2018.08.24 Masquerade Breach Cont

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Masquerade Breach Cont - Alley to Graveyard
Friday Night Bastille Day Event - Alley to Graveyard
IC Date August 24, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Esmira Madeline Jolene Oleksiy Guivre Devin Angelica Calevaro Martha
Location Alley to Graveyard
Spheres Vampire
Theme Song The Munsters theme song [1]


Esmira looks slightly different tonight. She is the same height this time, but her eyes have turned blue, and her cheekbones are a bit higher. It's enough that she wouldn't be recognized by most. She waits inside the alley, cautiously looking around every so often.

Jolene comes dressed in black today, not the traditional formal wear but more comfortable shoes and darker clothing that make her blend easier. That in it itself should surprise most. Her hair pulled up into a ponytail and hidden under a cap.

Oleksiy comes along, dressed as he almost always is, a cane in hand the only seeming adjustment to his normal wardrobe, this one being a stout one usable for clubbing, should the unthinkable be needed.

Not unlike Jolene, Calevaro is also wearing black clothes, a hood covering his very recognizable red hair. He gives a nod to Jolene, green eyes looking around quickly.

Devin arrives in dark, but pressed trousers, a break over his polished oxfords with sturdier treads than one normally has on a man's dress shoe. A dark turtleneck over his torso, his lovely walking stick in one hand.

Angie arrives in dark work out pants, something easy to move in with a black hoodie and black ball cap. Her hair is down to half conceal her face and she wears black socks and black running shoes. She moves closer to Jolene leaning close to whisper something.

Angie whispers "have you seen Maddie?"

Devin looks at Oly as he arrives, eyes taking in the similarities they show in chosen outfit of the night, down to the cane in hand and he smiles." Good evening " he nods to Oly then to the others as they gather "Good evening ladies and gentlemen."

Jolene shakes her head at Angie, when she whispers to her and offers softly, "No I have not, not yet. I have tried to reach out to her though but with no answer."

"Good evening, Primogen Devin." Calevaro replies, nodding politely to all the others, his eyes continuing to scan the alley, a frown of concentration creasing his forehead.

Devin nods to Calevaro’ s comment but doesn't turn to him, his eyes looking into the darkness as he tracks the missing and possibly rogue thaumaturge. "Good evening to you as well. "he does answer slowly lifting his cane and pointing into the dark as a cue to any others who might be looking. "This direction it would seem."

Any scrying powers or search powers that succeed all point to an old graveyard. Esmira’ s searching reveals faint traces of the victim's blood and an overpowering sense of smog and sewage. There is not much left here that is tangible, or visible with the five senses.

Devin will begin to move in the direction he indicated, not too quickly to not lose sight of some of the squishier members of Team Win but having a trail to follow he will begin to use it.

Calevaro nods at Devin, taking a few steps forward alongside the other man, his hands casually beside him. Despite that, he tries to be fully aware of his surroundings, green eyes looking at the other members of their small team.

Jolene as she picks up on the blood she will try again to try to use spirit touch to lead her towards their target, though the scent is enough to make her almost throw up.

Oleksiy approaches the others, his eyes are swirling and flashing clearly angry "Ah. so, you have all gathered. " he nods once and looks to Devin "As it is your man who is below. I will submit myself to aid you in this, to recover your man." he states simply, "A leader is needed for this mission and its only logical that it be you."

Oleksiy nods once to Devin and looks to see who else is here, considering each of them with a thoughtful expression. "Will you all follow me in this?" he asks "I have scryed the location of the Tremere. he is alive. he is chained, and drained but not unconscious. I did see a scrawny wolf near him. but he is in a graveyard underground. So, they could be just gnawing bones there."

"Certainly. The wolf; just a wolf? Lupine? One of us? or unknown? " Devin asks looking towards Oly and letting him give his insight as he and Jolene seem to have things handled on the tracking front.

Esmira pages: Yes sorry! I had to page Oleksiy something else in his scry! But yes, the last person to touch that blood was the Accused. You know his name, "Henry Goldman. You can see through his eyes as he killed his victim, it's horrifying, and it happens just as Esmira says it did. You see him gripping the fence with a bloody hand and then escaping into the dark sewers.

