2021.04.13: The Trouble With Meteors

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The Trouble With Meteors
The Get of Fenris return a wayward spirit to the Aether
IC Date 04/13/2021
IC Time Yes
Players Leif (also ST), Steinar, Einar, Ben, Evonna, Katja, Theron, Killigrew
Location Outside Stonecreek, Penumbra, and the Aetherial Realm


A Meteor plunged to the world of Gaia from the Aetherial realm. Lodged in the Penumbra, it summons water to stay afloat, trying to get out. The marshland created sucks Leif in and almost drowns him. He is saved by his mate, Killigrew.

Katja of the Silver Fangs arrive to the area, and asked by Leif, she offers advice on the Meteor. It is not tainted, and is infact a spirit seeking aid. She then leaves.


Early morning. Leif informed Steinar at some point last night that there was a situation out on the outskirts of the property. Important but not urgent. First light comes and Leif is up and ready and waiting and leads out to the area, explaining as he goes. "Zoe and I were making rounds on the property and the ground was a little squishy. I went through a soft spot and sunk in and then I couldn't get out and literally almost died, but Zoe was able to get the truck and pull me out. Dragged people out here and Evonna was able to talk to a spirit. There's a water elemental that might actually be from outer space, or maybe Umbral 'space' and it's encased in something hard enough that it can't get out. It claims that it's been in there since before EARTH was even a thing. So it's hard to know what we're dealing with, so we wanted to call an expert."

Steinar comes wandering away from the general Stonecreek area with his backpack in tow. He moves with the general sureness of someone who at this point in time knows the area very well and feels confident in his ability to defend himself. Like most Garou in their own territories; arrogant bastards. Reaching the site, his attention goes to Leif, "Hm? That old, hm?" he wonders, "I think there might be a bit of a contention on wether the body of Gaia formed or was created. But.." he pauses, "I hold no doubts that the spirit might be very old. I wonder though how no one has found it until now. Was it dormant, until now?"

Leif walks along with Steinar. There is an area about 40 feet across sectioned off with caution tape. "Katja said that there was a meteor shower of some sort not long ago and maybe this thing fell and it's been traversing space for a while." Ben was totally called out to join them

Steinar looks up into the sky, them back to the earth. "That.. sounds plausible." he agrees, crouching down by the ground, "Well, suppose we don't have to awaken the thing, since its .. clearly affecting this side already. But I have a feeling it wants out." he ponders, "Hmm." he pokes at the ground inside the tape.

Ben stands clear of the mud - not wanting to sink with his bulk. "Indeed. Even on the Umbral side, the barrier is seemingly stone. Smooth, solid - I cannot even scratch it with claws." He comments.

Just inside the table, the ground is wet, squishy, but appears solid enough. Like what might happen after a VERY BIG, prolonged rain. Leif nods to Steinar. "I know absolutely shit about spirits. I know my totem. That's about it. It told Evonna that it was stuck. Is there anything we can do for it? It said it was moving, and then it was stuck."

"There are many ways to get a stuck thing free." Steinar replies, "One, the simplest of ways, it to just.. dig. But I wonder now in what it is stuck. Stuck, by the gravity of Gaia? Or stuck in the ground? Or perhaps it was stuck in the meteor, if that is how it came down." he shakes his head, "Can't know until we talk to it."

Leif nods, motioning Steinar ahead. "Please, by all means. Do you need anything that you don't already have on you? I'll be happy to retrieve it."

Ben mms. "Katja made mention that digging around the edges would cause more mud to flow in - so that'd be rough. Perhaps an earth elemental would be someone we could work with to shore it up, or even reclaim the stone?"

"Ready? Well, as ready as I can be. I am a Godi. Spirits are what I know. Or should know. There is nothing I need that I do not already have." he pushes himself up to standing position. He unslings the backpack and opens it up, removing a small mirror, "We have to step, though."

Leif's nose wrinkles and he nods. "Is it safe for Theron to cross here?" He doesn't LIKE the Umbra, but he does what he needs to do without hesitation, regardless

Ben smirks. "On the other side it didn't look dangerous, the other night. It was just mired and muddy. Like the real world. No obvious dangerous Spirits."

Steinar was into thought, but breaks out of that to look at Leif, "Huh?" he wonders, "Safe for a Kinfolk to.." he pauses, "It is never safe for a Kinfolk to cross. I can bring him across, if it was necessary, but we'd have to put a bodyguard on him. Any spirit that decides to not like him and he's dead."

Leif nods. "Yeah, but this is Theron." Theron gets clapped on the shoulder. "Be back in a minute, bud." He nods to Steinar. "Let's check it out then. Evonna promised that we would be back to see about working this out."

Steinar gives a quick nod to this, "Well. I say we step, here. Meet this thing on its home turf, as it were. I won't say no to bringing Theron, but one of you will have to guard him."

Ben's brow arches. "I will keep an eye on Theron's back." The man assures. "I've got a feeling that he'll manage any physical challenge that is tossed his way, but I will be there for him regardless."

Leif nods, taking a breath. "Man, I hate the Umbra," he grumbles, flexing his fingers a couple of times. "Let's go."

Steinar nods slowly, "Then we go. I heard once that Theron can cross over on his own?" he wonders, "If so.. you all have your mirrors?" he grins.

Ben nods, motioning to the truck and the mirrors there. "Those for now - don't have one in a pocket, else it'll inevitably get smashed in some sort of ruckus."

Leif reaches down into his pocket and pulls out several small compact mirrors, handing one to Ben and another to Theron. Them pockets, man!

