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victory or cinders

I am the Trauma Goddess,
the Lady of Pain.
I am a dancer upon the suffering of all mankind.
In return for devotion,
I pull thorns from the heart.
In return for obedience,
I untie the knots in the belly and the head.
My compassionate side is hidden,
But for those whom I love,
Who have taken on my dark grace,
I open a path of shining light.
-excerpted from a devotional song to Vajrayogini

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Corso: Why the Devil?
Baroness Kessler: [laughing] I saw him one day! I was fifteen years old and I saw him, plain as I see you now.

It was love at first sight.

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RP Hooks
  • Strength in fragility
  • Radiance in anguish
  • Enlightenment through tribulation
  • Family among monsters
  • Loss, grief, and growth
  • Faith, heresy, and the occult
  • Trauma and mental illness

"... and I survived the end of the fucking world."
- Robert Morse, Space Beast

Existence is a bittersweet poison. The honeyed scent of hope lies just around every corner, but just out of reach. All the world is a chess board for powers eldritch and petty. Though the fires of Gehenna loom just over the horizon, the world is cold and growing colder by the day. Let's huddle together against the chill of the Final Nights and await the approach of doom in the warmth of good company.

"It's small, and it's broken, but it's mine."
- Stitch, Lilo and Stitch

The Sword of Caine. Mi hermanxs. What makes your heart blaze? What sets your soul to song? What weights press on you in your days of restless slumber? Whatever may pass, my Brothers and Sisters: I am here for you. Until victory, or until we are rendered to cinders with all the world.

mis lágrimas son sangre mi corazón es ceniza

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Notable Stats



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Selena Emilia Sáez y Ayala


Arzobispa de Tijuana y Baja California
Ductus de Quinto Sol
Borícua maldita

Demeanor: Eye of the Storm

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