Oleksiy frowns a little "Unknown. likely it’s an animal servant to the Nosferatu." eh then looks to Devin and motions "I do want to speak to you briefly before we go. " he will ask the Tremere to step aside to talk to him briefly "There is something else that you need to know. so, you can disseminate appropriately."

Esmira listens for a moment, "I don't hear anything yet. the voice is still silent tonight. but I will let you all investigate further." Fortunately, no homeless have decided to make this alley their bed for the night.

At the urging Devin gives Calevaro a little nod to indicate he will return in a moment and he goes off to speak with Oleksiy, leaning over to listen.

Calevaro nods at Oleksiy. "I have no problem with that." He replies. When Oleksiy asks to speak with Devin in private, Calevaro once more nods, moving a few steps away from the two, to give them some privacy, a nod given to Esmira. "Yes, we are lucky this place hasn't been disturbed."

Jolene is startled at first from the vision she sees and looks back to the others, "Henry Goldman. That is who it is. I have seen him before" She offers softly to the rest. She closes her eyes and tries her best to regain her composure looking paler as she sees what happened through his eyes, and is momentarily staggered, putting a hand up against the wall.

Angie glances around, hearing more voices. She adjusts her eyes to see who is here. She attempts to survey her surroundings, but she finds she is unable to concentrate and gets nothing. She relaxes a bit more and her eyes have adjusted even more, and she tries again. To survey her surrounds.

Devin seems to ponder a moment, then he nods and replies.

"I think we should leave here soon." Calevaro muses. "For now, this place is empty but if people decide to come over, I think our group will call a lot of unwanted attention." He looks at all the others for a moment.

The others can hear Devin give a sort of laugh that is devoid of humor. "of course, he did..."

"I think we should leave here soon." Calevaro muses. "For now, this place is empty but if people decide to come over, I think our group will call a lot of unwanted attention." He looks at all the others for a moment. "Plus, I think we have already learned all we can from this place."

Angie moves closer to Jolene, but she gives her space. She debates on using a few of her "other" abilities but she waits

Esmira nods, "Y-yes we should go. has the lost Tremere been found?" She glances at the alley exit. whispering, "Wolf. wolf?" She speaks a little louder, "Nature’s pet? Teacher's pet!" She winces and shakes her head a bit, "The voice. I don't know what it meant. but it doesn't sound good."

Oleksiy nods once and looks up from his sidebar with Devin "I agree. we need to move. there is danger in what we do, but we must move decisively.

To Oleksiy as Devin motions the gentleman "Well, let us be about it then. The sooner we end this search the better I am certain."

Oleksiy nods to Jolene "Will you take the lead" he motions to Angie "Can you cover our back? the rest fall in between and let us move. We have a Tremere to recover and a Nosferatu to apprehend."

Jolene offers what she can keeping her senses heightened so that she can help them and stay alert. She nods to Devin in agreement moving in front of them, and towards the direction she knows he went. It is one of the few times that Jolene has had a chance to really use her abilities like this to help.

Calevaro frowns slightly at the Nosferatu part, a nod of agreement being given to Oleksiy. He moves to start walking among the group, a hand patting something hidden in his coat. "Ok, let’s move. The faster we get there, the faster we can end this."

As they proceed, Devin removes his cellphone and tests a message to some of the clan to keep them appraised should they all suddenly die in a graveyard. (;D )

Calevaro also pulls his phone out, his fingers quickly swiping across the screen as he sends a few texts too. He would glance at Devin inquisitively for a moment, before his eyes returned to the phone

The graveyard is ancient. No one is buried here anymore, and the crypts are overgrown. A lone wolf howls in the night, but the sound is coming from below. It's a mournful howl, filled with pain, and despair. The sound of a flame can be heard nearby but no fire is seen yet, except for a slight glow coming from one of the older stone crypts. But then suddenly a fire elemental walks out from that very crypt and starts to walk towards another, larger crypt. Esmira stares wide eyed at the being of fire.

Jolene as they approached the graveyard she holds up her hand to slow them and hold them back, frozen in her tracks as she has never seen anything like this before. She doesn't even know what name to put to it, other than a walking fire beast. It isn't like she played D&D as a kid. It was never a thought for her. Trying to draw their attention towards the elemental. Which may be rather hard to miss.

