2018.08.27 Summer Festival - Shangye Shinsha - Grounds

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Summer Festival - Shangye Shinsha - Grounds
Monday Summer Festival - Shangye Shinsha - Grounds
IC Date August 27, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Arianna Jin Akari Madeline Mikael Heathen

Tica Karasu Miyo Sander Oleksiy Katharina Phoenix Katrina Morgan de Rossi Pax Kurt Mina Bob Mirai Santiago Alvarez Lexi Atsuhiro Azoth Antonio Eris Daisy Makiko

Location Shangye Shinsha - Grounds
Spheres All
Theme Song 1 Hour of Beautiful Japanese Instrumental Music [1]

August 27th 2018 Summer Festival - Shangye Shinsha - Grounds (Please Feel Free to add to the log if you have more)

Standing out in the vast cityscape of the Shangye District is an almost 'forested' park like area known as the Shangye Shinsha, a Japanese Shinto Shrine dedicated to Amaterasu-no-Kami, the chief deity or 'Kami' of the Shinto pantheons of Japan. The Shrine grounds is large, and heavily set with natural features of the world, young trees planted all about along with various flowers and other plants upon the grounds. Around the grounds itself is a five foot by five-foot moat which has about three feet of water within it, water which does flow.

Coming up to the entrance to the Shrine grounds is the parking lot which connects to the main road within the Shangye District. About fifty feet from the Parking Lot is a pathway that leads to what is known as a Torii Gate, this gate separates the profane world from the 'Sacred' world in which the Temple and its grounds are connected to.

Past the Torri Gate there is a wooden bridge that crosses over the moat to connected to another Torii Gate and a cobble stone pathway that leads straight towards a large, two structured building that consists as the Shrine. Ten feet past the bridge to the left there is another path that extends five feet to a small water basin and fountain used for ritual cleansing for those who came to worship at any of the smaller shrines along the path towards the larger Shrine, or at the Larger Shrine itself.

Along the pathway there are stone lamps that are set ten feet apart, the lamps aren't in any fashion set up for electrical connection and are lit manually. Twenty feet past the cleansing fountain to the left is another pathway, one which isn't cobbled stoned, but obviously marked leading to a large, wood stage which is covered with a wood canopy known as the Kaguraden, the stage looks to be for sacred dance. Beside the pathway to the Kaguraden on the left side leading to the dual structured Shrine to Amaterasu-no-kami are several smaller shrines with their own cobbled pathways. On the right side of the main pathway is a solitary single-story structure which is the Shrine Office.

The smaller, subsidiary shrines have their own little Torri Gates at the entrance to their pathways and they all have their own shed in which the shrines are covered by to keep them protected from the elements. There are Six Shrines, each dedicated to a specific Kami, all of them looking the same in their set up accept that the God Body or 'Shintai' inside is the image of their respected Kami. Five shrines are dedicated to the following major and known Kami: Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, Inari Okami, Izanagi and Izanami. The sixth Shrine is dedicated to a minor Kami known as Jakuna-no-Kami, who is known as the lady of lust and ecstasy.

The single path that leads off the main walkway towards the two-structured shrine of Amaterasu-no-Kami leads to the Shrine Office, a single-story structure that is shaped like a 'T'. The Shrine Office is painted in a natural wood tone, nothing fancy or bright, but more in tune with the natural balance of color that is abundant with the other structures of the Shrine grounds. There are a few windows here and there on the front part of the Office, while the back half of the Office is more secluded, perhaps a private residence of sorts.

The Shrine to Amaterasu-no-Kami is a large structure painted in Black and Gold, the first part of the structure, the 'Haiden' or Outer Shrine, is raised up about five feet with stairs leading to a set of double doors. Usually these doors are roped off, and there is a small box set in front of the doors and a rope hanging down above the donation box which is attached to a bell. On both sides of the Haiden is a fence that surrounds the Inner shrine. Past the Haiden there is another stair way up to the Honden or 'Inner Shrine' which is raised from the ground by fifteen feet. The double doors to the Honden, like that of the Haiden, are closed most of the time, unless opened for use in worship services.

Tori Gate and Bridge - http://coh.spork.com/images/8/82/TotG.jpg 
The Haiden and Honden - http://coh.spork.com/images/c/c3/HaH.jpg 
Shrine Office - http://coh.spork.com/images/b/b5/SOE.JPG 

It's the night of the Summer Festival and the Shangye Shinsa is filled with color and people! All about the Campus of the Shrine and the Parking Lot are various stalls, each a by product of hand crafted care, holding products/goods or games. Lanterns hang over head the pathways, their light soft, and flickering, but it provides plenty of light to see what is going on and where people are going. Colorful banners hang about the roofs and from poles, each banner being its own message of thanks giving to the Gods and wishing harmony to all who partake in tonight's events. The people in attendance are many, and most hail from the local community, each dressed in fashion of their desire, so there is no one single attire but a multitude of culture. Many are dressed in traditional attire of the evening, Japanese style, but there are those dressed in traditional fashion from all over Asia. Vibrant colors everywhere, Blues, Reds, whites, pinks and yellows, for anyone not used to such vibrance would find that tonight was a culture shock.

The scent of food hangs heavy in the air as the various food services are about and each holding their own tradition of food preparation, this multitude of food only incites hunger with the delicious smells present, and for those new to Asian cuisine, its exotic and new, but offers a chance for exploration! Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Kakigori, Karaage, Dango, candy apples, cotton candy, Friend Rice, Pot stickers, and the like is served, a mix of different cultures and food offered to any who are adventurous enough to try, or those who are seasoned and looking for a taste of tradition.

Products being sold not food are masks, clothing, accessories for men, women and children, Toys, even small weapons such as knives and the like (No full-on swords). The stalls are done in simple fashion, wood, with markings of good tidings along with the proprietors calling, be it their name or whatever they will to call their stall and services for the evening. Of course, there are several Martial Arts schools at the festival as well, each of them showing off their forms, even having their own friendly competition through form and mock fighting.

Music is being played and it fills the Campus and the Parking lot with its melody, though it plays more of an ambiance due to the amount of people about and their noise of conversation, laughter, Kids playing and their laughter, and the like. All of the stalls are a mix of Asian culture, not simply Japanese, but Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and so on, seems the idea to pull the community together for this Festival has more or less succeeded from the looks of it.

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyieFu7BnHE

A black SUV pulls up, and a woman gets out and opens the door. Stepping out in her heels, and pretty teal dress is Katharina. She takes a few steps forward, pushing back her long warm brown hair, and waits with a hand outreached back to the car for a man to step out as well. Oleksiy makes his way out carefully, and she holds his hand. Once they are clear from the car, the woman closes the car, and pats the side indicating the driver can leave. She will remain by the street and keep watch.

Katharina points to various decorations and is all smiles, "I've never been to one of these before. Romania does not have a lot of Asian festivals." Once they walk further inside she waves to the few people that she knows. "Good evening!"

Arianna cruises in on a sleek white bike to slide into a spot to park. And then soon is strolling her way in to the festival. She takes her time, walking slowly, to get a good look and maybe not get overwhelmed with all the variety and color and sensation. Oh, and there's a stall or display here and there to stop at and have a look at trinkets and clothing and accessories.

Oleksiy steps out with Katharina, he is dressed well, but his left arm is bound close and, in a sling, the color matched to his outfit though so it doesnt stand out quite as much. "I know little of our eastern cousins. I am very much looking forward to learning more and experiencing this" he agrees with her. He looks around and offers "its definately colorful."

Morgan has decided tonight to come dressed wearing a traditional chinese floral print dress and a pair of scandals. Her hair hanging freely around her shoulders. (https://tinyurl.com/yap4oyay). She was taking advantage of a quiet moment in the voices around her to step out and enjoy being among the city and its people and have a little fun. She has even grabbed some potstickers, wontons and teriyaki chicken to much on. Usually everyone is complaining about how little she is and how little she eats, but tonight she may wind up stuffed because she loves the different foods here, as she takes in a deep inhale of the food and enjoys the sound of the music too. A genuine smile on her features this evening.

From time to time butterflies can be seen flittering about here and there.

Karasu is near the Haiden of the Shrine, dressed in a Black Yukata with a Red Sash, his hair is tied back to be kept out of his face, a smile is on his lips as he watches everything about him. Karasu is standing beside his wife, Miyo, who was there and very pregnant, he looks over to his wife for a moment with a smile on his lips. "Seems it has turned out well, hasn't it?" He comments and looks back out at the proceedings, watching the people as they move through the grounds.

Mikael looks around at everything, eyes bright and interested, his arm around the redheaded Phoenix's waist as they walk with Heathen.