The scenery over on this side is just about what you'd expect. Wild wilderness, but with a slowly forming murky pond. A swamp. It isn't smelly, isn't gross. There's just a lot of mud, like someone overwatered a perfectly good garden. Soggy, damp, but nothing seems to be weird as far as spirits go. There's a big muddy blup somewhere in there, though, where Ben was digging

Ben nods over to where he had dug. "That's where I found the obstruction." He comments. "It didn't feel like calcification."

Steinar simply took a step to the side and vanished, upon looking into his mirror. He also brought his bag with him. Once on the otherside, he puts the mirror back into the backpack, slinging it over his shoulders. He looks around, "Mmh. I think the first step is to talk to the Spirit. I need to know how it is trapped. In its meteor. Or in the earth."

Leif does just about the same as Steinar, but he HATES it. HAAAAAAAATES it. So when he comes through, he's got his head ducked down like he went through a short door. "Good idea. This is all you, my man. My solution would be to figure out how to get a fucking digger on this side and scoop it out while someone sets up a siphon hose. Then smash."

Ben nods. "Agreed. I'm no spirit worker." A grin. "I know my wheelhouse." A wink to the others in the Umbra, the man having no issues with crossing - looking comfortable as can be.

"Do that, and you are likely to get a jet of water sprayed at you with enough force to take your head off." Steinar replies to this, "Or, the spirit will rain on you. Depends on just how old it is. And how strong it is." he hmms, "Ok." he moves to the very edge of the swamp and sits down. His eyes then lock on to the mass bubbling in the swamp. He reaches for his Fang Dagger, pulling it from his neck. The tip of the dagger he puts on his palm, then rasps a rune into his skin. He then calls out in Bork Bork language, "Andi, var i vatten bor. Jag kallar på dig." to then call out in Spirit, "Andi, Spirit of the Black, Spirit of the Breathless Skies. I call upon you." A note, here, is that he is not Summoning. He's just calling for it.

"Which is why we called in the pro, Steinar." Ah, the Bork Bork language. The language of the Mystics of Ikea. The language of delicious sweet fish. The language of meatballs that aren't too bad. The language of the Lingonberry! Leif steps in steinar's direction to be supportive and involved, but not to hover. As Steinar calls out, there is a little bubble from somewhere in the middle of the swamp

Ben keeps near - if only to offer some bodily protection if needed. He's outside of his understanding with spiris. Theron is here? I swear? Maybe?

Steinar watches the blurb out in the water. He holds his arm out, letting the blood form the rasp into his palm drip into the water, "My blood, given. My strength, shown. Come. Speak or fight. Both requirements will be met." he speaks in Spirit, calling for the thing once more.

Leif just stays back. There are a few more blups in the water and a little ripple of acknowledgement

Ben watches the ripples and bubbles - waiting for more of a response from the trapped elemental. Good or bad - hoping for good.

More ripples, then some more, but all that seems to be happening is the little blubs, and a single little jet of water that shoots up, almost hair-thin, to squirt Steinar. <<Stuck.>>

Steinar gives a quick nod to this, slowly pulling his hand back. <<How are you stuck? Are you stuck in rock? Are you stuck in water?>> he asks, <<Tell me, Spirit. Tell me, as you tell me your name, your purpose. From what Realm do you hail.>> Testing the spirits intelligence. Is it aware? Or instinctual.

<<Stuck. Cannot flow. From the realm of the Aether. Heavy.>> The spirit is pretty basic, but does seem to have SOME intelligence

Ben watches Steinar, listening in on the conversation - what he can make out of it, that is. He nods to Leif, still ready to act if needed.

Steinar regards the mass of water, <<Trapped, then.>> he silences, <<Hold.>> he lifts his head up, then looks to Leif, "Its from the Aetherial Realm. Its from the sky. Why it crashed here, I can only speculate. But it has to be returned. We .. have to return it."

Leif's brow arches up and he glances slowly up at the sky and then back down to the ground and he nods. "How? Iris has a space ship....?"

Theron arches a brow, he has been on the spaceship, "Couldnt just like...a lune create a bridge to where we need to go?"

Steinar lets out a quick snarled sound, "Our kind has travelled to the Aetherial Realm for centuries. Without space ships. There are many ways there. Be it by Moon Bridge or other means. And we will find one of those ways before we go to the Black Furies for aid. I just need to know who else will come with me, if I promise to aid this spirit."

Leif holds his hands up in a sort of surrender. "This is your show, my dude. I'm just offering suggestions. I'll be there by your side if anything you need me for."

And in what is most likely to be the Most Famous Last Words ever said by a Godi, "Fine sight it would be for the Get of Fenris to go asking another Tribe for help." he mutters. He looks to the water again, <<We will help you. We will seek to take you back to the Aetherial Realm. To the Sky and to the Black that steals the Breath.>> he silences, <<Your size. Your shape. Can your make yourself .. compact? Can you be.. less?>>

<< I can only be what I am. >> Fucking elementals. << I am not big. I have been drawing more from your land to here. If you will get me back to the Aether, I will return your water to where it belongs. >>

<<No. I can not move all of this water. You will have to release it, or I will not be able to move you.>> Steinar replies, <<Trust.>> he stands up to this, << If I can not lift you, I can not move you. If I can not move you, you will remain trapped.>> he then starts to wade into the water, <<Trust.>> he tells the spirit. At this point, that is what he seeks. Trust. He will reach the spirits body, or he will .. well .. blubblubb.

