2021.04.14: We Don't Always Agree

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Resolving Disagreement with Facedown!
A disagreement between Einar and Steinar turns into a Facedown
IC Date 04/14/2021
IC Time Yes
Players Steinar, Einar, Leif, Killigrew, Sonja, Evonna
Location Stonecreek, Enduring Spirit Protectorate

After moving into the new digs, it took a day or two of much sleeping to get caught back up on energy and unsore. With the weather improving, she's taken to hanging wet laundry up to dry in the sun, and is just finishing putting a basket up.

Einar looks a mess, his hair is wild and untamed, his eyes are bleary-ish, and he's stumbling a hint as he shoves out of the big teek wood door of the Hearth. A mug is in one hand, and a pot in the other sloshing with water as he moves down to the campfire to make his coffee. A chin up is given to Leif and Killi as they're spotted.

"Einar, looking regal as always," Leif says, dropping the pizza box on a flat surface and wandering over to Killigrew to both give her smooches and a smack on the booty. "Morning, you."

The door to Steinars unfurnished Stoic Cabin (Rustic, -Ru, +o after t) swings open to allow for the creature that perhaps lives inside to exit. There is a very set expression on his face, as if the world was something to be greeted like a possibly adversary. Arms cross over his chest to which he lets out a grunted sound in greeting to anyone near.

The last shirt is hung to dry, the basket dropped to be there when she needs to gather it all up when it's dried. "Morning, Einar." she greets, distracted by smooches and the butt smack. "Hey, baby." Cooing to Leif, then waving towards Steinar. Spotting the pizza box, she eyes Leif, then the box. She's developed a food radar, really. "You guys hungry?"

Einar grunts at Leif and simply works on his coffee, until it's going before he flashes a beautific smile at the Wall, "Need to stop stayin up so fuckin late," he smirks and then offers a, "Fuckin mornin," before laying eyes on Steinar, then shifting to Leif, "Why is it I can't get fuckin you, and fuckin you, and fuckin Evonna in the same fuckin place at the same fuckin time?" he grumbles before just going into it, "Girl's got a hunch there's some kinda source for all the bullshit we've dealt with in the last six months, we wanted to poke the Spiritual Guide," Steinar, "And approval stamp guy," he nods at Leif, "about it."

"I slept two hours," Leif says, swooping Zoe up, because he CAN, and carrying her back to the group and setting her squarely in front of the pizza. "And the rest of what you said... like... I have no fucking clue what you're talking about. Morning, Steinar. I'd offer you pizza, but I know better."

Steinar eyes the pizza. Then eyes Leif, then the pizza. He shakes his head, "Good." he says, deciding on that single word to use instead of a long-winded reply with boring details. He looks instead to Einar, "Gut feeling?" he wonders, "I've learned to distrust though, unless the bones tell me otherwise. But if she thinks these things are connected, then I suppose I best consult them. See if there is anything to it."

"Well then, the award for biggest dumbass who doesn't sleep is yours sir," Einar smiles for Leif and then stirs his coffee together, standing up with a mug of steaming liquid wakefulness. "I mean, it's pretty straight forward and shit, Ev's wondering if there isn't a fuckin underlyin reason so much shit has arrived at our goddamn doorstep. But poking into spiritual shit isn't exactly our forte, and since this is everyone's home she wanted to bring it up with you fuckers," he explains a hint slowly, so Leif comprehends the words this time. "Yeah, that's fuckin all, check the bones or whatever the fuck, she and I are also open to it being coincidences, but Devil Dogs, and Meteors, and Hunters all on our door step in the last six fuckin months is a lil weird."

Plopped down in front of the pizza, Zoe peeks inside the box and her eyes get all big. There's a furtive glance to the others and she messes about in the box, flopping one piece atop another, then snagging a single. Triumphant with her three slices, she offers one of them to Leif, then nods towards the box for the others. Half a pie left. "Has there been stuff other than the mud pit?"