Miyo smiles brightly in that traditional bar. Standing there in those blood red silks, her brown eyes peek out from her pale painted face. "It's wonderful...." Raising that left hand that donned that new ring, she touches his cheek gently before resting it upon her swollen belly. Sighing softly, she looks out. "It's been a long since I participated in something like this.... far too long."

Heathen enjoys a long walk through the crowds, having a driver drop them off. He may not partake of any of the food, but he does drop a bit of cash on a cheap plastic Black Power Ranger mask, and occasionally a bit of a treat for some stray urchin that looks hungry. He'll buy Phoenix and Mikael Ranger masks too, though weather they wear them or not is up to them. Full Tourist mode activated.

A small fox is seen prancing about near some of the tree's as if it was dancing, it stops and suddenly darts off behind a tree.

Jin wanders around the stalls quietly, a hand wanders over some of the trinkets for sale. A smile is given to one of the stall venders and exchanges some coins for a small figure of some kind.

Mina has arrived.

       Akari stands apart from the crowd. Dressed in a simple black yukata with a dark purple obi she watches the festival goers. Some may hear the sound of her geta as she moves from spot to spot, though the sounds of the festival might make it a challenge.

Arianna's meandering through the crowd and stalls finds her taking a stop at one of those showing off the knives. She takes a little extra time looking those over, and playing with a couple, while turning a charming smile on the person handling it to ask an occasional question and generally chat up.

The redhead walks along with Mikael, Phoenix glancing around at the goings on.

Katharina walks slowly with Oleksiy, "What do you want to look at first? Anything catch your eye?" She sees the butterflies appear, and oh, just so many colors and interesting things.

Oleksiy smiles to Katharina 'First I would like to seek out our hosts and thank them for the celebration and the invitation. If you have not met them, I think that they would be glad to meet you." he answers her, guiding her along at an easy pace, standing erect despite the bandaging and sling. He will walk with her up to Karasu, if he is not swamped with people.

A couple of kids playing tag run around Heathen and Mikael, pushing between then before running off into the crowd, giggling and shouting. The weapons stall in which Arianna was at, is small, but the wares they provide are varied, some of which are hand crafted merchandise that is going for a fair price to mass produced product bought for the tourist in mind who want something special. Masks, those are varied, along with the toys, from plastic merchandise that can be found anywhere, to products handmade, hand painted and truly unique. The plastic power ranger masks are of current generation of the season, so fans had something fun that wasn't out dated regarding 'cheap'. Now, Akari, though she stands out, isn't alone, a young girl, maybe no more than the age of six, is walking behind her, mimicking the woman, in her own little Kimono, her hair back, seems she is fascinated by the woman. 

Morgan has her hands full of food, and trinkets and is still looking around the stalls for more things, gifts for friends that they may like and smiles at a thought, as she takes another bite of teriyaki chicken savoring the bite and is going to get stuffed from such good food tonight. She is dressed in a traditional floral Chinese print to fit into the atmosphere and truly enjoy herself, with any sign of headache tonight. Something has her in good spirits.

Kurt arrives in that classic Caddy with the white-walls and the rag top down. The driver is be-suited in a bespoke pinstripe suit in charcoal. The silvery pinstripes, upon closer inspection, spell out hundreds of tiny 'FUCK YOU's in vertical type. Ray Bans rest on the bridge of his nose and a cigarette rests between his lips as he sweeps up out of the car to open the doors for Pax and Mina who join him. Offering the latter an arm he's easy confidence as he waltzes up and into the festival proper, already his nose lifted to the air, "Hmm, not sure if I smell yakiniku, but here's hoping, hm?" he says to the two with him before the shades start sliding over everyone else gathered.

Karasu looks over to his wife when she mentions it being too long and he nods. "Well, if Danny and I can work it out right... Maybe once a season we can get a community festival going." Karasu responds to his lover before looking out to see the others, giving a wave to those who can see him. "Looks like our Sister has shown up... You think the Alcohol vendors are going to be able to have enough?" He questions and asks Miyo.

Katrina wanders up the way, having parked a short distance from everything. Her expression says some of this is quite alien to her, but there is no denying the interest. She anders to the nearest stall, pauses as she lets her brow furrow a little. She scans the crowd a moment and smirks when her attention passes over someone but doesn't stop to indicate who. She just goes back to look at the booth for the time being. Madeline arrives and pauses at the edge of the crowd

Mikael murmurs to Phoenix and Heathen, "I want to see about securing some of that wine. And a mask or three, and I would like to see if they have any weapondry from their martial arts available. Or even on show. That would be very nice."

Miyo chuckles softly the as she rubs that belly. "Don't make me laugh, Karasu....I might go into labor if you make me laugh to hard...." Licking her lips, she bows her head toward him coyly before murmuring something softly to him. Turning as she see a familiar face arrive, she smirks a bit. "Greeting, Mr. Oleksiy...." She bows slightly...the best she can in her condition anyway. "...and welcome to our humble festival."

Phoenix nods and walks along "Let’s find something nice or some such. I'm sure you'll find something off the wall" he teases.

Amongst the influx of black and red within a sea of brighter colors, a Hispanic woman takes tiny, relaxed steps. Someone was daring enough to show Tica that this community does offer the color yellow. She beams with joy, bronze skin and broad smile complimented with a full, goldenrod colored kimono and floral patterns. She's carrying a few sticks of kuri dango, mouthful of one as her dark brown eyes drink in every bit of the sights offered here.

Pax slips out of the caddy Kurt arrived in, the man seeming to have not dressed any differently than usual tonight. Although he looks more present than usual, which is nice. He follows behind Kurt and Mina for now, his hands stuffed into his pockets and his gaze trailing across the festival as a whole, his gaze trailing curiously over all of the stalls, and his nose sniffing lightly at the scents. "Gonna be a good dinner..." he mutters to the other two with him.

Heathen gives Mikael a smirk, getting into a Power Ranger pose of his own and mock chasing. Them himself for a moment, doublechecking his inside pockets where the good stuff is, just in case. "I'm sure our hosts would be able to point you toward vendors worth a bit of extra."

A large black Raven circles the outside of the shrine, eying the various people before swooping down onto one of the torii gates and looks at the various people here. Beady black eyes watch everyone and occasionally he caws at someone. The stalls are eyed as if trying to decide which one to swoop down on. For now, he waits...watching everyone.

Katharina walks up to Miyo and Karasu with Oleksiy, and smiles to both. She will allow Oleksiy to introduce her, since he knows them it seems. She does curtsy deeply to them both.

Sander walks around, getting familiar with the place. First the parking lot, then the grounds, he weaves unhurriedly through the crowd. His badge hangs from a chain around his neck, and the man is clearly more patrolling than participating in the festival - though that doesn't stop him from walking around with a tray of takoyaki to snack on.

Karasu chuckles at Miyo's response and looks to his wife for a moment before he leans in to kiss her lightly on the lips. "And what is wrong with that?" He questions in regards to the early labor. When Oleksiy comes up to him and Miyo, Karasu bows to him and to Katharina "Ah, Welcome, good to see people outside of our community have shown up for this."

Mina steps out of the caddy after Kurt, and then Pax. She flashes the crowd a cracked smile as her eyes look around to take in all the sights. And once out of the car she smooths her hands down her dress to make sure it’s all perfect, and just right. "There is a lot to take in. By my assessment," she pauses and looks up to Kurt. "What I mean is, everything looks beautiful. And I also feel the warm air of the evening on my face. It's wonderful."

Oleksiy smiles and bows, a bit off balance and not as smoothly as usual, his injured shoulder clearly causing some discomfort. "Your festival" he addresses both Miyo and Karasu, "Is an amazingly beautiful thing. I am Honored to be here. May I respectfully present my companion this evening. the Lady Katharina Elisabeta Maria von Starhemburg, of Idyllwild. My Lady Katharina, might I present Karasu, and his lady Miyu"

The noise of the world outside the shrine seems to no penetrate this sacred place, offering quiet serenity to its visitors.

Kurt elbows Pax lightly and grins, "Yes it is, so perk up some and at least smile for our host?" he encourages the young man to buck up essentially. His gaze meets Mina's and he smiles, "Yes Kaida, it is very pretty," he agrees and encourages that kind of language as he weaves through the crowd to Karasu with his peeps in tow. A polite nod is given to the man, not wanting to interrupt current greetings and introductions, simply saying hello in passing as he and his companions swing back out to start visiting booths one by one.

Katharina slips her arm around Oleksiy's waist, making sure he remains balanced despite that injury. Her concern quite evident. "I am humbled and honored to be able to attend such a remarkable festival. Many thanks for allowing us to attend. I do hope to learn more of your culture... it is foreign to me, but learning is something I strive for."