The unfortunate part of all this is that it isn't just WATER. It's MUD. And it's deep. Like.. Leif almost died. When Steinar starts to wade out, Leif puts a hand on him and hands him the end of a rope. "Wrap this around you. I literally cannot go in after you or we'll both be stuck."

The spirits acknowledges with another little jet of water. << It will take time. It is hard to move the water.>>

Trust was given, though. Steinar stops himself. He looks to the water as he holds his hand up, palm out, to Leif. Talk to the hand, Leif? Or.. all is good, Leif? Is Steinar being catty? <<Very well. I will wait here, until you are done. Then I will lift you from the dirt and find a way to bring you back. You do not belong here. You can not remain here.>>

<< If the water grows, your soft body will be crushed. Return when the light is not bright and I will be ready.>>

So.. people have been keeping an eye on this spot. Leif for sure. He almost fucking DIED so he's keen to make sure that it's all safe. But then there is a little jet of water that shoots out and catches Leif right in the face and he flails, then runs out to find people again to drag them out here to get this shit taken care of

Steinar is here as well, waiting. Watching. He had asked the Spirit trapped in the earth, to make itself smaller. It needs to be transported. And smaller it would make itself. It was just a waiting game now. Sitting in front of the little bog created by the Spirit, he speaks out in general, "The trip to the Aetherial Realm is not without dangers. Nothing in the Spirit world is. We will need more."

Killigrew is using a long stick to poke the ground at the edges of the taped off area to see if the ground has gotten more squidgy - a sign that the water is spreading further under the ground. Better safe than sorry, and she'd rather have to set up bullseyes of barrier tape than worry about someone getting sucked down into the slurpy mud.

Einar has left the Cut at home it seems as he pushes out of his Homestead into the common areas. Finding a gathering, the wild haired biker stomps over on his big boots until he stands a fair distance away and headtilts at the caution tape. He caught something about Aetherial Realm and he just says, "Fuckin eh," because that is both acceptance of the danger and presentation of body in the good fight as it were.

Leif is wearing a pair of coveralls. You know how fucking hard it is to find coveralls in his size? "Be careful, Zoe. How's the squish doing?" It's still muddy, but the area seems a little sunken now and it's starting to dry at the edges. "We'll do what we need to do. For this elemental and also for the safety of us and our families."

How's it going, Leif asks? A question Steinar does not hear. And he most likely spoke to himself earlier as well, in case people left him alone in there. But, he's still Penumbra side, watching the spirit as it drains the water away.

"Seems a little better? I'm still not getting closer than a te- well. Six foot pole." Kili says, making her slow, poking progression around the perimeter of the taped off area - it's a good forty by forty or a bit more. Pretty big chunk of ground. "You know. Before it dries up, we could totally hide a dead body in there."

Einar is still skin side and watching Leif and Killi curiously for a few more moments before simply taking up an easy lean on something solid. "Nah, consistency of the soil is all right, you need something less gravel based to support the fuckin detritivores you want," he notes to Killi and then smirks a bit. "Unless you gotta damn body already," a glance to Leif and then the taped off area, "So what do you need me to fuckin do?"

Leif snorts at Killigrew. "Yeah. I'll work on that." He snorts and heads over to Killigrew to give her a nice, big PG13 kiss. "We'll be back, baby, okay? You stay back. Don't get too close. Just watch. You and Evonna keep an eye out. Evonna can notify Einar (Because Evonna has to leave soon) if shit gets weird." He glances over at Evonna. "Sorry. We HAVE to have a Roo on this side. I hate that it's you." He turns to Einar then. "Steinar says that we have to return the water elemental to the ... Eeeeeetheral realm."

Evonna will keep an eye on things, cause she is good at that!

"I mean..." Killigrew fakes up a pretty good shifty-eye before Leif smooches her. "With your shield, or on it." she murmurs, slapping his butt. Smiling at Einar, she nods to him, then the others. "I've got Heart-seeker in the back of truck, too." she says, finishing poking at the squish-pit that seems a bit sunken now that it's starting to dry.

As Steinar is still kinda alone in there in the Spirit, he just sort of sits there and waits. Because, right now? He has little else to do. Well, except for mentally planning out how to get to the Aetherial Realm. And how little he knows about the Aetherial Realm. And wether or not the body of the Spirit will be a three ton meteor, or a fist sized one.

Einar gives Ev a bump of shoulders when she pulls up, that done he gives Leif a nod that signifies he's prepared as he's going to be. Takes a moment for the Biker to get himself psyched up for the journey, or well psyched down really, calm waters and all means he can actually give a lil nudge to the Veil and step sideways to find Steinar and wait for Leif to join them.

Leif rubs his hands together and hands out mirrors. Ben's totally here with Evonna. That way there are sets of roo eyes and ears to note complications. And so Leif comes over to the other side. "How we doing, Steinar?"

Steinar motions to the water, "It is coming along. I do not know yet though, how large this Spirits body is. What is clear is that its characteristics does not allow it to move even in the Umbra. It will have to be moved, physically. Let's just hope we have enough arms to carry it, if it comes to it. The problem will be the trip to the Aetherial Realm."

Leif nods. "Spirit Backhoe," he suggests with a sigh. "Alright. You're in charge here, Steinar. This is your jam. We're here as muscle." He gives Einar's arm a little smack.

Evonna bumps Einar back, and has her sword at the ready, just in case. "May Gaia and Fenrir be with you all." She'll take up her post to watch.

