2020-12-13: Business and Friendship

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Business and Friendship
Vic and Raise talk, discussing her need for a new place, Sorcery in general and the magical effect Raise lays upon her (with permission!)
IC Date December 13th, 2020
IC Time late afternoon
Players Bieta, Raise and Vic
Location New Hope MMA

Raise is kicked back on the couch with the big screen on. The news is on but the TV is muted. With a laptop in his lap Raise just seems to be relaxing at the moment.

Vic comes into the central room from her apartment. She's wearing a terry cloth bathrobe, clinging to her still-damp body in ways that would interest any heterosexual male, and is in the middle of tying a towel around her hair. Seeing the UFC title-holder 'watching' the silenced news she smiles and says, "Raise, I understand you've been thinking of talking to me," and adds, "I timed my shower to finish now as this should be an auspicious time to have a conversation."

Raise glances up as he start to respond but his voice is cut off as his jaw drops unintentionally and his pupils dilate. After stammering for a minute and regaining some of his composure, "I'm sorry I should have let you know I was stopping by." he smiles and closes the laptop and sets it on the table and says, "Yes, I...." he eyes squint and it looks like he is trying to think really hard, "I did but I was debating to call first and it.." he shakes his head, "Never mind." he smiles wide and starts over, "I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done around here. The guy's" he nogs his head towards the main gym, "tell me you have tinkered with all kinds of things and from what they say they really like it when you do." he chuckles, "They can never really tell me exactly what it is you are doing but if it makes them happy and more productive that is awesome." he takes a big breath and gives you a genuinely appreciative smile.

"Maintenance, Optimization, Security," Vic says, rattling off what she does in the most simple terms possible. "I'm glad it helps them out," she says as she goes into the kitchen and fetches herself a bottle of soda and calls out, "Want me to bring you anything from in here," while her terrycloth clad head is still half in the refrigerator.

Raise calls back, "I'm good right now. Thank you though." he waits until you are back to where he can just speak and continues, "I also want you to know that you are welcome to stay ass long as you want. You don't have to do work here for it either. I mean if you want to you can of course I just mean..." he chuckles, "I just mean it has been nice with you around."

Vic smiles. "Thanks, It's been good to have this roof over my head," she says as she comes out of the kitchen and takes a seat on the couch near Raise. "That said, I'm needing to find myself a good ritual space so I may be moving out. I won't be a stranger though, promise."

Raise nods, "Of course. But remember there is an entire arena complex connected to the gym that goes virtually unused. If you need space. There is lots of space here." he looks over, "But I know it is really not like a real house I mean with everything being open to a whole group of people. If you need money I can give you a no interest loan to get a place?"

"I need more control of the space then a shared arena provides but that second offer..." Vic smiles as she opens the soda, "I won't say no to that, capital is a bit tight for me still, though not as much when you and I originally met I'll admit." She then takes a deep slug of her soda.

Raise smiles, "No problem at all. You do know that I buy broken down old buildings refurbish or totally rebuild them before selling them again right? I mean I could make a killing at it but I do it for fun and as kinda my way of giving back to the community. I usually break just about even on most of them. That is what I try for at least. If you have an idea of what you want I am sure my people could sort it out for you pretty quick. I mean these are muggles we are talking about but they know what they do. Have done any looking yet?"

Vic grins at the offer and says, "Something big, like a warehouse, but I'd like a chance to see if I could find one on my own." She then says, after another drink from her bottle, "I'll definitely check in with you if it takes too long to find something right though."

Raise nods, "Well if you find something just file a request with Steve like you did for the equipment and I will let him know to expect it." he looks to you with a smirk, "Don't go too crazy. There might not be interest but it is a loan so make sure you only bite off what you can chew. A warehouse is well within range though. I have a crew that can go through and do the initial clean up if you need." he chuckles, "I have a crew for everything if we are talking warehouses so just let me know."

Vic nods right back at Raise, "Understood and I will," she then laughs as she says, "Hey, Steve owes me. A month or so back his main spreadsheet got corrupted and he'd forgotten to back it up like I told him to." She pauses as she finishes off the cream soda and then says, "I was able to recover the data in its original format for him though."

Raise laughs, "I am guessing your request will slide through pretty fast then." he shakes his head, "I know I don't see you all that much but I am going to miss you when you are gone. You know you way around so nothing has changed in that respect. If you want to crash here from time to time once you are settled in a new place you are welcome to."

Vic smiles and says, "Thanks. I'll try not to take too much advantage of you but I do appreciate everything you're doing to help me out."

