2019.06.16:CB Street Race

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Carlsbad Street Racing June 2019
Street Racing get-together in Carlsbad with a bike race highlight.
IC Date June 16th 2019
IC Time Late night.
Players Arianna, Kumo, Stryfe, Bonnie, Cedric, Vivianne, Calevaro, Arcadia, Persephone, Paris, Eave, Yu Yan, Dave
Location Museum of Making Music parking lot, south of downtown Carlsbad.
Prp/Tp Street racing event 838.
Spheres Street.

Logfile from City of Hope.

Museum of Making Music - Parking Lot And Field(#16894RM)

Most of the parking is conveniently covered. A double row of slots and then a single row at the far back facing some open lawn that fills the rest of the way to Fleet Street. A few spots along the sides facing the adjoining buildings and their lots are uncovered, as is the row along the back of the building. There are some slots included for a couple of buses and for charging electric vehicles. Beyond the parking lot is an open field kept regularly mowed. It's divided from Fleet Street at the far end and the larger parking lots of the flanking buildings by a hedge and row of trees.

And at the back is where the actual entrance is. The building itself has white paneling with gray trim while the hedge wraps around from the front. An opening in the hedge, and three palm trees on each side, makes room for a wide gray walkway, flanked by low greenery, leading to the glass doors of the entryway. Above the entrance is a balcony and in large, gray, block letters NAMM at the top of building. There's a sign with posted hours of operation: Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-5PM.

During the day the lot is fairly busy during operating hours, with less activity before and after as staff and cleaning crew work. It's not too uncommon for outdoor concerts to be set up in the back lawn. At night there's rarely activity, and little lighting besides ambient city lights and the streetlights in the distance and flanking lots.

Places and important +note available here.




Course + Rules(#14448)

Ford Cargo Van - Race Night!(#14111)

Ducati SuperSport S(#11335)

Obvious Exits:

Entrance <MOMM> Armada Drive <O>

Course + Rules(#14448)

Race course system

- Botch = -2 advantage, 0 = -1 advantage, 1 = no change, 3 = +1 advantage, 5 = +2 advantage.

- Placement based on Start roll, then total advantage after each section.

- Most advantage at the end wins. Tie goes to who had highest place before the final stretch.


- Dex+Drive vs 5, succs determine initial race placement in addition to earning advantage


- Per+Alert/Streetwise vs 7 to affect Drive roll (for forseeing best route through traffic)

3 succs = +1 succ, 5 succs = +2 succ, botch = +1 diff

- Wits+Drive vs 6 for speed dodging obstacles


- Dex+Drive vs 7 or Dex+Drive vs 8 for +1 advantage (drifting or other tricks)


- Wits+Drive vs 7 to dodge traffic

Start - Armada Dr by south entrance, heading north

Turn - roundabout merge with Legoland Dr

Turn - left onto Cannon Rd

Straightaway - west on Cannon Rd

Intersection - passing Paseo Del Norte and northbound offramp

Turn - left onto onramp

Straightaway - south on San Diego Fwy

Turn - offramp onto Palomar Airport Rd

Intersection - passing northbound offramp and Paseo Del Norte

Turn - left onto Armada Dr

Straightaway - to finish, no traffic but turns with lane dividers, +1 diffs

Ford Cargo Van - Race Night!(#14111)

A blocky, windowless cargo van with the Ford logo probably approaching a decade old. While it has the original black grill and bumpers for looking tough, the original white has had a lot of dramatic custom paint work.

Across the hood and the front sides there are orange rose blossoms blowing in the wind with petals floating away. The passenger side of the van starts with a California beach scene reminiscent of Carlsbad beaches that fades into a woman in a colorful traditional Mexican folk dance dress dancing in front of an adobe building. The driver side depicts a scene of half a dozen cars racing, lights leaving blurred trails and all, in front of the Carlsbad skyline at night. The rear doors have a series of parchments wrapped in rose vines and orange blossoms containing quotes about the thrill of racing.

At night the van (typically) comes even more alive as some of the paint glows. The orange rose blossoms light up. The moon over the beach, and colorful lights highlighting the dancer. The city lights and the lights on the race cars. And the orange rose blossoms and the text of the quotes.

On race night the lights are all on and the rear doors are open. Inside there are some electronics and a college-aged Mexican American man at work. You may get to see a drone fly out with a camera. Sitting outside the van is a large tv screen to show overhead video of the race. Somewhere nearby a bookie hangs out to handicap the races and take bets for anyone interested.

Kumo is a 5'8" young Caucasian woman, her physique lean and toned from her work in her Forge. Her amethyst purple eyes take in the world around her, sharp and unflinchingly perceptive. She wears a warm smile, however, easily greeting the new people that come into her life. Her current hairstyle is long and subtly wavy in brilliant orange, complementing the black lipstick she is currently wearing.

She's wearing a black T-Shirt with the statement 'I don't suffer from delusions, I enjoy them', and a pair of black cargo pants and sneakers. There is the telltale plastic cover of an E-Tool attached to her belt. She also wears a leather collar to complete the ensemble, but shows no signs of other make-up, piercings, or tattoos (Appearance 3, Angelic Gaze, Fame: 1 (YouTube Personality)).


Short cropped hair so blue it belongs in a Slurpee cup. This is in contrast with the unnaturally red and yellow eyes. This teen or twenty something has eyes that are a bit sunken and her skin is a bit ashen. This contrasts heavily with the thick black almost tribal designs going up from her neck to her chin and the black highlights around her lips. To trained in a more geek or pop culture lore the eyes and designs indicate some affection towards Sith style. Some people love their cosplay year round. Her body is that of a runner or someone, aside the pallor to them, that lives a very fit and active lifestyle. Long of limb and without shoes is likely around 5'10" tall. Her movements are deft and catlike. Like some sort of predator eternally stalking its prey.

Continuing the trend she wears a black close fit tunic top with a black with red streaked half vest. The sleeves of the shirt are clasped with black leather bracers with red metal reinforcements. A wide leather belt around her waist with a few leather pouches attached to it. Continuing the lack of any color but red and black is her black leggings and sensible black flats. Finally when it's cool outside is the heavy black open front robe with hood.

In some places people might make fun of a woman for wardrobe or makeup choices. But the subtle air of menace and danger stills most tongues. (Bruiser Merit)

Arcadia enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Arcadia has arrived.