Santiago has arrived alone this evening in Chinatown. He walks leisurely into the throng of celebrating people and amid the many colorful stalls, taking his time to look around. The Spaniard looks fairly happy and in good humor, his dark eyes bright at all the festivities. Santiago doesn't seem to be interested in buying anything, but he is looking around and watching out in the event he sees familiar faces.

Mikael spots some interesting looking skewers, and smells chicken along with a host of spices, and something sweet. "I wonder what that is?" He asks the two men with him. So much of the food is so colorful, and aromatic. I wish to try a little of so many things. We should make our way over to speak with Monsieur Hotsuin first though, oui?"

Heathen finds Madeline wandering all lost and alone and pulls her into their little entourage, safely tucked between himself and Mikael. "Good to see you out getting some air."

Phoenix grins and motions with a hand "You lead the way. I follow"

Pax grunts a bit at the elbow, then grins at Kurt slightly. "I haven't had enough sake yet." he points out, but smiles a bit nonetheless, attempting to get the thoughts running through his head out of the way. It takes a moment, but he manages a smile soon enough. He gives a nod to Karasu and Miyo on their way by, but then splits off from Mina and Kurt to buy himself some Karaage, because it looked like fried chicken. Mmmm, chicken. "You guys want any?" he asks, glancing back to Mina and Kurt at the question. "Because 'm fuckin starvin."

"Oh, this isn't my festival, this is for the community, this is Chinatowns... I just offered a place to hold it and worked with the various people to get it settled." Karasu responds but bows again. "However, I thank you for the praise..." With Katharina being introduced Karasu bows to the woman. "Evening Madame, and welcome to the Summer Festival."

JIn just drifts along the edge of the massive crowd. Small purchases are made and tucked away on her person. Gathering up a little raw fruit she moves towards the shrine.

<Phone> (Text from Katrina) At the festival. Where are you?

"Mmm! Senor Harper!" Tica manages to get out around a mouthful of dango before swallowing it down. So many familiar faces amongst strangers. She hurries over with her intentionally tiny steps, fully decked out for the occasion. "Did you find a second home here in Chinatown? I remember that you're not fan of the Uber."

Arianna takes a little time to play around before making up her mind. But she does go ahead and buy one of those hand-crafted blades for something different. With a mental note to try to not turn this into a collector's habit. With that charming smile for the booth she tucks it away before wandering off to have a look at other pretties. Such a mix of fashions to be fascinated with a while. Until turning away from one stall she takes a different direction, sliding into the crowd and slinking through it with a bit of a stalking approach as she works her way somewhere specific.

Still skirting the edges of the festival Akari looks on, watching the stalls and the people, hands folded at her lap as she walks. The little girl following her is now holding some cotton candy however.

Mina glances over to Karasu and Miyo, since her group did look their way. She slowly looks each over and smiles a bit more genuinely the second time. She bows her head in their direction and then she's distracted by Pax asking for chicken. A hand is lifted, "I'll try some!" She's game to explore just about everything this evening, and then stops once again to look over a booth selling different types of tea.

Oh man oh man oh man. Food. Cultural food. Doesn't matter that it isn't HER culture. Lexi is ALL about the food. She has not attempted to dress up in any particular Asian style. She'd get it wrong somehow and she knows that. So, it's a nice shirt and a flowing skirt that hits about her knees that could be considered casual or a little dressy, somewhere along the mid-range. She has a video camera in her hand, but right now it's off and pointed down at the ground as she looks around, taking in the sights with a placid little smile.

Santiago stops by a colorful stall bedecked with beautiful handmade kites! All sorts of kites. Dragons of course of every sort, and all manner of sea life, strange geometric forms, and many, many others. Some of paper, many of hand painted silk. Smiling, Santiago reaches up to touch one of them ere he walks beneath them, looking around. Something also smells really good.

Miyo just smiles then as she nods to Katharina. "A pleasure to meet you...." She looks the woman over as if just trying to appraise as she nods. "....and as my husband said....we just provided a space. It's so nice to see so much activity here...."

Mirai doesn't arrive, Mirai simply is there. Part and parcel of the festival. Her kimonos swishing about her, minced walk upon her sandals, mask covering her. Slowly she drifts from stall to stall.

Oleksiy smiles to Karasu and Miyo, "I have been looking forward to this. Either way. Though Unfortunately I cannot stay all that long. " he indicates his shoulder. "but I could not simply not come.. " he smiles a bit "I am quite happy to show my respect for Chinatown and its culture.

Kurt is sticking close to Pax and Mina, mostly the latter, touching and occasionally tugging her back to him when she gets too far for comfort. Chicken skewers are purchased, and he's happy to nibble some from Mina's before she gets it, because of course he is. Hearing Pax's name though he pauses and nudges the lad before chinning towards Tica, "You're being called, Mr. Harper," he chuckles.

Mikael gets a skewer of some type of sticky sweet and spicy meat. Taking a delicate bit he says, "I /think/ that this is chicken, but I am not sure. It is good whatever it is."

Pax looks back to Mina and nods, grabbing the offered tray of Karaage as he turns back towards her and offers a piece from it. "There ya go." he offers the woman with a grin. "Oh, shit, I forget my last name sometimes..." he mutters towards Kurt in a weird thanks. As Tica approaches, he turns towards her, holding up another piece of the chicken in her direction with a grin. "Good evening Tica! Have some chicken. I'm afraid I haven't been able to just yet, but maybe I can manage to find something soon, if not tonight." he responds, then just offers his arm to the woman after the chicken is gone, whether he eats it or she does.

Morgan looks around the growing crowd as she finishes her container of wontons, smiling as she does she thinks he catches a glimpse of someone familiar, for a moment though she freezes where she is though as something for just a moment feels off and she tilts her head a moment and tries to shrug off the feeling and just enjoy the festival. As she looks around at beautiful flowers and lanterns that catch her attention. One shaped like a large pink lotus flower that she just must have too. She does look down as she feels the buzz of her phone going off at her side and tries to juggle what she is holding carefully to return the text.

<Phone> (Text to Katrina) Near the lotus flowers My Love! Where are you?"

The beautiful sound of song birds can be heard in the tree's about the grounds.

Karasu and Miyo are standing by the Haiden, which is the lower half of the Shrine, he is dressed in a Black Yukata with a bright Red Sash, his hair is tied back out of his face. The Celestial Devil looks to Oleksiy and smiles to the man "Well, we thank you for showing, it means a lot to us, and to see others from outside Chinatown coming to experience a piece of who we are." Karasu mentions.

<Phone> (Text from Katrina) I'll find you shortly. I just looked at the first vender.

The Raven sees his prey, It jumps into the air and flaps its wings. It circles around the target, watching it intently. Mid circle, he dives down, grabbing at Sanders good, with both beak and claws and grabs whatever he can before flapping his wings and trying to get away with his haul of goodies! Raven Thief!

Madeline seems a little overwhelmed by the colors and sounds, blinking slowly in amazement

<Phone> (Text to Katrina) be careful not to buy up everything My Angel! The food is so delicious!

Mikael steps over to Madeline along with the other two, "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle. I hope your eve finds you well? It is very crowded here, oui?"

Mina eventually gets tugged back by Kurt to keep from being lost in the crowd and sea of people. She flits among the vendor booths with her tiny hand-held purse and keeps pointing things out to the man with her in the pin-striped suit. It is easy to get turned around as she samples food and hands things off to either Pax, or back to Kurt again. Eventually she settles on sipping from a cup of tea to sample, that tastes a lot like oranges and a hint of spice.

How can she ever say 'no' to food? Tica does this odd tilting of head and body, mouth clamping onto the offered pick and pulling it off before going partial chipmunk and chewing. "'Sish gud." The sunny Latina woman wiggles a bit in glee, before hooking her arm into Pax's. She eyes his curious companions, looking all too interested in whom he spends time with.

Madeline looks up as if being woken from a dream and smiles "bon soir Mikael, yes quite well and yes" she laughs "quite crowded"

Santiago has stopped at a stall selling some kind of spiced meat on sticks. Probably the same stall others have been enjoying. For all he knows it could be dogs and cats or rats chopped up and grilled on the skewers. Whatever it is or was, it does smell good and the skewers are now glazed with various sauces. Eventually it's his turn and Santiago picks out a couple and hands over a few dollars. Napkins are a thing when you are wearing a white shirt.

Sander ducks back, pulling the cardboard tray down and away, but not before the raven catches one in its beak and a couple more fall on the ground from the sudden movement. The few remaining in his grasp are all mushed together by the sudden defensive movement. Glaring at the bird as it escapes, he mutters, "You could have just asked. Asshole." He finishes the rest of it before a second attack can be mounted, and finds a trash can for the cardboard, before continuing his rounds.

