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Hannah Coventry

Age: 18?
Profession: Prodigy
Demeanor: Child
Type: Vampire
Clan: Tremere
Merits: Powerful Stare
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Natural blonde roots, the lengths dyed a different fantasy color day to day
Themesong: Ice Cream - BLACKPINK / Selena Gomez

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xxxxxA pretty-faced youth, somewhere out of high school but not yet a collegiate graduate; she has a luminous complexion of pale moonstone, and a svelte build that impresses some level of physical frailty. There is something waifish and alluring about her nonetheless -- a frail delicacy, maybe -- that helps to soften her sullen expressions and petulant posturing. There is no weakness in her gaze, however: her eye-contact is direct and magnetic, her eyes a hypnotic kaleidoscope of blues and greens. It is easy to get lost in that stare, especially when it is emphasized with the glitter of her eyeshadow and two small stars bejeweled to the outer corners of her eyes. Baby-fine hair is bluntly cut above her shoulders, the roots growing out a natural blonde until mid-length when a gradual ombre turns the windblown strands into a dusty lilac. The pastel coloring suits the youthful defiance of her posturing -- she is often found arms-crossed, shoulders hunched, or generally looking like she'd rather be elsewhere -- and compliments the alternative trend of her style. The rest of her makeup is light: a dust of powder over her freckled nose, a sweep of eyeliner, and a touch of pink gloss on her lips.
xxxxxGiven the colored hair and glittery make-up, one might not notice her bionic arm straight away. Beginning at her left elbow, the device is white and glossy, with tendrils of purple light weaving down her forearm and glowing as five small dots at her knuckles. She is clothed in an oversized white t-shirt depicting a vintage print of Sailor Moon and the other sailor scouts, and a pair of black denim shorts that show off the pale lengths of her legs. A pair of black combat boots are worn below, with a small frill of white lace socks poking above. She smells of burned incense - mixes of sandalwood, sage, and other herbs. A miniature black backpack, barely large enough for a phone, wallet, and a few small trinkets, is worn in lieu of a purse.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*Powerful Gaze* *Note: One Arm*

Roleplay Hooks




Name - to be determined.