2018.10.24 Hypnagogia: Trepidation

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Hypnagogia: Trepidation
Bieta visits Hunter's game in order to purchase ammunition and a firearm. When Winter suspects that Bieta might be in some kind of immediate danger, Winter tells Bieta she should contact someone at the police department.
IC Date Oct 24, 2018
IC Time 20:00 p.m.- 00:20 a.m.
Players Bieta ST, Winter Fawn , Samara , Sean
Location Hunter's Game/Storefront
Spheres Mage Shifters

Hunter's Game - Storefront

This firearms store has been styled to appear as a log home. An exceptionally large log home with no room partitions, but a log home nonetheless. The natural wood has been kept as it is, the flooring also either wood or high quality laminate to keep to the overall rustic look and feel to the establishment. It offers a huge selection of firearms and firearms accessories, including range equipment, tools for servicing firearms, as well as reloading gear and all necessary paraphenelia.

The store is divided so that the long glass counter that runs the length of the store has the more expensive firearms behind it, out of reach. In front of the glass display case is racks apon racks of shotguns and long-rifles, anchored in with a triggerlock and a security lock that meets all industry standards. Inside the locked and secured glass display case is pictures of handguns with a price tag, however there are no actual physical copies of hand-guns on display. Some of the display cases also have the more expensive optics available, securely stored.

The rest of the store is for the more casual objecets. Camoflage, clothing, carrying cases and cleaning accessories, and all the other sundry items a hunter or firearms enthusiast might need. Placed strategically throughout the location are a wide variety of heavy-duty security cameras, making sure to leave no blind spots.

An exit at the back of the store leads outside to the range area, and a set of stairs lead upstairs to a closed off area that is likely private. The door up there is locked.

Bieta steps into the store with her seven year old daughter. Right after the door closes, Bieta takes her daughter to one side and says, "Now, remember what I told you, Kasia?" Kasia nods her head and says, "Yes ma ma. I am to stay with you and not touch anything in here unless I ask you first."

"Alright, then," Bieta says. She takes her daughter's hand and they walk up to the counter together. Bieta looks around for a salesperson.

Fixing her name tag, Winter comes back in from the range and smiles to her co-worker. "We're going to need to order in some safes," she tells him and comes behind the counter, noticing the woman with her daughter. "Ah, can I help you?" she asks and adjusts her glasses idly.

Bieta looks relieved to see the dark haired woman and smiles, saying, "Yes, you can. My name is Dr. Elżbieta Dymna. I need some ammunition for a twelve gauge shot gun and .22 rifle." Bieta's eyelids flutter and her voice goes up an octave when she says the last sentence. Her usual pleasant smell, mixed with the smell of animals, carries the sort of sour tinge that came with fear.

Winter squints a little. "Ammo we can do. There's a ten day hold on the rifle while we submit your application to the state," She says and leans on the counter top lightly. "I assume you're familiar with California gun law?" She asks the woman lightly, no insinuation or judgment in her tone.

"Oh no, I do not need a rifle. I just need the ammunition. I already have a couple of .22 rifles at home." Bieta nods with a smile. Bieta lets go of her daughter's hand and Kasia waves at Winter.

"Oh. And .22 rifle ammo- right." Winter snaps and snags her keys before coming around the counter to locked cases. "Sure. Box of each?" She asks and looks over the display cases with a soft thinking sound before carefully kneeling to unlock a drawer with boxes of ammo neatly organized. She looks at the young girl and smiles to her. "Evening, Miss."

"A couple of boxes of each should be enough," Bieta says. As the salesperson moves to get the ammunition, Bieta looks for business cards on the counter top. "Do you know of any good firing ranges nearby? I would like to teach my daughter how to fire the .22 rifle. Our pasture is meant for animals who are recovering and are being rehabilitated."

Winter points to the back door. "Rifle and handgun ranges. I've set up archery targets as well from time to time." She answers. "I don't usually like children on a live range, but if she can follow the rules, and she's with you, I suppose that's fine. How old is she? I really don't like children under ten out there." She says evenly and locks up the drawers.

Beita bit her lower lip and said, "Kasia is seven. If you want her to wait, then we will wait." Bieta's tone is tinged a little with anxiety. Bieta takes a moment to read Winter's nametag and says, "Would it be alright if she was on the range with me as long as she did not fire, Ms. Winter?"

Winter squints again but nods slowly. "Sure. It's just-most ranges are going to draw the line at 10-13. Ten's the youngest I'd feel comfortable handling live weapons on the range." She looks apologetic about it at least.

Nodding, Bieta says, "I would like to purchase a handgun and take a course to earn a concealed carry license. Could you please tell me what firearm you would recommend?" Kasia busies herself staring around the store and at anyone else who might be there. However, she does not wander.

Winter thinks. "Walther P99, comes with a lady grip option, good for small hands. As for conceal carry-you'll have to go through the sheriff's department." She tells Bieta evenly and keeps half an eye on the girl. "You'll need proof of address unlike buying rifles."