The amount of different people ebbs and flow like the tide, talking in various languages. All seem to be having fun, enjoying the moment that is occurring. Off near the Shrine at the more open area of grass are two schools of Martial Arts showing off their forms, each trying to outdo the other, having fun with the competition as it goes on. Through the crowd is an individual offering out sips of drink, sake, looks like a local distillery has been made and is attempting to get it's name out there.

Katharina shows Oleksiy around slowly, checking out the different items for sale. A lot of very colorful items, and much much much to see and smell. As Phoenix starts to slip through the crowd, he looks to Heathen and then Madeline, skewer in hand. "Pardonne moi, mon amies, I should see to them. Please to find me some of the rice wine if you can, oui?" He turns then, and goes to locate the small redhead.

Miyo simply smiles at them then. "Well don't stay too long if you are not feeling well...." There's a tilt of her head then. "I can perhaps recommend a tea....?" She raises a brow as she looks Oleksiy over then smiles as she looks to Karasu. "Is there someone that can grab me a tea? I don't feel like waddling so far."

The beautiful sound of song birds can be heard in the tree's about the grounds.

Heathen gives Madeline a nod as she and he are the last two standing of their group. "You want to head out? I won't be put out. It's a heck of a crowd."

Heading in the direction of the lotus flowers, Katrina pauses long enough to get a teriyaki chicken stick and then moves on. Her eyes searching the crowd for someone, then a smile touches her features as she finds the one she seeks. She gets a little more of a spring in her step even if she doesn't notice it and angles towards where Morgan is looking, slipping her phone into her back pocket.

Oleksiy smiles to Miyo "I appreciate that.. I will be fine in a few days." he then offers with a bow "we will look around for a bit though>" and he turns to walk wiht Katharina, moving slowly but erect and without letting his face show if he is in pain. He smiles as he points to some items in various stalls.

The raven eats it in midflight and flies to the ground to peck at the pieces dropped. The bird looks up to

Sander as he is behind the man and caws very loudly at him. The bird begins to walk behind Sander, following the man.

Madeline smiles and takes Heathen's arm "I would be most appreciative of an escort"

Heathen keeps hold of Madeline's arm, and gives her a nod.

Pax snorts in amusement at Tica, shaking his head as he finally gets to take a bite of the chicken for himself. He really needs to start being more selfish. "Fuckin right?" he says in agreement with the woman, then turns his hand to motion to Kurt and Mina as they walk along. "Tica, this is James and Kaida, close friends and associates of mine. This is Tica, another token foreign person of Chinatown." he explains in a teasing tone of voice to the pair.

Morgan stays near the stand of the lotus flowers laterns and has already purchased two of them and has them carefully tucked in her growing bag of sacks at her side. Someone loves festivals and shopping, and she is brushing off a few crumbs as well, as she spots Katrina coming through the crowd. A genuine smile reaching her features as she spots her too. She is watching her through the crowd with a bright smile.

Eating one of the spicy meat skewers, Santiago sees a raven come down and land, following the flow of people. He laughs softly and says, "Ah, te veo . Senor Raven. Acechando, ?verdad?" There's a little left on his first skewer so Santiago pulls it off and tosses it to the raven.

Kurt is sniffing towards that orange tea in Mina's hands, chewing on his chicken on a stick and watching Pax as well. Multitasker that he is! An easy smile is made for Tica at the introduction and he nods politely, "Good evening, Tica, it's a pleasure to meet a friend of Pax's, always," he croons in that Southern Gentleman's drawl. "How are you enjoying the festivities?" he asks curiously while slowly closing the space between himself, Mina and Pax with Tica.

Katharina looks concerned for Oleksiy, even if he is putting up a brave front. Her arm holding him tight she whispers in his ear.

Ah, birds. Mirai's head tilts, over towards the Raven. She watches it for a moment, eyes behind an unmoving mask. Slowly she speaks, soft and even. "Yatagarasu."

Mina pauses her shopping spree to greet Tica. "Good evening." She looks up at Pax after the introduction is finished. "Pleased to meet you." She cracks another smile in an odd manner, and then holds up her tea cup, hot and steaming for Kurt to try it. Laughing she adds in, "Sip. It's a bit too hot for me yet to drink it."

"Buenos Noches! I have been having so much fun, here! There are different flavors and cuisines, and I was able to pick out a pretty new outfit for myself. You like?" The beautiful woman preens, one hand tucked securely within the crook of Pax's arm, while the other holds faithfully onto her earlier dango sticks. Her fingernails glint in the light.

Oleksiy nods to Katharina, and softly murmurs an assent to her. turning he walks with her back toward the car.

Sander watches his tail. Glances back again. Guess it liked the food. He smirks as he says, "Look, after that I'm on my way for some sake. I don't know if you'd like it as much." He shakes his head to himself as he proceeds. Talking to birds.

The raven looks to Sander and when someone throws him a bite he flutters over to where it landed and pecks it, eating it with gusto. He then turns to Santiago and caws at the man, tilting his head as he watches the man now. Expecting more morsel. Mina however catches his eye and he stares at the woman.

Pax grins over at Tica for a moment. "Yes, I suppose it does offer a unique opportunity for food, doesn't it?" he teases the woman lightly, taking another bite from the chicken in his hand. "If only I had some sake..." he notes, a dramatic sigh escaping him as he looks around, presumably for the drink in question. "Wonderful! You look wonderful. I was going to have a kimono made for myself, but I'm afraid I got caught up in some business, and almost forgot about the whole thing." he admits, taking a moment to smile over at Mina. "Having fun? It must be a bit overwhelming."

Karasu looks over to his wife when she mentions tea and nods. "I'll go get you some my wife." He tells her, leaning in to kiss her softly before looking to those present, bowing. "I'll be right back, excuse me." He says and Karasu moves over towards one of the stalls. As he walks to one he sees Kurt, Pax, Tica, Mina and whomever else is present. "Ah, evening, good to see all of you have shown up, hope all is well tonight?" He greets as he steps over to the nearby stall and orders Green Tea for his wife.

Katharina signals to her valet, and the car door is opened for them both. Once carefully inside, the car will whisk them off, along with a few items them picked up.

Arianna winds her way through the crowd, slowly, keeping an eye on Katrina. Kind of like a stalker. Following to see where she goes. Until she's nearing Morgan at the lanterns. With a sly smirk she picks up the pace, slinking up behind Katrina. You sense Arianna winks, should you happen to spot her coming up behind Kat.

Someone else was speaking Spanish. Santiago heard it and looks around yet has no idea who he heard. A woman's voice. He works on eating the second meat skewer, using the napkin carefully so his hands don't get sticky. If that raven is still around and hasn't been stepped on, Santiago saves a little more and tosses it to the bird before he goes to find a trash can for the skewers and napkin.

Katrina draws closer to Morgan, oblivious to the sneak slipping up on her. She offers a smile to Morgan and as she gets within easy speaking distance, “Good evening beautiful. Are you enjoying the festivities?" She slips her arms around Morgan and offers a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Morgan tries her best to look innocent as she looks up and sees Arianna behind Katrina but doesn't say a word, only offers a hug to Katrina in a warm greeting, and a kiss to her forehead. "Most Definitely My Angel! The food is so good and everything so beautiful! But you are the most beautiful of all the flowers." She smiles and feels slightly bad about not giving Katrina any hint that Arianna is sneaking up on her but only just. Sometimes surprises are fun! and there is a michievious streak in her.

A small fox is seen prancing about near some of the tree's as if it was dancing, it stops and suddenly darts off behind a tree.

The Raven waddles over to where the bite was thrown and pecks it happily. It then turns back to Mina and watches her. He flaps his wings once the bite is gone and takes to the air. Circling the woman and her friends, he watches her from above. for now, it eyes her and her friends.,

Lexi easily gets lost in the crowd for a while, but she pops up near one of the food stalls. She has a careful, very basic conversation with the woman and there is nodding, and Lexi lifts her camera, pointing it at the food, skipping over the woman's face so it isn't on camera, though that might not be obvious to those watching. "Hey guys, @Lexinoms here at the festival. This place is amazing. I was exploring and just checking things out, but now here I am. I've got some okonomiyaki.. it's like a cabbage pancake. I know what you're thinking but shut up. It's amazing." She takes a bite of the thing and lets out a sigh. "You can taste all the different ingredients. The cabbage is a sort of background flavor, but there's green onions and pork belly and dried seaweed and the sauce is called okonomiyaki sauce. It's kind of sweet, like a mayo, but there's some other things in there too. The lady here says it's homemade." She continues talking, thanking the woman quietly, and paying for the food before she moves on to the next little food area.