Einar gives Steinar a blank look as he tries to explain. There's a moment where it looks like the Rotagar gets it, but it's not until the spiritual back-hoe is mentioned and he grunts, "Fuckin got it," he says. Then he pauses and tilts his head, "Aetherial, huh. You fuckin lead, then," he smirks and at the smack to his arm, he chuffs and gives Leif a playful shove back. "Yeah yeah, here to collect your fuckin spiritual garbage, all you gotta do is point," he chuckles.

Killigrew putting the pokin' stick in the back of the truck, she strings her bow and leans against it. With the majority of the Get across the spiritual line, she settles in to shoot the shit with Evonna and Ben while keeping an eye out for mischief.

Steinar lets the corner of his mouth curl upwards to flash a bit of teeth. A moment of a near.. rumble in his chest? Almost as if he wanted to let out a growl but can't quite manage it in his human form, "Once the water is out, we know how large it is. Once we know how large it is, we can do plan the trip."

The water is pretty much gone. It was buried. The way the ground has sunk, even over here, and there is a pretty big hole down there that's just a muddy, sloppy mess. hard to tell just how deep the hole is, or how big the thing is, until it's dug into. "I mean, it looks pretty... not.. watery from here." Leif fidgets a little, tugging on the coveralls. "Fuck these things, man."

Einar takes a peaky peak over the edge without getting too close, he doesn't need to go falling in and nearly dying in the mud too. "We got any fuckin idea what it is...I mean size aside," he asks of Steinar before glancing back at Leif and smirking, "You gotta get the relaxed seat and thigh, brother, otherwise those things just choke your nuts," he points out considering he was wearing a set of coveralls just the other day without half as much discomfitture.

Evonna keeps a pace around the big hole. Watching. Looking for changes. She has a decent distance around it, just in case it increases in size.

Steinar slowly begins to stand up to this, "There we are." he says, moving out towards the hole, "Lets see if we can't find you." he stops by the hole, looking into the muddy mess. He speaks then once more to the Spirit, << I will dig you out. Do not fear. Do not worry. >> And to that, he begins to do just that. Using his own hands, he drives into the mud and tries to scoop up as much as he can each time, to shuffle it out.

The response is little more than a blub. It expended a WHOLE lot of energy trying to condense itself down. Leif follows suit, approaching carefully, each heavy step measured, testing the surface. It's probably a 10 foot slow decline from the outside to the middle of the depression.

A blubb, responded to with a <<Soon.>> by Steinar. He nods once to Leif, but begins to dig without much fanfare. It is needed. Dirty work, but he does not care. Mud is removed, shoveled out, bit by bit by bit, "Who did you find in the Creek to help us?" he asks. He knows Einar is here, of course.

Einar can take a hint and he proceeds to stoop down and start gathering mud and guck, dragging it away in slow scoops that will help Steinar to dig the creature out. Or at least he thinks he's helping!

Leif shifts to Hispo. Much more effective than human hands. Bigger scoops, but still careful. The water seems to be draining more, leaving boots and things VERY stuck-ish in the mud.

Leif sees it first. Just a split second before Steinar does. Einar scoops a handful of mud and there's a little shimmer that passes across the service. <<There..>> It's still hard to see the size of it but Einar has revealed a good hand-sized portion of muddy rock

Einar grunts a bit and nods at Leif when he sees it just after the big wolf, "Is this what we're looking for, Steinar?" he wonders of the Theurge, trusting the spiritual leadership of others in this place.

Steinar did not see it. He was digging, completely oblivious until both the wolf and the Rotagar spots it. His eyes goes to the shimmering rock, "Yes.. yes, that is it. Thats it." he reaches forward, <<We have found you. On my blood, we will keep you safe until you have rejoined your kind in the Aetherial Skies.>>

Blumpf. Just a little shifting of mud. That's all. Leif moves a little to the side and reaches his hand down, kind of feeling around for the size. "It's pretty big, but not.. maybe not REALLY big. Everyone shift up and we'll find the size of it and see if we can lift it out."

Steinar lets his palm touch the shimmering rock, feeling it slowly. He then takes a deep breath, lets out a growled sound before his body pushes itself into the war-form. Larger muscles, easier to carry for sure. Depending on its real size.

Einar growls out agreement and a few moments later the silvery grey fur is pushing out of his skin and he is rising up and up, and up some more until he stands towering and musclebound in his own warform. He's humming Diggy Diggy Hole to himself as he starts in on getting more guck clear of the beast so they can help it.

The Wall waits for the other two to shift because he is a BIG motherfucker. He even takes a step back before he shifts. Everyone kind of sinks a little bit, like a little more than ankle deep, but Leif goes in up to his knees. Fatboi. He stands upright, making sure his stance is good because apparently, he isn' afraid of fucking fomori, but mud is a little fucking terrifying. He sinks his long, clawed hands in, running along the top of the rock and then follows it along down the sides. If everyone does the same, it seems to be about four feet across and roughly oval shaped

Rune-Tongue (Steinar) lets out a deep growl, <<Up the slope.>> he says, <<We bring it out of the hole. Then we figure out a plan.>> he looks to Einar and Leif, << It is large. I had hoped it would be smaller. No matter. We can manage.>>

So this is going to be REALLY heavy, right? Leif counts down, getting his arm underneath it and he HEFTS at the same time as everyone else. There is such an overwhelming amount of LIFT for a thing that despite its size MIGHT weight 100 lbs. MAYBE. It's very light. Leif's eyes go wide as Einar and himself just about THROW the thing at Einar, but Einar's got enough of a lift as well that they're able to keep things more or less balanced. <<Fuckingshitwhat!>> Leif exclaims

Rune-Tongue lets out a sudden growled sound as the thing comes out of the ground as easily as it does, << It does not weight a thing!>> he says, considering the fact that he is contributing the least to the general musculature. Yep. You Go, Steinar!