"I never thought I would see one of these again." Calevaro whispers to the group, sighing, softly biting his lower lip in thought. "Any ideas, Primogen Quinn?" He asks, looking to Devin. "I'm unsure if what I have will work against it."

Angie follows behind the rest of the group, bringing up the rear. She stops when their attention is focused on the fire elemental, tilting her head

Devin pauses as Jolene puts out the warning hand signal and he looks up. He watches, ice blue eyes transfixed in shock as it takes his insanely sharp mind an actual pause of several moments to catch up. He keeps his mouth shut, not muttering his first thought as he realizes he must keep a strong example for the others' benefit so as not to cause panic.

"You have witnessed one before? " he nods "I am most impressed by that fact I must admit. " he offers sincerely to Cal, his eyes still on it. Reaching into his jacket, Devin withdraws a small satin drawstring pouch and opens it up. Reaching inside he takes a handful of soil and begins to draw a pattern as he lets the dirt slowly drift from his fingers to the ground. Then, he raises his cane from the ground, keeping it ready as he watches the elemental move towards the other crypt. Turning to Oly "Seems the wolf is a minor matter at this point. If any would wish to leave at this juncture know that I will not look down upon an act of simple sense. But, if you are going to leave, this is certainly the time for it. " Then back to Oly "I do not suppose that such spirits are in your bailiwick by chance?"

Oleksiy looks between them and smiles just a touch. "With your permission. I think that perhaps I am best equipped." he casually, even relaxes as he steps forward and uses his cane to draw a simple sigil of the element of fire on the ground before him. As he does he begins to speak softly first its words "I am the follower of the way of fire, the fire does not burn me" but from there his voice changes, as his eyes flicker from grey to sparks of brilliant red coals, heat starting to roll of his body, but it doesn’t harm him. the sounds coming from his lips now are in the tongue of the elements "I am Koldon of the fifth order, servant of Fire, of the third order, and I entreat you to serve with me. I and my party will pass through here. You may either benefit from this, or you may die. " he extends a hand and his blood starts to seep into his palm forming into a burning pitch like bundle of blood and fire "I give you this offering and bid you be gone." he straightens as he speaks, though most of the others have no way to understand exactly what he is saying to the elemental. And he stands there holding fire in one hand, waiting for the Elementals response.

The elemental stops in front of the crypt's downward leading stairs and turns around, watching the surround area. Its' patrol now leads towards the coterie although the elemental is unaware of the group until Oleksiy's ritual begins. The elemental roars at them, it is the sound of a raging furnace rather than a beast. It kneels before Oleksiy some fifteen feet away, although it would be wise not to touch the entity for obvious reasons. Esmira does not flee, but let’s others go first.

Devin's lip tugs in threat of a smile, his cane still in hand, but the other extends slightly as he bows. "By all means, I shall allow the resident master of such beings show the humble clan Tremere, and these lovely ladies how it is handled properly.

"Impressive." Calevaro can't help but murmur as he sees the fire elemental being tamed, his lips tugging up in a smile.

Devin will stand ready for option two of "aggressive negotiations" as that is more his gift than barter with elemental spirits is. Both hands ready should the being deciding to show displeasure upon the party.

Oleksiy drops the flaming vitae into the flame elemental on his way past, once the others are gone by, and he nods in approval. Before his aura fades, and he falls back in to the line with the others. He smiles just a bit 'it’s nice to be able to... flex. something you can’t often do in this day and age."

Jolene is happy to stay back behind the men and watch clearly entranced by the ritual, something she has never seen before in her life. She does have nothing but the utmost respect for those who know of such things as they are unfamiliar to her.

Devin says, "Most assuredly, not to mention, most pleasurable to work with a fellow professional."

Angie watches Oleksiy handle the elemental with ease. She cocks an eyebrow as the elemental is literally brought to its knees. She purses her lips as she realizes she is low man on totem pole here... "Well done Mr. Oleksiy."

As the coterie continues towards the crypt stairs, the howl can be heard again. The fire elemental does not move from its' kneeling position or make any threatening sounds. Esmira follows behind with Jolene. Below is a stone door that has clearly been smashed into pieces by a great force. A long walkway leads to a chamber with an upturned operating table. There hangs by silver chains in a crucifix pose the lost Tremere, who simply grins at the coterie as they approach.

