2018.11.23 Hypnagogia: Break In

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Hypnagogia: Break In
After Bieta's failure to follow up on the resources provided to her by Linnete, Linnete decides to break into Bieta's home to pay her a late night visit.
IC Date Nov. 23, 2018
IC Time 22:00 p.m.- 23:50 p.m.
Players Bieta ST, Linnete
Location Log Lodge- Living Area
Spheres Mage

Log Lodge - Living Area The interior of this spacious open concept lodge is built of cedar logs, with rustic features throughout. There are a few things that stand out about this place. Tree trunks run up through the construction of the house like pillars before spreading their slender branches flush up against the roof above. A slender tree trunk hooks back and forth, following the line of the stairway, which leads to the upstairs hallway before its limbs interweave themselves with the others up above.

A stonework facade along one wall contains a large wood burning fire place, which provides some light and spreads warmth throughout the whole living area when a fire is lit on colder nights. Either votive and pillar candles spread throughout the area or electric lamps and recessed lights provide illumination. On either side of the stonework facade are picture windows, which allow for moonlight to spill into the room, washing the trees in silver and giving them the feel of a magical forest, as long as the moon is not new.

"Good evening, doctor." It's polite and nice but Lin announces herself after stepping out of the shadow. After you've locked the door - the door is solidly locked - and slipped off your shoes, gotten comfortable, etc. There she is; Lin can crack that shit house lock in seconds and anything short of Fort Knox security is just child's play to her. On the bright side.. well, she likes your daughter. She's an impromptu babysitter that takes care of your spawn without complaint. "We have some things to talk about."

Bieta put Kasia to bed ten minutes ago and she had gone into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. When Bieta comes out of the kitchen into the living area, she nearly drops the glass when she sees Linnete. Her face becomes unreadable and she tries to control her breathing, "What are you doing in my house?"

Linnete tilts her head, making a brief shrug. "I've been busy lately. Look, you deserve better." She's not lying; there's bruising that makes her pallid complexion into a dark blue to black sunset. Under the eyes, along the cheeks, etc. "You should sit down. You've heard awful things about me; /most/ of them are wrong."

"No, you handed me a bunch of photocopies of police reports dealing with murder investigations which included mutilated pictures as a veiled threat." Bieta's voice has a hard quiet edge. "You did that. You've been...spying on my family and me before that?" Bieta looks towards the stairs and back at Linnete, "I am not alone here, I have a tenet..."

Linnete nods slightly, with a chagrined grimace showing up on her face. "Okay, tempting your curiosity didn't work." She flaps her free hand in a half-assed gallic shrug, "But that's what's out there. Look, you.." She's soon becoming frustrated, taxing her mid-Atlantic accent into a drawl, "Please. Let's discuss this rationally, okay? I want to give you the /entire/ world but this isn't going anywhere if.." She half-nods towards the stairs; towards your supposed tenant and where your daughter is sleeping, "Sit down."

Bieta scoffs and says, "That is not what I call tempting someone's curiosity. Then you somehow manage to pick a double deadbolt lock unless you broke a window in order to get into my house." Bieta gestures towards her front door, "Excuse me, I think you need to leave." Linnete tugs her injured arm closer to her body and then she nods, "Okay. Sure. Look, just hear me out, okay?" She makes that last gasp. And when it seems like she is about to get shoved out, she tugs away her shades. She folds them up reverentially and tucks them into the breast pocket of her suit, "Don't do this, Doctor. Give me.. five minutes of your time. Please."

Bieta looks over Linnete and says, "You look like you have been in a street fight...like you are involved in something of which I would have no interest. Why should I give you five minutes?"

"Because I love you." There it is. Baldly stated and no backing away; answering the stiff question, Linnete provides a stiff response. And she's serious about that shit; she may as well be chiseled from stone for how solid her expressions are.

"Excuse me?" Bieta blinks. Her face turns white and a crease forms between her brows, "Other than the fact that I am straight..." Bieta takes a moment before she says, "It has not been a week since I saw my husband die violently right in front of me." She clenches her jaw. Her voice is little above a strained whisper when she says, "I do not know at what you are playing...but...it is cruel and sick." Bieta finds a surface where she can set down her glass of water.

"Because I love you." Repeating that. Linnete without her glasses stares right into Bieta's eyes. "You have potential. Tell me to fuck off right now and we'll be done." But then she breathes in and delivers her pitch, "You're special. I will give my life to protect you, no matter what; that's what we do."