This woman stands at 5'7 and looks to be in her late twenties. Her pale skin, while clear, looks like it hasn't seen a ray of sunshine in years. It's safe to say that she doesn't spend much time outside, something which her lean build also attests to. She has dull green eyes, often accompanied by dark bags underneath them. Her center-parted dark brown hair reaches just below her shoulders, and is often tucked behind her ears. She's currently wearing a long black hoodie with the zipper undone, exposing a plain white tee underneath. Slim gray jeans along with a worn-out pair of black running shoes are worn on the lower part of her body.

It's well after dark and a while before races are planned to start. So vehicles are trickling in to gather for the fun. Racers and people showing off vehicles and some just to enjoy the show. The parking lot offers some cover from the street to avoid attention from the fuzz. The colorful, glowing van is putting out some music while people gather, loud enough to hear but not so loud to be a problem for chatter, but gives a party atmosphere when not drowned out by engines.

Arianna is busy milling about to check out the vehicles as the arrive and provide some charming smiles and greetings.

Sure enough, the moment her buddy shared the deets on the race in Carlsbad, Kumo was there! There had been time to kill beforehand, landmarks and food and ultra brewed caffeine in a can to keep it all moving. Legoland is the bomb! One pitstop later, the orange haired lady is pulling into the parking space before cutting the engine. It's not painted anything snazzy, still it's original black, but Corvette's aren't nothing to sneeze at. Her arms stetch high into the air before she's shaking those legs awake again and then strolling around.

Like the sound of a tie fighter on an attack run comes a motorcyclist pulling into the parking lot. Stryfe wearing her protective face mask helmet and riding.. Welll.. It's a motorcycle. The brand? Looks like a full custom rice rocket in red and black with red LED ground effects. Pulling in beside Kumo's Vette she kicks down the stand and takes off the helmet before looking around.

A matte-black Porsche 911 pulls onto the driveway, and out steps Arcadia. She's dressed plainly, and folds a pair of glasses into her pocket as she closes the door. She taps at something behind her ear before she pulls her hoodie up. A look is thrown back at her car before her eyes wander cautiously between the people gathered.

Arianna doesn't take long to take an interest in a Corvette showing up, and the bike with red lights by it. Drivers with the flashy hair colors is interesting too. She comes strolling over to check the vehicles out, and the drivers too, offering a friendly, "Hey there." She looks over the Corvette and remarks, "Classic muscle should be fun. Racing?" Then a grin as she looks over the bike nearby, "Well, that's an aesthetic." She wonders of Stryfe, "Get plenty of comments?" For a moment she also gets distracted watching a Porsche pull in. It's definitely good for quite a mix. There is a red Ferrari parked across the lot, and then that Ducati bike is showing off not far from the lit up van.

Cedric enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Cedric has arrived.

It's well after dark and a while before races are planned to start. So vehicles are trickling in to gather for the fun. Racers and people showing off vehicles and some just to enjoy the show. The parking lot offers some cover from the street to avoid attention from the fuzz. The colorful, glowing van is putting out some music while people gather, loud enough to hear but not so loud to be a problem for chatter, but gives a party atmosphere when not drowned out by engines. That glowing Ducati parked nearby.

Arianna is hanging out near a black Corvette and a black and red racing bike.

"Damn, girl! I don't remember installing that sound system for you!" Kumo had created the sleek beast of a rice burner for Stryfe, but hadn't done -all- the modifications. Just the ones that counted. She's wearing sloped back glasses with yellow lenses, to cut out the blue light that blinds on hallogen headlights. "Oh, hey!" Kumo's attention is pulled by Arianna's approach, and she smile broad and offers a hand for shaking. "2016 isn't too terribly classic, but'll Kiki will do in a pinch. I'm Kumo."

Cedric is dressed in his usual suit. He is clearly not here to join in racing, he is here just to watch. He notices Arianna and would give her a small wave if she spots him.

Stryfe grins at Kumo "Yeah guy owed me a favor. Put in the ground effects and tuned the pipes to get that noise." she points out the exhaust addons but doesn't touch them because hot bike is hot. "I nearly had to break his fingers to keep him from mucking with the engine though. He took one look at the output and all blood left his brain." befor nodding to Arianna "Oh yeah. Well the brave ones. When you've gotta theme you gotta keep to it and helps people remember the DJ from the party. I'm Stryfe. This baby sans sound effects and lighting is her creation." gesturing at Kumo near her.

Arianna responds to Kumo's hand by reaching to take it and give a friendly squeeze with a, "Delighted. I'm Arianna. And I'm sure it'll do just great." With an added, "Stryfe? Arianna. Lovely to meet you." And back to Kumo, "You do a lot of vehicle work? Professionally or for fun?" More broadly to the two of them she wonders, tone definitely pushing it more as a suggestion, "You two going to join the races so those vehicles don't get bored?" Spotting Cedric nearby she grins and lifts her arm to wave his way.

Cady takes a few steps closer to the others while silently admiring Kumo's handiwork. "Not bad." She says in regards to the bike, and is about to continue before Arianna steps in. She's offered a polite smile. "I'm Arcadia. Cady's fine." Then, her eyes move between Kumo and Stryfe. "I take it you two know eachother?"

"For fun, mostly. Special requests for my friends. And you bet your money I'm joining the race! I didn't get Kiki all gussied up." Yes, the 2016 Chevy Corvette Z06 is a plain black, but it's well cared for by one of the best mechanics around. Kumo snorts when Stryfe mentions her modding woes. "Yeah, we've known each other for a little over a year. Weirdest shit happens at college. Nice to meet you, Candi."

Bonnie has arrived.

Bonnie is a rather tall woman, approaching 5'10" in height, with muscular arms that are only seen when she takes off her long leather duster and loose plaid outer shirt to reveal a white tank-top beneath. Layers, it's important. Her body shape is extremely athletic, and her skin is pale, porcelein even. Around her neck, she wears a slip of brown leather as a choker with three silver pieces spaced around it. In each silver piece is a turquoise in a very mid-western vibe. Her long hair is a rich auburn and is in a thick pleated braid that is draped over one shoulder.

On top of her head, she wears a rich brown cowboy hat with the rim edged in a lighter brown leather. The cowboy hat is often brought low, to obscure her eyes. On her legs, she wears a pair of jeans, well used and comfortable, and around her waist is a leather belt with a large silver beltbuckle with the design of a mountain lion etched in it. On her feet, she wears a pair of steel tipped cowboy boots, with designs in the leather that are brought out with different colored dyes. Over her hands, she always wears a pair of tight, black gloves that barely reach her wrists.


Nodding to Arcadia "Yeah, sometimes people get REAL experimental in college.. Just in this case it was racing." Strye says with a impish grin. Nodding along with Kumo "Yep. Came for the racing. Usually I'm tearing through the desert. So city racing is going to be interesting."

