Bygone Powers

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  • NOTE: Powers are approved at staff discretion. They need to make conceptual sense for your creature type. Any sensible IC explanation is fine, however just "I want it" is not sufficient.
  • italics = not in database yet, will review on request
  • House rules are highlighted like this.
  • Chimerical bygones (page 98) are allowed, can treat redes as powers, and have Glamour equivalent to wilder changelings.
    • Must take Wyrd rede. Must use Wyrd rede to ICly exist in normalspace (similar to wraiths using Embody).
    • Other redes are at staff discretion.
    • Non-chimerical bygones can't have redes.
  • 20th Anniversary powers (Gods and Monsters 201-214) may be allowed at staff discretion.
Bygone Powers
Cost Power Notes
2-3 "Acute Smell (Bygone power)" +N on scent-related Perception rolls
1-4 Armor +N soak dice
1/3 Bare Necessities items shapeshift with you, similar to items dedicated by shifters
1 = clothes, small items worn close to your skin (e.g. wallet, watch, knife strapped to your leg)
3 = items small and light enough to carry in one hand (e.g. backpack, sword, walking stick, pistol, but not a semi-automatic rifle)
Reference: Gods and Monsters 202
4-6 Bond Sharing 4 = one sense or environmental tolerance
5 = all senses or tolerances
6 = all senses and tolerances
4/6/8 Chameleon Coloration 4 = darken to blend with shadows (Shadow-walking)
6 = hues of one color
8 = any color
Wits + Alertness vs 7 to see you against same-color background
3/5/7 "Claws (Bygone)"
"Teeth (Bygone)" (aka Fangs)
"Horn (Bygone)"
3 = one
5 = two
7 = three
double for agg
3 Deadly Demise dying attack that likely kills your killer
3 Death-Sense sense when (if ever) someone is likely to die
magical concealment provides resistance
3/5/7/10/15 Elemental Touch 3 = sense large quantity (Perception + Awareness vs 6-9)
5 = sense smaller quantity (Perception + Awareness vs 6-9)
7 = bend small amount (spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Awareness vs 6-9)
10 = create small amount (spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Awareness vs 6-9)
15 = bend large amount (spend 2 Willpower and roll Manipulation + Awareness vs 6-9)
variable "Enhancement (Bygone)" +1 attribute or health level per 5 dots
House rule: capped at +8 to attributes and +3 to health levels, but attributes don't cost extra XP beyond the cost of the power
3 per Extra Heads +2 per extra head to resist ambush
+2 per extra head participating in same Brawl attack
may attack different targets using split actions
decapitation is only an auto-kill if all heads are severed
3 per "Extra Limbs (Bygone)" may attack different targets using split actions
3/5/7/9/10 Extra Speed
  • 5+ points = +1 extra (not split) action per turn, 10 points = +2
  • also increases walking/running speed per table on right
  • Dexterity bonuses are from MtA 223
  • For moving and doing something else in same turn, see Combat#Movement
2-6 Feast of Nettles 2 = eat 3 Paradox per week
3 = 5 per week
4 = 10 per week
5 = 15 per week
6 = 20 per week
must concentrate for 2-4 turns before and sleep it off after
eating only part of a backlash requires Wits + Awareness vs 8, exceeding your limit kills you instantly
2 Flexible +1 Dodge, +2 grapple
variable "Hazardous Breath (Bygone)" House rule: Does dice of damage, not automatic levels
5*N points gives N dice of damage on Dexterity + Brawl vs 7
increase to 7*N to make it caustic (1 more die per turn until washed off)
double = agg
target can soak (if they can normally soak that type of damage)
cannot use it more times per scene than your Stamina
multiple Brawl successes = extra target in range at ST discretion
3/6 Healing Lick 3 = heal 1 non-agg health level (self or other) per turn
6 = also heals agg
does not regrow severed parts (need Regrowth for that)
2 "Hibernation (bygone power)" don't need food/water until you wake up
2/4 Human Guise 2 = visible tells (e.g. gills, cat eyes, reptile scales) but potentially concealable by makeup/clothes, one dot in Appearance
4 = appear entirely human unless another supernatural power/ability is used
Reference: Gods and Monsters 206
1 Human Speech while in non-human form
2/5/10/15 "Immunity (bygone)" 2 = minor nuisance or rare threat
5 = major or moderately rare threat
10 = deadly or common threat
15 = death itself (house rule: requires an Achilles' heel at staff discretion, but complete bodily destruction doesn't automatically defeat it)
3 Information Font Perception + relevant ability vs 7 to obtain obscure information, others roll Intelligence + Enigmas vs 6-10 to understand you
8/10 Intangibility 8 = invisible
10 = incorporeal
spend Willpower to change state