Leif stares at Einar for a moment and snorts. "Oh, that. Sorry. The way you said it, my brain didn't parse it." Then he goes back to ACTUALLY using his big boy ears to listen. He sits and takes a piece of pizza. It's cold. But it's amazing

Steinar gives a light shrug to this, "There's always something coming across the lands here. But you are, perhaps, not far from the mark. A lot has been going out just outside the boundaries of Stonecreek itself. I'll see if the Bones will tell me something, but keep in mind that they are not always forthcoming with information. We might have to dig deeper still."

Einar makes a wrinkle of his nose at the pizza and sticks to his coffee for the time being. A shrug comes and he notes, "There were the hunters that were only a couple miles out that got too close for comfort a few fuckin weeks back, but otherwise it was nicely quiet until the Meteor," he notes. "Either way, when's the last time this place got a fuckin good Cleansing scrub?" he wonders with a tilt of his head before he sips. "Wouldn't fuckin hurt to do regardless of coincidence or goddamn nefarious underlyin forces and shit."

Left with the two slices of pizza she wanted, Killi stuffs one in her mouth, attacking it like she hasn't eaten in weeks. It's cold, and saucy, and cheesy and just perfect. "Mmph, cleansing, mmm, god, might not be a bad idea." She mumbles around and between that first bite and the next. "There's been hunters?" This before the third bite.

"Oh, it's never a bad idea. Steinar? What do you think?" Leif looks Steinar's way and takes a nice big bite of pizza. He brought it for Zoe, but damn, the smell was amazing, and he got a slice when it was hot too. Delivery fee. He nods to Killigrew. "Months ago. Remember? The ones that tagged Freya and then the other group..."

Steinar glances around the area, looking up the creek, then down the creek. He lets his head turn and his eyes take in all of the area before he looks to Einar, "I remember the Hunters. I helped take down one of their advanced scouting groups." he pauses, "Cleansing .. scrub?" he wonders, sounding like someone who has some criticism on the tip of his tongue, "I have not sensed any Taint in this area. I would be highly surprised if we had any unless someone is slipping through our security and bringing in any. The Rite of Cleansing is useful, but not for Cleansing areas with no taint. Also, the area is pretty big. It'd take a few days to do it all. And I am one that prefers to do it at Dawn."

Einar shrugs a shoulder and shakes his head, "I don't fuckin know, this is why I ask a lot of annoying ass questions," he remarks with a smirk. "Well if it ain't a damn Cleansing, then maybe a Rite to appease the local spirits again? Make sure we're in harmony and balance and shit?" "Mm, oh, I thought he meant more recent ones and I was about to go grab my shit." NOT that Leif is liable to -let- her go hunting, but the urge and notion is there, at least. "Can't hurt to get in better with the spirits."

"What about the Gurahl? Shaderunner was telling me stories about the local ones. How they come through periodically and cleanse places. I wonder if we could get on that list." It's an idle thought, as he munches on that slice of pizza. he smiles at Killigrew. "Nah, nothing new. Promise."

Steinar regards Einar for a few moments, to then give a light nod, "There are no Rites to appease the spirits, that I know. You can, however, keep on the good side of them. Keep the area clean. Do not damage shit. If you build new shit, make sure the spirits on the otherside are .. cared for. What you do here, reflect there." he looks to Leif, "Why in Fenris name would we want one of those lumbering about in here, when there is no taint here." he pauses, sniffing in the air, "Unless my senses are messing with me. Or they possess some Ritual they never let their paws off of that also gives the land a wax."

Einar blinks a bit and shakes his head at Killi, she already knows better. Then there's mention of the Gurahl and he blinkblinks, "We have bears here?" he sounds kind of excited all the sudden. "I fuckin knew one up north, grumpy old fuck," he comments with a fond smile. Then he gives that Captain America 'I understood that reference' face and nods enthusiastically at Steinar, "They do, it even gets rid of fuckin polution, besides we fuckin like those big fuckers on our side," he says matter-of-factly, "Though if they're like the one I knew, they do fuckin drool a lot."

Finishing the first slice, Killi comes up for air, letting it settle for a moment. Einar gets a little grin. "Hey, just cause I'm not allowed to, doesn't mean I don't -want- to fuck up some assholes that even think about hurting my family or our turf." she says, getting to work on the second slice. "You guys can have some pizza, too." They ought to get while the getting is good, or she may eat half the pie by herself.

