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House Rules

"Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his own blood."

-Friedrich Nietzsche


The Domitor house rules do not exactly match the canon concept or game mechanics from G:FA 71. They're intentionally altered to put ghouls with PC/NPC domitors and revenants all on an equal footing.

All ghouls must have Domitor set on their sheet. This may be set to "NPC".

  • It is recommended (but not required) that Ghoul PCs OOCly seek out a PC domitor prior to approval. NPC domitors generally result in other PCs pushing to replace the NPC, since they can't be held accountable if the ghoul misbehaves.
  • For revenants, this may be set to "None".

Raising disciplines above 1 requires "Domitor (background)".

  • Unlike canon, it is not tied to the domitor's Generation.
  • Revenants instead use Blood Donor background to represent appropriately powerful donors (their self-produced vitae is insufficient).
  • Can be bought with XP like most other backgrounds.
Background level Cap for Subrace:Ghoul Cap for other ghouls
1 no bonus yet no bonus yet
2 2 no bonus yet
3 3 no bonus yet
4 3 2
5 4 3

(These caps were derived by replacing the Generation ratings from G:FA 82 with the corresponding caps from G:FA 71, using the more generous option for Subrace:Ghoul.)

See also: Multiclass


  • Disciplines are retained when a Ghoul is embraced.
    • However, if the Ghoul has dots in a restricted discipline and Clan changes, those dots must be moved into a Common or clan-appropriate Proprietary or Restricted discipline.
      • e.g. Bob is a Ghoul of Clan:Samedi with Thanatosis:2. Through a cruel twist of fate he's embraced Clan:Toreador. Bob must remove his Thanatosis:2 and take a discipline like Celerity:2 or Obfuscate:2
      • If Bob were embraced into Clan:Followers of Set, he would be able to take Serpentis:2

Ghoul (verb)

  • For regular Mortals (ie, not Mortal+), getting ghouled IC is free.
  • Other splats must purchase the Ghoul 5-point merit.
    • Ghouls via merit have effective 3 in each virtue for purposes of things like frenzy checks.
  • The following are capable of being ghouled:
    • Race:Mortal
    • Race:Mortal+/Sorcerer-Psychic (Post-chargen only)
    • Race:Mortal+/Possessed (Type:Fomor, Type:Kami)
      • Post-chargen and PC-Domitor only for Type:Kami, and even then only for Kami with human or animal host bodies (you can't ghoul plants). Ghouling a Kami will permanently put the Domitor at risk 3 towards everyone with Faction:Gaian that finds out about the transgression. An IC post will be made by staff to Gaian BBoards to represent the spirits TELLING all locals of Faction:Gaian what happened and who did it. (You have been warned.)
      • Fomor Ghouls are nearly unaffected by the Blood Bond unless they have high Autonomy, and they tend to frenzy a lot. Powerful, but unstable.
    • Race:Mortal+/Kinain
    • Race:Mortal+/Kinfolk

See Also: Cgen, Buying Disciplines, XP Costs


  • All ghouls must have Clan set on their sheet.
  • Upon becoming a ghoul (Cgen or IC), the Ghoul gets Potence:1, and 1 dot of an in-clan discipline. If Potence IS an in-clan discipline, and the ghoul has at least 4 points in the Domitor background, they can put both dots into Potence if they so desire.
  • Ghouls may have the Potent Blood flaw (gain 2 blood by drinking 1 of theirs), but it cuts both ways (must feed them 2 blood for them to gain 1).


Revenants follow all the same game mechanics as ghouls, unless house rules explicitly state otherwise.

As in canon, revenants produce their own vitae and don't need a domitor. They do need Blood Donor background to raise disciplines above 1 (same game mechanics as "Domitor (background)" does for ghouls); see '+rules domitors' for details.

Western dhampirs also count as revenants (Time of Thin Blood 81). Asian dhampyrs are covered under the Kuei-jin rules.