Wendy Ashworth

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Wendy Tate Ashworth

"Any weapon is a good weapon as long as ye can use it with honor and skill."




Wendy Ashworth/Logs

Date of Birth: February 6th
Height/Weight: 5' 6 ft. / 110 lbs.
Hair Color: Fiery Red
Breed: Human
Race: Kinfolk
Tribe: Black Furies
Pure Breed 0
Risk Level 0

Wendy Tate Ashworth is a local of Prospect, her mother was an Ahroun of the Black Fury tribe and her father was a Kinfolk of the Shadow Lords. Not the oddest pairing in the history of the Nation, but one that was looked at with some scrutiny. Her father was the head of a research and development company that specialized in weapons. They had Wendy after a few rough years together and after she was born her mother left to deal with some problems a sept was having in Northern California. She never returned. Wendy grew up with her father, but always had leanings towards her mothers tribe. Her grandmother tracked them down when she was thirteen. She was also from the Black Furies. It helped Wendy and her father was grateful for the woman's involvement in her life.

Her father died when she was twenty two. Leaving her his company and everything else. She's twenty five now and the young woman spends most of her time trying to run the day to day business, meetings and all that running a R&D company entails.

Wendy Ashworth/Contacts