Einar figured Leif was going to be an ox about it so he's ready to throw his full weight into things, he still ends up nearly toppling forward with the sudden lift and momentum they get. Steinar managing to avoid crushing by getting his umph into it too and suddenly the creature is being carried by three Get with a whole lot of hutzpah apparently. <<Fuckfuckfuck okay we go-fuck- okay...>>

<????> There is not a way to ADEQUATELY put to text the sound of confusion and amusement that slips from The Wall's throat. It was just .. yeah. He lets Steinar pick the direction of movement. And while it isn't HEAVY, it is slippery and awkward, and not at all oval shaped, but it is VERY smooth. With the mud, it would be impossible for one person to hang onto. <<Mud is bullshit>>

Einar struggles to keep his grip some, but thankfully there are three points of contact keeping the giant slippery football thing from falling. All of Gaia's creatures are respected he reminds himself quietly even as he agrees, <<Fucking bullshit,>> without much fanfare as he gives another heft to his side to keep it in a place where he can actually provide support and some semblance of lift and forward. Lift. And forward. Huff.

Picking a direction? Well, that one is simple. So simple, you don't even need a Godi for it! But since he is allowed to pick one, he picks the direction that takes them out of the hole and the mud. Carrying the meteor, Rune-Tongue does not complain about the mud. It is there. Instead, he growls, <<We can't carry it like this. We need to find an Anchorhead for the Rite of Becoming. We have to built a sled for this.>>

<<Fuck. Slippery.>> He manages to balance his end of things so Steinar can lead the way out of the Umbral mud pit. It's also dripping water along with the mud, so that doesn't help things. With some careful maneuvering, it is NOT dropped and they get it out of the pit. Everyone's dirty. Everyone's gross. <<Set it down here. Building a sled should be easy. Ask the trees if we can have a couple of branches and we'll give chiminage for their sacrifice. We can use the branches to lash things together.>>

Einar grunts as they manage to escape the mud-pit but they only get so far before it's obvious they aren't going to be able to make it without dropping the precious cargo. So the pause is called, and the biker gives a strained sound as he makes sure not to drop the critter, but soon as he's standing up straight again there are pops of joints going back into place. << If Theron was here, we could use his shield,>> he suggests cheekily even as they discuss the plan for a sled. << I'll see if there's any branches on the ground already.>> and he does just that, turning to search for deadwood that could be used to transport the giant thing that looks like that ship from The Last Starfighter.

Rune-Tongue (aka Steinar) lets his large, monstrously wolfy head nod once to Einar, <<Fallen limbs first.>> he agrees, << If need be, we take from the trees.>> he looks to The Wall, << I have to make sure I have the ingredients for the Rite of Becoming before we move on. Gives you time to construct the sled.>> With the Meteor put on the ground, he shrinks back into his human form. Once out of it, he unslings his Backpack Fetish from his shoulders. Crouching down, setting it on the dirt, he begins to rummage through it to make sure he has everything.

The Wall nods, looking around. He starts to gather all the things. Downed branches should do the trick. It takes a few minutes, maybe with Einar's help. This should give Steinar plenty of time to find everything and set up and hopefully he doesn't get his head caught in the bag, bcause there are no cameras in the Umbra. Theron's totally here too, if he wants to be, while Zoe is on the other side. If Evonna's watching too, she could ALSO slip over.

Watching the meatside is not exciting, but it IS important, and makes the pregnant kin feel useful - which helps with the chafing at not being able to scout or help with things. Killi keeps moving, slowly patroling the area around the sinkhole with her bow. Probably taking it way too seriously, but fuck, she's smiling, so.

Einar builds things regularly to transport extremely large creatures from one point to another. Granted they usually have motors and wheels, but you do what you can in a pinch. He helps Leif gathering sticks and various bits to lash them together and between the two of them there is a serviceable sled with handles so they can push! The mud and the guck is ignored for now, he can wash later, the priority is getting the Meteor out of this place, and then he can worry about showers and getting back home. Right? Right.

And just like that, Steinar stops what he is doing. He sits back for a moment, thinking on something. He takes a bit of a breath, tilting his head a bit to the side. Then the other, "Hm." he says at length, "Hmmm." he eyes the sky, "Granted, it has been a while." he mutters, "The choice stands between bartering for a Moon Bridge, or calling for another Etherial Spirit to grant us the ability to levitate." he motions, "But it up there that we have to go." he looks to the Meteor, "We are several. Plus, we have a passenger." he growls a bit, "Right. A Lune spirit it is. A Moon Bridge makes the most sense."

It's so purty! Like a baby bed with runners! There's even a seatbelt for the precious cargo. And what the hell.. A little bow. Leif snickers, and then glances over at Steinar, brow arching. Levita-----oh thank god. Moonbridge

Einar is kind of looking at the carriage with a bit of pride and realizing that he hasn't finished such things at home he gives into a bit of wide-eyed panic for a moment. No no, it'll be cool Ein. Focusing up he reaches through the link to Evonna to let her know what's up and that she should come along at this point since they're about to moon bridge to...the moon? He's kind of fuzzy on that part, but either way, packmate here, Moon Bridge option. <<Getting Evonna through, then we can work on a Moonbridge with Bluebird, or whomever.>>

A flash of light from behind them, and a few seconds later Evonna appears! Here to help she blinks taking in all that is going on here and changes from last time she was out here. "Where can I help?"

