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Important notes

  • If you're new to the sphere, we strongly recommend you read this Changeling the Dreaming Primer before proceeding further. This will give you an idea what to expect.
  • Increasing Title to 3 and keeping it there is subject to '+policy pc leadership'. Taking it in chargen requires 3+ approved PCs (new or existing) OOCly agreeing ahead of time to join your household/motley.
  • Sidhe (both varieties) are limited to either followers of a previously approved sidhe, or leaders with 3+ advance supporters as above.
  • As of July 2020, pooka are somewhat overdone; please consider choosing a different kith.
  • While multiclassing (e.g. kithain + kinfolk) is allowed, be careful about spreading yourself too thin. If most of your time and energy is spent elsewhere, then the changeling sphere probably won't spend a lot of their time and energy trying to include you.
  • The Seelie and Unseelie Court are not deadly enemies. They have philosophical differences, and individuals may dislike each other individually, but as groups they still work together and it isn't a big deal. Their real enemies are (a) the Dauntain and other forces of Banality, and (b) the Shadow Court.

Choose concept, court (set as both Faction and Court), Legacy Seelie, Legacy Unseelie, house (if any), seeming and kith

  • House rule: When open, Autumn Sidhe (C20) are allowed and are listed as such on +sheet; Arcadian Sidhe are just "Sidhe" on +sheet
  • Shadow Court: set Faction = Unseelie, Court = Shadow
Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 7/5/3 5
Abilities 13/9/5 2
Arts 3 5
Realms 5 3
Backgrounds 5 1
Glamour by seeming 3 (Max 8)
Willpower by seeming 1 (Max 8)
Freebies 15
  • House rule: C20 arts are allowed
    • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
    • Contract, Dragon's Ire, "Oneiromancy (art)"
  • Companion stats
  • Prestige (Shadow Court): 3+ grants Title 1, 4+ grants Resources 3
  • Sidhe of House Beaumayn are +1 Remembrance (Book of Lost Houses 21)

Record beginning Glamour, Willpower and Banality as determined by your seeming.

Seeming Glamour Willpower Banality Description
Childling 5 1 1 Though you are little more than a child in mind and body, no one can deny the wisdom behind your eyes. NOTE: As PCs must be at least 18 years of age, we DO NOT allow Childling PCs.
Wilder 4 2 3 You are a teenager in attitude and appearance. Radical and experimental, you chase after the stuff of new dreams. NOTE: PCs must be at least 18 years of age.
Grump 3 5 5 You are a full-grown adult, seen by most changelings as "over the hill." Despite this, you are respected.
  • Sidhe of House Liam are +1 Banality (CtD 110)

Note kith Birthrights and Frailties. If they affect your mortal seeming, then they're recorded via permanent +effect (ask staff to set these).

Kith Birthright +effect?
Ghille dhu (wilder) +1 Appearance, +1 Strength Yes
Piskey +1 Dexterity Yes
Satyr +1 Stamina Yes
Sidhe +2 Appearance (only +1 for non-Arcadian Scathach) Only with Seeming's Blessing merit
Sidhe (House Leanhaun) +1 Charisma Yes
Troll +1 (wilder) / +2 (grump) Strength Only with Seeming's Blessing merit
Troll +1 (wilder) / +2 (grump) health No (Seeming's Blessing = increase permanent value instead)

For those who don't have the books, here is an invaluable resource. [1]