2020-08-29: New Job, New Home, New Hope

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New Job, New Home, New Hope
Vic visits the New Hope MMA and accepts a job and housing offer from Raise.
IC Date August 29th, 2020
IC Time ~6pm
Players Bieta, Raise and Vic
Location New Hope MMA

A limo pulls up out front and Raise climbs out and starts to head for the front doors to the gym.

Vic is walking westerly towards New Hope, heading from 3rd Street, as the limo pulls up. Seeing a recognized face from the meeting the night before she picks up her pace and waves in his general direction, not wanting to call out though the afternoon foot traffic along the sidewalk.

Seeing Vic Raise smiles and holds the door open for her, "Hello Victoria is it? Come on in." his poise and demeanor denotes him as the gentle giant type.

Vic's right eyebrow raises as her name is said in full. "Vic," she says expressing a preference more than a correction. As she gets closer it is obvious that it only just dawned on her exactly how tall Raise is. She smirks and says, "I was really focused last night to miss that," without explaining the realization verbally. "I was hoping to capitalize on the offers made and apparently lucked into running into you on my first try."

Raise bows his head, "My apologize Vic. You can call me Raise (OOC Note: pronounced race). Shall we?" he motions with a hand that is not holding the door open.

Scene moved from the street to the main room of the gym.

Raise looks around as he leads you through the gym. He waves at a few people and greets just about everyone. When you get towards the door to the back room he holds the door open, you can see it leads to a hallway with another door at the end, "We can talk privately back here."

Vic follows Raise into the gym saying, "Its okay, no worries." She then says, "Alright, very good."

Scene moved from the main room to the back apartment.

The smell of cowboy beans can be smelled as soon as you open the door from the hallway. Raise says, "No-one lives here. I opened this up for all mystics to have a place to come and relax and be able to talk freely." he motions to the door next to the one you came in, "There is a back gym through there where we can train and not be seen by the muggles. Come in make yourself at home. If you are hungry there are cowboy beans in the crock pot."

"So, any mage or sorcerer I guess," Vic states before asking, "If I were to meet an amiable Unionist and had their bond that they'd play fair do they count also?" Obviously she's got the belief that there can be 'good' Technocrats.

Raise chuckles and shakes his head, "No no. No Technocrats or Nephandi. But everyone else is welcome." he goes and gets himself a bottle of water out of the fridge, "Would you like something to drink?"

"Wait... wait... I assume you mean no Marauders also... because seriously, some Technocrats can be reasonable people... or at least that was true in my world. Course they /were/ on the out... but please tell me you don't allow Marauders free access if you're restricting /all/ Technocrats." Yes, Vic is disturbed by this and her expression shows that she truly hopes it was just an oversight. No reaction to the offer of a drink yet, this girl is focused on the current concern.

Raise laughs, "So... I'm just a Hedge not a Willworker. Last night was the first time I found out about Technocrats, bad, and Nephandi, nightmare, so on that limited knowledge, which Bobbi confirmed, I am going to play it safe and say no to both. I don't know what a Marauder is but based on your reaction I can say that they are not welcome either." he smiles warmly and makes his way over to take a seat on the edge of the couch.

Vic nods and did seem to remember the offer. "I'll get myself something, hope that's okay," she says as she helps herself anyway, pulling a bottled root beer out and then heads to sit on the other side of the couch. She sets her bag down then pulls a pocket knife out of her pocket and uses the bottle opener tool to pop off the cap from her drink and takes a sip before folding away the non-blade and putting the knife away again. "Yeah, Marauders are insane. More dangerous than Nephandi due to their unpredictability. Nephandi just deal with demonic entities after all!" she laughs grimly as she explains this. "Seriously though, even in /my/ world some Technocrats aren't all that bad."

Raise smiles and says, "Well I know when I don't know enough so if you find this good technocrat and can convince the other Mages that they are indeed good then I am open." he smiles and nods, "So I hear you are good with computers?" he leans forward and seems hopeful.

Vic nods slowly and, after taking another sip of her IBC root beer, says, "You could say that, yeah," grinning as she speaks. "You noticed what I was doing though most of the meeting perhaps?" she asks.

Raise nods I did but it was not until after you left the meeting that it was brought up that we might be able to mutually assist each other. I hear you could use a temporary place to stay and the computer systems here at the gym though mundane have not been updated in years. I was thinking maybe a trade. Room and board for your help updating the computer systems here. What do you say?"

Vic laughs again and says, "I see Astra's still torn between wanting to have her hands on my Tandy and getting me off her couch." Another sip of her root beer punctuates the pause before she speaks again. "Not exactly fair to you if you give me room and board for a one time job. I'd insist on continuing to maintain the computers while I'm staying here also." She makes eye contact and asks, "I assume that'd be alright?"

Raise nods, "Of course. And if you see anything else that you can do to make things better around her let me know. I am open to a lot of things." he motions with his hand to the back hallway, "So there are two bedrooms back there. They do lock, and the keys are on the desk in the room. The bathroom is a full bath and the shower is nicer than the one at my condo. There is an app for the gym that I just had built you can give that a look over as well." Um here you should get the grand tour." He stands and heads for the back gym.

Scene moved to the back gym.

Vic follows along, having left her bottle for recycling after finishing it off.