Arianna turns a bit at Arcadia's approach and then offers, "Arianna. A pleasure." Followed by wondering, "The Porsche, right?" And then a leading, "Going to put that to test on the street?" Then her attention shifts back to Kumo with a, "Great to hear it. It's always fun to see what the personal work can do." A chuckle for Stryfe too, "Experimenting can be fun. I got into the racing that way. And the painting. Mm, yeah, city racing is a different animal. Lots more obstacles, and lights, less flat out speed."

Cedric smiled briefly when Arianna waved to him. Now that she knows he is here he decides to move a little closer to the van to take in the music.

The loud sound of a motorcycle may or may not be heard from all of the sounds already here. It's parked and dismounting is a tall girl in a cowgirl hat, a string tied beneath her chin keeps the hat on, which she proceeds to untie. On her eyes are a pair of dark sunglasses. She'll adjust her jacket and look around slowly before she'll stride towards where she believes she needs to be, spying Cedric then and turning to angle in his direction. Her steps are slow, she's in no rush, matter of fact,s he sorta of meander's.

Persephone has arrived.

"Clever." Cady responds to Kumo sarcastically. "You gonna ask me for my lunch money, next?" She chortles at that before shaking her head. "Good to meet you too." She looks at Stryfe with an arched eyebrow. "Right." Her tone is cautious, as if she's unsure of it's some kind of inside joke or not. A nod is given to Arianna. "Oh, no way the software's ready for that yet. Barely got here in one piece. Just here to watch, I'm afraid."

Paris enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Paris has arrived.

It's well after dark and a while before races are planned to start. So vehicles are trickling in to gather for the fun. Racers and people showing off vehicles and some just to enjoy the show. The parking lot offers some cover from the street to avoid attention from the fuzz. The colorful, glowing van is putting out some music while people gather, loud enough to hear but not so loud to be a problem for chatter, but gives a party atmosphere when not drowned out by engines. That glowing Ducati parked nearby.

For notable figures, Arianna, Kumo, Stryfe, and Arcadia have gathered around a black Corvette and black-and-red bike for a chat. Bonnie is moseying over to join Cedric at the party around the van.

Persephone dropped Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR.

Black leather jacket, zipped half way up. Sleeves down to just about her wrists with the hint of cheetah print from the wrists. Metal Zippers and Studs decorate the jaket, and more studs can be seen on the black top worn underneath. This woman has attitude, but means business it seems.

The woman's long jet black hair, and pale white skin set off her dark smokey eyes and thick lashes. One might call her goth, but really, it is just a fashion choice. She wears black leggings and boots, that enhances the look of her long legs that bring her to a height of 5'8". Of course that smile, when her lips are red, entices as much as her smooth voice.


It would be hard for Cedric not to notice Bonnie. He walks over to her, "Hey there, thanks for coming by. I am no racer myself but it is good to know that I know some people that are. I am hearing word that the race is not going to start for another fourty minutes or so. That gives us plenty of time to catch up or meet some of the others."

Race Modified Suzuki Hayabusa has arrived.

Paris dropped Race Modified Suzuki Hayabusa.

21 year old white male with long black hair and blue eyes. He stands at a medium height and has a skinny/athletic build. He is dressed in a silver silk shirt, a black leather biker jacket with blue edging, and black cargo pants held up with a silver studded belt. A wallet chain hangs from his left side. He is also wearing black fingerless gloves that also cover half of the forearm. Blue leather straps are wrapped around the gloves. His accessories include a black leather choke color with several metal loops, two rosaries (one silver and one black, a silver studded bracelet, and a pair of black and blue DJ style headphones. Finally to top off the ensemble, a pair of black leather biker boots.

Wiki: https://coh.spork.com/index.php?title=Paris

"You hear that, Stryfe? No desert cliffsides for you." Kumo refrains from further jokes about the woman's Sith themes and talents in mixed company. Despite their amiable friendship, the orange haired woman refrains from actual close contact. Maybe that's just not her thing. She offers a change in topic. "Legoland is busy this year. Have you ever gone?"

A roar comes from several blocks away and grows closer. Paris rounds a street corner on his bike and pulls into the parking lot slowly. He finds a space to park and then shuts the engine down and hops off. He looks around in interest of all the other vehicles here and thier drivers.

Upon stepping up to Cedric, Bonnie will tip her hat towards him politely and murmer in that thick Texas accent of hers, "Howdy, goodta seeya..", she'll offer. "Ain't a problem, ah enjoy this kinda thang. Love racin', watchin' or doin', although ah'm not all that great at racin' to be honest." She'll glance around and then asks, "Forty minutes? Yeh, sure, been awhile since ah chatted with others." Yeah, been awhile to actually TALK to others for her apparently.

"I'm a music major at the University and DJ on my off time. I met Kumo at some of my side gigs." Stryfe explains before grinning at Kumo "But how am I supposed to get my adrenaline fix? No ones fast enough out on the desert straights." then she's eyeing the other bikes that are showing up. "But this should be fun. I don't suppose there's betting going down?"

<Persephone> A black sleek bike zooms in and parks not far from others that are here. As the driver gets off the bike, she takes off her helmet, letting her flowing black hair fall around her shoulders. She unzips her leather jacket about half way, and then gets out a cloth to shiny up her bike just a bit. No smudges allowed on her baby!

Arianna gives Arcadia an overly dramatic adorable pout of disappointment at her response, playing at being quite hurt. But then she winks, to make sure it's taken as play. Then she retorts unhelpfully to Kumo, "Maybe I can find some cliff racing another time." Followed by smoothly moving info a casual fib, "Unfortunately Legoland's hours and my day job hours don't match up very well." To Stryfe she adds, "Ooh. DJ seems like a fun gig." She gestures to the Museum, "Something here a music major might like to check out." She gets distracted briefly seeing Bonnie and Cedric meeting up, looking curious. and then a distraction from that with new arrivals like Paris and his bike, and then Persephone, who gets a grin and a wave across the lot.

<Race Modified Suzuki Hayabusa>

High gloss black with chrome. 12" extended swing arm. Engine, suspension and frame mods. Turbo and NOS installed.

Cedric shrugs to Bonnie, "I can't say I am a hardcore fan of such but am more than willing to learn more about. I am more here because of where this is taking place and who organized this. If you think it would help I could bring you to Arianna and she could introduce you to the others?" He then notices the goth biker, he gives her a small wave.