Bieta says, "Wow. How much kick does this have?" Bieta blinks and pulls her hair behind one ear. Her body language does not seem to suggest that she is the sort who would shoot to kill another human being with a firearm once she drew the weapon.

Winter shakes her head. "Not a lot. If your shooting form is solid, you don't have to account for much kick back at all. It's not a pea shooter either." She notes and resumes leaning on the counter idly.

Bieta says, "No, it is definately not a pea shooter. I remember my Dad used to tell me a .45 was known as a 'man stopper'. How is this firearm by comparison?"

"Well, Smith and Wesson has a 99 that shoots .45s, but the P99 shoots .40s. You're not loosing much in terms of fire power. It's also short recoil and semi-automatic." Winter says. "So you're not losing much in terms of fire power. We do keep them in stock-the P99, it's a favorite for more discreet self defense-especially among women."

Bieta nods and says, "The firearms I have right now, I inherited from my dad. I have not purchased a firearm in the past. What all do you need from me as far as paperwork and I.D. before I can make a purchase? Do I need to make a down payment on the firearm or pay in full in advance?"

Winter nods. "So, you'll need valid id, and proof of address. You pay, we send copies of both id and receipt to the state, it never takes more than about ten days to clear. At that point you can take the weapon home." She adjusts her glasses and adds "If you have any sort of criminal record they'll reject it. If your application is rejected we refund the weapon sale minus the processing fee for the application."

Bieta nods. She takes her billfold out of her purse and an envelop. "Will the reciept for my power bill be enough for proof of address?"

Winter nods and gets a clip board with some paperwork on it. "If I can see your id too I'll make the copies while you fill out the application, please." She smiles and holds out a hand to take the proof if id documents in hand. Everything is what it looks like, regular old gun sales in the gun store.

Ding ding. Every place has those little bells on the door don't they? Samara enters through the front door. Well, sort of. She leads with her face, peering in as if to make sure the place was not on fire, or there was a shootout, or invasion from the dimension X. Only then does the rest of her hurry to catch up with herself, stepping her way forwards into new lands. Her eyes move, sweeping for a moment, checking over everything with little darts of her pupils, and...that...that was a lot of guns. A blink, then another blink, and a large step to the side, towards the non firearmy section of the store.

Bieta removes her license from her purse then slides both the license and the copy of her energy bill over to Winter. "Do you have any tazers in stock, Winter? I would like to get something I can start carrying right now, if I can." Bieta wraps her arms around herself and stares at Winter.

<Post has been lost to the void: synopsis- Winter greets a new customer. Then Winter tells Bieta the store did not stock tazers but had bear repellant. Winter quietly tells Bieta that if she in some kind of immediate trouble, then she should go to the police.>

Oh, people were talking to her. Samara looks over that way, putting on a small smile, and a short wave. She doesn't interfere with the business going on as words seem to make it seem, deadly. Instead she just creeps herself along, looking through the non firearms, specifically good coats, camo or not, and packs.

Bieta looks up at Winter from the forms setting on the counter and she murmurs, "I am not sure that is an option." As she begins to dig into her purse, Bieta says, "I am not sure what to think, all I know is I have to keep my daughter and myself safe." Once she finds a pen, Bieta starts to fill out the forms in front of her.

"Officer Faith Donahue-she'd listen. She's a good sort," Winter tells Bieta quietly. "Most of the folk on the force here are on the up and up." She looks between mother and daughter and says quietly, "I'll be right back with the pepper spray." Winter adjusts her glasses and walks over to Samara. "Camping supplies? We have some good cold weather gear-especially if you're planning to visit the snow this winter up at Big Bear or Mammoth," She intones in a friendly sort of way, keeping an eye on Bieta.

Yupp, people were coming. Samara shakes her head for a moment, seemingly only to get a little bit of blonde hair into her face, using it like a shield against the world. She takes in a little breath, then nods, sharply. "Oh, it is ummmm, getting too cold to surf, and I needed to you know, stay in shape. I was going to start hiking...I don't like running in the city." Sean steps inside. That's all. He lets the door close behind him and he unslings his pack, moving over toward the tent supplies. That's all.

Once Winter returns Bieta's license and the copy of Bieta's energy bill, Bieta takes a moment to put her billfold and her energy bill back into her purse. Bieta returns to filling out the forms for purchasing a firearm, while Kasia remains close and staring at everyone in the store. Kasia's eyes follow the newcomer heading for the tent supplies. "Oh, yes, it's getting colder in the water." Winter nods and pushes her hair back from her face. "Well, we have a decent selection for boots-mostly men, could order in special if you like." She notes and gestures to walking sticks and coats. "If you want to know about something special, give a holler." She adds and moves back to Bieta, checking her phone briefly. "Sorry about that, how are we doing here?" She asks and snaps, "Pepper spray." She goes to get her keys and takes a lock off a rack to slide off a two pack. She looks up at Sean. "Hey, welcome." smiling a bit crookedly before getting back to her customer.

