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“Money is a means, a tool, to control your life. It won't buy you an ounce of respect, it won't buy you trustworthy friends.”


Concept: Viking

Supernatural Race: Vampire

CLAN: City Gangrel

STATUS: Prospect Newcomer

Main Stats:

Strength: 4

Resources: 4

Retainers: 4

Rana: Arabic Retainer

Jael: Jewish Seducer

Dalila: African Warrior

Tirion: Irish Thief

Linguistics: 2

Lang: Portuguese

Lang: Greek


Hunted: 4

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Vampire Vampires: "God sowed jealousy between Caine and Able, creating Lilith from the spilt murder blood."
Camarilla The Camarilla: "They have forsaken Caine, they have forsaken our true path, they have become so much like the mortals, their spawn are half-mortals."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "From the dark womb of Lilith we came and to the darkness we shall return, dragging all of our enemies with us."
Independent The Independents: "An Army of One? It doesn't work."

Werewolf Werewolves: "Vikings and Werewolves are alike. I hope to meet them."
Wraith Wraiths: "Met a Banshee in Ireland. Her song was sad."
Changeling Changelings: "Never say never."
Mage Mages: "Mages are tricky. It was strange how many the Spanish Inquisition condemned as witches, yet not one showed such power."
Mortal Mortals: "I like Mortals, they give me gold and ghouls. Without them most vampires would be living in caves."
Demon Demons: "Demons are lightweight. They really can't offer me anything I can't get from a Mortal, and cheaper."
Assamiteantitribu.png Assamite Antitribu: "All voids fill sooner or later."
Lasombra.png Lasombra: "One should respect those who have proven themselves."
Nosferatuantitribu.png Nosferatu Antitribu: "They are bigger mercenaries than I am. A good source for information when you have money."
Tremereantitribu.png Tremere Antitribu:"A void is unnatural."
Tzimisce.png Tzimisce: "Makers of nightmares only God dream!"

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Abe - He is good warrior, he just needs to feel he belongs, he is wanted.

Annastasija - Very pretty lady, I can see why her sire picked her. Sharp mind as well, but does she have the steel heart to lead?.

Cyn - A Nossie worthy to be a sister, a leader who isn't afraid, and her Mama is a badass.

Saul - A priest who blesses the Sword of Cain.

Charlie I would be her Spice Mama any time.

Hendricks - A man of my heart, he speaks softly and carries a big stick.

Camila - Once a Child of the Sun enters the Darkness, she cannot leave, she can only learn to survive.

Patty - A baby who is learning the ropes of unlife.

Desiree - A lovely lady willing to explore the extremes of pleasure.

Esme - A singer burning for attention, a hot flame of attraction.

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Ulva 1.jpg

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Full Name: Ulva Steinarson

Nation: Norway (Naturalized American Citizen)

Background: Ulva is old, very old despite being 13th Generation. She was born towards the end of the Viking Age when Scandinavia was already Christianized, but the Old Ways were still being taught in isolated areas where they are still respected, where the tales of gods, goddesses and heroes are retold to each generation. Due to her size and power, Ulva as a true Viking Valkyrie, a warrior equal to any man. It was by the hand of the Old Gods, Ulva ended up in Constantinople as a mercenary, something many Scandinavians did over the centuries. It is here she was Embraced and from here she continue her employment through the centuries as a mercenary.

Reputation: Surprisingly Ulva has very little reputation. As a captain of a mercenary company, she has no desire to buck up the food chain to become a famous mercenary. She does the small things, the grease to keep the wheels turning. She has been involved in big operations, but always doing the small things that need to get done. If she does anything worth noting, she follows the lead, letting someone else break new ground, let them get the glory and the attention, while she gets to make her money.

Mercenary: Ulva will work for anyone who is willing to pay her standard fee plus expenses. She isn't cheap. You want her, you pay her big time. In her history, she has only gone back on her contract one time and she plans not to do it again. Once the contract is signed and witnessed, she works for the contractor. She is loyal to the person, but she expects the same back. No Fore Lone Hope. No idiot plans where Ulva and her people get left delay the enemy. Ulva will find a way to survive and if that means sidestepping the horde of charging war elephants, she will.

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RP Hooks
I have 28 years of experience as a rpg player and DM/GM/ST and while I'm still learning the mechanics of oWOD, I should be able to put something together for some groups. Sure they probably be holes, but who wants a perfect mouse trap, only a perfect mouse can escape it. I don't believe in killing characters so if you die, its because you jump out of the way of the bone crushing bus, but didn't see the charging elephant coming from the other direction. You want to have fun, I want to have fun. Let have fun together!

Some notes:

Fraction: Sabbat - Ulva and her crew are Sabbat. This means their interest is to promote the Sabbat. This doesn't mean Ulva won't work for you, but you better take into into your equation of hiring her.

Clan Giovanni - A good source for contracts. I hope to make contact with them soon or they to me.

Mediator - Ulva and her retainers know multiple languages and culture. So they can be hired as Mediators to resolve difficulties and disputes between individuals, companies and groups.

Sweeper - City Hunter, Street Sweeper, what will. Ulva and her crew know how to take out the trash. Are you trash?

Spice Queen Inc - Ulva uses the name, Vegdis Coyleson, to run this company. One of the oldest companies in handling herbs and spices globally (currently owning 60 percent of the shares in the spice monopoly (WhoopingCrane stated you don't need to put points into an alternate identity to have one, just be careful to keep mundane operations separate from your WOD operations). If you have a business idea and looking for support, just drop a @mail (use Vegdis Coyleson in the letter).

Law Enforcement - Ulva knows cops, county bears, the black coats and the feds. She has connections to them. She can get information in exchange for doing favors. Are you a cop looking for a favor? Got something to bargain with?

Biker Gang - Ulva has lived in the finest palaces in Spain and Portugal, and she has lived in the hovels on a windy Irish shore, but mostly she has lived on horseback and now she lives on the back of a iron horse. You looking to join a biker gang? Are you looking for some extra street muscle? Maybe you got some pimp or seller poaching on your turf? Give me a ring. I might not be cheap but you will get results.

Lesbian - Ulva is a card caring Dyke. She tolerates men, she will work for them. After all, her father was a man. Just remember, no touchy my ass.

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