Paris looks his bike over and then moves about the lot, looking at the other rides in curiousity. From time to time he pauses and admires the things he might not of seen before or at least not seen in person.

Bonnie tips her hat up slightly to look around, her gaze falling on arianna. "If y'want. She looks busy.." Then she'll glance over to where Cedric is waving, and she'll let her gaze linger.... on the bike. Giving a little grin, the normally stoic cowgirl looks rather appreciative. She'll adjust her shades and then hangs out there, leaning back on her heel to observe the vehicles in the area. "Is this fer money, or just fer joy?"

"Fair enough." Cady responds to Stryfe casually. She's briefly distracted by all the new arrivals before she picks up on Arianna's act. A shrug's offered. "No fun in competing if you can't win." She moves in a little closer. "Is this being recorded, by the way? Could really use the data." A pause. "Not in like a narc way, just need to see how everything moves." She clarifies hastily. Turning back to the dynamic duo, she seems intrigued by the idea of betting. "I'd hope so." She says quietly before going back to study the new arrivals.

Vivianne enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Vivianne has arrived.

Calevaro enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Calevaro has arrived.

Persephone looks around and sees the wave from Cedric. She smirks and gives a chin jut toward him. "Yo!" She approaches the others with a stride of confidence. "So who's in charge of signing up to race here?"

Paris stops to answer a text message breifly. He places the phone back into his jacket pocket and moves to look over the race course details and rules. He stands looking it over.

It wasn't difficult for Calevaro to hear about the race: Its the sort of thing that one can easilly know about, if only they know what and won to ask. He makes his way in cilently, waving to the people he recognises.

Cedric looks over to where Persephone is going then looks to Bonnie, "Thinking we might as well get you setup as well? Time seems to be flying by and it should be starting in under ten minutes. I am pretty sure this race is just for joy but as with all things I am sure there can be a little side action to be had some where."

Kumo's wearing those yellow-lense wrap-around driving glasses, so her purple eyes look more like a muddled brown. "Is it just me, or have most of the menfolk opted out of the race?..." The wanna-be punk rocking Goth confides in Stryfe. Orange hair to Stryfe's blue, they look like a pair of Portal fans lost at the wrong convention.

Long after dark, plenty of time for people to trickle in even from Prospect and other areas. The parking lot is filling up with vehicles, some for racing and some for show and some just to bring partiers. (Check out the race event van for some details.) The colorful, glowing van is putting out some music to help the party mood, when not drowned out by the engines. The glowing Ducati parked nearby. Also a bookie hanging out nearby. In the van a guy is busy at work, setting up a tv screen. And then some drones start launching out of the back, taking off up into the night sky. Plenty of people are gathering around the van, and Tony, the guy working there, is taking sign-ups for both video and the racing. And there's various other clusters around other vehicles as people socialize and check out the cool rides.

The soft purr of a Honda engine can be heard, as a CBR1100XX rolls up, with a definitively feminine figure on the back. Her ride is gunmetal grey, with red effects around the wheel, matching the rider's protective gear. Looks like one part comfort, one part style, on both counts. Whipping off her helmet, brunette curls come tumbling down, Vivianne eyes those here with a tired and apologetic smile, still astride her ride. The brunette vixen is late.

Vivianne is a petite fair-skinned brunette, standing no more than perhaps five foot four. Silky ringlets fall down past her shoulders, pinned in place by a crystal Lotus Blossom clip and diamond-studded golden Rose. Her features are flawless and youthful, looking to be no more than mid 20ies at best. The rosy glow to her skin is not due to any makeup, but simply natural beauty shining through. Large, expressive blue eyes, partly hidden behind long lashes, accent the pale beauty of her features. Ruby red lipstick, covers her full, lush lips. Her figure is neither skinny nor excessive, but it is a classic hourglass shape that cannot be hidden no matter what she wears. When she speaks, it is decidedly melodic and entrancing.. her voice commands attention, caught in eternal song.

<Cut her outfit desc due to this: Vivianne pages: Didn't change descs. Of all the ones I have, I don't have my riding gear desc'd, and I'm not riding in a leather corset. :)>

<OOC: App 4, Cha 5, Enchanting Voice, Spirit Sight, Deceptive Aura, Blush of Health>


His features are soft, almost delicate, tough the intelligence in his bright, expressive green eyes shows he has seen a lot of what the large world has to offer. His most noticeable feature is, without a doubt, his hair: It is of a fiery red collor, having been pulled bheind his head into a ponytail, which goes all the way to the middle of his back. His frame is neiter muscular nor slim, being somewhere in the middle of that spectrun. With slow movements and jestures, this man appears, from a distance, to have a calm disposition toward life. If one were to gaze into his eyes, they would be able to easilly read his emotions. He is currently wearing a well-made, black suit, along with a pair of black, polished shoes (appearance 5).

Stryfe reaches into her pockets and pulls out a roll of bills. She nods to Kumo "Well you know when the girls have more balls than the guys.." before looking around before heading over to make sure she's all signed up for the bike race before returning to her custom beast. "Okay.. Now to find out who's taking bets so I can take some peoples money."

Calevaro would calmly look at all the vehicles, giving an approving nod to some of the rides, still staying cilent.

Arianna replies to Arcadia with a shrug, "I suppose that's true." She grins and adds, "It is. You can buy a copy with Tony over there. If you're not racing, you can watch from here. So you'll know when to get out in front for the final too." Oh, and for Stryfe she points out the bookie, "Yeah, we've got someone who knows what he's doing to handle that." Then to the three women she grins and replies, "I'd best get on to some more mingling and my MC duties. Catch ya later." And she goes strolling off to join the crowd around the van, giving Cedric a proper, "Hey there. Having some fun?" And then some charming smiles around to others, including Persephone, "REady for fun on the road?" Ooh, Vivianne's arrival gets noted too, with a wave toward her.

"Action? as in gambling? Hmm. Do we sign up somewhere to be added to the roster for the racing?" Bonnie asks in her thick Texas twang to Cedric. She'll loiter there, her hands hanging from her jeans pockets, thumbs hooked in there as she looks around, watching people bring their vehicles and looking at the more interesting ones. She'll let her eyes linger on some of the cars, admiring them.

Cedric looks to Bonnie, "To sign up I think you just need to tell Arianna that you want in." He looks to Arianna then answers her question, "I am enjoying myself yes. I am not sure if you have met Bonnie before. I believe she is interested in joining this race." He notices Calevaro "Hey there, glad you could make it."

Persephone grins to Arianna, "Oh, yeah. Cannot wait to see who gets left in the dust tonight." She is pretty confident, but not knowing the others that well, it is hard to totally judge.

