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  • All general Path rules also apply to Roads.
  • For Paths and Roads not listed here, check the Pen and Paper index.
  • For Road auras, see '+rules road auras'. See also '+rules appearing human'.

General rules

Per VtM 287:

  • Alternate virtues (Conviction, Instinct) start at 0 and must be raised to at least 1 (with baseline dots or freebies).
  • Path of Enlightenment requires Willpower 5 or higher.
  • Path of Enlightenment cannot start with Path Rating above 5 (even if relevant virtues add up to more).

Switching Paths post-chargen, per VtM 288 "Switching from Humanity to a Path":

  • Takes at least one year (starting from when you request the switch; may be backdated at staff discretion, but no earlier than when you were approved).
  • Path Rating must be at most 3. (You can handwave degeneration to this point.)
  • Virtues that would change must be down to 1. (You can handwave driving these down as well.)
  • Roll Willpower (can't spend Willpower for an auto-success):
    • Path Rating 3 -> diff 10
    • Path Rating 2 -> diff 8
    • Path Rating 1 -> diff 6
    • 3+ succs -> switch to new path at Path Rating 2
    • 1-2 succs -> switch to new path at Path Rating 1
    • Fail -> Path Rating drops by 1, must wait a month before trying again (or a year if you botched).
      • If your Path Rating drops to 0, you're force-retired. (The PC becomes a staff-run NPC, permanently lost to the Beast until it's killed.)
  • Switching to Humanity, or from one Path of Enlightenment to another, follows the same approach.


Path Conscience or Conviction? Self-Control or Instinct? Reference
Blood Conviction Self-Control VtM 288-289
Bones Conviction Self-Control VtM 290
Caine Conviction Instinct Guide to the Sabbat 128-129
Cathari Conviction Instinct Guide to the Sabbat 130-131
Death and the Soul Conviction Self-Control Guide to the Sabbat 132-133
Ecstasy Conviction Self-Control Clanbook: Setites 34-35
Evil Revelations Conviction Instinct Guide to the Sabbat 135
Feral Heart Conviction Instinct Guide to the Sabbat 137-138
Harmony Conscience Instinct Sins of the Blood 35-36
Humanity Conscience Self-Control VtM 133-134
Honorable Accord Conscience Self-Control Guide to the Sabbat 139-140
Lilith Conviction Instinct Guide to the Sabbat 141-142
Metamorphosis Conviction Instinct VtM 292
Night Conviction Instinct VtM 291
Orion Conviction Instinct Chaining the Beast 74
Paradox Conviction Self-Control VtM 293
Power and the Inner Voice Conviction Instinct Guide to the Sabbat 144
Redemption Conscience Self-Control Chaining the Beast 86
Righteous Night Conviction usually Self-Control Clanbook: Lasombra 68
Scorched Heart Conviction Self-Control Sins of the Blood 30-32
Self-Focus Conviction Instinct Sins of the Blood 33-34
Sutekh Conviction Self-Control Clanbook: Followers of Set 42
Tears Conscience Self-Control VtDA 102
Typhon Conviction Self-Control VtM 294-295
Warrior Conviction Self-Control Clanbook: Setites 35
Western Paradox Conviction Self-Control VtM Players Guide 26 & Libellus Sanguinus 4


Road Latin name Conscience or Conviction? Self-Control or Instinct? Paths Reference
Abyss Conviction Self-Control Players Guide to High Clans 176
Beast Via Bestiae Conviction Instinct Grey Hunter, Nomad, Savage Dark Ages: Vampire 100-101, Road of the Beast 68-71
Blood Via Sanguinis Conviction Self-Control Righteousness Dark Ages: Vampire 99
Bones Via Ossium Conviction Self-Control Bones Dark Ages: Vampire 99
Heaven Via Caeli Penitence, Tears: Conscience
Divinity, Retribution: Conviction
Self-Control Divinity, Penitence, Retribution, Tears Dark Ages: Vampire 102-103, Road of Heaven 64-67
Hive Via Hyron Conviction Instinct Hive Chaining the Beast 102, Clanbook: Baali 43
Humanity Via Humanitatis Conscience Self-Control Breath, Community, Illumination, Vigor Dark Ages: Vampire 104-105
Kings Via Regalis Merchant, Tyrant, Vizier: Conviction
Chivalry: Conscience
Self-Control Chivalry, Merchant, Tyrant (Via Tyrannus), Vizier (Via Consuasor) Dark Ages: Vampire 106-107, Road of Kings 68-71
Metamorphosis Via Mutationis Conviction Instinct Metamorphosis Dark Ages: Vampire 99
Night Via Noctis Conviction Instinct Night, Righteous Night Dark Ages: Vampire 99
Paradox Via Paradoxi Conviction Self-Control Western Paradox, Eastern Paradox Dark Ages: Vampire 99
Serpent Via Serpentis Conviction Instinct Sutekh, Typhon Dark Ages: Vampire 99
Service Via Servilis Conviction Instinct House of Tremere 120-122
Sin Via Peccati Conviction Pleasure, Devil, Screams: Instinct
Cruelty: Self-Control
Cruelty, Devil (Via Diabolis), Pleasure, Screams Dark Ages: Vampire 108-109, Road of Sin 66-69
Slain Via Einherjar Conviction Self-Control Wolves of the Sea 72
Yasa Via Yasaq Conviction Self-Control Wind from the East 75