Leif's brow arches a little at Steinar and he chuckles. "To fill in a gap that we have. Rededicating the land. Has that EVER been done out here? Just a straight up redo on the good side. And this land used to be BELONG to a Gurahl. I don't see an ISSUE with it, but you're the spirit guy. What you says goes out here." He grins at Einar. "I've never met one. I'd like to." He will PROBABLY eat another slice, once Zoe turns off the food vaccuum and he isn't at risk of losing fingers.

Steinar turns his head to look at Leif, "Well, how does that saying go? You snooze, you loose?" he shakes his head, "Used to belong to does not mean it does anymore. In the end, though, it's not our call. We're technically in Enduring Spirit Protectorate. It'd be their call." he shrugs, "If it was up to me, though? I don't see the point. There is no taint here, nor any pollution. If they feel the lands of the Get of Fenris need their.. eh.. special touch, I'd take that as an insult and ask the fucker to lumber off. Our Tribe have managed the lands we keep for centuries with no taint and no pollution without Gurahl paws all over the place. Asking or allowing one to sow doubt on our ability to keep the land would be a sign of weakness." he makes a growly face to this. A touch sensetive, the Godi is.

Einar chuckles at Killi, "Desire and action are fuckin different things," he agrees if suspiciously. Then he shakes his head, lifting his coffee mug, "I planned on hunting at lunch, I'd like to keep the fuckin belly emptyish," he admits. Then there's a shake of his head, "Fucked if I know, it hasn't been done since I showed up though," he says to Leif. A blink comes and he shakes his head, "You fuckin twitch over an ally lending a hand, but you'll ask the Elders of other Tribes for permission to take care of OUR home, I don't fuckin get you," he admits to Steinar. "We see opposite, I see strength in fuckin working together, I see weakness in asking permission of those who don't fuckin live here."

Omfnomf. There's a mildly sheepish aspect to the grin she gives Einar. Yeah, she MIGHT try it if she thought she could get away with it. Good thing she's ninety-percent sure, she'd never get away with it. Snagging a third slice for herself, she settles in, this one eaten at more normal, leisurely pace as she starts to get full. Food and Naps are her best friends, lately.

"Zoe won't do anything to endanger herself or the baby," Leif assures Einar. Then his brow arches. "I'm sorry. Asking permission for what? I've never asked an Elder permission for anything out here. If you mean about the cleansing, Shaderunner and I were talking about things in general and the rededication was mentioned. I was suggesting we ask him how to get on the list, not if it was okay if we got on the list."

"Zoe won't do anything to endanger herself or the baby," Leif assures Einar. Then his brow arches. "I'm sorry. Asking permission for what? I've never asked an Elder permission for anything out here. I don't think he's suggesting any such thing, but he's right. We ARE a part of the protectorate, so IF there was something bad here and we didn't take care of it, THAT reflects on us and we would be expected to take care of it. I don't see a problem with that."

Steinar lets out a low, deep growl, "Rhetorical question, if I ever heard one. Would I go to a Garou before I go to a Fera? You're damned right I would. And while we might sit on this land, we are here at the grace of the Sept of Enduring Spirit. Unless you've gone to War in the name of the Get of Fenris with them and I was not told." he grunts out, "And if you're going to put words in my mouth, I'll take that as a Challenge. I didn't breathe a word about asking permission. However, we care for this plot of land. If you feel your own Tribe is not competent enough to do that without Fera fucking about, then you go ahead and say it." He lets the tone of his voice drip strongly with a case of growing Rage.

Einar gives an affirmative nod to Leif, he knows about the heirarchy but they at least seem of similar mind about how to take care of Home. When Steinar gets growly, the Rotagar goes steely eyed and distant for a moment, thos vivid blue eyes settle onto Steinar and he speaks rather calmly, "Perhaps you used the wrong fuckin words then, brother. You spoke of it not being our call, that it would be the Protectorate's call, that rather fuckin infers that our Tribe should go ask permission to do shit. You're taking the question of our land's security as a personal fuckin attack and it isn't, but if you need to defend your honor I'll fuckin understand."

