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"With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak what you think now in hard words and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Mage "Their power is beyond my understanding."
Vampire "I loyally obey the will of the Camarilla."
Werewolf "We have a understanding."
Mortal "Worth protecting from damnation."
Changeling "Interesting creatures."
Demon "I would love to work on one in my research center. learn their limitations."
The Restless Dead "Creature of death, in many way like ourselve, just unable to rest."
The Risen "Those that return are rarely sane from the process."

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  • Katharina: Thank you for helping me understand my path again. I owe you more then you know.
  • Sister Magdalena: Confused child, I would admire him more as a foe
  • Heathen: My Grand Childe, We have yet to find a way to understand each other, hopefully one day we will cross that bridge.
  • Silvana: Such a interesting soul, I wonder if her master realizes her worth
  • Madeline: My dearest wife, I am sorry I made you wait for so long before I returned to you.
  • Mirela: I made you a promise that I intend to keep. Be well, be happy. it is all I want.
  • Io: The first of my wife's new family to accept me. She has claimed me as her blood. I will work to honor that acceptances.
  • Arya: My dear childe, I love you so, my daughter. You and Madeline are the joy in my world. Forever be a light in the darkness.
  • Vegard: Lord of this City, His claim to the throne and my dear Arya is that of Iron and should never be questioned.
  • Sentinel: My adopted daughter, I am sorry things have been a bit strain between us in recent months, but do not doubt my love for you, you are family.

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Alaster 4.jpgObtenebration 4.jpg

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Age: Mid 20s
Sire: Michelle Deveraux
Hometown: New York, New York
Profession: Antique Dealer
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Relationship status: separated

Height: 6,1
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Midnight Blue
Position: Praxis member

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Notable Stats

Faint Reflection
Strength of Shadow
Appearance PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png
Occult PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png
Obtenebration PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png

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RP Hooks
=== Sphere ===

  • New York War Survivor: He fought in the War between the sabbat and Camarilla in New York for a few years,He is one of the Unsung heroes of that city.
  • Occult Obsession: He is well known for his collection of rare occult books and relics from around the world.
  • Well Traveled: Alaster has travel from one side of the earth to another, never staying in a location for to long, he may have hear rumors about anything.


  • Alaster is a cold personality type, general to the point and a no nonsense kind of guy, As seen from his background, He has reason to be. As of late he is looking for something to ease the dullness within. He maybe looking for a ghoul in the near future.
  • The Elder Lasombra seems to have lost a step or two since his time in the care of a Sabbat information specialist. Reach out, you never know what may happen.

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