"I had a feeling you would be involved in this," Calevaro says to Arianna as she passes. He would, too, start to walk, moving to approach Cedric, offering the man a polit wave and smile. "It is alsso good to see you here, as always," He says, offering a wave to Bonnie and Persephone as he notices her.

Paris watches the drones take off and then pulls out his phone, tapping away until he picks up a video feed. He strolls over to his bike and mounts the phone to it. He pops the seat and pulls out some tools and begins adjusting a few things.

Vivianne waves to Arianna, since a wink might not be seen in the evening's light and that far away. With a surprised look, she pats herself down as if looking for something, and ends up pulling a phone out of her clevage. The soft glow lights up her face as she reads quietly, and replies to whatever is on it.

Yu Yan enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Yu Yan has arrived.

Dave enters the lot from Armada Drive.

Dave has arrived.

Arianna replies to Cedric turning a smile to Bonnie, "I don't think so. Looking to race? Yeah, we have you covered. Looks like a good night for bikes. I think we'll have some fun." She laughs a bit at Persephone. Then she turns and walks up to the front of the van and hops up one step onto the bumper, then onto the hood, and up the windshield onto the roof to face the growing crowd and all those fancy rides with their big engines. Walking on the roof does get the attention of the poor fellow trying to work there, setting up the tv and controlling those drones that flew off. He steps out long enough to see who it is, look annoyed, and get back to work.

At 5/2 Yu Yan has a tiny petite frame, but at the same time a tight muscled tone that gives her a dancers grace and poise. If someone had to try and guess she looks like she is in her mid twenties, maybe? In all fairness she is a cute little thing, but she looks like trouble. Oh not the bad kind, when she smiles there is an almost drunken swagger, an impish quirkiness about her. She is clearly of Chinese descent, and has large dark eyes that do a lousy job at hiding that mischievous soul. Her hair is black and kept short, but is still 'just' long enough she can pull it all back into a ponytail.

Yu Yan has a well toned sleek little frame that is considered statuesque. A yellow baby-T possessively clings to her petite body leaving her belly, lower back, and long arms bare. On her legs she is wearing a traditional pair of loose fitting Kung Fu style pants that are also the same yellow as her top. On her feet she wears a pair of converse style basketball shoes that are also made of yellow canvas with white laces and soles. Someone has drawn in ballpoint pen, stick figures of little monkeys with little stick swords locked in an epic battle for world domination! Or well something silly like that.

Dave is a touch short of six feet tall, with a medium build. Red hair, blue eyes, light skin, pointy chin. He usually wears blue jeans, worn sneakers, and any one of various solid-color shirts, standing out more due to his voice than his looks.

Paris finishes up on a few minor adjustments. He places his tools back into the bike and returns the seat. He then looks about and sees a woman on the van. He leans on his bike and watches with interest.

Yu Yan walks by down the street and sees all the people and cars and well curiosity is her curse as she drifts over and says more to herself than anyone else "People, I love people!" She gets an impish grin on her face and wanders into the crowd.

Bonnie's shade-covered eyes will turn to look at Arianna and she'll lift a hand to tip her cowgirl hat in her direction. "Evenin'. Yah, ah don't think ah'd mind a lil' racing..." She'll give a ghost of a smile and then glances over at Cedric again and then towards Calevaro as he's greeting. Another hat tip is offered towards him as well as one towards Persephone. It's brief, but Bonnie is ever polite.

Closing her eyes and tuning her perceptions to the Force the Sith driver with her black and red custom bike takes a moment to focus. Stryfe opens her eyes with a grin and trying to surpress the fact that she's kinda scary makes her way over to the booky to register her bet on herself of course and a second bet on Kumo. The advantage of a Bike/Car 'team'. Getting back to the group Stryfe grins at Kumo "Easy money."

"It's all fun and games till someone falls off," Dave muses, mostly talking to himself as he wanders up to join the others milling about. "And yeah, we noticed," he adds, waving a hand to draw Yu Yan's attention.

"Good evening!" Calevaro's tone is warm and friendly as he replies to Bonnie's hat lift, offering her a smile, his hand raising to give a wave to Dave and to Yu yan.

"Cool. Cool, cool, cool." Cady nods to Arianna before she heads off. She looks over towards Tony before she retreats to her car to gather up some gear. It takes her a while to return, but when she does she's carrying a laptop. She exchanges a brief few words with Tony before handing the man a wad of cash. Biting her lip at the absence of any sort of seating, Cady just winds up sitting on the ground. A few quick keystrokes later, she nods to herself in approval. She takes another broad look at the people gathered and her nose wrinkles as she inputs something else. Satisfied, she closes the laptop and heads over to the bookie to place her bets.

"Dude, it's always easy money." Indeed, the 21st century is a glorious time in which to make small fortunes. Kumo smirks as Stryfe is paving her way to either a successful venture, or a spectacular disaster. You never know with races like these. Considering ones's already made her bets, the orange haired racer turns to stroll over to the bookie to make her own pair of bets. Either go big, or go home.

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Charisma(4) + Performance(4) (8 dice) vs 7 for 3 successes. 2 2 2 6 6 +7 +9 +9


Arianna taps her foot on the roof of the van so the music gets shut off and then whistles toward the parking lot to draw attention to herself. Shouldn't be hard with the van as a stage. She calls out with a stage voice, "Is everyone ready for some racing?!" She goes on, starting with a more informational tone, "It's about time to get going. See Tony here to sign up. Just a small fee to get us a winner's pot to race for. You can order a copy of the race video too, after it's scrubbed so the cops can't use it, just in case. Racers get their own copy, to reward the effort." She gestures across, "If you wanna make a bet on the races, see Marco over there." Her tone and cadence starts ramping up, adding some passion to it. (OOC: And page if you wanna talk about Awareness rolls.) "If you're racing, here's the rules. We're running up Armada here, which is conveninetly blocked off now, up to Cannon, then over to hop on the highway, down the highway to Palomar, and then back up to Armada and see who gets past the museum first. No causing crashes, that gets you disqualified, way too much attention from the cops. We wanna see who's the best driver, don't we folks?! Is everyone getting fired up for a race?!"

<3 successes on the Awe roll with NPCs around was figured to not affect any PCs and thus be basically undetectable.>

Calevaro has disconnected.

Paris crosses his arms as he listens to Arianna. A little grin on his face.

Cedric was going to do some more introduction but it seems like the race is going to be starting soon, he looks gives Bonnie a warm smile, "Good luck."