Killigrew tenses slightly, looking between the two, then sliding a little closer to Leif's side. Despite the sparks in the air, she takes another bite of pizza. Not about to kept from eating. And also not about to interrupt. Leif clears his throat and wraps an arm around Zoe. "Moon's a little small for everyone to get all bitey." And it's HILARIOUS considering the two of them together probably isn't even close to Leif's rage and he's perfectly chill. "That's enough. Misunderstanding. Drop it." And for the first time MAYBE ever, Leif uses his Big Boy voice to let everyone know, with absolutely no room for misunderstanding, that he means it.

Sonja steps out of her cabin, a large cup of something held in one hand. She pauses on the porch to look around, taking a drink as she spots the group, then starts to head their way.

Steinar is .. unhappy .. about things, though. When Einar settles his eyes on the Godi, the Godi meets the gaze, "So thats how you want to fucking roll, mh? Then that is how we will fucking roll." he growls out, starting to advance on Einar. The intent on a Facedown is clear in Steinars entire body-posture, but with Leifs words he pauses. Only pauses, though, clearly not dropping it, "This was no misunderstanding. I can't let that shit be unanswered." There is a query in his tone, though. The way he turns his head a bit to the side and down, without really fully looking away from Einar; making sure he would have permission to follow up on his intent or not.

Einar can see Leif and Steinar both without shifting too hard so he catches Leif's tone, and smirks, "I'm just speakin my fuckin truth, man." There's no animosity there, but when he turns to face Steinar and finds the wolf advancing, the Rotagar's eyes fixate on the inherent threat, keeping Leif in peripheral since he's not immediately throwing hands. "What shit?!" the man is genuinely confused, but he's still Fenrir which means he isn't tucking tail, he's just standing there with his coffee cup and the willingness to defend himself.

Leif slips up to his feet and Zoe is pulled right along with him, putting her behind him in one smooth motion. He glances up at Sonja and holds out a hand, palm up, as if to stop her, and motions Zoe in that direction. "HOLD your shit. BOTH of you." He nudges Zoe. "Zoe, go over there with Sonja." THen he takes a step back out of the fray and lifts his voice. "Evonna? Ben? Someone fucking get out here." Not hurried, not mad. He isn't even really objecting, but this is going to be done RIGHT

Evonna was actually on her way out, having heard voices raised - which really is not uncommon amongst Fenrir as it is. Hearing her name called though, she picks up the pace. "What's going on?" She looks concerned with Leif stance here.

Tugged up and encouraged to step behind Leif, Zoe tucks into his shadow, then finds a path to take towards where Sonja is - giving the men a WIDE berth. Walking quickly, she stuffs the last bit of the pizza in her mouth, chewing and flexing her hands a few times, tucking them into the pockets on her simple cotton summer dress. Yes, it has pockets.

Sonja stops where she is as Leif holds his hand up, blinking in surprise as she looks to Einar and Steinar. She didn't get very far, a little past the bottom of the steps, so she waits there. Looking to Killigrew then back, there's confusion on her face, puzzlement...but she doesn't ask any questions yet.

Steinar entire body is tense. He's not quite shaking with uncoiled anger, but if he had more Rage he most likely would have. In that regard, however, he's kinda weak-sauce. He does stop, though. He's not disengage from Einar, but he is holding, "The only right is this!" he growls out. Seeming to mean what he and the Rotagar is about to do.

Leif motions to Evonna. "This is all you, Forsetti," Leif says, stepping back and around a little to put himself between the two and the kinfolk. There's enough distance that he isn't blocking the girls' view. He crosses his arms over his chest and doesn't seem terribly AMUSED, but he isn't stopping it

Einar breaths in and then exhales slowly keeping his shit under control for a multitude of reasons. The fact that the Wall ends up between himself, Steinar and the pregnant kinfolk is of some relief and he seems more able to focus entirely on Steinar. His words are for Evonna though, "Steinar believes that I have fuckin besmirched his honor and he wishes to settle with me I believe," he quirks a brow at the man intensely invading his space to confirm.

Evonna raises her brow, "Besmirched his honor? What did you say to him, Einar?" She holds up on hand toward Einar, indicating she is speaking to him first, as she stands now between the two men. Her other hand to Steinar indicating he will get his turn to speak next as she gets to the bottom of this.

