2022.02.28: Festivale at Snow Fang Tavern

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Festivale at Snow Fang Tavern
The twins host a small but fun night at Snow Fang for Festivale!
IC Date February 28th, 2022
Players Clementine, Kaitlyn, Lilith, Persy
Location Snow Fang Peak - Ice Tavern
Spheres Changeling

Persy makes a grumpy sound at the troll and she nods. "Good. Glad we understand each other. Now you go over there and you have fun and you BEHAVE or I'll break all your toes with me heels." British. Oh god, so very very very British. "Yes'm," the big troll replies and slinks off to do that. Now that the huge troll is gone, Persy spies the lovely little kinain. "Welcome, Deary. I'm Persy."

"The only bones I ever broke with heels were my own..." Kat mused, already having drifted off, because of course she had. Her ears snapped upright as she was addressed though, smiling disarmingly on instinct. She jostled a little, revealing a guitar she was carrying with her, of all things. "I thought I heard a ruckus and I'll be damned if I miss a good party." she offered with a nod.

Sounds can be heard from the kitchen. Dishes, feet running, and then cheers!! Servers coming in to see and then start bringing out some trays filled with delightful appetizers and meat on sticks. Lollipop meat. Finally Clementine emerges with some feathers in her hair, and a smile on her face. "Eat up everyone! There is plenty where that came from!" She straightens out her apron, and makes sure it is tied just right before coming up by her sister. "Meeting all the peoples, sister?"

Persy glances over as Clementine kerfluffles her way in and she smiles. She's quiet until Clementine comes near and then she drapes her arm around her twin - and boy are they. Hairstyle and clothing is different and that's about it. "That's my intention," she tells Clementine, turning her head to noseboop her on the cheek. But then back to Kaitlyn: "Well, welcome. THis is where the party is, for sure. What's your name?"

Party! Fun! Comraderie! There are a lot of people here, and plenty of 'people' and most everyone seems to be having a grand ole time. The ladies are all up at the bar.

"Everyone just calls me Kat." the Kinain grinned, wiggling her catty ears emphatically. "With a K." she added, gesturing with one finger in a 'don't forget that part' motion. "Didn't think I'd ever see this much life up this far for a while, that's for sure. Have I forgotten an occasion?"

Lilith makes her way in, looking a little puzzled. Her eyes sweep the surroundings, as she chews on her lower lip, taking in the place. Noticing that the bulk of people seem to be clustered around the bar, she drifts that direction as well, smiling warmly to the assemblage.

Clementine grins and clasps her hands together before releasing them and then does a little twirl shaking her hips. "It's Festivale! And we are here and everyone should have some fun even if there is not big event help by the Nobles this year. Time to drink, eat, and be merry!"

Persy nods to Kat as Clementine speaks, lifting her mug that's really far too big for her. "She's right. We'll have a REALLY big to-do next year. For now, just an excuse. We want to get to know everyone. We just recently bought this place from the Red Cap Locke and .. well.. party." Lilith gets a nod and she lifts her mug in greeting.

"Same reason as any of the parties we had up north." Kat smirked, one ear twitching as she span around on the stool to spy Lilith. "Ah, you again!" she grinned. "Was wondering if I'd see you out and about." she offered. Not that her face was familiar. She gestured welcomingly and turned back to face the twins. "The dreaming in Oregon is unhinged debauchery around the clock, so I'm glad to see a little of that bleed into here." she laughed.

Lilith blinks at Kat, "I'm sorry, have we met?" She slides onto a bar stool and smiles to the boggans, possibly trying to figure out if she's meant to place an order or serve herself.

Clementine laughs! "I've heard of those parties up North. Not quite my cup of tea, but we do like to let loose once in a while." She speaks to Lilith, "I can have someone come take your order, but we have plenty of free appetizers as well being brought around. What would you like to drink tonight?" She adds, "I'm Clementine, by the way."

"Parties up north?" Persy seems interested. That might just be her cup of tea. "Yes, free. No charge tonight. This is for everyone. Only the specialties you've got to pay for." She smiles over at Lilith. "And I'm Persy. What would you like?"

"Of course." Kat nodded to Lilith sagely. "Oh, right." she caught herself, chuckling at a realization. She looked back to Persy with a nod. "I may or may not have gained a reputation for spiking punchbowls up and down the county." she admitted, bowing her head slightly. "I did promise I'd stop doing that when I moved, though, and I've been very good." she added hastily when the connotations caught up to her. She glanced sidelong at Lilith for a moment, then back to the boggans. "Speaking of, would you two mind if I pulled a party trick? Nothing dangerous, promise."

