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Goldie Durand
Georgina Howard
Played-by: Jay Marie Port
Contacts & Context
  • Kurt - Boss man, a firm hand and a good teacher. He seems to know what I need when I need it.
  • Ivy - The yin to Kurt's yang. She seems solid.
  • Sheridan - Gorgeous, fit, amazon.
  • Emily - Quiet and stand-offish a lot of the time, not quite sure how she feels about me yet.

  • Russ - I wish he was around more. I'm incredibly thankful to be kin to an Elder, but you and he are two sides of the same coin. I would benefit learning from both. We all would. Maybe one day.
  • Jackson - Generous, entrepreneurial to say the least, I'm sure he'll make Father proud.
  • Trent - You have got to hear him sing. It is truly moving.
  • Barksdale - He's quiet and not much interested in Goldie, except in yankin' her chain, but he is respected and he makes her laugh.
  • Janson - Viviana's prospective mate? Very protective of her. Ya never did answer my question, though. Why are you exhausting yourself trying to keep a dolphin from swimming when that is what a dolphin does?

  • Pax - I'm his sorcerer's apprentice.
  • Dante - Smart, severe, intimidating, rich. I expect he's someone who should be watched closely, both to see what he accomplishes and to make sure it doesn't sneak up on you.
  • Kameshi - A straight-up PAIN IN THE ASS, but ya gotta love her anyway.
  • Viviana - It's nice to have someone who can relate being new to all this, especially one that's all feisty and cute.
  • Mewt - Have you ever seen the film, Critters?
  • Chris Scott - I cannot believe I'm saying this, but he's sweet. Definitely growing on me.

Info & Hooks
  • Alternate Identity: 2 - Goldie Durand is a pseudonym. She doesn't really need it anymore, as things have sorted themselves out for the most, but the name stuck and so she still uses it.
  • Magadon / Pentex - New Employee. Can I get you some more coffee, sir? Burn any important documents? Bring in your next victim?
  • New arrival: Goldie grew up in Pensacola and moved to the Pacific Northwest with a man she was dating who was stationed up at Whidbey. Their relationship burned hot and was short-lived. She ended up couch hoppin', squattin' and moving around Seattle for nearly 5 years prior to moving south to Prospect.
  • Big family: Goldie has (had?) four brothers and one sister.
  • Big SOUTHERN family: If you don't think Pensacola is deep south, being that close as it is to Mississippi, you are mistaken. There are some country folk down there.
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice: She is training with Pax, hopefully to re-direct her circumstances out of the breeding pits and into a place where she is useful and has more control over her own life.

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