Steinar lets out a growl, "He's twisting my words like some fucking Shadow Lord and I will not fucking stand for it." he growls darkly, "He'll Face me for that." he looks highly unhappy. The word Face is used specifically, intoned as if it had a very clear intent in this instance. Eye to Eye with the Rotagar, indeed!

Staying quiet, Killi takes up her spot near the steps and waits, brows furrowed as she watches. Leif between the kin and the pair helps, but she's still tense, just in case she has to move quick and things go wrong.

Einar chews on nothing for a moment while he works through scattered thoughts and keeping his focus on the angry Steinar, "We were discussin the shit you and I had talked about, fucking coincidences and what not. Steinar took offense to the idea that we ask the Gurahl to do their fuckin proprietary version of a clean up get the land to net zero. He said," and the Rotagar does a decent impression of Steinar's growly voice, "In the end, though, it's not our call. We're technically in the Enduring Spirit Protectorate. It'd be their call." his voice dropping to his normal bass, "I then pointed out that he fuckin twitched over an ally lending a hand, but he'd ask the Elders of other Tribes for permission to take care of our home," he repeats mostly verbatum, "He believes I've put words in his mouth regarding permission, I believe he's fuckin inferred as much without fuckin sayin so specifically."

Sonja makes a soft sound as she finally gets the gist of what's going on. She looks behind her, then turns to walk back and sit down on the steps of their porch. A little wiggling to get comfortable, then she's sipping at her juice as she watches the disagreement.

Evonna is calm. Collected. "Danke. Now hold." She turns to Steinar, who has already spoken against her hand signal already. "I want your side. Directly. What you said. What you meant. NOT commentary on what he has said. Please." She is firm with her voice. Listening to each side here.

Leif holds his position, letting the Forsetti deal with things, arms crossed over his chest, stance wide, ready for damn near anything

It is a good Steinars rage is weak-sauce. His anger, though is not. He all but spits out as his voice raises. A more shout this time instead of a growl, "Do you hear him?! Baiting like a fucking Shadow Lord! Have the fucking guts to insult me to my face. I'll infer your ass to the fucking ground!" Oh, he's angry now. And yes, he totally ignored Evonna because, Rage is a Son of a <Bleeb>. Well, ignored her momentarily, at least. His eyes are almost popping out of their sockets. He blinks a bit, wild eyes shooting to Evonna, "What?!" he takes a few heavy breathes, his mind still in a Facedown mentality, "Said? Meant? We're in Sept Protectorate. If they want to fucking steamroll us, we either go to War or accept. But if they don't, I'll never go to no fucking Fera to do my fucking job."

Leif is still standing and waiting. He might have to pee, though, so, ya know..

Einar remains quiet as directed by the Forsetti and he listens to Steinar grumble and growl further. It's an insult to be called a Shadow Lord sure, but the Rotagar is also a New Moon and he sees things just...different. It's a feature not a bug. Still, he's waiting to see if there will be mediation or if he's meeting a Challenge today.

Sonja sips at her juice, looking between the three currently talking. She dusts something off her knee, then rests her arms on her legs.

Evonna puts both her hands up now - flat palms toward each man. "Listen. TO. ME. I cannot, nor will not stop if you two want to staredown, or what. That is our way. But I will tell you this. We work together to [rptect Stonecreek as a tribe. If The Wall feels that the idea of asking a Gurahl to come in to assist us, as the Gurahl do have similar abilities, then great. This is no knock against you, Runetongue. Just an option offered to be sure things are done. We are used to having Godi more interested in playing house, than much more. No one is going to stop you from doing your job as a Godi. The Sept is not going to steamroll us, unless we actually allow the Wyrm to corrupt our lands. Above all, the Gaian Fera here are NOT our enemies. You need to get that in check RIGHT NOW." She uses her BIG GIRL OUTSIDE voice for that, and then steps back and drops her hands. "Now we can talk this out, or go right ahead and smash each other. Just keep it AWAY from the Kinfolk."