Oleksiy nods to Devin, "Indeed. it is a pleasure and safer." he nods to the others let us resume.

Calevaro blinks as they see the crucified Tremere, his eyes going to the other members of the coterie. "Sweet god." He murmurs, his expression not changing. He stands quietly, willing his blood to enhance his senses to perceive more of their surroundings.

Jolene isn't sure what to think about the lost Tremere except she knows it was him who did this, but this part is Devin's turn as it is one of his own responsible, and she looks back to Devin. She was only helping to lead him here. She isn't sure she wants to let him go knowing what he did though, and the risk he places them all in. "It is him."

Oleksiy nods casually, his attention out for dangers. this feels like a potential trap to him, so he is looking for that attentively.

Also seen written in blood on the wall behind the Tremere, as your eyes adjust to the darkness, can be read, "A Martyr and a Judas."

Jolene looks concerned to Angie, and she makes she also looks around carefully, all her senses open up and using some of her blood in case the worst is about to happen she wants to be able to move quickly.

Devin lowers his hands and relaxes his posture as "putting it out" will not be necessary for the elemental. He continues with the rest of the group however until they reach that room. Then, looking to the Tremere in question Devin studies him for several moments. "So, twisted, by the heart's blood that you happily serve as your new regnant’ s judas goat?" He cocks his head casually as if unsure what sort of critter this could be but doubting it to be Tremere.

As he makes the comment Devin steps down on an upturned chair, or the table and with ease snaps off the leg. "Is that the path you desire to follow cousin? Tell me true, are you committed to this road with the single-minded purpose that dedicates me to mine?" Moving closer, dangerously close perhaps should the Tremere be faking it Devin pauses in front of him, his icy eyes almost sad as he reaches forward and gently almost as if a father with a child, he brushes the crucified thaumaturge’s hair. "I know you have suffered.

Grievously so. Most unjustly. " he nods as his voice softens. "I know that your torture was long, and wretched. " Pricking his finger with the table leg he touches the blood to the man's lips. "Tell me true brother, unburden your soul. What master do you desire to serve? "

Calevaro would approach alongside Devin, his expressions softening as he sees the state his clan mate is in. "Coming back is always an option. As much as you have suffered, you can recover, there is no need for you to continue on your current path."

Oleksiy is silent, attentive, less at ease than he was with the elemental.

Jolene is truly sad for the Tremere, and steps back keeping attentive. She would free him if she could. Her memories flashing back to just before she came home, and this is truly rough for her to watch. Her hand holding her stomach as if she might truly be sick. "Please do not make them hurt you." Is all she can say.

Angie glances to the crucified figure...tilting her head again. She is used to seeing oogie things due to her job but this one...eh. Play stupid games...win stupid prizes. She looks still brings up the back of the group wondering what they were about to go up against

The sound of cracking bones and a low whine, then a growl can be heard from an adjacent chamber. The thudding sounds of a large beast approaching the coterie follows. A black furred Garou in crinos form glares at all present, then roars, glowing red eyes filled with fury, not a trace of mercy present. He speaks in a guttural voice, "Master said eat intruders. pay penance. to Gaia. and tribe. by eat. YOUUU!!"

Oleksiy focus's his will, his eyes flickering with that light of fire and he lifts his hand, calling forth magma from the ground at the feet of the werewolf.... (way of fire level 2)

as the creature announces itself, Devin drops the wooden beam in his hand, looking up from the chained Tremere just in time to yell "Abomination!" shift with lithe grace as creature lunges and swipes at him. Razor claws missing by inches Devin's hand grips the hilt of his blade and he yanks it forth, taking a horizontal slash at it facing it head on.

As the blade clears scabbard, the others can see the steel is engulfed in a sheath of flickering green flames that just manage to push through the beast's hide despite the awkward position of the swing.

Oleksiy sees the danger has seen wolves fight before, and knows he is the next target, and that it will come soon, so his tactics shift. he brings his second-hand forward slaps them together and barks a command in that hissing language of the fire elemental. as he releases and raises his hands, the ground around him breaks open in a circle and a massive ring of molten rock and noxious smoke rises to 10 feet surrounding him, the heat coming off it intensely. fortunately, he did make sure he wasn’t so close that his friends would get caught in this defensive ring of lava.

