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Full Name: Zibiah Tzarfati
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Owner of Thresholds.
Race: Bygone







xxxxxTHRESHOLDS Natural End-of-Life Services: providing sustainable and ethically-sourced options for your final rest. Thresholds offers a number of sustainable burial practices including biodegradable coffins, urns, and and other natural burial options, as well as providing solutions for aquamation (alkaline hydrolysis), promession, low-impact cremation, and body donation. We are honored to offer end-of-life services as well; we believe in supporting our clients and their families throughout their final journey, and offer death doulas, grief counseling, vigil planning, and more. At Thresholds, we believe it’s healing to reconnect with your humanity in this trying time, and rather than pushing you through a highly rigid process, we encourage everyone to move at their own pace. Each death journey, like each birth, happens only once, and we are thankful that you have chosen Thresholds to be with you on this journey.

RP Hooks

  • Environmentalism
    Zibiah (though in a much less-polished guise than she now wears) has some fame among the environmentalist/freegan/crustpunk/ecoterrorist subculture. If you’re a hippie holding a Molotov cocktail, you might recognize her name
  • Secretly Badass
    She’ll dutifully explain it away as extensive Krav Maga training, but where the hell did she learn to punch like that?
  • History
    Students of history, especially ancient Middle or Near-East history, might find her an interesting one to chat with.
  • Death
    Morbid weirdos, rejoice! Zibiah is one of you. Or at least, she's very comfortable talking about death, decay, and the macabre. If you've ever wanted someone with whom to hash out your fear of the unknown country, or speculate about what comes next, Zibiah would be a good choice.


Wick - You seem like a very good person to know in this town - or any town! I owe you one, even if you don't know it.
Conn - Thank you for the hospitality.
Zeke - I look forward to talking further, Sheriff.
Lochlan - How lovely, how rare, and how serendipitous, to meet a truly kindred spirit.
Blair - Still not sure you're not a government spy.