Killigrew listens, brows furrowed slightly and form tense. She keeps her hands in the pockets of her dress, for now.

Steinar lets out a deep growl as he firmly inclines his head to Evonna, "I never said Fera were our enemies. I absolute believe they are not, and I absolutely will never seek aid from one. We are Get of Fenris. I will fight and die next to either one of the Tribe." he then turns his eyes back to Einar, "But I will also meet an insult from one, inferred or otherwise. I want it.." he says, those last words rolling out in an angry RRRR, to which he steps back up to Einar. There is a clear need in the Godi, it seems, to resolve what was started; win or lose.

Leif hasn't moved. Other than a very slight shuffle from one foot to the other as people move about and talk and things

Einar gives Evonna a nod and then ends up actually rolling his eyes into the back of his skull for a moment, "Steinar, I never fuckin insulted you, if I insult you you'll fuckin know it," with that said it doesn't seem like Steinar is going to be content until a challenge of wills is made and met. So the Rotagar simply shoves his chin further away from the tables and people, setting his coffee cup down. Assuming Steinar continues to follow, the man turns around with a completely different look. Ragabash or not, there is an intensity that lives inside of Ein that rarely comes out, in times of challenge it comes screaming out. Steinar soon finds himself facing the icy stare and avalanche of will that the normally happy go lucky New Moon has living inside.

Leif nods as Evonna deems it worth a challenge. Leif steps back a little bit, arms uncrossing, out a little to his sides, just in case. "Then so be it."

Anger abound, the Godi is not backing down as he steps up closer to Einar. He's fairly short compared to most Get of Fenris at Stonecreek, standing at 5'9 so for Einar he has to look up. Still, general height does not seem to be an issue for the man, his eyes finally locking with the Rotagars. As they should be. As things should be. This was more than blustering and ego, though. It was a necessity. One had to be in the wrong, and one had to be in the right. Might makes Right, and Might sometimes is just that. A single look, that lasts for but a moment. As it is in this case. But a single moment. And in that single moment, Steinar stares. He lets out a loud, deep and intense snarl which then bleeds off. Bleeds away. His head turns to the side and his eyes averts from the taller Garou. He could hae tried to hold his gaze, remain in the Facedown, but that does not happen. And in that one instance, the Godi silences. No more shouting, and no more growling.

Einar is ice cold through the actual Challenge, there's an apathy that radiates through him as they lock eyes. Soon as Steinar has looked away though, the Rotagar's emotive expressions return, and the ice in his eyes retreats back to whatever bitter place he keeps it. Another moment and he lets his hand fall to the Godi's shoulder a sign of solidarity even after their disagreement, they're still Family after all. Business done, the Biker wanders back to his coffee cup and makes a face at it being empty. "Well fuck."

Sonja watches as the two wolves get down to the matter at hand, looking from one to the other. When they let that veneer of humanity slide away for the beasts underneath her eyes lower to her juice, unable to look over herself. She lifts her juice, sipping at it quietly before hazarding another glance over.

Killigrew can't help but shiver faintly, seeing that look in Einar's eyes. Even the kin glances down and away before moving to put a hand on Leif's lower back.

Evonna watches, it has to happen. When done, she just nods. This is how they do it when it comes to this. She looks to Leif to see what he may say.

Steinar takes half a step backwards once Einar has moved, giving the Rotagar the right of way in the wake of the Facedown. He then gives a quick nod as he turns, "There is no better way to acknowledge someones point of view." he grunts out. He glances around, "I need a Mead. Who else wants a mead?" he then goes to get a mead.

Leif does not fucking MOVE. Not through all of this. One might wonder if HE is part of the staredown. He isn't. His eyes tick back and forth from one to the other and it isn't until the thing is over that he moves. When no one freaks out, no one frenzies, and Zoe touches his back, he reaches around behind him to gently pull her to his side. "I'll take one, Steinar," he says, letting out a breath that he'd been holding for who knows how long

Evonna grins. "I think we all deserve a round." She'll help get some out and pass it around. Sonja gets to her feet and walks over towards Einar now, giving him a soft smile. She reaches to rest her hand on his on top of the empty cup, then gently takes it from him to go on a quest for more coffee for her mate.