Arianna while up there calling out about the race winning would also have added that the winner can come talk about a custom paint job, if you like the looks of the art on the van.

Bonnie can't help but grin at Cedric, looking rather excited before she turns and begins to swagger on over towards Tony to sign up, and pay the fee. She'll dig into her jacket, an inner pocket to pull out some cash to set on the table.

Stryfe bounces in place with excitement as she grabs her Nihilus styled motorcycle helmet and climbs onto her red and black custom beast. Keying on the red ground effects so she's bathed in a crimson halo and the bike starts to softly howl like a tie fighter from the movies.

Paris watches the riders prepair for the race. From time to time he looks over to his phone still mounted and watches a birds eye view.

Cady can't help but smile at the tangible excitement in the air. She puts her hands in her pockets as she watches the drivers get ready for the race, and snorts to herself upon spotting Stryfe's helmet. "Do not hesitate, show no mercy." She offers in support before adding, "Seriously, don't make me lose my money." A quiet chuckle before she takes a few steps back to get out of the way of any potential racers.

Arianna finishes up after a small pause for the enthusiasm to build, "Already everyone. Rev up those engines! Starting line is the south exit of the lot, a nice straight start north. Get a look at the map first if you can!" Then she's climbing down to head over to her own bike to join in while bikes start revving up and moving toward the street. The tv beside the van does show a Google satellite view of the course so people have a decent idea how to run it.

Pulling up to the starting line Stryfe revs the engine on her bike and gets ready. It does sound a lot like a tie fighter. Gotta keep a theme going. Except for lightsabering the competition. That would be disqualification worthy. Stryfe reaches back and flips down a cover which occludes her license plate. Just in case.

After signing up, Bonnie will stride on over towards her bike, and as she walks, she'll take off her cowgirl hat for once and put it into some saddlebags she has on her bike. Her bike doesn't look like a crotch rocket at all, it looks more like a Harley, with saddlebags. She probably won't be very streamlined, but racing is fun after all. Hopping onto her bike, she'll straddle it and turn it on before she'll roll her bike over towards where the bikes begin to gather. Cedric has left.

Arianna revs her own engine, even putting on a helmet what with the racing, and goes to pull her flashy Ducati up to the starting line too. Armada is a nice wide four lanes with a turn lane there.

Persephone goes back to her bike, slips on her helmet, and fluidly starts up the engine. She moves up to the starting line with her sleek bik, and is ready to go. vroom!

Vivianne, by now, has her bike parked. Doesn't look like she's racing, despite the ride and gear she's got. Flag in hand, she heads to the starting line with purpose. The sultry brunette raises it, ruby lips quirked in a wry smile. The countdown begins.. 3... 2... 1.... GO!

<Note for rolls: Stryfe showed a -3 Diff for Drive rolls for a special vehicle and -1 diff for Perception rolls. Arianna has Crack Driver for -2 diff on Drive rolls.>

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 2 for 6 successes. 1 +4 +4 +6 +7 +7 +9 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Dexterity(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 3 for 5 successes. 1 2 +3 +4 +4 +7 +9 9


<Persephone rolled diff 7 instead of 5 by accident, but it didn't affect the results.>

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 3 successes. 1 2 2 4 4 +8 +8 +9 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 5 for 1 successes. 2 3 4 4 +9


<Start of the race, Stryfe pulled in front with Arianna on her tail, Persephone close behind, and Bonnie last (of the PCs).>

(S=2, A=2, P=1, B=0)

Paris mounts his bike. Starting it up, the bike gives a roar and a deep echo of exhuast. He reaches back and grabs his helmet and puts it on. As he closes the visor, the heads up display comes to life, giving him all the stats he needs to know as he rides. He kicks the stand and then slowly takes off out of the lot and into the road, he kicks it into gear and departs. Heading away and into the distance. The roar of the bike, quickly fades.

Amy has arrived.

Race Modified Suzuki Hayabusa has left.

Paris Paris enters Race Modified Suzuki Hayabusa.

Paris heads out to Armada Drive.

Paris has left.

Sharpe has arrived.

A group of bikes are just taking off from a starting line out the south side of the Museum lot, blasting off with revving engines and squealing tires after Vivianne wryly dropped the flag. People who filters out of the lot to watch the start all hurry back to the lot to see an aerial view of the race on a tv set up out near the back of that lit up cargo van as a drone starts following the race from above while Stryfe takes out to a lead with Arianna close behind.

<There was an agreement to work through the rolls and do results after, due to too many rolls planned.>

<OOC> Arianna says, "Second roll is the Turn, the roundabout that merges on to Legoland Dr. Dex+Drive vs 7, or Dex+Drive vs 8 if you're pulling a fancy stunt like drifting to try to get an advantage."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 5 for 1 successes. 1 1 1 3 +5 7 8 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 4 successes. 2 4 4 4 6 +7 +7 +8 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Dexterity(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 6 for 4 successes. 1 2 4 +6 +6 +9 +9 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 4 successes. 5 +8 +8 +9 +9


<Passing through the roundabout, Stryfe and Arianna both tried trick driving and Arianna pulled cut ahead while Persephone and Bonnie both pulled a good, clean turn picking up some ground.

(S=1/3, A=2/4, P=1/2, B=1/1)

Dave continues to wander around the edges of the crowd, watching and cheering on as the drivers show off. Also, casing the joint across the street. (Not the museum, though; too visible.)

<OOC> Arianna says, "Yep. Next turn from Legoland left to head west on Cannon. Same rule as the last, sharp turn. On Cannon there will be traffic."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 2 successes. 1 4 +8 +9 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Dexterity(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 6 for 1 successes. 1 1 4 5 5 +6 7 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 3 successes. 2 3 3 5 5 6 +7 +7 +10


<OOC> Stryfe says, "Still drifting for speed"

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 5 for 1 successes. 1 1 1 2 +5 7 10 10


<Stryfe and Arianna took the next turn pulling tricks to try to gain advantage and just managed to pull them off, Persephone made a clean turn, and Bonnie just got through.>

(S=1/4, A=1/5, P=1/3, B=0/1)

Yu Yan wacthes the race as she oohhhs and ahhs. Seems here she loves bikes, and crowds, for the little street magician she is in her element."

<OOC> Arianna says, "So now we get to blast a straightaway along Cannon Drive, 4 lanes to play with but with traffic. Per + Alert or Streetwise vs 7 to potentially lower your Drive diff by avoiding obstacles."

(I screwed that up and didn't catch until too late it was supposed to be adding succs instead of lowering diffs, so we winged it.)

