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“Never tell me the odds."

Fullname - Elke ("Elkie") Darling

Concept - Thrillseeker [[1]]

Nature - Thrillseeker

Demeanor - Rebel

At a Glance

  • She has a sweetness about her, very approachable.
  • Sort of impatient, she might surprise you.

Notable Stats

Attributes Abilities Merits Backgrounds
Appearance 4 Brawl 5 Blush of Health Allies 2
Charisma 4 Poetic Expression 3 Pure Blood
Performance 2 True Berserk


Motorcycle brass knucklesFlames

RP Hooks

  • Brujah - Down to clown.
  • Street - Has some influence.
  • Las Vegas - What happened in Vegas, stayed with her forever. Has ties to Sin City.
  • Drugs - Do you need a fix?
  • Camarilla - Rebel, but respects the Cam.
  • Sabbat - Always fun to take out the low-hanging fruit.