For now, Miyo remains in the spot that her husband Karasu left her. Rubbing that belly she just looks around as she takes in the scene. A warm smile tugs at her lips as she seems pleased with the turn out and the festivities.

Arianna isn't all that sneaky but does crowds well. With all that distracting commotion. She makes a point to arrive after Katrina and Morgan have done their greetings, to suddenly arrive behind Katrina and throw her arms over both women's shoulders with a sudden, "Hey, look who I found."

The mask moves, and Mirai with it. The bird is watched, but only lightly. No, Lexi has gained the attention of the kimonos. Mirai trails behind the woman, close enough to listen, casually keeping pace from food stall to food stall.

Ah, this would be more fun if he dared to drink, or had his sister with him, or a date, alas. Santiago nonetheless wanders on through the Festival for a while, looking at the stalls, some kind of Dragon dance in colorful costumes, children with sparklers, lots of paper lanterns. His footsteps however are slowing taking him back out towards the fringe.

Once Karasu has made his rounds past their group as Gracious Host, Tica gives a shy smile and blushes. Who knows what is going through her mind? "You want sake?" Pax's desperate need to imbibe only pulls the Latina out of her musings. She's pulling upon that scrawny arm of his, gently but with a surprising amount of strength. She's grinning broadly as Pax is led through the throng of people to one of the local brew masters of the ancient recipe.

Sander locates the sake bearer with ease, and circles gradually back to the general area he was looking at before, cup in hand. The crowd seems well behaved, so he relaxes and takes a closer look at some of the other offerings, speaking briefly with some of the people behind the stalls. He occasionally looks up, as if expecting aerial bombardment.

Akari settles on a bench somewhere out of the way, lifting the little girl to sit with her as she eats the cotton candy. Akari's eyes flit between any familiar face she spots, face expressionless as she watches the flow of the crowd.

There she is, talking to Morgan, then someone is touching her, out of the blue. Not a lot startles her, but the sudden touch is different,"Mierda fuego y guardar los partidos." she shouts and seems to get her thoughts back in order a moment later when the voice registers," Oh Dios mio Arianna. You're killing me." she says with a soft laugh finally, turning towards the sneaky one a little.

Kurt looks up to smile for Karasu as he makes his greetings, "It is good to see you my friend, the festivities are truly wonderful," he exclaims. Of course, Mina is distracted and he is watching Pax get dragged off by the arm. A smirk rises and he grins at Karasu, "The lure of sake is great my friend, hopefully we can speak more soon - for now I believe it is time to drop a lot of money on souvenirs and food," he pauses a beat, "And sake," he laughs even as he's following after Pax and Tica with Mina, though he will eventually be simply dragging her back off to the Caddy - Pax clearly as plans to stay here for the foreseeable future.

The raven flies over to Mirai and lands on her shoulder. He looks at her mask and pecks it with his beak and flutters back into the air once someone tries to reach for him. He is wild, and unbound to anyone her-oh look food. He flies over towards one of the vendors to see what he could steal.

There are far too many people here for Lexi to notice that she's being followed. Lines are a thing around here, so someone keeping pace with her isn't weird. Moving along, she finishes up her pancake, licking her fingers clean jst in time to come to the next area. "Oh! Madelines." She lowers her camera and once more speaks to the person at the stall before she lifts her camera once more. "Cherry blossom madelines. I've never had one of these before. They don't make them every day and when I was in Japan, it just wasn't the right season." She takes a bite and lets out a happy little sound, chewing her food.

Pax smiles, giving a wave to Karasu at the greeting. "Good evening! All is well on my end, I believe. The festival seems to be a hit! Congratulations." he calls to the man in a friendly manner. "I'm afraid I nearly didn't come, but I'm glad I was able." he muses. "Of course I want sake!" he declares to Tica. "Do I ever not?" he teases, patting her arm with his free hand as he's led towards the stall in question.

Antonio finds his way to Chinatown for the first time. The thin teenager slips through the crowd, eyes wide at all the stalls. He pauses here. And then there, as he tries to take it all in. So much to see! His large, dark eyes scan the crowd, looking for any familiar faces.

Morgan is trying to act innocent, and hums lightly as she giggles at Arianna and Katrina's reaction taking lessons from Arianna. "Good Evening Miss Arianna." She still can't help but laugh lightly as she tries to juggle her bags, so she can tuck a little lotus flower into Katrina's hair with a smile.

Once he has the tea he steps away and looks over to the group, bowing to them. "Its good you were able to arive and pleased others showed up, Well, please, take care in all there is, and I hope you enjoy the food and drinks, along with the festivities." He bows once more "I must get the tea to my wife, but could wander over here in a few to mingle." He comments befure heading over to Miyo, offering her the tea as he comes up to her. "Sorry it took so long, ran into some friends and there was a line."

Arianna takes a step back after Katrina startles, and works on turning an impish smirk into an adorably charming smile for Kat and Morgan. Then she agrees with the former, "Oh, I'm sure. But adorably, hmm?" Then she wonders, "Having fun?"

The little girl beside Akari is nibbling on the cotton candy, being happy about it the entire time. She eventually stops and offers some to Akari, hoping her new best friend would want to share with her.

Miyo seems to come out of her daze then smiles. Licking her lips she just shakes her head before exhaling softly. "Thank you...." Taking that tea she takes a long sip before she continues. "Go play host, love. I can just rest here. Or I can head home....."

Pax offers a wave to Karasu as he goes about his business, and after being led over to a sake stand, purchases a fairly large cup of it. Tica is on her way after that, as well as Kurt and Mina, and Pax is left without any immediate companions! So he wanders the crowds for the time being, having long ago finished off his Karaage, and takes the occasional sip of his warm cup of sake. He seems to be enjoying himself, and takes a moment to pick up the fanged mask of a Japanese demon, which he grins at and carries along in a bag.

Katrina rolls her eyes and shakes her head,"Pretty good." she admits to Arianna. Once I get my heart swallowed again." She slips her arm around Morgan's waist and leans on her a little,"Adorable as usual." she adds with a wink.

Mirai's mask moves, looking over to the Raven that comes to her shoulder. It does not cause a startle, but it does cause a tilt of her head. "Careful Tengu. This world is not safe for you yet." A look back to Lexi, seeing what she is getting into. Then slowly a turn, setting her pace towards Karasu.

Karasu looks over to MIyo when she shoos him away, smirking a little to his wife. "If you wish my dear, if you need to go into the office and rest in my chair, do so." He leans in and Kisses Miyo softly before he bows his head to her and begins heading off to see what everyone was up to. First stop ended up being Lexi, who was enjoying the food, showing it off. "Evening... good to see that you've made it. How is everything?"

Someone passes by Tony with cotton candy, and the scent is enticing to the young man. Grinning he heads off in the direction that they had come from, to find the stall selling it. He digs into his jeans' pocket on the way, pulling out several bills.

The raven dives to steal a kabob and flies off into the distances, putting as much distance between his victim and his illgotten goods. Away he goes. Maybe someone will see him again.

Better late than never Eris arrives to the festival. The petite woman's hair is black today. She's got a Kasshiki mask, nevermind where she got it, and is wearing a simple black and white Hakama and Haori ensemble. She slips up beside Pax silent as a ghost and touches his shoulder.

Lexi smiles at Karasu, lowering her camera once more, putting a hand over her mouth to finish chewing the food. "Thank you SO much for letting me do this. You have no idea. It's all been wonderful so far. These festivals are always so wonderful."

Akari looks to the fluffy sugar cloud the little girl holds out and very slowly takes a small piece. She looks at it between her fingers a moment. "Domo." Akari offers softly before eating the sugary fluff.

Pax turns at the touch on his shoulder, peering at the woman that's approached him closely. "Jesus, that mask is creepy as fuck." he informs the possible stranger, eyeing her carefully as he takes a sip of his sake, then a slightly longer swig of it as he gives a sigh. "Do I know you?" he questions the figure, not jumping to any conclusions this evening, it seems.

Morgan smiles at Katrina blushing and leans her head on her shoulder and wrapping her arms full of bags around her waist too. Morgan seems to be doing much better than she has seen her the last few days. "Thank you my Angel. I am glad you were both able to come this evening" Morgan is more relaxed and calmer. The strain around her eyes from headaches at least for the moment is gone, and she is no currently bothered by the sounds of voices all around her either.

Karasu bows his head to Lexi when she thanks him for allowing her to film the food and the festival. "Ah, you're most welcome, and if you would like, I will keep you informed of the next Festival that shall come... My Friend, Danny, is going to work on setting up a Festival for Fall, Chinese in fashion. When we have information on its date I'll forward it to you."

