Arcelia Vazquez

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Relevant Information

Age: 18

Height: 4'7"

Weight: 92lbs

Demeanor: Visionary

Profession: Entrepreneur & Student

Affiliation: Sabbat

Race: Mortal+

Subrace: Sorcerer-Psychic

Sub-Subrace: Lasombra Ghoul

Other: Deaf


Dexterity: Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.png

Appearance: Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.png

Intelligence: Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.png

Crafts: Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.png

Enchantment: Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.png

Spirit Sight: Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.png


Blair - "..."

Calder - "A promising business partner that might be a little too proper for my taste."

Jayde - "This is a strange lady but nice enough. I can't help but feel she hides a secret..."

Koi - "Dude seems super nice. I look forward to getting more time in with him."

Marcelo - "At first I thought he was just a bit of an ass but he's shaping up to be a decent person."

Rafaelx - "What a beautiful red chandelier."

Selena - "One badass lady and those horns are SICK! Maybe she'll let me chill with her sometime. I could use some time with her."

Sedna - "I was told to play nice with, Ms. Sedna. But is it really playing if I actually like her? A mystery to be discovered."

Sinclair - "Pretense! Lies! He's a mother fuckin' angel and if you try to tell me different I'll find a curse that suites the crime."

Stefania - "Ha! She's great. I'm going to get into so much trouble with her, I can feel it!"