Jolene is watching as Devin drops the wooden beam in his hand, and then as Oleksiy creates a defensive ring of lava around him and she is forced to back away from the fight keep out of the range of the attack. She has never fought a shifter before and doesn't even know where to start.

Calevaro would blink. From all the things he expected from this situation, a shifter wasn't one of them. As the others begin to move, Calevaro would quickly reach into his coat. His hand comes out holding a small smg. He starts to move before he pulls the trigger, his Celerity-enhanced sense allowing him to try and fire from different angles. As he hits the trigger several booming noises can be heard as the gun does its job, bullets flying toward the werewolf.

Angie watches this huge dog as he comes in. In all honesty she has never seen something of this magnitude. Well there is a first for everything. She was no match really, so she digs deep within and a small dark chuckle as the shadows swirl in her eyes. She looks about and starts pulling the shadows...commanding them to bow to her and obey her. She commands them to go to the Garou to pull at his legs, tripping him up, tugging at his arms and forming distractions.

Calevaro would continue to move around, attempting to concentrate even as he does. He would extend his palm forward, electricity starting to form there. With a spark and a *crack*, a small ball of electricity would be thrown at the large Garou.

The Garou roars as he is wounded several times, failing to land the first attack. The lupine whirls around and leaps at Oleksiy, not at all concerned about the supernatural flame currently shielding the Tzmisce. He roars again in pain as the flames sear him, but he does manage to land a blow on his prey before leaping out of the flames. Esmira doesn't stand a chance as she is struck down into torpor, blood exploding out of her like a broken faucet. Her eyes widen, and she drops to the ground in a puddle of blood.

The Garou is then distracted by the newly appeared shadows creeping about, which is what spares Esmira from being finished off. The Garou snarls and approaches the shadows, for some reason ignoring the coterie.

Devin runs at the Abomination as Angie taunts it and this time not trying to dodge and strike and not fall (yay no split pool), he throws himself forward and with a deft roll, swipes at the creature's backside. Green flames leave a trail as he runs and the smell of burned hair and flesh fill the room.

The Garou whines as he dies, his rumbling voice and slowed breathing causing a wheezing sound to precede his last words, "Thank. you. truly." He shifts back into human form as that last word escapes his lips, his corpse rolling over. Esmira remains stiff and in torpor. Meanwhile Peter von Lubreck starts to laugh, "You are finished anyway. did you really think that I was forced to join him? Yes. he tortured me." He shifts in pain, at least as much as he can...

A Garou was waiting for the coterie along with a traitorous Tremere. The Accused was able to flee before they arrived. The fight is now over and the Garou whines as he dies, his rumbling voice and slowed breathing causing a wheezing sound to precede his last words, "Thank. you. truly." He shifts back into human form as that last word escapes his lips, his corpse rolling over. Esmira remains stiff and in torpor. Meanwhile Peter von Lubreck starts to laugh, "You are finished anyway. did you really think that I was forced to join him? Yes. he tortured me..." He shifts in pain, at least as much as he can...

But Peter continues, his eyes fierce with determination, "...but I saw the righteousness of his cause. He is no mere fledgling. his fledgling tried to. commit diablerie. but failed. Now he lives on inside of his wayward Childe’s body. I taught him. our secrets. and the jester Prince who does not deserve to so much as shit in that throne will soon be incinerated. For an entire year I have taught him. and I have drunk of his blood. The Pyramid has failed. dear Primogen. I have outlived my usefulness and I am a martyr for our cause. Yes, bring me before your puppet, Torvik. A true elder stood against him now and he will bring this city to its' knees. You have no idea what he found. what's coming. His power will only grow as ancient blood courses through his veins. You see the Sabbat have the right idea except their ends are... misguided." He spits.

Oleksiy settles back to the ground, one arm and side badly mangled, the wall of magma solidifying and settling smoothly back to the ground behind him. He takes a slow breath and looks at the dead animal that was once a man and shakes his head "Such a waist."

Devin nods as the man explains himself. The blade is still held in one hand, shimmering from the light as the green flames dance and flicker and snap. Going back to Peter he nods again, sadly listening to his tale. "Failed? " Devin chuckles as he picks up the jagged beam, he had grabbed before the fight, back up off the floor. "How little you know sweet buffoon."