Samara nods, shortly, and then she is left alone. But at least alone with directions! This is a win. Her feet take her over to the indicated area, looking over things, hmming to herself.

Sean smiles at WInter, giving her a little wave hello and continues to look around, wandering here and there. It isn't creepy. He's just browsing.

Leaning on the counter, Winter smiles at Sean. "How's it going? Looking at tents? You're going to want one with a good rain cover, it is marginally wetter in the next couple months." offering advice as she fidgets with her keys idly. "Don't see you shopping often. Out of arrows yet?" She asks lightly.

Samara looks over her shoulders. Totally not creepy guy is heading her way. Her hand raises, weakly giving a wave before she herself makes way, grabbing a solid coat, and a backpack that is probably way to large for her needs really.

Sean waves in return to Samara. "Miss," he acknowledges, raking his hand through his Jesus hair, then nods to Winter. "Just about. I thought I might stock up before I shoot the last one." He thumbs over toward the tents and sends a message on his phone before refocusing. "I'm taking my girl camping. Want to make sure that she doesn't get all wet. We're going up high too. Cold."

At the counter, Bieta finishes the paperwork and slides the clipboard across. Both mother and child stare at other people and Bieta wraps an arm around her daughter's shoulders. Bieta does not look like she slept well the previous night.

"Good time of year for it. The snow-fake or real won't fall till December at best." Winter nods. "Be with you in a second." She adds and glances over the paperwork from Bieta to make sure the boxes are all filled in. "Great." She nods and rings her up. "We'll let you know as soon as the application's approved, email and phone call." She assures her and glances up at Bieta. "But-you know, consider talking to Officer Donahue. You'll need to get in touch with the sheriff's office at any rate for the permit." She tells her and slides a card reader to Bieta with a look at Samara. "Be riiiight with you."

"Oh ermmm, take your...time?" Samara says to the comment directed her way. Head nodding a few times to help assure herself as she gets near the counter after making sure she isn't in Sean's way.

Sean is still just wandering around. He nods to Winter. "Yeah, but the place I'm taking her has snow pretty much all the time. It's kind of wonderful and kind of awful, all in all."

Bieta looks at her total on the register before retrieving her billfold from her purse. Bieta's hands tremble a little as she pays the total in cash and exact change. "Again, I do not know that the police can do anything right now. I've just... experienced some weird things lately. I do not really have any proof about anything. I just would feel better if I knew I had something with which to defend myself and my daughter if I needed to do so." "Hope she likes snow." Winter comments and blinks at the cash, counting it out and putting it away before nodding. "Of course. I understand that. Weird happens. But please be safe, Ma'am." She offers and gives Bieta copies of the application and receipts for her records. The ammo is bagged discreetly for her and handed over as well. She looks to Samara and the items she's chosen.

Samara perks up for a moment, then almost shrinks back. A deep breath taken, and she lays out the two items on the counter, forcing a smile. "Ummm, just these. I can get errr shoes later, you know?"

Perhaps some of Bieta's case of frayed nerves has passed to her daughter or their might be some other reason Kasia now chose to pull on the leg of her mother's scrubs and say, "Ma ma, I don't feel so good. I need to go to the bathroom." Bieta looks down at her daughter then back up at Winter again. "I am sorry. Where is your bathroom?" Winter indicates a door next to the office and rings up Samara quickly. "It's not locked, unisex. You're free to use it." She tells the mother and child before looking back to Samara and setting the pin pad in front of her.

Oh, Samara has cash. There is a little smile to Winter, and a wallet from her shorts. She counts out exact change, in both twenties and pennies with a large nod. Then finally she looks upwards. "Ummm, thank you, for the help."

Bieta makes it to the bathroom in time with Kasia and the two of them spend some time inside. "Happy to help." Winter nods to Samara and drops the cash, bagging things and giving her a receipt. "I'll try to get more female sizes in for boots." She offers helpfully. "Have a safe evening." "Oh you two. May the gods watch over you." Samara nods her head sharply, offering up a small, if honest smile. Then she is on her way out the door.

After a little while, Bieta and Kasia surface out of the bathroom and both of them seem to be a little more at ease. Bieta looks at Winter and says, "I am so sorry about this. Thank you so much for your help this evening." Bieta has her bag of items slung over one arm and her purse slung over the other shoulder. "It is late. I am sure that you are probably looking to close the store by now."

Winter nods. "It's late." she agrees and checks her phone. "But I've pulled longer stints. Please be careful out there." She adds with a look between them and reaching for her keys to show the mother and daughter out.

"We will be. Good night, Winter." Bieta opens the door for Kasia and they both slip out of the store. Soon both of them get into Bieta's suburban outside, Bieta starts the vehicle and drives away.