"Who is 'we' Linnete? My daughter and I live a quiet simple life. My family has lived on this land out here for years without any trouble from our neighbors. Until recent, no one had done anything to make us believe we were in any kind of danger. From whom do you think Kasia and I need protection?" Bieta blinks. "I will not be intimidated into leaving my home and selling my land. I will not become involved with organized crime...I do not supply drugs and I do not take out bullets...I have to report bullet wounds to hospital just like any other Doctor."

"You don't want to know." Standing up, the shades are slipped back into place as Linnete looks away. "Horrors. I will die to keep you safe but you need to listen." She slaps her hand down on the table, "Stop bitching, stop following that stupid party line, and start listening!"

Bieta glares at Linnete. Crossing her arms, Bieta say, "You still have not told me who this 'we' is. I am listening." Linnete takes a deep breath, then the exposition starts. "Hear me out or don't. It's your loss." She stands up and makes a fairly majestic figure, mirror shades and all, "There is a rot at the center of life. Existence. It will destroy all of us if we don't work against it; everything you can imagine will be turned to nothing if you don't help."

Bieta stands there waiting for Linnete to continue.

Linnete is happy to do so! "There's a secret locked inside of your skull. I need it. But I need you as well." She's starting to rant and slaver, whining as she tries to bring Bieta around to her way of thinking, "Please. Just.. just believe me! You'll save hundreds - thousands - of livess."

"Linnete, you are not making much sense. You do not look like you are in very good shape. Were you in a car accident on the way over here?" Bieta picks up her glass of water and says, "Wait, right here." Bieta heads into the kitchen with the glass of water. When she returns she has a wireless landline phone in her hand. Bieta says, "Linnete, you sound really confused. I think I need to call for an ambulance." Linnete takes the time to breathe deep, collect herself. "You're evil. What you do is catastrophic. I tried to warn you and you spat in my face." Metaphorically of course. Lin looks at that glass of water with disgust. And a little sadness. "Doctor, I'm afraid your life is going to become very complicated. Could you get me some aspirin as well?"

"Linnete, I'm not sure that would be good idea right now. If you are bleeding inside from injury, then aspirin would make it worse. Why don't you lie down on the sofa? Will you accept first aid?" Bieta says.

Linnete pulls her pistol. One of them, anyway, and shoots Bieta in the back. "Deviant." There's no mercy there in her eyes behind her glasses; she targets the rubber bullet to the middle of Bieta's thighs, and then draws out a set of handcuffs. Normally the deviants end up crawfishing in pain, but she misses the moment to handcuff Bieta.

Bieta screams as the rubber bullet hits her in the back and she stumbles forward. From her place on the floor, she strains to look back over her shoulder at Linnete. Her eyes widen when Linnete approaches her with handcuffs and she scrambles to her feet and away. Bieta makes a rush for the kitchen, seeking to place the island between herself and her attacker.

Linnete has been shooting and it's all gone downhill and thankfully the car is right outside. Otherwise, this would be considered a complete mess! "Let's go already, Doctor.." So in her other hand are handcuffs. Slick, shiny steel handcuffs. Certainly not a pistol because that would be weird and probably a little bit over the top.

After hearing her Mother scream downstairs, Kasia goes into her mother's room and gets on the landline phone. She gets out a number her mother told her to use only in emergencies and then she climbs under the bed with the phone and the number. Kasia dials the number and waits. <Phone> (Vertigo talking to someone) Vertigo pulls out the emergency cell phone when it rings, flipping it open and looking at the number. She copies the number into her retrieval rote program with a single touch. This is why she makes her own O/S for her phones. She then answers. "Operator here. 10 seconds, stay frosty don't let go of the phone."

Downstairs, Bieta changes her mind about grabbing for the kitchen knife when Linnete levels her firearm at Bieta. Bieta tries to run out of the kitchen and hears the firearm discharge behind her before she is struck in the back again. Bieta cries out and finds herself on her Living Area floor. She lets out a sob. Outside the house, Bieta thinks she hears a police car's siren sound off.

Linnete is chasing Bieta around and it's quickly becoming a Three Stooges sketch. She shoots the doctor in the back; her rubber bullets mean this is painful and awful instead of life ending. Then she tries to slap the cuffs on but Bieta keeps squirming away, "FUCK! Doctor! Stop this shit already!"

Meanwhile, in Vertigo's sanctum, Kasia is likely in shock from being teleported into a room full of computers, a bed, and a mess of colorful clothing. Vertigo is pretty much making up swear words as she goes along, little sparks and moments of blackouts overtaking her monitors as reality isn't so pleased with the vulgar display. She's determined, however, and runs her Bietaevac.exe program, scanning the cabin for Bieta's exact location and bringing it up on her screen with a vantage point of either the closest camera or monitor, such as a television.

