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Important notes about Faction

Camarilla blood test

  • The Camarilla routinely demands a blood test of any new vampire in their domain that they're ICly aware of. (Also vampires who return after a long absence.)
  • This decision was made by PC leaders, in response to the actions of other PCs (mostly would-be infiltrators who were ICly discovered). Staff just adjudicates results as usual.
  • They do not demand that such PCs join the Camarilla or attend Camarilla court.
  • Typically a two-week grace period, if the PC remains in their domain longer without a test then they will attempt further ICC. You may be escalated to risk 2 or 3 depending on what else you were or weren't doing.
  • Alternate Identity merit will not automatically defeat this. If you think you have a valid plan, run it by staff first to save headaches all around.
  • '+rules sniping' applies as usual.
  • IC social tactics (e.g. bribery) apply as usual.

Vampire is big on social politics, has multiple factions to choose from, and there are many common misunderstandings about these factions. Please be familiar with the following points before building your character, and continue to keep them in mind as you RP. You can still play what you want, but you should understand what type of reaction you're likely to get from others.

  • Prospect is a Camarilla city. (Also includes suburbs of Carlsbad and Idyllwild.) See the sidebar about blood tests.
  • Tijuana is a Sabbat city. (Also includes pretty much anything else in Mexico.)
  • 'Independent' is generally limited to the clans that are independent (or at least a significant part of them is): Assamite, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Giovanni, Ravnos. It's only appropriate for other PCs if they're collaborating with one of those groups (you should OOCly discuss this with an Independent PC leader ahead of time). PCs self-identifying as independent of any group whatsoever should be Autarkis instead (see below).
  • 'Autarkis' is defined (VtM 60) as "A Kindred who remains outside the larger vampire society of a given city and often refuses to acknowledge the claim of a prince."
    • The Prince, and the Camarilla in general, really don't like Autarkis (especially since many of them in the past have been rude right out of the gate). The Sabbat may harbor similar feelings. Identifying yourself as an Autarkis to one of these groups may get you attacked. Not identifying yourself may also get you attacked (but only if one of them ICly figures out what you are).
    • The Camarilla also claims legal jurisdiction over all vampires, even those who disagree with their claim. How much/little effort they put into enforcing this claim depends on the situation.
    • Many Autarkis are so old and powerful that they can fight off most enforcers sent their way. This is not true of your chargen-level character.
    • We haven't had much sustained activity from Autarkis, so it may be difficult to find other like-minded characters. That could change at any time, but it's been a trend for several years.
  • 'Anarch' is defined (VtM 59) as "A Kindred rebel who opposes the tyranny of elders. Anarchs wish to redistribute the wealth and resources equitably among the vampires therein."
    • If you specifically self-identify with the Anarch Free State, then set Faction = Anarch.
    • If you merely espouse an Anarch philosophy but otherwise self-identify with the Camarilla (perhaps intending to reform it from within), then set Faction = Camarilla.
    • We haven't had much sustained activity from Anarchs, either. Again, that could change at any time, but it's been a trend.
  • '+census/group vampire' (and '+census/group ghoul') will give you a rough idea of current PC demographics.
  • If you want to OOCly discuss ideas with PC leaders, check the following links: Camarilla / Sabbat / Independent / Autarkis / Anarch

Choose Concept, Clan, Faction, Nature, Demeanor

  • Laibon: Use 'Clan' for your Legacy

Stat Baseline (standard, covers anything not listed separately) Baseline (Faction = Sabbat) Baseline (Faction = Anarch may optionally use these values from GttAnarchs 80) Baseline (Laibon) Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 7/5/3 standard 1 in each + 6/5/3 standard 5
Abilities 13/9/5 standard 12/8/5 standard 2
Disciplines 3 in-clan 4 in-clan 4 in-clan 4 in-clan 7 (may be out of clan)
Backgrounds 5 0 6 3 1
Virtues 1 in each + 7
(Path of Enlightenment: see below)
1 in each + 5
(Path of Enlightenment: see below)
standard 3 in Courage, 10 in Orun (Heaven) / Aye (Earth) 2 (can't spend on Orun/Aye, doesn't increase Willpower or Path Rating)
Willpower equal to Courage standard standard standard 1
Path Rating (Humanity or otherwise) equal to Conscience (or Conviction) + Self-Control (or Instinct) standard standard n/a, Laibon deal with Orun/Aye instead 1
Freebies 15 standard 18 standard
Generation Rating Blood Pool Generation background
Generation background
15th 6 (flaw) (flaw)
14th 8 (flaw) 0
13th 10 0 1
12th 11 1 2
11th 12 2 3
10th 13 3 4
9th 14 4 5
8th 15 5 not available

We don't use the alternate baselines/costs from Time of Thin Blood.

Status Traits for Camarilla vampires:

  • If you're 8th Generation, do +bulkstat Confirmed:1|Established:1|Privileged:1
  • If you're 9th or 10th Generation, do +selfstat Confirmed=1
  • These will not appear on +sheet, use +traits/view instead
  • Nosferatu, Gargoyle, Samedi don't get any dots in Appearance
  • Gargoyle: 1 free dot in "Flight (discipline)"
  • Dominate Malkavian: set Type = Dominate Malkavian


If you're on a Path of Enlightenment:

  • Check which virtues it uses
  • If Conviction is used, it replaces Conscience and doesn't get a free dot
  • If Instinct is used, it replaces Self-control and doesn't get a free dot
  • Path Rating cannot exceed 5 in chargen
  • Willpower must be at least 5