Atsuhiro finally arrives at the festival. A young Japanese man, he's not precisely dressed appropriately for the festivities but for the uneducated eye, it's close enough. He has just finished working out and is currently wearing a white martial arts gi, a black hakama, and a pair of sandals. A light sheen on his forehead is indicative of the recent physical activity along with his disheveled medium hut hair. He takes a moment to wipe away some of the shine on the sleeve of his gi. Atsuhiroext, he starts making a circuit of the stalls a little amused about the novelty of the festival so far from home. He indulges in the trope of purchasing a stick of dango and gnaws at the confection as he continues his tour.

The young pale woman in the Kasshiki mask's eyes crinkle barely seen through the eye holes of her mask, "No. But that never stopped you before." The voice is in the least, familiar with a pleasent little Ozarky drawl. She lifts her hands which have been stained black in the fingers to ruffle Pax's hair before looking around. "Shall we indulge ourselves a little?"(Eris)

"Yes, please. You have my number, and this will all be posted in the next day or two. There's a lot of raw footage that will have to be cleaned up, but if there's anything you would like me to make sure is in the post, I'll be happy to oblige." Lexi is overjoyed. She's a happy girl generally anyway, even if she does look a little on the sickly side. "This kind of thing is very important. Not just for YOUR culture, but for everyone else's as well."

Antonio finally spots someone that he recognizes, and he heads over towards Lexi. He waits until she is finished talking to Karasu before he greets her, "Hey there, I shouldn't known the food lady would be out here checkin' out the food. How ya doin?"

The little girl beside Akari smiles brightly when she sees Akari take the piece and eat it, she bows her head to the pale woman. "You remind me of Lady Shirakawa Kaede." She says to Akari.

Pax peeeeeeers down at the woman in the mask, attempting at least to work out the voice of the woman next to him. But then she ruffles his hair, and he grunts a bit at the familiarity, taking a moment to run his fingers through his hair a bit once she's done. "Uhhh, sure." he responds to her, shrugging at that as he takes another sip of his sake. "It's pretty fun so far. Lots of good food. Karaage on a stick is really good!" he explains to her.

Arianna reaches up to give both Katrina and Morgan a pat on the head with another little smirk, clearly in a mood. "Well, it's lovely to see you. But I'll leave you two to your fun. I should wander a little more. I think there's someone I need to see. Try not to buy everything." And then she starts to back off, having had her fun.

Sander seems satisfied with his investigation of the wares. He wanders to a quieter spot on the edge of the crowd, nearer to the shrine. He crosses his arms and looks at it distantly, lost in thought.

Akari looks back to the little girl. "I do not recognise that name." She admits softly, her pale complexion contrasting greatly with her dark yukata.

Katrina smirks inspite of herself when Arianna pats her head. She rolls her eyes and winks,"Have fun. Not too much fun. The next one you scare might not just holler." She lets her head lean on Morgan's gently,"If you need anything, give me a call."

"No, just do what you do, I have no intentions of changing what you have... and I agree, a chance to experience the different cultures within your own home is dire, so many forget there is more to a city than the concrete, the sky scrapers and the clubs." When Someone shows up to talk to Lexi he looks over to the man for a moment before looking to Lexi. "Perhaps you should come by more often, we have a club here, along with several restaurants. Anyways, seems you have a guest." He bows to Tony and looks to Lexi. "Be well Miss Williams" And with that he moves to let Tony have his time with the red head as he wanders to go speak to more people.

Morgan blinks a few times, One time. maybe twice. she could have ignored. but this is the third time it has happened, and she is finally taking notice, as she looks around the festival, something strange catching her attention, for a moment looking back over to Arianna as she starts to leave again. She doesn't know who or how, but she knows it has happened, and it has really started to catch her attention. As Katrina leans her head against her own she looks to her and smiles though she still seems a little startled.

Lexi wiggles fingers at Antonio and grins, holding up a finger. She nods to Karasu with a brilliant smile. "I will definitely come through more often. Thank you so much." Once Karasu has left, she turns back to Antonio then and swoops her arm through his. "What delciousness have you found?"

Mirai drifts, here and there, to and fro. She makes sure Pax sees her, because of course she does. Then, over to Akari, nodding softly as she approaches. "There are more than I expected."

The asked figure's head tilts and Eris turns and starts to walk, looping her fingers around Pax's arm against his elbow. "Well then let's start their first, shall we? Then we'll see if we can't catch the Host for a moment or two." She suggests tilting her head to listen to nearby conversation as she moves.

Atsuhiro turns from the stalls and decides to pay his respects to Amaterasu. He ascends the stairs of the haiden. He bows slightly before the doors and rolls back his sleeve producing a coin which a sleight of hand trick and then slowly placing the coin in the donation box. He then rings the bell in greeting, bows twice, claps his hands twice, then stands in silent prayer.

The Little girl notices that Akari doesn't do much talking, but she doesn't mind, she stays beside the pale woman with long hair, watching the people as she nibbles on her cotton candy. Seeming happy to just... watch with Akari.

Pax doesn't seem to mind, but he's not exactly familiar with whomever that is. But then it hits him, all of a sudden, and he laughs and leans over to kiss the woman atop her head. "Sure! It's fuckin good, too." he assures her, leading her back towards that stand he'd picked it up from in the first place. A grin is given towards Mirai, but he at least doesn't go yelling at her... Yet. Instead he purchases some Karaage and offers it to his companion. "Here ya go, I had a bit earlier."

Tony grins at Lexi, waving the bills in his hand, "There are a LOTTA foods here I ain't ever seen, but it all smells great. I seen this little girl though with cotton candy, 'n I'm a sucker for sweets. You know which is sellin' it?"

Akari looks up from the little girl sitting beside her at the familiar voice. "Konbanwa Tachibana-san. I had forgotten how crowded festivals could get." She shifts a little on the bench making sure there is space should Mirai wish to sit with them.

Lexi glances around, still holding onto Tony's arm. She's found a companion for the evening and he isn't escaping. "Cotton Candy is... there." She points and lets Tony drag in that direction. "It isn't the same as what you're used to. It's a little more .. dense. They spin it a little tighter, but it's good. Let's go."

Arianna meanders off through the crowd to have a look at more of the festival. Maybe she's looking for Karasu in order to apply some pleasantries. But she's also easily distracted. By the shinies, but the martial arts demonstrations and other performances...many things.

Turning her attention towards Morgan, Katrina pauses and raises a brow at the change in Morgan's body language and her focus. She looks around the immediate area, curious and thoughtful,"Are you OK baby?" she asks, a hint of concern playing through her voice, again whether she knows it or not.

Karasu sees Pax and his friend, he walks over to the pair, giving a bow of his head to the couple. "I take it you two are enjoying your night?" Karasu questions the two as he looks between them for a moment, a smile on his lips.

'Katya' pauses for a moment at the sudden kiss atop her head and she laughs quietly behind the mask. "Oh, just figured it out did you?" She wonders. Moving through the crowd is easy enough most folks get out of the way. She takes the offered Karaage and lifting the mask to rest on her head so just the lower portion of her face can be seen while she tries the offered food out. "Been enjoying yourself?" Eris wonders.

Grinning, Tony heads for the stall selling cotton candy, talking to Lexi as they go, "You been eatin' anything interestin'? Wow, that sounded weird, didn't it?"

Pax snorts and shaking his head, taking a moment to pat Eris' arm as she takes the food from him. "I started drinking before I left the house, so... Y'know. But yea! It's pretty damn fun so far. Glad I was able to make it." he notes. He smiles over to Karasu as he approaches. "Oh yes! It's been pretty fun. I'm afraid I keep gaining and losing companions however." he notes with a bit of a grin. "Maybe Katya will stay around a bit longer than the last three or so." He gives Eris a teasing nudge at that.

Morgan looks to Katrina and strokes her cheek softly, to reassure her. "I think so Angel." She offers softly, "I think a little out of it, seeing things is all." She tries to dismiss it. "Probably just tricks of the light." She is really trying to convince herself, but she is certain she has seen it. "How about we continue to look around? What would you like to see? or taste." Okay now she is really starting to tense as, someone who was there just seems to disappear in front of her.

Atsuhiro bows once more and then leaves the shrine descend the stairs of the haiden. He takes a moment to smooth out his hakama and the sleeves of his gi then goes about finding one of the various martial arts demonstrations. He's not participating in any demo's himself today, but well, never hurts to see what your peers are up too.. or what the competition is dishing out. Tired, he yawns, rubs the back of his head, his gaze on a swivel.