Once she gets back to her feet, Bieta flails out of the way of Linnete and her handcuffs. There are now flashing red and blue lights which can be seen through the glass in Beita's front door. For a split second Bieta glances towards the front door before she makes a run for it, screaming as loud as she can.

Vertigo taps away at her keys, scanning the house and bringing up schematics, targeting the blip and zooming in through a television screen just as she sees someone grabbing and cuffing Bieta. "Don't worry kiddo, I'll get your mom." She says aloud over the blaring of Industrial music. She pans to get a better look at the room, seeing police lights through the window. "Not my weekend." She mutters and gets to work, typing away.

Linnete drags Bieta out of the house. There's cop, possibly; but what is certain is that the NWO has some people waiting. She shoves Bieta over towards her Black Shirt backup. "Keep her quiet."

"Oh you are a sneaky sneak but I am noooot giving up, bizznatch..." Vertigo mutters as she sips her japanese energy drink and goes wild on the keys. She alters the code as the agent attempts countermeasures, finding a backdoor and hitting her red button labeled "MAKE IT SO"

V hit that red button to teleport Bieta to her sanctum, dropping her ass first onto the bed next to the passed out little girl. "Yo, B, toss this into the microwave and put it on 5 minutes." She calls out, throwing a cell phone back over her shoulder. "Fuck man...that was a lot harder than I expected." She mutters, opening a bottle of aspirin and downing most of it with the rest of her drink. Her music blares but keeps cutting out. Computer monitors seem to be having the same issue, and one is actually smoking a bit. She looks like hell.

Bieta lies on the bed in Vertigo's sanctum with her hands cuffed behind her back. Kasia is still unconscious. A soft groan escapes Bieta's lips. The cellphone goes flying towards her. Bieta tries to roll up onto her knees and keep her stomach from churning. Bieta loses her balance and says something in Polish that did not sound like it was very nice. She sat back up and looked around until she found the phone, then worked the device into her hand. Bieta walks on her knees over to the microwave.

"You know what I can't risk it. I'm gonna have to frag all this shit. I have a firewall up around the sanctum for now, they won't be able to track us, but I can't hold it forever. We're at my place, safest place I can bring you this side of the Pacific." V explains as she leans over to grab another energy drink from a cooler and pops it open. "You're not gonna be able to go back there. They'll be waiting for you if you try."

Bieta tries to get the microwave door open and pop the phone inside. She murmurs, "this is one of the reasons I do not like these things." she gets the door shut then strains to look over her shoulder to see what number buttons she is pressing. There are a few beeps before the microwave begins to make it's normal sound and after a couple of seconds static popping noises accompany the smell of burning plastic and metal. Bieta scoots away from the microwave and over towards her daughter, keeping an eye on the microwave.

Vertigo leaves the sanctum and goes into her garage. She says, "I have bolt cutters, I'll get the cuffs off you then you can join the kid inside while I wipe all this shit and dump it." She states, seeming very serious for the first time as she grabs the cutters from the tools on the wall and gets to cutting the chain of the handcuffs. "We'll get the rest off when I have a minute to pick them open." Bieta comes into the garage. When Vertigo produces the bolt cutters, she turns around and listens to Vertigo cut through the cuff's chain. Once she has her hands back in front of her, Bieta goes back inside the house to check on Kasia. Bieta pokes her head back into the garage long enough to say, "Thank you very much for what you are doing, Vertigo."

"Yeah, well, I told you I'd do it so I did it. Kid's gonna need a good story so she doesn't crack like a walnut. I just converted her mass into data and dragged her through the internet and put her back together again in a basement." Vertigo explains. Vertigo gives a short tour of the house, "Kitchen is right there, through there is the living room. Pull the blackout drapes closed and have a seat. Don't call anyone or touch anything yet. Just sit tight. I have juices and sodas in the fridge."

Bieta nods and she goes inside. After retreiving Kasia from the sanctum, she walks over and lies Kasia down on the couch before moving to close the black out curtains. Once finished, Bieta sits down next to her daughter and waits for Vertigo.

Vertigo spends some time out in the garage making a racket as she destroys computer equipment. She also throws up at least twice as you can hear. After a bit she comes in, tossing her wig on the kitchen counter and getting a Ramune out of the fridge. She opens it up and takes a drink as she walks into the living room, dropping into an old chair. "Well. That happened. So, how'd that one find you?"