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Perception + Alertness vs 6 for 0 successes. 1 1 2 3 4 8 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Perception(5) + Streetwise(4) (9 dice) vs 7 for 3 successes. 2 2 3 4 5 6 +7 +8 +9


<OOC> Stryfe says, "Jeebus, well at least I didn't botch."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Perception + Alertness vs 7 for 3 successes. 1 6 +8 +8 +8 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Perception + Alertness vs 7 for 3 successes. 1 5 +7 +8 +9 10


Eave enters the lot from Armada Drive. Eave has arrived.

<OOC> Arianna says, "No affect to Stryfe's roll, the rest of us get a -1 diff. Base roll for speed around traffic is Wits+Drive vs 6."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Wits + Drive vs 3 for 7 successes. +3 +6 +7 +8 +8 +10 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Wits(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 3 for 6 successes. 1 +4 +5 +5 +7 +8 +9 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Wits + Drive vs 5 for 6 successes. 2 2 3 +6 +6 +7 +7 +9 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Wits + Drive vs 5 for 3 successes. 4 +5 +6 +8


(S=2/6, A=2/7, P=2/5, B=1/2)

<Barreling down Cannon Road dodging the traffic, everyone cleanly winds through and gains ground with Arianna leading, though Bonnie not quite as much.>

In the parking lot there's a lot of vehicles gathered, and a crowd. There's a large tv outside the cargo van that's displaying an aerial view of a group of motorcycles tearing down the streets.

Eave walks into the parking lot curious to all the goings on and commotion and noise. She seems almost facinated at the van with the displays as well as the bikes and cars.

<OOC> Arianna says, "Now everyone has to navigate the busy intersections of Paseo Del Norte and the highway on and off ramps. Wits+Drive vs 7 to dodge the traffic and get ready for the turn onto the highway."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Wits(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 5 for 5 successes. 1 2 +5 +7 +9 +9 +9 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Wits + Drive vs 4 for 6 successes. 2 +6 +7 +8 +10 +10 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Wits + Drive vs 7 for -1 successes. -1 -1 2 4


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Wits + Drive vs 7 for 4 successes. 1 3 4 5 +7 +8 +8 +9 10


<Weaving through the traffic with the Paseo Del Norte and highway on and off ramps follows a similar pattern with Arianna leading the way through deftly, but Bonnie lost time getting cut off by traffic and having to get going again.>

(S=2/8, A=2/9, P=1/6, B=-2/0)

<OOC> Arianna says, "I don't think the dice are happy with Bonnie. Well, she may have lost time avoiding a collision. But now it's the hard turn to get on the onramp. Dex+Drive vs 7, or vs 8 if you're trying fancy maneuvers."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 5 for 3 successes. 1 2 4 4 +5 +8 +9 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 0 successes. 1 -1 -1 2 2 3 5 6 7


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 4 successes. 2 +8 +10 +10 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Dexterity(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 6 for 5 successes. 1 3 +6 +7 +8 +8 +8 9


<Then came the turn onto the onramp. Arianna's trick driving paid off very well, gaining some ground on Stryfe despite her very good trick, while Persephone barely made the turn losing some ground and Bonnie took it cleanly making up some.>

(S=2/10, A=3/12, P=-1/5, B=1/1)

<OOC> Arianna says, "Now comes the fast straight run along the highway. Per+Alert or Streetwise vs 7 to try to reduce diff. Then Wits+Drive vs 6 for the high speed dodging traffic."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Perception + Alertness vs 6 for 2 successes. 1 2 3 5 +6 +6 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Perception(5) + Alertness(4) (9 dice) vs 7 for 5 successes. 2 2 3 4 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Perception + Alertness vs 7 for 1 successes. 1 2 4 6 +8 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Perception + Alertness vs 7 for 1 successes. 2 2 3 5 6 +9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Wits + Drive vs 3 for 7 successes. +3 +3 +3 +6 +8 +9 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Wits + Drive vs 5 for 2 successes. 2 4 +5 +8


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Wits(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 4 for 6 successes. 1 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +8 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Wits + Drive vs 6 for 2 successes. 1 2 3 4 5 5 +9 +10 10


<Blasting down the freeway Arianna and Stryfe found the angles to pour the speed on gaining ground, except on each other, while Persephone and Bonnie had some trouble with the traffic.>

(S=2/12, A=2/14, P=0/5, B=0/1)

<OOC> Arianna says, "After blasting down the highway we have to cut down the offramp and make a hard left onto the Palomar Airport Blvd. Another Dex+Drive vs 7, or vs 8 if trying stunts."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 5 for 4 successes. 1 3 3 +5 +5 +6 +6 8


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Dexterity(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 6 for 5 successes. 1 3 +6 +8 +8 +9 +10 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 2 successes. 1 3 +8 +10 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for -1 successes. -1 2 3 3 3 4 5 6 6


<Arianna found the right angle to get through the traffic and make the turn nicely, and Stryfe also pulled thorugh pretty well. Bonnie and Persephone seem to have caught the traffic light wrong and Persephone got twisted around dodging vehicles losing ground.>

(S=1/13, A=2/16, P=-2/3, B=0/1)

<OOC> Arianna says, "Ouch. Persephone gets sidetracked dodging some traffic without smacking into the overpass. Now we have to navigate the intersections again to get up to speed. Not too much further to go. Wits+Drive vs 7."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Wits + Drive vs 4 for 7 successes. +4 +6 +6 +7 +9 +9 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Wits(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 5 for 3 successes. 2 3 4 4 4 +7 +9 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Wits + Drive vs 7 for 1 successes. 2 3 3 +9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Wits + Drive vs 7 for 6 successes. 3 5 5 +7 +7 +8 +9 +10 +10


<Winding through the intersections dodging traffic, Stryfe and Persephone do a really great job making up a lot of ground. Bonnie just gets through, though Arianna manages some good moves.>

(S=2/15, A=1/17, P=2/5, B=0/1)

<OOC> Arianna says, "Shortly after that we have our turn back onto Armada Drive. So after that turn everyone will have to hurry back to teh street to see the finish if they prefer the live view over the aerial one. Turn is Dex+Drive vs 7, or 8 if trying tricks for an advantage."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 5 for 4 successes. 2 4 4 4 +6 +7 +8 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 7 for 4 successes. 2 3 3 6 6 +7 +8 +10 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Dexterity(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 6 for -1 successes. -1 -1 -1 2 2 3 4 5


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Dexterity + Drive vs 8 for 1 successes. 3 3 5 7 +10


