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Hannah Coventry

Age: 18?
Profession: Prodigy
Demeanor: Child
Type: Vampire
Clan: Tremere
Merits: Powerful Stare

Blush of Health
Inoffensive to Animals
Spirit Mentor

Flaws: Impatient

Persistent Parents

Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Natural blonde roots, the lengths dyed a different fantasy color day to day
Soundtrack: Good News - Mac Miller

SNOWCONE - Rei Ami TIME - Audrey Nuna

HannahFlowerz.jpg HannahHand1.jpg HBook.jpg Hheart.jpg


Roleplay Hooks

Occult! - She studies it, and is always looking to learn more.

University! - She frequents a lot of the parties on campus and takes a few night classes.

Night Life! - She is a young vampire who enjoys clubs, parties, etc.

Spirit Stuff! - She has the ability to see and speak to spirits.

Science & Tech! - She likes these things!

Museum! - She manages the SCIENCE! Museum, which is both a museum and an outdoor venue.


Amos You were the first one to have faith in me. I'm glad we're friends. ()
Blair Brilliant. Thanks for the arm - you've changed my life. :) ()
Brook Amazing inventress. Can we please hang out again soon? ()
Carter Strange. Thoughtful. I haven't figured him out yet.
Colombe Are we cool? I still wish you the best. ()
Cropsey They say appearances can be deceiving. So far, I like all of yours. ()
Ed Thanks for having my back. Love you, sis. ()
Elliot Charming, well-tempered and downright polite. Are we sure he's Brujah?
Evita I like you. Let's run this shit.
Flavien Haters gonna hate. You know I love you. ()
Floyd Both life and death have been unkind to you. I want to fix that. ()
Grayling A kindred spirit. I miss you already.
Guivre The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don't do it again. ()
Lila What have I even done to you? I don't get it.
Madeline I misjudged you. Thank you for your kindness.
Martha Thank you for trusting me. I won't let you down.
Nino Tony Soprano but scarier. Thanks for the presents, I hope I'll never need them. ()
Paige Queen of Ashes, what are you doing?
Phillip Polite, debonair and well-dressed. Everything you'd expect from a Rose.
Torgue You...are strange. But kind. Please let me take you shopping. ()
Vegard An innovative leader full of surprises. Metal as shi*.
Wade So burned out and so fired up. Oof. ()