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Aed A. Alexander

Appears As: Aed
Occupation: Unemployed
Birth Date: December 22nd, 1975
Demeanor: Survivor
Sphere: Mage
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: Verbena
Cabal: None yet.
Inmate Number: H6321414

Des Roc ~ Used to the Darkness
Now would you pray before you twist the knife?
Yeah, would you take my hand and take a life?
I'm too damn young to give up on the light
I'm used to the darkness, I'm used to the darkness
I'm just a man, I'm only flesh and bone
I can't bring it back on everything I've done
And now there's no one else left to love
I'm used to the darkness, I'm used to the darkness
Stereotypes (Traditions)

Akashic Brotherhood Focus, determination, and in the end, an apolitical approach to being exterminated. That's a problematic worldview.
Celestial Chorus The newer religious folk have the power and none of the message. Dig deeper, find the real deal. If you erase the histories of the conquered, you lose your roots.
Cult of Ecstasy Retreating into one's mind and memories via drugs, sex and enthusiastic attendance at festivals isn't progress. It just "feels" like it.
Dreamspeakers You are being erased and I understand that kind of pain. You can, should and must fight them harder. Blood remembers blood.
Euthanatos You almost have the point. Almost, not quite, though. Starting at the top and working your way down is a better approach to celestial assassinations.
Hollow Ones Don't pretend you own the patent on suffering. Cope, don't mope, and fight like you're gonna die if you lose - because you will.
Order of Hermes Your glory days are over; adapt, resist or perish. Good luck with that.
Sons of Ether Making progress at the expense of cultural adaptation isn't working - build better communities, not power armor and lightsabers.
Verbena Exactly the kind of people who can change the world - once we stop fighting amongst ourselves.
Virtual Adepts It's not that I don't trust them - it's that they can't trust us. Build a better bridge, we cross it together; build a wall, one of us has to break it for us to talk. Your move.

RP Hooks

DotBlank.png Ex-Con: Just released after doing 16 years for arson.

DotBlank.png Verbena: That old time religion. It's who he did the time for - his previous cabal.

DotBlank.png Career Criminal: Not everyone gets to be beautiful, rich and perfect.

Stereotypes (Traditions)

Technocracy You should have finished the job. I know what has to be done. You taught me how. Welcome to prison.
Changeling All of the first stories of your kind meeting ours were cautionary tales - why would you ever think we should feel comfortable in your presence? We learned our lesson. Must we teach one?
Bygone I had no idea and still don't. What a beautiful, terrifying world.
Vampire I get it - blood is life. What I don't get - needing any sort of pretense beyond "I don't want to starve" for a political structure. We could work together - or you can starve when you're exposed and running. Make a wise choice.
Wraith The only part of you that can burn in Hell is the part of you that can't let go. I understand that quite a lot and know you know it better than anyone else could or will. Teach.. or vanish. We have no time for anything else.
Werewolf The planet deserves better. Remind them, the despoilers, of why mankind built their homes out of stone and lit up the night - bring back the terror of darkness and the sounds of revenge. You've earned it. They didn't.
Mortal Your laws defend the powerful and punish the small. Therefore, your laws are irrelevant to the natural order - the one overdue to make an appearance. Believe it. Nature prevails. If you doubt this, leave your front door open and trust in only your fellow humans.

LyraCoH8.png Lyra Oaths were sworn. Sacrifice has meaning. Debts will be repaid.

Xiu-profile.jpg Xiu Thorough. Absolute and thorough.

Keira Eshu1.jpg Keira Maybe I'm wrong and you're right. Maybe not.

Cin12.jpg Titania You can always count on a shark to have the widest smile.

UnicornIcon.png Eliora I learned more than I thought possible; for that, my gratitude.

Medusa.png Shazia Respect from the moment of contact, fear in between.

29 days before the arrest5 days before the arrest5,122 days after the arrest
How to make friends and influence people.How to give someone premium parking for life.How to get into a building which is being "difficult".