Steinar is sort of pondering matters for a bit, before his eyes turns to Einar "Your Totem can open a Moon Bridge?" he wonders. A nod is given to this, "That will help matters immensely. Can you task Bluebird .." Bluebird? "..Bluebird to open one to the Aetherial Realm?" he closes his backpack, standing back up. A pause is given, looking to Evonna, "We are going to the Aetherial Realm. Just coming along will be help. Like any Realm, it comes with its own set of dangers."

<<Ours can as well,>> The Wall tells Steinar rather proudly. But he motions to Einar and Evonna. <<You two go ahead. I've never done it. I don't want to fuck it up.>> Leif isn't sure that he LIKES the idea of being in outer space. <<Will we be able to breathe? I know that's a stupid question, but I've never done this and I'm honestly a little nervous.>>

Einar is in Crinos form currently, so when his shoulder check of a greeting to Evonna happens he's extra extra gentle about it. That done, he simply nods to Steinar, <<Technically Mother Blue Jay, but Bluebird is an acceptable colloquialism,>> finding the confusion a bit amusing at least even as he stands with Evonna as they entreat that very same spirit to help them open a door up to the Aetherial Realm. The talk about being able to breathe has him pausing though...yeah his first time in space too.

Crunch. Snap. Pop. RAAR! Evonna is replaced with a furry nightmare! Noting the others in Crinos form, Evonna shifts to join them all. >> For something such as this, I'm sure many totems, Mother Blue Jay especially, would be honored to help. << She stands with Einar to call upon the spirit to assist them with the moon bridge.

Steinar looks between Leif and Einar, "We can breathe in the Aetherial realm. Its the sky, not space. I think this fellow came from the Deep Umbra. It is just a guess, though." he looks to the Meteor, "But if we are going anywhere to help this thing go back, it will be the Aetherial Realm to begin with. Once there, we can figure out a way to breathe. Best would be to barter with Spirits of Air and Wind to provide breathing." he shoulders his backpack and walks over to the meteor, "Someone should inform the Kinfolk on the otherside we are traveling." he looks to Leif.

The Wall nods, relieved a little bit. But.. Deep Umbra.. Geezus. He takes a couple of breaths, a little deeper than normal, like he might be trying to.. save some up? That's fucking ridiculous. But whatever. <Alright. Let's do this. Get moving. I don't want to put this off any longer than we need to.>>

Einar doesn't seem any more excited about the journey, but he is ready to do what needs be done. There's a roll of already huge shoulders before the silvery grey wolf of Fenrir gives a gruff nod and growl as a flitting blue streak passes the peripheral vision before reality warps and strings of moonlight spread out to create a portal between them and their destination. He's got a grip on the baby buggy sled opposite of Leif, <<Ready when you are>>

Blood Thorn will take up the rear of this buggy, if Steinar wishes to lead. >> I informed the kinfolk before I came here. << She has her sword in her huge hand, >> Just incase. I'm ready when you all are. <<

Steinar gives a quick nod to this, "Well." he looks to Einar, "If you can beseech your Totem to open the Bridge, we can get going. Whatever we will find on the other end, we will not know until we get there." he looks to the Meteor, putting his hand on it to then speak to it in Spirit, "Soon you will one step closer to home." He then turns to wait for the Totem of theirs to open the Bridge for the Aetherial Realm.

The Wall takes another deep breatha nd let's it out. <<After you, Steinar.>> Oh man, he REALLy doesn't want to do this. Not at ALL. But.. big boy pants. He lightly shoulder checks Blood Thorn and takes up the other side of the sleigh.

Ah, the Aetherial Realm. As they pop through, they land on a semi-solid layer of clouds, like walking on sponge cake. The ground beneath is shifty and malleable and in the distance, there are wonderous plains and mountains and valleys. The sky is a deep, dark blue and the only light comes from Luna and Helios. Various Celestines spin and orbit around one another in the sky, indicating other various realms.

Einar is staring at the portal currently and just kind of standing there with his grip on the hand holds Leif and he installed. With Blood Thorn there, the Rotagar seems at least a bit more at ease knowing his has his battle sister there. Then they're through and his huge pawpads find the spongey material underneath and he crouches spreading out his weight as if that might keep him from slipping through and falling to his death?

Blood Thorn pushes along, taking each step carefully. Her eyes track around to see what this realm brings, unlike anything she has seen before. But beauty does not mean safe, so she is on guard.

Steinar's not exactly leading through the Moon Bridge, as it was opened by another Packs Totem. But he is moving along it, letting Einar and Leif pull the sled with the meteor on it. It is a bit of a jaunt, but as Moon Bridges go, quite safe. That is, until one leaves the Bridge and find oneself on a cloud. He looks around a bit, "Well, shit." he comments, glancing up into the sky, "... double shit." he adds, then looks to the cloud, "Thats.. quite.. a lot to take in all at once."

DO NOT LIKE! The Wall steps out of the bridge and does much the same as Einar. <<Fucking shit hell fuck fuck fuck>> That comes out as a short series of growly barks and the ACTUAL word 'fuck'. He doesn't move once he gets out and his giant ears go flat against his head and his tail shoots straight out. Then his eyes cut over to Steinar and he makes a little grumbly sound. <<You've never been here.>> Great! GREAT! GRAND! AWESOME! They're all gonna die. So he looks slowly over to Theron. HE has been here, at least.

