Sally Cho

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Sally Cho
This lady is very delicate and graceful. Some five feet and maybe an inch or so of spare change in height, she has a fragile sort of look to her. But that fragility may be an illusion, as her eyes, and her movements, are clearly those of someone with great personal resolve.

She is oriental in appearance. Specifically, she has the facial delicacy that suggests she is of Korean ancestry. Her eyes are deep brown, and her chin as a pleasing angularity to it. Her hair is long, midnight black, and if left untied, has a very soft wave to it. Her lips are full, and her overall facial structure is extremely pretty.

Her voice, however, is not at all foreign in flavour. That accent is Californian to the very hilt. Whatever else she may be, this woman is a local girl. San Francisco, to be exact. She is very graceful on her feet. She moves like a dancer, or something of the sort. Her figure is not just small. That would waste the chance to say "Waif-like" or something of that sort. But she is also not a child. She has curves. Not exactly massive, but they are there right enough. And when she walks, and looks around, it is with a spring in her step, and a real curiosity.

When Sally was fifteen, she had a remarkable career as a figure skater. She competed up to the highest level, and spent four years on the circuit. Her rise was meteoric, and culminated in her being something of a media sensation for her very risky routines, which remained within permitted rules... but only barely. However, this led to her being disqualified in the early rounds of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. There was quite a scandal, as her routine did not technically break the rules, but the adjudicators felt that her overall demeanor and approach was disrespectful, and she only failed to break any regulations purely by luck, rather than intention. After this, she famously retired from the sport, and spent time doing interviews, and releasing her biography - an audacious move for someone so young.

After this, she seemed to fade away a little, until she reappeared again... as, of all things, a presenter of television news and weather. She had taken time to go to college, and became a qualified journalist, and a meteorologist. She next popped onto the public scene in 2017 as a weather girl on state-wide television in California. She's also had an unusually fast degree of success, combined with considerable good fortune in breaking stories and being in the right place at the right time. She now is a regular weather forecaster (and often does some from live broadcasts all around the state) and when the time comes for state television to broadcast nationally (for things like New Year celebrations, election coverage, and so forth) she tends to make an appearance in whatever role the producers feel necessary.

  • Media - You a journalist? TV presenter? Actor? Singer? Writer? Love to meet you!
  • Sport - As a former athlete, I am always happy to meet other sporty types!
  • QUILTBAG+ - Are you part of the LGBTI+ scene? Say hi!
  • Lilith - We're so alike in many ways, and so different in others. But a very great friend!
  • Lori - Such a fun lady! :D
  • [[Lyra] - She's a bit... intimidating. But when you get beyond that, she's also pretty amazing!


Name Sally Cho
Occupation Broadcaster, Former Athlete
Height 5 ft 1 ins
Weight 95 lbs
Race Dhampyr
P'o Nature Barbarian
Nature Praise Seeker
Demeanor Caregiver
Appearance ****
Dexterity ****
Athletics ****
Linguistics ****
Meteorology ***
Fame ****
Catlike Balance
Clear Sighted
Faint of Heart
Played By: Song Hye-Kyo