Raise smiles and shrugs, "Someone took a chance on me a long time ago. So I do it from time to time. So far I have not regretted it. Even if you were born in a different world your heart is all that matters."

Vic sets the empty sode bottle down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and then discretely reaches into the towel to check the dampness and then focuses her will on Forces and then whips the towel off her 'coincidentally' dry hair. "Its good that your risks haven't bit you in your ass, and thanks for your assessment of me."

Raise smiles, "I have been working on a new way for me use my Ki. A way where I can change someone elses Ki in either a positive way or a negative way." he pauses a moment, "So far I have only been practicing on myself but once I got the concept it seemed to come easier." he chuckles and shrugs as he adds, "I admit that some of the staff have been unknowing guinea pigs. I knew I was really getting good when Cindy the aerobics trainer hit big on a scratch off." he smiles sheepishly.

Laughing again, Vic asks, "How big is big?" as she can only imagine the young woman's reaction to the event.

Raise shrugs, "She really never came out and said but rumor has it that it was somewhere around ten k." his smile grows.

Vic whistles impressively and says, "That's significant." Nodding she says, "Yeah, that's big. I mean not 'Oh my god my life will never be the same' big... of course that'll end up being over spent and put you back into struggling usually."

Raise shrugs, "There were a few other good things that turned up over the last couple moths that I had a little something to do with. I really have not tried to go the other way with it. I mean the concept and aplication are the same so I know I could." he shrugs, "I think there needs to be a good reason for me to want to do someone harm in any form. Well unless they approve before like when we spar."

Vic grins at a passing thought and says, "It'd be a huge risk... the dox could really slap me... but next time we spar I may... well, Time may be in my favor." She doesn't explain this but clearly is open to being asked to clarify.

Raise grins back, "Ohh? You keep hinting at that. I have seen a person or so move faster than they should. I am not sure if that is what you are talking about but I am up for you experimenting with your powers when we spar. It is why I made the back room after all. We can't practice stuff like that where the muggles would gawk." he gives you a wink.

The wink is returned and Vic nods as well. "That's what'd be as I've not tried that before. Its so totally vulgar, I'll get some Paradox just from using the effect," she explains, adding, "But don't worry, I have to try it out with a friendly opponent before I take the risk in a real fight."

Raise nods, "Well I have some healing potions stocked up and I am a pretty good healer myself. I think if you are going to take a risk this would probably the best place you could do it."

Shaking her head, Vic explains, "Paradox is... its not like an injury or a wound that can just be healed away, Raise." She looks thoughtful for a moment and then says, "When it causes a physical change that change actually modifes the mage's Pattern," and then asks, "Do you understand what we mages mean when we speak about a Pattern?" And yes, the capitalization of the word can be heard both times she says it.

Raise nods, "I do. I knew that about the hurt to I... I just get it mixed up sometimes I think. But I still think it is better to try it here if you can before you do when it is critical." he smiles.

"Totally," Vic replies thankfully. "When would you like to spar again?" she asks.

Raise shrugs, "I open. Maybe later this week." he then asks, "So I was wondering if I could try out my new ummm I guess fortune ability on you? I mean it would be nice to not be sneaky about it for once. What do you think?"

Vic makes an agreeable expression on her face as she nods. "Sure, how's it work basically?" she asks.

Raise chuckles, "Well I have figured out that if I have something personal from the person like one of your hairs it makes it easier. Other than than you really don't even need to be near me. But you can watch just the same. Do you mind?"

Vic tosses her towel at Raise. "You might find a loose hair on that if it'll help," she says and nods, "Feel free, I'll see what I can detect... without using Prime this first time at least."

Raise catches the towel and separates one of the hairs. He then stands and moves out where he has a little more space. First he brings his hands together in front of himself to get centered. He then begins moving his arms in an almost martial arts form, his fingers however continuously change throughout his arm movements in distinctive gestures. His feet remain planted for the moment or so it takes him to complete the casting.

Vic watches Raise without any active magical senses, nodding as she feels the effect start and lay into her being. A slight shudder shakes her and she says, "It felt both warming and cooling at the same time... interesting, a magical Icy/Hot."

Raise smiles and nods, "I think I could have done better but I think it will turn out help for you. As with everything with more practice I am sure I will get better."

Here the scene was mutually decided to FTB as both players needed to go for RL reasons, the following pose sums up the rest of the scene.

Raise and Vic talk about his magic (and sorcerer's/psychic's abilities in general) for a while before she heads to her room to change and work on some personal projects.