'Katya' nibbles on the fried chicken pieces, adding a touch of lemon juice to the before nibbling some more. She smiles, one cheek puffed by the food she's chewing, and lifts a hand to wiggle her fingers at the approaching Karasu. Lifting a hand to her mouth she greets with a slightly muffled, "Evenin'. Lovely party." Before returning to chewing so she can speak ore clearly. "That all depends on how you behave this evening." She retorts to her companion. (Eris)

"Such is a festival, I'm afraid, so much to do, so much to experience, it's hard to stick together." The introduction of Katya gets a bow to the woman before he looks to Mina and then to Pax. "Seem to be the Ladies Man my friend." The Devil comments with a smile and looks to Mina. "Thank You for showing up, I'm Mister Hotsuin Karasu and welcome to the Summers Festival at the Shingye Shinsha, a Shinto Shrine dedicated to Amaterasu-no-Kami, the Lady of the Sun." Karasu bows to Katya next but doesn't repeat his introduction.

"I'd like to see my girl relax a little." Katrina tells Morgan softly. She looks around once more and accepts that whatever has Morgan up tight she can't see. She sighs softly and leans against her a little, “Let’s just see what there is to see and maybe mingle with anyone you might know. Not many familiar faces here for me really." "Not as much as you might think." Pax responds to Karasu with a bit of a laugh as he pats Eris' arm again. "I'd still like to speak with you again, once we get the chance. We have more than a few things to discuss." he tells the man with a friendly smile. He gives a grin over to Eris at that, nudging her again as she goes about eating her food. "I think I've been behaving pretty damn well, considering I'm approaching drunkeness." he teases. "Should probably slow down a bit though..."

Morgan slips her fingers between Katrina and squeezes her hand, looking apologetically to Katrina. "I am so sorry Katrina. You are right. The voices are quiet thankfully, for a few days at least. Let us just enjoy our evening together. "I should introduce you to Mister Hotsuin." She looks around for any other familar faces she might know too when she sees Antonio and waves to him as well. "And there is Antonio too. Antonio used to come by the beach in the mornings when my house was being built to enjoy some of the best food truck food in town. I thought so anyway."

Eventually Akari would feel the little body next to hers press against her form, worming it a bit. If she looks down, or when, she will see the little girl is starting to doze off amongst all the people, sitting beside the pale woman.

Eris says, "It's nice to see you again." The masked woman tells Karasu, after a few bites she gives the food back to Pax and pulls the mask back own after licking her lips. "Would you mind terribly pointing me towards the Sake? It seems my companion’s already a few sheets ahead of me and I'd like to remedy that." If told she smiles, "I'll be right back, but I converse better when I've got liquor in me."

"I think it's time to find your parent little one." Very gently Akari picks the little girl up and stands. "Can you point them out to me?" She asks softly as she looks into the throng of festival goers.

She listens to Morgan talk and nods, squeezing her hand a little bit. She looks towards the others that is indicated and says,"No reason to be sorry baby. Things happen. Usually for the reason." She nods and adds,"Anyone you want me to meet would be great. Despite the crowds I am always around, I readdlly don't know too many people in this city."

Tony is currently at a stall buying cotton candy and chattering to Lexi about various foods. He seems anxious to try this slightly different cotton candy that smells so divine.

"You should have more food... or some bitter tea, or both..." Karasu responds in regards to Pax's and his 'drunkaness'. "Now as for discussion, either tomorrow evening or Wednesday, I should be able to meet with you." He responds to Pax before looking to Eris. "Indeed..." For a moment Karasu is trying to place the figure, and how they met, but he lets it go whens he questions about sake. "Ah, its over..." He looks around for a brief moment and points off towards the ritual stage area. "Right there." He smiles to Katya.

The little girl rubs her eyes and looks over to Akari, when she questions the girl about parents she nods and looks around for a moment before pointing off towards the Haiden. "There..." She gets to her feet with Akari and takes her hand or tries to anyways.

"Everything I eat is interesting," Lexi tells Tony, letting him lead the way. She watches as the cotton candy is made for Tony and she orders one for herself. It IS dense, and HUGE and shaped like a flower. "They can do other designs, but this is the most common. They're really amazing. Go ahead. Can I film you?" She lifts her camera just a little bit, prepared to turn it on, or leave it off.

Pax nods to Karasu, but then there's more food suddenly! It's like magic, really. He accepts the chicken from the woman with a grin, then offers his half empty cup of sake in return to her. "If you'd prefer to avoid the walk." he tells her with a smile. It's still warm, so there's that. He takes a moment to step closer to Karasu, speaking softly to the man before continuing. "Tomorrow or Wednesday works for me, I'll let you know if anything comes up. Just a bit of paperwork." he says, taking a bite of the chicken in hand.

Gently Akari takes the little girl's hand and heads towards the Haiden letting the little one lead her to the right people.

Tony's face lights up like a child at the sight of the sweet she hands him, and he nods his head to Lexi, "If you want to, I don't mind. But I don't have anything on but this old t-shirt and jeans."

Lexi shakes her head. "Real stuff. That's what I film." Lexi takes a step back and aims the camera. "Guys, this is my friend Tony. I love this guy more than I do raw squid." She turns the camera around to face her. "And if you know me, you know that's a LOT." She turns it back around. "Tony hasn't had this kind of cotton candy before, so we're going to watch." She giggles on the back half of the camera, watching Tony so he can try things.

The girl walks with Akari to the Haiden and there is couple there talking to the Kannushi, Akimasa. The girl looks up to Akari and smiles to her "Thank You Lady Kaeda!" She says to Akari and runs over to her parents, hugging her mothers leg. The mother looks down to the girl and runs fingers through her hair before looking back to Akimasa. Seem's their talking about rituals for the little girl.

Morgan smiles softly, "Mister Karasu Hotsuinis a bit of a business man and a friend, I met him on the beach too. He seems a bit busy, well usually very busy but he helped to set up the festival. He is really a nice guy. He told me once that I should have been born into his world, but I am not completely sure. I am still trying to figure out exactly where I belong. Though I am certain I do belong with you."

Tony resists the urge to bury his face in the large beautifully arrange pile of fluff. He turns it to the camera, so that she can get a good picture of the artistry of it before he pinches off a large piece and brings it up to his mouth. The moment it hits his lips the boy's huge dark eyes widen in clear ecstasy, and then roll upwards as his smile beams at the camera. Licking his lips slowly he tells Lexi, and thus the camera, "Nearly as good as sex..."

Karasu nods to whatever Pax tells Karasu, looking to the man with a smile. "Sounds well enough to me. We will make things work, but for now, go, enjoy yourselves... and should you need a ride home we can get you a lift or such... Anyways, I shall see whom else is about, please, be well Pax." He looks to Mina and bows his head to her before he steps away.

"Thank you for keeping me company little one." Akari bows respectfully, listening to the conversation for a tiny bit before righting herself and waving to the little girl as she departs.

Katrina lets her eyes move towards where Morgan indicates and nods,"I can feel his pain in the always busy category." she admits and leans on Morgan a little again,"You belong with me, that much is certain." she mutters and lets Morgan lead her wherever she will,"And I with you, no question."

Lexi makes a little 'rawr' sound behind the camera as Tony eats that bite and she shakes her head, laughing. "Tony, just watching you eat that was almost as good as sex." She turns the camera around and makes a grand little gesture of fanning herself. "Okay, ladies. THAT was Tony, but I'm pretty sure he's taken." She clicks the camera off and laughs, taking a bte of her own as it's handed over. "You're really something, you know that?"

Morgan smiles at Katrina brightly, her blue eyes actually really happy, tonight and her head clearing as she forgets about what she had seen earlier, or had for a moment, and just closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before she steps over towards Karasu with Katrina. "Good evening Mister Hotsuin. I hoped to introduce you to someone very special to me. This is Katrina Santos. She is the manager of Bourbon and Bedlam."

'Katya' returns from her adventure, apparently 'still warm' wasn't good enough for the masked woman so she'd gone and returned with some Sake for herself. She may or nay not have had a few cups before returning. She walks back over to Pax giving Karasu a lift of her fingers and a little wave. "Busy busy. This is why I don't do parties. Too many pleasentries." She drawls softly to Pax.

Atsuhiro manages to find himself a little entertainment. A few familiar practitioners of Aikido, Aikijujitsu, and mainly just straight up jujitsu are in the process of demonstration a few of the basic locks and throws. Hiro makes a few friends by offering to uke for a few of the demonstrations. The result is the Japanese flying through the air in high circle falls to both protect his joints and also add to the showmanship. Its usually these flashy moments that recruit people into the martial arts. Hiro might as well do his part.