Steinar looks to Leif, arching his eyebrow, "Well, I'll have you know I have never been to the Near Umbra or any of the Realms before. I know of them, of course, but .. traveled to them? Never." he pokes at the cloud with his toe, "I am sure we will be fine, though. I am certain the cloud will not .. break apart." he sounds so very serious. Like, his usual mode of being, really. He looks to the Meteor to then speak once more in Spirit, "I take it this is not your home? Were you from deeper into the Umbra? Are we close?"

<<Aetherial Realm>> is the meteor's reply. Leif looks Steinar over and then nods and dares to move a foot a little bit. When he doesn't fall through, he wiggles his monstrous, mud covered toes and bounces a little. He hasn't lost focus. He's just making sure they aren't going to die. Wiggle. Stomp. Stomp. << I think we're okay.>> He looks up at the sky. <<Can we literally just chuck it up in the air and see if it takes off? It doesn't weigh a thing.>>

Steinar gives a quick nod to this, "We could try to fling it, but there is a risk it will just careen back onto the earth." he ponders Leif a few moments, then the Meteor, "We can try, though. At the risk of having to go back and find it again. Or I summon an Air Elemental to help it get a boost." he looks to the Meteor, then speaks to it once more, "Will it help if we simply throw you up? Or do you need further aid?"

Blood Thorn does not know between each realm. >> If Grandmother could see me now. << She would know what is up. >> Where would it like to be? In the sky? On a different um... cloud? <<

There's a tiny little sploosh of water that blips out of the thing, squirting Leif in the eye. Like WHABAM. Perfect shot. The Wall flails and paws at his face and he makes a little growly sound. There is a little shifting squirm of the meteor itself. <<Try>> Hell, it doesn't know. It was cruising along, then got all bogged down in mud!

Blood Thorn shrugs, and gestures to this meteor. >> You call the air elemental, the rest of us be ready to help it along? Ready to launch? << She has no other clue for this, but seems like it needs a jump start to get where it feels is home.

Einar listens to the discussion going back and forth and seems at least hopeful that they can try to chuck this Meteor back upwards to set it off towards home. But he's also prepared to need to do more, after all, rescuing those that need it is SOS number 1 task. Where to put it? He's still looking down and getting a bit of a thrill at how high up they are even if it's scary. Yanno, Get, Biker, scary is good. << If home is up, then a little help from something with launch and we might be able to get it on its way. I'm game.>>

<<Agreed>> The Wall says, still wiping at his face. <<Call an Elemental. We'll four way toss it into the air and it can catch. Maybe.>> He's all for it. And also, he kind of wants to try and EAT the ground.

Steinar motions towards Evonna, "Yeah. I am thinking I will be doing that. You all stand guard, and I can get to summoning." he looks to Leif, "I could try to use you as a catapult, but if it fails we have to do it all over again. And next time it might land somewhere bad." he puts his backpack down and opens it, starting to pull out some stuff needed for the Rite of Summoning, "This will not take too long." he promises, "We are close to the Elementals here." And to this, he begins the Rite of Summoning! And he does it quick and dirty. He just needs a Gaffling here to help with a strong updraft! Twenty minutes of chanting, blood drained from his arm and the cloud colored red for a few moments. A spirit is called, a quick and agile little Air Gaffling. The Godi does not hold the Spirit there, though. Instead, he reaches out and pours of his Spiritual Energies to it, "Give me wind!" he tells it in its Spirit language, "Upwards.. UPWARDS! WIND!"

And the elemental, just a little put off by being summoned away from blowing the cotton candy mountains into new and whispy shapes swoops by. Leif makes the count. "Three... two... one... toss.." The elemental whips downward and scoops up the meteor just as the others push it with perfect precision off the sled, like passing a football indeed. The force carries the elemental upward and up and up and up, wrapped around the meteor and the elemental

Einar gives it the old heave ho and the lack of balance kind of shows as he doesn't quite manage to give it all the gusto it probably deserves. Still he contributes! And with a lift and shove the football shaped Meteor spirit is sent skywards and he's left there holding the handle of a makeshift bobsled and hoping for the best.

Blood Thorn really has the Might of Thor sometimes, and with her mighty strength - with her smaller size - she is easily able to hoist from her side to get this meteor to the right place to FLY!!!!

Steinar did not contribute at all. Mostly since he was too busy dealing with the Gaffling. He even fed the Gaffling! Watching the trio toss the Meteor spirit into the air, watching the Gaffling surrounding it with the gust of air, he stands up as it begins to disappear into the sky, "Well. That .. I think .. takes care of that. And we are still alive, too." he pauses, "If I were a Rotagar, this would be me saying.. last one down to earth is a cross-eyed Shadow Lord."

The Wall snorts, watching the thing disappear off into the distance. "Okay... So... did that.. did it work?" He lifts a massive paw to shade his eyes, quite unnecessarily. The two disappear off into the distance and Leif looks at Steinar. "Cross-eyed Shadow Lord? Ew."

Einar squints, "But you're not a Rotagar," he says with a bit of confusion and taking things too literally as he shrugs and then looks at the sled... <<We should take this back with us yeah?>> kind of moving it around a little bit idly.