<With another turn, Stryfe and Arianna both pull the trick driving for what advantage they can gets, but while Stryfe pulls hers off quite nicely, Arianna skids out on a median and has to get back on the street and get going again, losing time. Persephone cleanly pulls through and Bonnie gets around it.>

(S=2/17, A=-2/15, P=1/6, B=1/2)

<OOC> Arianna says, "Well, Arianna screws up her turn trying to be too fancy and gets behind some. Then we have the final straightaway, The left and right curves of Armada, free of traffic again (there were traffic cones blocking the out lanes) with some islands with trees between the lanes to have to weave between. Per+Alert or Streetwise vs 7 to figure out your route, then Wits+Drive vs 6 to navigate the street at best speed and get across the finish line."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Perception + Alertness vs 6 for 2 successes. 1 2 2 5 +7 +9 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Perception + Alertness vs 7 for 4 successes. 4 6 +7 +9 +10 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Perception(5) + Alertness(4) (9 dice) vs 7 for 5 successes. 2 3 3 6 +7 +7 +8 +9 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Perception + Alertness vs 7 for 3 successes. 2 3 3 +7 +7 +8


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Stryfe rolls Wits + Drive vs 3 for 5 successes. 1 +4 +5 +5 +6 +7 9


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bonnie rolls Wits + Drive vs 5 for 2 successes. 2 4 +7 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Arianna rolls Wits(4) + Drive(4) (8 dice) vs 4 for 3 successes. 1 2 2 3 +8 +8 +8 10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Persephone rolls Wits + Drive vs 6 for 6 successes. 1 2 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +9 9


<Winding through the home stretch along Armada with the long turns, Stryfe takes the momentum further gaining quite a bit more more ground, as does Persephone, while Bonnie holds pace and Arianna gains a bit of ground back, but not nearly enough as Stryfe blasts past the finish with a clean win.>

(S=2/19, A=1/16, P=2/8, B=0/2)

Riding a bike that literally makes angels weep with tires chewing into the roadway as Stryfe shoots off bike screaming as she leans into the excelleration. The turns come fast and Stryfe drifts into them unwilling to sacrifice speed for something so petty as safety. Lots of close calls but people are on fast bikes and Stryfe is suffering from a serious handicap she's not used to.. Not being allowed to throw vehicles into other peoples paths or stab peoples tires. So sad. But this is fun! Even without reaching out with The Force to super cheat.

Stryfe has disconnected.

Bonnie has disconnected.

After the few miles looping around the streets, and apparently not catching any police attention, the bikes are coming back around to the museum. As the pack comes blasting past, Stryfe has a good lead to take the victory! Arianna isn't too far behind, a little later Persephone and then Bonnie with the pack. It'll take a little bit longer to work back around to the parking lot for everyone to join in the celbrations and get the winnings.

<OOC> Arianna says, "So, the way I scored it, though I screwed up the Perception rules on the straightaway thing, Arianna's 42 total succs got 16 'advantage' points. Stryfe's 51 got 19 points, Bonnie's 22 got 2 points, Persephone's 37 got 9 points. For anyone wanting the stats."

(I got it slightly wrong the first time I went through for that initial post, but not significantly.)

Arianna rolls up on her bike, the engine whining as it slows regretfully to a stop near the van again. She hops off and tosses off her helmet, and then flashes a wide grin to the crowd and calls out, "That was a blast. Everyone enjoy the show?!"

Eave claps for the racers and smiles.

"YEAH!!" Kumo yells out, clapping quite loudly as her bets were won. Of -course- Stryfe came in first. She'd go to collect her winnings, but that'll have to wait since she's now clambering inside her precious Kiki in order to be ready to kick off the second part of the race.

Persephone follows on in, finally. Getting off to the side, she parks and hops off. She offers a fist bump to Arianna and Stryfe and then Bonnie when she arrives. "Good show."

In the time the race was happening, Cady's brought her laptop out again, and her eyes have been steadily going back and forth from the large TV to the laptop's display. Every so often, her hands would move over the keyboard to input some kind of data. The bikes roll in, and Cady's pleased to see that her bet was appropriately placed. There's a thumbs-up given before she goes to collect her winnings.

Arianna grins and returns Persephone's fist bump. Meanwhile with the video saved, Tony starts a raw replay on the tv to keep everyone entertained for the next race. And a couple of people go out to the street for their personal grudge match drag race down Armada, because the street is right there.

Arianna starts mixing it up with the crowd again to see how things changed while the race was going on, throwing around some charming smiles and generally mingling and schmoozing to get to know people. On the tv there's a split screen popped up, showing the replay of the main bike race and also a view of the impromptu races people are getting to out front of the museum while the blocked off street is handy.

Eave stands near the van and watches the videos on the screen. She looks around from time to time to see what is going on around her. Offering a smile to any who look her way.

Arianna detours back by the van sooner or later, angling in toward Eave after catching sight of her. She walks on up near Eave with a glance at the video herself as she gives Eave, "Oh, well, an unexpected face. Having a look at Carlsbad? Or looking for Cedric?"

Kumo goes home.

Kumo has left.

Amy goes home.

Amy has left.

Arcadia goes home.

Arcadia has left.

Eave looks to Arianna and says, "Hey, goodevening. No, I am just being nosey I guess. I havent had much of a chance to get out. So I guess just exploring would be a better explanation. Did Cedric need me for something?" She waits quietly for a reply.

Dave goes home.

Dave has left.

Yu Yan has disconnected.

Arianna ahhs to Eave and remarks, "Well, it's certainly a public event I'm hoping people will check out." She shrugs and adds, "Not that I'm aware of. It just seemed likely you might be." She smiles and waves around, "Hey, enjoy the show." Then it occurs to her to wonder, "I don't suppose you have a ride to show off?"

Persephone goes home.

Persephone has left.

Eave replies to Arianna, "Thank you." She then turns back to watch the screen.

Arianna gets back to doing some mingling, checking around for people to chat with. And definitely doing a good bit to encourage people with those sweet rides to try out at least a casual race to properly show them off. Wouldn't want those poor vehicles to get too bored, right?

Bonnie has connected.

Eave looks around one more time, but then decides it best if she heads out. The night is young and calling.

Stryfe has connected.

<Everything after here was OOC chatter, discussing the race course and the RL distractions and the like. And how hamstrung Stryfe was playing 'fair'.>

Eave heads out to Armada Drive.

Eave has left.

Sharpe goes home.

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Bonnie goes home.

Bonnie has left.

Stryfe goes home.

Stryfe has left.