Lilith grins, "Free food? How could I possibly pass /that/ up?" She giggles at Kat's description of her hijinks, then turns back to Persy and Clementine. "I'm Lilith." She smirks at the obvious pseudonym. "I'll have a mead, since you're offering?"

Clementine nods to Lilith, "Oh we have some of the best Mead around here. I have some new ones that just arrived! Pom Night, Strange Blue, Sketchy Fellow? Although if you are feeling daring, might I recommend the Comeuppance: The Reckoning? It's spicy!" She looks to Persy and then to Kaitlyn and grins, "Oh a party trick?"

Persy hmmmms quietly, leaning a little in Kat's direction. She props her elbow on the counter and her chin on an upraised fist. "Would your trick offend a Duke? Your answer doesn't necessarily disqualify you from doing said trick, mind you." She nods to Lilith. "Nice to meet you."

"Only if he's trying to hold court. Maybe. It depends if he notices." Kat answered Persy seemingly from experience, but she was certainly forthright about it. "And maybe it's not so much a party trick as a trick that's fun to pull out at parties, but you certainly don't get to see someone do it all that often." she spieled on, whether or not she was selling it.

Lilith laughs softly, "Strange Blue sounds good." She snatches some appetizers from one of the passing waitresses. She looks over at Kat, listening to her babbling about her 'trick'.

Clementine waves a hand and says, "Oh please, show us the trick then. I have no issues with that. It's festivale!" She nods quickly to Lilith and gets the mead and pours her a glass. "As I understand this one is Blueberry mead with caramelized honey, pecans, and candy cap mushrooms, aged in a wine barrel for 10 months. Do enjoy it, it sounds so delicious!"

Persy grins at Kaitlyn and waves her hand. "Well, let's see it, dear. I'm excited. I hope it's good. My hopes are all way up high in the clouds."

"Nice try, but I lost my performance anxiety when I was four." Kat grinned. She quickly lifted the guitar off her back and set it against the bar. She focused for a moment and just for a moment, raw glamour engulfed her form as though she were about to do an unleashing. It clung for a second, then with an anticlimactically small amount of fanfare, Kat was no longer sat atop the barstool.

In her place, a pure black moggy. It reached forward its paws and propped itself up against the bartop, just about plonking its chin on the smooth surface with the most celebratory 'meow' one may ever have heard emerge from a cat.

Lilith was in the middle of taking a sip of her drink. The gulps and lowers the bottle, giggling. "Oh! That's where we've met! I /knew/ I couldn't have forgotten such a gorgeous woman!" She slides off her stool and steps to the cat, reaching to scratch her behind the ears.

Clementine gasps! "Oh what a sweetheart! Oh Persy look! Isn't she just adorable!" She comes around the bar and has to get down on her knees and coo at the kitty. "Oh you are just precious! Would you like a scritch?"

Persy snorts quietly and looks the cat over. "Hmm.. Not too bad a trick, I guess." A little scritchy, but she REFUSES to get all spun out over a cat. "Stinkpot would chew my knees off."

"Mao mao mao." the cat explained. Hopping up onto the bartop with all the grace one might expect, it sat upright and curled its tail around itself. "Mao." it extended singularly towards Lilith along with an affirmative nod, at least recognizing that none of them spoke cat, though gladly accepting any and all attention that came its way, tail swaying gratefully side-to-side.

Lilith gives Kat much in the way of scritchies, taking another drink of her mead. She looks back to Persy and Clementine and down to Kat, "So did I hear you say you're new here? Seems to be a lot of that going around."

Clementine finds the place just under the chin to scritch the pretty kitty, "oh such a good kitty!" petting as long as she can. "Oh yes, we are new! Been a few weeks, but we've been up to our ears in fixing up this old pastry shop. Making a proper tea house for Prospect to share the magic of tea leaves with everyone. Making new cozies and getting to know the place. Then we had an offer we just could not refuse!" She let's Persy tell the rest.

"After a little pizzazz and a little elbow grease, the place is absolutely perfect," she finishes for her sister, then nods. "There is this handsome Redcap that we met in our travels. He said he had a place here and that he needed someone to tend it while he was off slaying Dragons and eating bad people. I told him that he was talking to the right gals and he told the kinain that he'd put in charge of the place and she was more than happy to have it over. And now here we are."

"Mao..." Kat added edgewise. It purred, rumbling gently before nimbly hopping up onto Persy's shoulders and just about getting comfortable. It didn't take a genius to know that you shouldn't give a Pooka material to work with. "Mao!" it offered almost excitedly at the mention of the redcap. "Mao mao. Mao?" it glanced between them from its perch.