incorporeal: magic still affects you; turning it off takes a full turn (during transition, seeing you requires Perception + Awareness or Alertness vs 8, but you can be touched)
invisible: Perception + Awareness vs 7 to detect you with sensory magic, vs 9 to detect you disturbing the environment; does not mask your scent
3 Lack of Scent guess
3/6 Mesmerism 3 = freeze target
6 = draw target slowly closer
Charisma + Intimidation, extended, accumulate successes equal to target's Willpower, botch = target cannot be hypnotized this way again
3 Musical Influence relevant social attribute + relevant ability vs target's Willpower, extra successes = extra targets
if target realizes why they feel the effect, they still feel it but can act against it
variable Mystick Shield every 2 points gives +1 countermagic or +1 diff to magic targeting you (not both)
(house rule: must pick an allocation in advance, +diff is assumed until/unless allocating some/all to countermagic is explicitly requested, each aspect is capped at 10 points for +5)
must be activated, counts as a defensive action like Dodge (house rule: does not impose penalties beyond the normal extra/split action rules)
3 Nightsight Perception + Alertness vs 8 to see in total darkness
fog, smoke, etc.: ST discretion
variable Rapid Healing every 2 points lets you heal at the speed of 1 health level less injured
house rule: if this would be off the chart, keep using the speed for 1 damage (bruised)
2/4/6 Regrowth 2 = tail, tentacle, horn, etc. (1 day)
4 = severed limb, gouged eye (3 days)
6 = anything short of complete bodily destruction (1 week for vital organ, 2 weeks for multiple such injuries)
this is in addition to normal healing time for health levels
fire/acid can cauterize a stump and stop it from regrowing
3/5/8 Shapechanger 3 = one alternate form
5 = one range (e.g. birds, humans, cats, fish)
8 = anything
any powers besides changing shape must be bought separately, and only apply while in a relevant shape
others may roll Perception + Awareness vs 7 or other relevant sensory magic to see your true form, scent is ST discretion
house rule: these Awareness checks are limited on the same basis as '+rules sniping'
5/7 Shared Knowledge use each other's knowledges, Wits + Intuition vs (3 + knowledge level) for complex understanding
7 = can also see through each other's eyes
range limited to (100 * your Willpower) yards
3/5/8/10 "Size (Bygone Power)" 3 = +1 (larger) / -1 (smaller) health level, +1/-1 Strength or Stamina
5 = +2/-2 health levels, +2/-2 total Strength and/or Stamina, -1/+1 diff for others to spot or hit you
8 = +3/-3, +3/-3, -2/+2
10 = +4/-4, +4/-4, -3/+3
Without this power, your native form can be maybe a step or two larger/smaller than human, but without any stat bonuses
2 Soul-Sense Perception + Awareness or Occult to detect mystical creature (even if it's hidden/disguised) or person/place that is deeply holy/evil/etc.
house rule: Death-Sense is a separate power and does not include effects of Soul-Sense
magical concealment provides resistance
8/10/15 Spirit Travel Middle Umbra, astral lands, and/or Underworld
8 = one dimension
10 = two dimensions
15 = three dimensions
3 Spirit Vision similar to Spirit Sight merit, hazier but less distracting, can choose to focus on it if e.g. a ghost is approaching
3/5/8/12 Telekinesis max (10 lbs / 50 lbs / 100 lbs / effectively 350 lbs)
Willpower vs 6+ depending on weight and what you're doing with it
over 100 lbs requires spending a Willpower per additional 25 lbs
2/4/6 "Telepathy (bygone power)" Intelligence + (Empathy, Etiquette, Intimidation, or other appropriate ability)
unwilling target may do a resisted Willpower roll to block it out
2 = one character in line of sight
4 = add a number of characters equal to your Willpower
6 = extend range to 1 mile
listening in as an outside party requires appropriate means (may be mundane technology depending on the bygone) and spending a Willpower
3 Tunneling soft earth: walking speed to move through, half walking speed to leave tunnel
long tunnels may require Stamina + Willpower
2 "Unaging (Bygone)" same as Unaging merit
variable "Venom (Bygone)" 3*N points adds N levels of aggravated damage to a bite/claw/spur/sting attack
increase to 5*N to apply it to anyone who touches or eats part of you
4 Wall-Crawling resistance (e.g. strong wind, slippery surface, someone grabbing you) requires Strength + Athletics vs 7
2/5 Water-Breathing 2 = can breathe both water and air
5 = don't need to breathe at all
5 "Webbing (bygone)" Dexterity + Webworking (secondary skill) vs 5 (travel), 6 (create), 7 (trap), 8 (grab at distance / block entrance)
webbing has 6 soak dice and 3 health levels
trapped victim must roll Strength vs 8 and get 3+ successes (or at ST discretion, roll Strength resisted by web's Strength 8)
3/5 "Wings (Bygone)" 3 = jogging speed (13 yards per turn)
5 = 20 yards per turn