Angie walks over to Olek, disappointed some that she had to stop the shadows. She leans over to say something to him

"You... should learn to respect your elders." Guivre walks out of the shadows as he drops his obfuscate and saunters into the scene while locking eyes with the Accused. "Lest Something Terrible Happens." It is with those words that Guivre can send the target into a full-on fear frenzy... which was not his intention. To the others Guivre shouts, "Grab him. He may try to flee. Restrain him." With those words Guivre flies into action and pulls a stake from his ankle sheath.

Oleksiy nods slightly to Angie, speaking softly to her in return placing a hand on her shoulder briefly in thanks

Jolene moves over to Esmira to try to help her, as best she can anyway to make sure she is alright, knowing that Angie is now. She tries to do her utmost to help stop the bleeding and facilitate the healing though she cannot offer any blood. She does not have any with her. She still tends carefully to her wounds trying to help her new friend.

Angie smirks gently at the exchange of words. She light smacks his arm...the bad one because she's mean like that...

Devin will sheath the blade and pluck the rogue from his cross to carry him out.

Peter gasps and screams at the same time, producing a TRULY horrifying sound as the stake enters him, and silences his demented ramblings.

I will secure this one for the moment and be right back (aww poor Esmira. lol)

Guy nods and sheaths his own stake, "Is everyone alright, who is injured?" He starts to look around as Devin removes Peter from the cross. "Where is Esmira?"

Jolene wishes she could stop any of the torture but this one is a threat to her family, and she shakes her head. There is still a lot of things going through her own mind, tonight that maybe she isn't over as it seems, and tries to get Esmira into a position she can help her up and try to get her out. She is stronger than she looks.

Oleksiy watches as he is carried out and leans a little on Angie, if she allows it, smiling just a touch, despite his pain "I think we should regroup before proceeding. unless there is anything else?"

Jolene is trying her best to help Esmira and at the sound of Guivre’ s voice she offers softly, "She is hear Primogen. She is in bad shape. She needs help and blood."

Guivre goes over to Jolene and kneels beside Esmira while pulling his familiar flask from his back pocket. He hands it to Jolene, I think there is some left... its. clean." He assures the toreador as he turns his gaze to Esmira to evaluate her condition with his eyes, "I'll carry her."

We shall see you all soon. Calevaro? Are you ok getting home alone so that I can secure this one?

Angie shifts her eyes to the others grab Esmira and Pete "Primogen...will Esmira be okay?" She looks to Guy

"I am a surgeon of the mind, not the body... you'll have to ask Jolene. The best I can do is hope, pray and be here for Esmira when she wakes up." Guy explains in a calm soft-spoken voice to Angie.

Oleksiy reaches over an touches Esmira for a moment, just in passing, but he then offers a soft answer to Angie.

Jolene offers softly, "I can treat her at home, if I have your permission Primogen Guivre, I have a supply of blood and supplies there. and she will be safe."

"Certainly. Contact me the minute she wakes up." Guy agrees with a succinct little nod.

Oleksiy leans on Angie a little, he nods to Jolene, and the others as he starts to make his way out "I am going to go tend to things myself. " he offers to the others. Unless I am needed?

Angie watches Jolene a moment then looks back to Olek..her expression changing as she hears a few words. "Jolene, do you need any help?"

Jolene nods as she begins to help Esmira out, and smiles to Angie, "Please Angie. I can definitely use your support in watching over her." She is deeply worried though. She waits a moment and lets Angie offer an arm, so they can carry her out easier together.

Esmira continues to lay there motionlessly in torpor.

"I'll help however I can." Guy clarifies as he moves to lift Esmira too... he's about as strong as an average fellow but he can carry her to the car with relative ease.

Jolene offers softly, "There is plenty of room if you want to stay the night? With her." She knows how worried Madeline would be and would not deny any of them being there unless Guivre says no.

Angie pats his arm "Be safe" She then follows Jolene to the car to assist with Esmira

Oleksiy shakes his head to Jolene "She has her job to do. I will be fine." he states simple. then he heads for the exit himself.

"Sounds like a party." Guivre says with a healthy amount of dry wit in his tone as they depart with Esmira draped carefully in his arms.

Jolene nods to Oleksiy as she heads towards the car with Guivre and Angie, to get Esmira back to her home. "Be safe my friend." She offers to Oleksiy.