Lilith lets the cat go, smiling. She looks from Persy to Clementine and back again. Wait, a tea shop?" She bites her lower lip. "I'd love to work in a tea shop... it'd sure beat Star-sucks." She smirks, "It's a good thing banality can't kill me, I tell you."

Clementine hmms, "Now I know that Kat can speak English, but I wonder if in this form, her cat could speak another language? Sister dear, you remember that man on TikTok that spoke to cats?" She looks to Kat and tries it, "Stardenburdenhardenbart!" And looks to see if she gets a reaction. Which there is a reaction, and there is a crash inside the kitchen. "I need to go check on what is going on in there! Persy, you got the floor!" And she scuttles off to see what disaster awaits her. "Oh no, not that stove again!!"

Persy reaches up for another little scritch to the kitty cat. Stinkpot is going to be VERY upset with her, but cats are too cute to NOT scritch. She looks over at the crash sound and sighs. "They're so clumsy. All of them." Then she nods to Lilith. "I THINK we have a full staff, but come on by when we're there and we'll talk about what we might be able to do to get you in at least part time."

"Mao...?" Kat effectively raised an eyebrow, questioning Clem's logic. "Mao..." it added, exasperated and shaking its head. It did seem like it was about to go somewhere, but it was busy getting scritches from its valiant steed, so it stayed and purred gently, a soft rumbling reverberating through it. "Mao mao." it offered, tranquil.

Lilith flashed a grin, "Well, even if it's only part time, that's a few hours a week I'm not working in a soul-draining Starbucks. Right?"

Persy nods. "You should just quit that place. They serve sub-par drinks anyway and their ice machines are moldy." Hmmmph! "Whether we can get you on there or not, I say." She nods to the cat, as if she totally understood what she was saying. She doesn't, but the tone says it all. "You're a good kitty. Yes. Do you want human food?" She holds up one fist where the cat can reach it. "Or some raw meat?" Other fist, equally close.

"Mao mao." Kat shook her head, apparently having realized something, as she jumped down onto the bar and then apparently taking a leap of faith, though with a comical, cartoonish poof, she was human again, reclaiming her guitar.

"Always good to stretch those legs." she smiled, slipping back onto a seat and slinging the instrument over her shoulder again. "I do understand English, I just don't speak it." she offered sagely, making sure her ears were just so. "Thanks for the offer, but this is important." she nodded to Persy, then looking to Lilith. "I'm taking over the Murder, we could use a couple hands I'm sure. Full, part, whatever, and folk who can deal banality like us are always a plus. Not to poach." she smiled to Persy almost apologetically.

"Oh, I intend to... I've been putting in applications and resumes everywhere I can... I'm only working at Starschmucks because I have bills to pay." Lilith watches the cat turn back into Kat and make her offer. "I... um... Murder? What is that?"

"That's... Murder of Crows, isn't it?" Persy nearly forgot that she had a drink and picks it up now. The mug is comically large in her small hands, but it works, so whatever. "That might be a good place. A better place for you, even. Something run by the Kinain."

"The Murder of Crows." Kat nodded with a finger pointed to Persy as the boggan picked up Kat's explanatory slack. "It's an old safe haven for Kinain and Kithain both. It's been rotting, but I'm moving in. I think the barman's going off to follow the old owner so I'll be needing all kinds of hands. And a place run by and for Kinain does sound pretty good, eh?"

"Oh!" Lilith says with a grin. "That /does/ sound kinda cool, yeah!" She perches on the barstool again and drinks some of her mead. "I'll figure out where it is and bring my resume by tomorrow. Sound good?

Persy can't help but wrinkle her nose at the idea of a resume. It isn't PERSONAL, understand, that's just very very banal and it makes her skin pucker unpleasantly. But she sips her drink and that look goes away rather swiftly as she listens to the two talk business.

Kat stifled a laugh but let it go after a second or two. "Look, I don't have the place yet, for a start, but it's a matter of putting paperwork through. Second, I've never written a resume in my life and I'll be damned if I'm going to read one. Job's yours if you want it." she shrugged with a grin. "But it should be quiet if you want to have a look around before you decide, soonish."

Lilith laughs. "Well, sorry... I'm not used to trying to get jobs from other enlightened folks... Corporate America sucks. I do definitely want it! Just lemme know when I can start so I can tell my manager at Starbucks where she can stick her clipboard."