Blood Thorn snorts. >> Shadow Lord, my ass. << She laughs and looks to Einar, >> You should be funnier, like that. << Nudging him, she'll add >> Let's haul it back and leave this place. Time to go home. Another Rescue complete! <<

Steinar looks to Einar, "I am not, that much is true. Which means I most likely did not say it and you were hearing things." he grins a bit. He looks to the sky, "That's it, it seems like. If it isn't, we can most likely expect it to return. But I doubt it." he looks to Einar again, "Well, it won't hurt. Not exactly as if anything up here will care. Suppose we can also chuck it over the edge of a cloud before we go." he nods to Evonna though, "It is a very well built sled, but it's built by Umbral components. I doubt we can bring it out." he hms, "So. Who's for opening another Moon Bridge?"

The Wall snorts at the banter, though an eyebrow is raised at Steinar. Jokes? Wow! That's... that's something. He's impressed. Steinar gets a clap on the back and he motions to Evonna. "After you, madam. I need practice still." Blood Thorn calls on Mother Blue Jay again, asking for her help to return them home, having accomplished their mission. When it opens up, she lifts an end of the sled and is ready to go. >> Let's do it. Grab an end and let's go. <<

Einar is just still squinty, he's fucking funny goddammit. Sulk. Still, he's ready when Blue Jay comes by to open the way home and he picks up his half of the sled to at least leave it back on the ground where it belongs? He's pushing off with Evonna to head off through the portal again, and at least have his feet on ground and not clouds!

Steinar decides that, while it would be fun to be the last to leave and step in last, he might end up finding the Moon Bridge closing as Evonna and Einar are through and then he'd be stranded. Not fun! So, he makes sure he is through before they are. Just in case, "I think we have to keep our eyes on the sky a bit, though. Just in case this Meteor falling was not just a random, by chance, occurance."

The Wall makes his way through, slipping in ahead of the two carrying the sled. . Because Leif is NOT a cross-eyed Shadow Lord. Nope! He is NOT AT ALL that. But Einar or Evonna might be. But it's back toward land, to the land of solid ground and ... dammit! Leif was going to take a piece of the cloud tops. FUCK! As he steps out, his face immediately fills with regret and he looks back up toward the umbral sky. <<Fuck.>>

Blood Thorn steps out of the bridge and checks first to see everyone made it through. >> Sound off! Everyone good? Everyone have all their limbs? << She even counts her own.

Steinar shakes his head slowly, "I don't think I lost anything." he pauses, looking at Leif, "He might have lost something though. Forgot your favourite Fetish on the cloud?" he wonders, "Probably drifted a long way by now." he grins a bit. He's on a Humour Roll!

Einar steps through the bridge into the Umbral realm of home with a makeshift sled, cradle, thing and he's immediately looking up as if he could see the place they were. At the insistance to count limbs and appendages, he's going over everything really quickly, pat pat pat pat, <<Yup! Good!>>

The Wall pats his left arm, then his right, checks his pockets, pats his zipper. << I'm good.>> And he slips back into his homid form. "No, I wanted to eat the cloud.." Leif is a sad boy. So sad. All the sad. Blood Thorn chuffs >> Perhaps we should get a cotton candy machine for the Lodge. Will that make things a bit better, honey? << She teases a bit, because someone has to! >> So the sled? Keep it? Break it down for parts? <<

"Eat.. the cloud?" Steinar shakes his head, "Why would you want to do that? It'd be like bending down and chowing down on the dirt here. You don't eat what you walk on, I always say. Its bad form." he grunts. He looks to Evonna, "Its spirit matter. Don't think you'll have much use for it outside of the Umbra. Well, thank you all for coming. Sadly, we did not get ambushed by some powerful spirit. We did not have to fight for our lives." he sounds.. serious? Joking? Hard to say!

Einar chortles some at The Wall and can't help but snicker even more at Blood Thorn's quip. <<Leave it here? Who knows when we'll need to carry something in the Umbra again.>> That's his suggestion at least before he snorts at Steinar, <<Because the fucking cloud looked like and felt like cake!>> He was on Leif's wavelength at least. << I mean if you want a fight, we can go find one.>>

The Wall rolls eyes eyes at Blood Thorn and jabs her lightly in the ribs. "Zoe would gain 50 pounds and then blame me for it. No cotton candy machine. We'll just set Einar on fire and make him spin really fast while holding a cup of sugar." He snorts at Einar too. "Well, you ARE a cross-eyed Shadow Lord, so there's that."

Blood Thorn laughs and laughs now! >> More than happy to spar with someone, unless we want to go looking for a fight. I'm sure something will come to us soon enough. <<

"Well, while I am not someone to usually say no to the possibility of a fight, I fear I have to go and contemplate this matter. Meteors usually don't just fall out of the sky. I will consult the runes and the bones. See if I can glean any insights into this. Hopefully, it is nothing. Potentially, it might be something." he pauses, "This thing -did- land outside our front yard, essentially."

Einar gives into the hyena-wheeze laugh that's been building but only indulges for a few hiccoughs of sound before tamping it down and swallowing the instinct. Steinar offers to do the legwork of finding out more and he just nods, <<Good enough. Fucking let us know if there's more to the story.>> he says. A glance at Evonna and he gives a bit of a grin, << I got you if no one else does.>>

"I need to check in with Zoe. She will literally stay there forever and I don't know how long we've been gone," Leif says, giving Einar a little shove. "But I'll come back for you later." He points and the steps across to the other side

Einar blinks those baleful blue eyes at Leif and tilts his head to the side, <<You taking me on a date?>> he asks before that wheeze-laugh is returning and he gives the bigger Get a playful shove right back. "Yes, but you get to wear the dress." And THEN LEif crosses over