Raise waves around the gym, "This is the area we can train. The emergency exit leads to the back alley. So this is a business that is open twenty four seven so just keep things civil when there is interaction there. Umm questions?"

Vic nods and says, "Excellent, that was what I was hoping to discuss with you," and then asks, "When do you do the training sessions?"

Raise chuckles, "Well I try to group them the best I can but they end up spread out anyway. But it is the lesson plan that is important so as long as you can commit to a number of sessions over the span of the month then you are good. Basic brawling is the next class and it starts in about a week. I have a new class every two weeks."

Vic says, “That sounds like something I'd like to join in on that class." She pulls a kubotan out of a pocket also, there's still keys hanging from it even showing its served as a keychain also. "Any chance you'd do some basic melee training also, I usually have to hop for inspiration or cram some skill the night before.”

Raise smiles but shakes his head, "No I don't use weapons. I do teach maneuvers in martial arts that allow you to do damage as if you were wielding a weapon, also to fight against an opponent that is armed. But the actual use of weapons I have never really found a need for."

Vic nods. "I've found advantages to be good and I try to have at least one or two tucked away in my back pocket for contingencies," she explains as she slides the kubotan into... a back pocket of course. "So, you're a hedge you said... I assume that's some sort of sorcerer?" she asks, showing a huge hole in her bank of knowledge.

Raise nods, "Yes I am a Sorcerer. Well I was born an Anti-Psychic but I didn't know about it until I was an adult. And My mentor taught me the ways of Ki what most call Mana. I have increased my knowledge as I practice."

Vic frowns slightly but also nods. "I've never really learned anything about Sorcerers," she says. "Hell, I was a sleeper until I went to college even." She then asks, "Is mana like Quintessence... or do you not know enough about mages to know the answer?"

Raise nods, "It is like it yes. With some time and concentration I can convert it into a form I can use which is Mana. I can change a ward into any other type of ward I want. I can use Mana to help with a counterspell or even change the mana in a room the cause a specific beneficial effect. Ki is a powerful force. I can convert it into destructive energy, namely fire or use it to heal. One of the main differences with Hedges is that we don't get Paradox, ohh we can fuck up a casting and do some real harm to ourselves and or others but it is different than Pparadox."

Vic nods and then shakes her head. "Yeah, that's weird. I guess that what you do is in line with the consensus." She pauses and then says, "Yeah, makes it static magic rather than dynamic magic, that does make sense." She then asks a quick follow up question, "Do all sorcerers call themselves hedges?"

Raise laughs and shakes his head, "Most do. but there are odd ones in all walks. Some think that term is dirty. I like it. It is kind of like me call you a Willworker over just calling you a Mage. I think action and intent are much more important to ones character than following some rigorous politically correct way of talking or acting. Why can't we just be who we are and screw those who want us to be something else but I guess we all conform in our own ways no matter what we do."

"So, you didn't seem to know much about some types of Willworkers," Vic says, "Anything I can help clear up?"

Bieta has arrived.

Raise seems to be showing Vic around and they are currently just chatting easily just inside the door.

Bieta does not expect there to be anyone or anything in front of the door when she and Kasia try to enter the room so when the door connects with something or someone on the other side, Bieta says, "I am sorry...is there something in front of the door or did I just hit someone with the door?"

Raise takes a couple steps forward when the heel of his shoe gets in the way of the door, "Oops sorry Bieta. Didn't realize I was that close to the door." he waves to Kasia, "Hey kiddo." then looking back to Bieta, "Have you met Vic?" then looking to Vic, "Vic this is Bieta and her daughter Kasia."

Vic steps out of the way of the door and says, "Its okay, you just hit my hip rather than my computer," to Bieta. "Nice to meet you.... miss?" she adds in greeting.

Bieta and Kasia, her nine year old daughter, come into the room and look at Vic. Bieta says, "Good day!" as she extends a hand to Vic.

Vic shakes Bieta's hand with one of her hands while reaching out to ruffle the nine year old's hair if she's allowed to with the other. Either way, and taking no offense if stopped, she says, "Well, I need to go look over those computers you've got and see what I can about them for you. I'll write up a proposal for spending and present it to you sometime in the next couple of days after which we can discuss the details further, `kay?" to Raise.

Raise nods to Vic as he takes out his phone, "Dale is manager right now. He can show you the office and server closet," he chuckles and then leans in and whispers in Vic ear, "I did not pick that password and I don't know how to change it so do that first and tell me what the new one is. I will text Dale and let him know you on your way up front."

Kasia says, "Hej!", then tries to fix her hair. Bieta says, "Dr. Elżbieta Dymna is a name by which I am called." She pauses for a moment as though waiting for Vic to tell her something in return. Bieta releases Vic's hand when it would be appropriate to do so as Vic continues to speak to Raise. Kasia giggles again over something Raise says.

"I'm Raise's new computer consultant, you both can call me Vic," she says in response to Bieta's introduction. To her new boss and landlord she says, "I'll go talk to Dale, I want to check the server and the security system so let him know that please," and then, addressing Bieta again, "I've got to get to work earning my room and board but I'm sure we'll see each other around." She shifts her bag's strap on her shoulder and smiles before heading towards the front of the building.