider amongst her kind. I do not know for what reasons just yet but fellow outsiders have that in common.

Sally Cho - This gal is something else. If love at first sight was a real thing I would bet five doubloons on that but it isn't. Really good first date and have more planned!

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Hannah 1.jpg

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For Everyone!

Full Name: Hannah Nguyen

Appears As: Hannah

Apparent Age: Mid-tenties

Date of Birth: June 26, 1996

Demeanor: Gallant

Occupation: Property Owner

Affiliation: None yet.

For those in the Know!

Court: Considering founding one

Dharma: Dance of the Thrashing Dragon

Direction: Hungry Red Dragon (South)

P'o: The Barbarian

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RP Hooks
Mortal Concerns

Owns Property: Hannah owns some property in and out of Chinatown, perhaps you vaguely know the owner?

Party Girl: Do you do drugs? Hannah has one hell of a supplier! Do you want a drinking buddy? Hannah will drink like a fish with you! Do you want to live life? Hannah will probably find something dangerous to really feel like you're living!

Handsy: A practitioner of martial arts, Hannah is always up for a fun spar or other such activities!

Not So Mortal Concerns

Shen: Easterners are much more cooperative that their western counterparts. If you are a spooky sort, showing a bit of etiquette and respect will go a long way towards a healthy acquaintanceship.

Western Supernaturals:Despite the stereotypes on both sides, the proper respect shown and not acting like the stereotype is a good way to make a strange acquaintance.

Triatic Concerns: Hannah smells like the Wyld with only the hint of Wyrm taint.

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