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Important notes

  • We are in the process of converting everything to Changeling 20th Anniversary. If you find something that has not been updated, open a +request so staff can look into it.
  • Title cannot be taken in chargen above 1. Any increases are at staff discretion post approval.
  • Sidhe (both varieties) are open ONLY at staff discretion.
  • KinFae (Kithain + Kinfolk) are currently closed as of June 2021.
  • Shadow Court is currently closed.
  • The Seelie and Unseelie Court are not deadly enemies. They have philosophical differences, and individuals may dislike each other individually, but as groups they still work together and it isn't a big deal. Their real enemies are (a) the Dauntain and other forces of Banality, and (b) the Shadow Court.
  • Commoners can enter houses. To begin as a member of a house, you need to follow the same rules as a Sidhe; you need to either be sponsored into an existing household or come in with 3+ new characters (who can also be of the household).

Choose Concept, Court (set as both Faction and Court), Legacy Seelie, Legacy Unseelie, House (if any), Seeming and Kith

  • House rule: When open, Autumn Sidhe (C20) are allowed and are listed as such on +sheet; Arcadian Sidhe are just "Sidhe" on +sheet

Birthrights: If your kith birthrights and/or house boon include an attribute or ability bonus, don't add it yourself, ask staff to set a +effect instead.

Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 7/5/3 5
Abilities 13/9/5 2
Arts 3 5
Realms 5 3
Backgrounds 5 1
Banality 3 (4 for House Liam) Changes due to RP
Glamour 4 3 (Max 8)
Willpower 4 1 (Max 8)
Freebies 15



  • In C20, Seemings reflect his/her outlook on her life as a changeling and the Dreaming in general. While often tied to her mortal age, changelings can be any seeming at any age. See WW92041 Changeling: the Dreaming (20th Anniversary) pg.#83–87
  • Set +note for Seeming bonus based on the following:
Seeming Bonus Description
Childling +1 Glamour Childlings view the world with wide-eyed wonder. NOTE: As PCs must be at least 18 years of age, and Childlings are at least mentally underage, if not physically, we DO NOT allow Childling PCs.
Wilder +1 Glamour OR +1 Willpower (set +note) Wilders are seekers of adventure.
Grump +1 Willpower Grumps are builders and keepers of tradition.

Note kith Birthrights and Frailties. If they affect your mortal seeming, then they're recorded via permanent +effect (ask staff to set these).

Kith Birthright +effect(s) For use in Autumn realm
Piskey +1 Dexterity
Satyr +1 Stamina
Sidhe +2 Appearance (only +1 for non-Arcadian Scathach) Only with Seeming's Blessing merit
Troll +1 Strength/+1 Health per oath Only with Seeming's Blessing merit

House Boon +effect(s)
Beaumayn +1 Perception
Leanhaun +1 Charisma
Scathach +1 Brawl, +1 Melee

  • Descriptions: Be sure to set both your standard Autumn World (Mortal) Description, as well as your Fae Mien. To se at Fae Mien, use: &faedesc me=Description - many people use color to set this mien apart from the mortal one. We recommend also adding a line break or two at the beginning to be sure they are separated.(%r)


After approval, you will need to look into +help +rsee and +help +rexist. You need both turned on for FAE to be able to see any descriptions of the fae reality/Dreaming, as well as be seen (your &faedesc).