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Important notes about Faction

Vampire is big on social politics, has multiple factions to choose from, and there are many common misunderstandings about these factions. Please be familiar with the points listed here before building your character, and continue to keep them in mind as you RP. You can still play what you want, but you should understand what type of reaction you're likely to get from others..

Choose Concept, Nature, Demeanor, Clan, Faction, Domitor

  • See Domitor house rules, especially if you plan to raise any discipline above 1. This does not exactly match canon concept or game mechanics, it's intentionally house-ruled to put ghouls with PC/NPC domitors and revenants all on an equal footing.
  • Revenants: Use the ghoul quickstart. Set 'Clan' to your family, 'Domitor' to None (don't omit Domitor entirely or you'll run into code problems). See '+rules revenants' for more details.
  • Dhampirs also count as Revenants (Time of Thin Blood 81). For Eastern dhampyrs, use Character Generation/Dhampyr instead.
  • Sabbat in general hate ghouls. A Sabbat Ghoul is owned by a Pack which is only allowed to have a Ghoul at the Bishop's permission. If you are thinking of making a Sabbat Ghoul please be aware that you will be treated horribly. Revenants are the exception.

Stat Baseline (standard, covers anything not listed separately) Baseline (Faction = Sabbat) Baseline (dhampir) Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 6/4/3 standard standard 5
Abilities 11/7/4 standard standard 2
Disciplines 2, including at least 1 in Potence standard standard 10
Backgrounds 5 standard standard 1
Virtues 1 in each + 7 1 in each + 5 standard 2
Willpower equal to Courage standard standard 1 (doesn't increase Willpower or Path Rating. Max total 8)
Path Rating (Humanity) equal to Conscience + Self-Control standard standard 1
Freebies 21 standard 18

For vassals with a PC domitor, your second discipline dot can be any discipline that your domitor also has.