Persy smiles, clapping her hands together lightly, happily. "Perfect! It's all settled then!" As if SHE made it all happen, and maybe she kind of did since she so rudely spurned Lilith (not really, but drama!) "I'm so happy for you both. Listen!" She perks one finger up in the air as if to test the wind, then drops it. "We want to make sure that as many people as possible hear about this place being under new management. Mr. Locke said this place was bustling at one time and I promised him that we would help make this place be exactly that again."

"Yeah, don't worry about it. I'm hardly cut out to be a boss, but I know I can't run a place by myself." Kat grinned for a moment, touching a finger to her chin in thought. "You'll be the experienced one, actually. I've only ever been a wandering minstrel." she chuckled, patting at her guitar and turning to Persy. "I'll try and point people inwards. I tell you what though, you should see if they'll let you use a couple things from the Rookery. Great for promotional stunts..." she mused, jerking a thumb to the door.

Lilith grins at Kat, "Well, I've been working at Starbucks since I turned 15, so at least I know what NOT to do." She laughs sweetly.

Persy chuckles a little. "Star sucks was your first job and you're still there? Oh dear. Yes, you'll quit that job tomorrow. Just don't show up anymore. Tell them to bugger off, take a hike, skip off a pier, all those things. If you need a little money for bills between what you get from there and your first one at Murder, you just come here to Auntie Persimmon and we'll take care of you."

Kat caught herself examining Persy closely for a moment. "Oh, shit, bills." she realized, shaking her head like she'd just remembered they existed. "Man, what a trip, eh." she chuckled softly, her ears drooping a little out of having made a fool of herself. "I'd just kind of accepted that Kinain and autumn folk both end up in shitty jobs most of the time."

"A lot of us do, yeah." Lilith smiles at Persy and winks, "I'll hold you to that." She looks to Kat, "I'm sure I can help out with getting things on track." She bites her lower lip, then finishes off her mead. "I'm not just gonna stop showing up though, I'm going to tell my boss what I think of her and her bullshit attitude first."

Clementine comes out from the kitchen, her hair a bit of a mess. There is a spot of sauce on her shoulder, and some flour on her nose. A quick wipe of her hands on her apron, and she puts on a smile. "Well that was quite something else. Those little buggers keep following around messing with everything. It's like I must have magnets attached to me!" She has some pastries and bonbons in a basket hooked on her arm. "Anyone fancy a sweet?"

Persy nods to Lilith. "That's all part of telling them to take a long walk off a short pier, my dear. You do what you have to do and the rest of us will help you along for a minute or two until you get settled again." She looks over at Clem as she returns and she nods. "That's your ass, dearest sister. Not a magnet." She leans over to peer into the basket and she nods. "Something creamy, sill vox plate." Yes, that's right. She murdered the French language and she isn't at ALL sorry

"I could start paying you." Kat offered without hesitation, standing on the stool's footrests to lean over the bar and steal something with cinnamon in it. "Yoink~" she smirked, settling back down and smoothing her hair. "Oh! You don't happen to have any musical talent, do you?" she looked back to her fresh recruit with a raised eyebrow and a mouthful of pastry.

Lilith yoinks something out of the basket as well, looking around for another drink. "Could I get another one of those blue meads?" she directs at the two boggans. Then to Kat, "That would be awesome... Sounds to me like I'm gonna be busy helping you get the place up and running even before we re-open the doors." She considers the other question, "I can sing, and I play a little guitar... my main talent is dancing though."

Clementine passes the basket so each can get what they like. "You got the same ass, sister dear. Why they do not torment you I will not know." She asks, "What did I miss, besides talk of entertainment?" She moves back around the bar and pours out some more mead for Lilith.

Persy smirks at Clementine and picks up her mug for a sip. "Lilith and Kaitlyn have joined together to make Murder of Crows a workable place for kinain and Kithain alike. It will be a beautiful relationship, filled with beer and with absolutely no grande mocha lattes with fourteen pumps of vanilla."

"Sing?" Kat immediately latched on. "Okay, you're definitely hired." she winked, standing. "Alright, I've got to go check some stuff if I'm taking on staff. Keep your singing voice together, okay? I need a vocalist." she nodded to Lilith, then to the twins. "Glad I'm not the only one taking properties off King John. I'll be back, that's for sure. Might move some of your booze outwards too." she smirked, making for the exit with a wave. "I'll check in on you all soon~"

Lilith accepts her new drink and waves to her new boss, "Sounds awesome." She grabs a piece of paper out of her clutch purse and writes her number on it then hands it to Kaitlyn, "Here you go, boss."