The crowd gasps at Hiro appears to take a particularly nasty fall from a hip throw and cross arm lock. There is applause when Hiro bounces to his feet unharmed.

Pax nods and offers a slight wave to Karasu. "I'll keep that in mind, thank you! Wouldn't be the first time I've had to Lyft home from Chinatown." he admits, laughing as he downs some more of his own sake, and finishes off the chicken in hand. As Katya returns, he offers her his arm again, tossing the stick itno a trash can as he leans closer and whispers to the woman softly.

Tony's face turns slightly pinkish, but those eyes twinkle at her. How someone can be innocent looking and sensual at the same time is interesting, but he seems unaware of it for the most part. "Not really, Miss Lexi. I think I'm kinda borin' in truth. You got a lot of interesting stories about where you been, and what you've done. I could listen to 'em all night."

Makiko slowly makes her way onto campus. She was running late so she didnt have time to change into her traditional garb. She starts at the parking lot booths and makes her rounds

When Morgan walks up to Karasu with Katrina, he bows to the pair as Morgan introduces her friend to him. "Ah, Evening Lady Morgan, a pleasure to see you here. I hope you're having a wonderful time, as well as your friend here, Lady..." He looks to Katrina who was introduced. "Lady Santos... And its a pleasure to meet you."

Eris leans in to listen to Pax and the masked face tilts, "Well I don't know how long you've been here but if you'd like to go we certainly can." She bobs her head and lifting the mask again just slightly she downs the last of the sake she'd brought back.

Walking with Morgan, listening as she makes the introductions and offers a hand to shake after a moment of uncertainty. He'll shake or he won't. Nothing for it at this point,"A pleasure to meet you Mr. Hotsuin. Morgan has mentioned your name a time or two, it's nice to have a face to go with a name."

Lexi shrugs one shoulder at Tony, leading him on away from the cotton candy so that other people can have a chance, though she's eating hers happily. "I've met boring people, Tony. I don't hang out with boring people and I SURE don't ask them if I can film them." She grins and leads around a little way so there's a place to sit. "So... I inherited a bunch of stuff from bozo the clown when he took off."

"A bit." Pax admits, leaning against Eris for a moment as he looks around. He spots Akari across the way, giving the woman a smile and a wave of greeting and simultaneous parting as he tugs Eris' arm and starts to lead her towards the bridge of the Shrine. Seems he's wearing down, a bit.

The formal meeting of Katrina is taken and a smile is given, when she offers a hand he looks to it for a moment before he takes the hand and returns the shake with a firm grip. "Well, I hope my name being mentioned was that in good fashion." He chuckles some "How are you enjoying the festivities tonight?"

Setting her cup down, somewhere, anywhere Eris/Katya allows herself to be drawn along in the wake of Pax. She waves at a few people who give the masked figure strange looks but by the end she is led off into the night.

From a distance Akari gives Pax a nod back, watching as he heads for the bridge. She stands in place for a moment before slowly making her way towards him.

Tony's expression turns a bit sad then, "Oh? I think I know who you mean. I whist things hadn't gone south with him. He was actually nice to me. In the begining I mean. He brung us food out at the trailer." He gets a curious look then, "What'de he leave ya?"

Rising from yet another throw, Atsuhiro bows politely and excuses himself from uke duty. Stepping away from the continued demonstrations of locks and throws, he leans over to brush debris off his hakama and re-situate his gi. Folding his arm over his chest, he stretches his shoulder and yawns. "Well, I guess I did my part."

Turning to assess the crowd briefly, he decides to take one last pass through the stalls before heading back to his dorm room.

Lexi shrugs at Tony. "It's fine. We were good, until we weren't. While I was in the hospital, he fucked around on me and knocked a chick up, so I hope he does well, and I hope he dies in a fire." Then she smirks and shrugs. "Everything. The sex shop, the food truck, his place. There was someone else with interest in the sex shop, so I handed that over. I didn't want it. I still don't know what I'm going to do with the food truck."

Morgan smiles at Karasu, and his warm greeting to Katrina, who is very special to her, "It is such a beautiful evening Mister Hotsuin." She holds up a bunch of bags from her shopping so far. "Such a lovely evening. I wondered will there be fireworks too this evening?" If not she could probably arrange for some. As she smiles at Katrina. "How is Miss Hotsuin?"

A small fox is seen prancing about near some of the tree's as if it was dancing, it stops and suddenly darts off behind a tree.

"All good I assure you." Katrina tells Karasu. She notes his hesitance and admits,"I need to spend a little more time learning customs clearly. Sorry." She has a solid handshake as well, then lets his hand free. She looks around the area and smiles,"This is amazing. Truly. I haven't taken time to come to this part of the city, but maybe I should." She pauses as the fox does it's appear and vanish and looks back at him.

Tony's eyes widen again as she mentions the shop. "You don't know who got the shop?" He smiles slowly, until it turns into a grin. "Well, might be somebody you know." He cocks his head to the side as he looks at her then, clearly amused now. "Who better to have a food truck than a foodie? I can't cook as good as he could. Yet. But I'm getting good. I bet you cook real good, and could take it out to the beach on the weekends, and sell plenty. Folks there love that."

Lexi shakes her head. "I handed it over to the chick who he had been knocking boots with before... the one who bought it for him." Then she looks at Tony with mock-suspicion. "You got it? Really?" She SQUINTS at her buddy Tony and then laughs. "I'm not.... I can cook, but I'm nowhere near as good as he was, or probably even as you are. But we might be able to take it out one day. Throw some weird shit together and see what happens. Might be fun."

The mention of fireworks gets a shake of Karasu's head "No, its too dry at this point, in case there was a stray ember or the like, they do not wish for a fire to start. Perhaps next year we will have one sooner in Summer where it's still moist enough to allow Fireworks. As for Lady Hotsuin, she is very pregnant, and cranky, she is ready to give birth any week now. We're both excited and can't wait to meet our child." Karasu smiles softens at the mention of Miyo and their impending child. With Katrina mention of customs, he looks over to the woman and smiles. "You're fine, as of late its been traditional business for me, so the American gesture had confused me a little. Worry not. As for this part of the city, should come back more often, Chinatown has so much to offer."

"Oh, I'd love that!" Tony exclaims, his face excited looking now. He pinches off another bite of cotton candy, and eats it, again rolling his eyes as he licks his fingers off then. "'N yes'm, I got the shop. I worked hard on it, got it cleaned up nice so nobody be embarrassed about going there, 'n it's been going pretty good. Still got some work to do on it, but it's comin' along. It's called Dream's Edge now though. I didn't want no tie to the old, it was time for new."

"Dream's Edge. I like that. I'll have to come see it. I never went into Peaches. It always gave me the creeps. I guess considering who it belonged to, that shouldn't surprise me in retrospect." She chuckles, but it's a sad little sound, so she just contents herself with watching Tony eat his cotton candy while she does the same.

An old man is seen walking about the grounds picking up stray trash, sweeping some, and attending to the shrine grounds.

Introductions aside, Katrina is about to say something more when her phone starts to ring. She silences it once and it rings again. Looking at it this time she sighs,"And, that's my cue to not have a life and go run a club." she admits and leans over to kiss Morgan gently,"See you at home." she offers to her, not a question, and then back to Karasu,"It was a pleasure to meet you."

Morgan smiles as Karasu and will have to maybe speak to him about it later, "Of course with it so dry. It is not a wise idea it would be horrible to start a fire here in the city." She gently squeezes Katrina's hand and reaches over to squeeze Karasu's too. "It is probably best I head home too. I wish you a beautiful night Mister Hotsuin, my friend." From afar, Katrina hugs and will probably see you in a week. My life gets /really/ busy leading to the weekend. Might be around, but not sure.

Karasu watches the exchange between the two women and when Kitrina gives her good bye he bows to her. "Remain safe, and hope to meet you again." He comments before looking to Morgan "Remain safe as well and have a good night."

"Glad you like it. Alex liked it too. He helped me with the wordin' of stuff, but I come up with the name. Sorta got 'inspired'. I'd be glad to show it to you whenever you like." Tony tells Lexi. He glances around as the crowd seems to be thinning a bit. It's getting later. "I never been in Chinatown before. Got a lot more to see here than I thought."

One last pass around the stalls, one last round of festival confections. A small victory in not getting any stains on his white gi. A brief questioning of why the standard uniform for Japanese martial arts is white. Atsuhiro rounds a corner and throws a stick with a few last vestiges of food upon its length into a trashcan. He manages to catch part of a conversation about fireworks and offers a brief pout regarding the 'To dry' explanation. A brief glance around the shrine reinforces the wisdom of no fireworks, but its disappointing regardless.